A Tempting Vacation Ch. 09


And with that comment, Beth decided to go for it. She'd been thinking about sex with other women quite a bit lately, especially on this trip, and especially with Pam and Amy. God it is just so hard to be this horny around such sexy women, and then her mind flashed to Ron, and the degree of torment his hormone ridden body and lust filled brain must be experiencing, and she smiled ever so briefly to herself. Then she dropped her lips gently to her best friend's shoulder. She was on her third tender peck of a kiss when Pam spoke up.

"Ah, mmm, Beth, what do you, ah, think you are doing?" She asked, leaning her head and upper body slightly away from the soft lips brushing against her tingling skin, her voice equal parts arousal and rebuttal.

"I decided...," Beth began in a throaty whisper, lifting her lips just long enough to let the words slither over the goose bumps spreading across Pam's neck "...to be that person...," continuing to advance up Pam's neck, Beth let her tongue lightly trace her progress, "...that helps you out here." Pam quit retreating, but didn't yet greet Beth's advances the way part of her wanted to. "I mean we are..." Lick, "...best..." Kiss "...friends...", Beth let the sss sound linger over Pam's earlobe before beginning to nibble ever so slowly. Beth continued her verbal seduction, pausing between every two or three words to allow her lips and tongue to resume the physical assault. "We've seen... each other...naked... 100s of...times, and..., well, you...really seem to...need...some...relief," she went on, her hands beginning to roam up and down Pam's firm arms. "or else...I'm afraid you...might do...something... with young...Ron... out there that...you'd end...up...regretting." Beth finished, now breathing rapidly herself.

"But...it...seems... so..., so...perverted." Pam managed to feebly respond between her own labored breathing.

"Just watch Ron...don't think about me, just think about how Ron's hands, Ron's lips, and Ron's tongue would feel on your skin. Ron...Just watch Ron." Beth whispered, allowing her hands to roam over more of Pam's body as she felt her friend succumb to her. Spurred on by her own smoldering pussy, Beth immediately began to trace her fingers closer and closer to Pam's panties.

Pam surprised herself at how quickly she surrendered to Beth. A night of dancing and drinking, compounded with the unbelievable teasing she'd been subjected to on the bed, seemed to have already broken down most of her usual barriers to even considering allowing such a thing to happen. She did as she was instructed, and turned just in time to see Ron and Amy switch places.

Ron's cock came into clear view as he scooted up to the edge of the tub, his lower legs dangling in the water. "Ooohh, look at that boy's prick. Your daughter sure can pick 'em." Beth whispered, as her fingers began to brush gently across Pam's panty-covered clit.

Pam's grip on the window ledge tightened as Beth expertly stroked her soaking wet panties. Pam kept watching her daughter, seductively kissing and licking all over Ron's tormented penis as she enjoyed the persistence with which Beth was stroking her swollen clit through the satiny fabric of her panties. As Beth slid her hand up, then over the edge of her panties, Pam squeezed her eyes shut, in anticipation of the first human touch, other than her own, to pleasure her in almost three years.

As her fingers inched closer to its target, Beth began to lick and kiss down across Pam's shoulder, sliding around until her lips could reach the erect nipple pressing against the thin nightie Pam was wearing. She kissed tenderly on Pam's right breast, dampening the gown with her kisses. Her finger now pressed firmly across Pam's clit, firmly stroked it side to side, then slipped lower, eventually sliding most of one finger into her writhing friend.

Pam's eyes sprang open in response to Beth's assault, and she immediately began to twist and try to escape from Beth's right hand. "Stop, you have to go out there, mmmm, please, ah, you have to... I can't I am supposed to be passed out."

Beth redirected her gaze away from Pam and looked at the hot tub. She saw at once the source of Pam's concern. Amy had just turned away from Ron's saliva coated, steel hard prick, and was posing seductively in the pool, leaning against the opposite edge of the tub, offering her tight round ass to her well-hung boyfriend.

Pam spun free, regretting the need to end their fun, but knowing she needed to stop her daughter from going too far. She grabbed a gown from Beth's night case, tugged Beth's towel free and thrust the gown into her hands as she shoved her from the bathroom. "Go out there now! Right Now!"

Beth sensed Pam's urgency and slid the gown over her head as she hurried toward the patio door. She flipped on the porch light and started walking toward the hot tub area. A few steps later she realized the night gown Pam had grabbed for her was a very thin, yet not quite sheer black, scooped neck gown. It came down to about mid-thigh, which wasn't too immodest, but at this moment, without panties on, Beth felt gloriously sinful.


Ron knew it had been too good to come true. He could tell by the way she looked at him, and the way her voice was pleading to him, that when Amy stopped sucking him off and said she wanted him to make love to her, he knew the time was right. He slid over, pulled aside her bikini bottoms, and pressed his cock between her legs and up against her burning pussy, Amy moaned for him to Do It, and he started to position himself...and then, BAM, just like that, Beth flips on the light and spoils it all.

Amy and Ron quickly sat back down, side by side in the bubbling water. Amy watched as Beth approached, the night breeze practically molding the thin gown against her sexy body. Ron had noticed too, and didn't even protest when Amy's hand slid beneath the roaring water, to grasp his thick shaft.

"Hey, you two better come on to bed, we've got to get up early to get you to your dad."

"Just a few more minutes, why don't you join us?" Amy said in a completely normal, if slightly tipsy tone. She hadn't really planned to say that, it just sort of came out. Would she really even consider sharing Ron with another woman? Beth? It was certainly a recurring theme in her thoughts and fantasies, this very woman who Amy had on more than one occasion fantasized about a lesbian encounter, joining them in pleasure. She clenched her jaw tight and squeezed Ron's cock tighter as she awaited Beth's reply.

As much as she wanted to slip into the water and seduce the young lovers, she knew Pam was still watching. "Well, I don't think I am quite dressed for the water, but I might soak my feet for a few minutes." Beth said, kneeling to bend over and test the water temperature with her hand, knowingly giving both teens a sexy shot of her cleavage.


Pam had continued to peer from the darkened bathroom, relieved when Beth's arrival halted her daughter's obvious intention to let Ron slide that big fat cock into her. She continued to watch as Beth bent over to dip her hand in the water. Pam's eyes were drawn instinctively to the way her friend's ass was peeking from beneath her night gown.

"Jesus Christ" Pam said to herself.

"Am I so horny that I am seriously checking out my best friend's ass?" she continued her monologue, knowing she was talking to herself, but not caring. In her still rather drunken condition, Pam convinced herself that saying aloud her growing perversions might give her enough resolve to do the right thing, and in the future, avoid such demented behavior as had occurred earlier that night.

"How did I get here? Lusting for my own daughter's teenage boyfriend, conspiring so that she would deliberately tempt him while I was, at least to them, dead to the world, and now, to have not only allowed Beth to caress me, but to find myself lusting for her as well... God woman...you really need to get a grip." Pam chastised herself.

Of course, she knew the right thing to do. It was just that...well, to be honest, she hadn't had sex, or many sexual urges since the divorce. And when she did, an extra long bubble bath, and her wondering fingers had seemed to satisfy her yearnings. But now, having been repeatedly tempted with the most beautiful penis she'd ever seen, her body seemed to be making up for the past three years, her lust and sexual frustration often consuming her every thought.

Again, she knew she could never act on such feelings, but Beth was pushing her to be a tease to Ron. She did have to admit that the rush from being lusted for, and leered at, by Ron was like nothing she'd ever experienced. Her body was on fire, inflamed by the forbidden nature of her perversions. She really wanted to play along and tease Ron, especially because he was so damned innocent acting. If he was half as naïve as he came across, it could certainly be fun watching him try to hide such a massive erection. She kept telling herself that as long as she didn't let things go to far, it wouldn't really be harmful to anyone.

Now, as for Beth, that had been completely unanticipated. But even more surprising to Pam had been her near immediate and complete surrender to her friend's roaming hands and lips. She had heard before of bisexual women, but had never even thought she might be one...but standing her with her pussy still smoldering form the gentle touch of her beautiful friend, Pam was forced to admit that she had enjoyed it and had wanted it almost from the instant Beth's warm breath had washed across her neck.

"Hi, My name is Pam, and I am a sexual freak." Pam said in her best AA meeting pledge. Shaking her head slightly in disbelief at the twisted humor with which she greeted her demented self-revelations, she left the self-analysis behind and once again refocused her attention to the activity in the hot tub.


Beth, obviously aware of her demented yearnings, had evidently given in to her own sexually aroused demons at the bathroom window.

Before swinging her legs into the water, Beth leaned back and over to reach the controls. He thighs lifting inch by inch, threatening to expose her firm ass and pussy to her attentive audience. She pressed a button and the bubbles ceased. Ron began to panic as the source of his privacy began to fizzle away. Amy, on the other hand, didn't miss a beat, now squeezing his cock even more firmly as she deliberately stroked his cock from base to tip.

"Sorry about that," Beth said, still leaning toward the controls, she hit another button and bubbles resumed, but these bubbles were different, there seemed to be various sized jets of water firing upward from the floor and seats. They seemed to be everywhere, and Ron noticed, immediately, as did Amy, one particularly strong stream of water shooting up almost directly against his cock.

Beth sat back up and scooted over until her calves were dangling in the water, directly across from Ron and Amy. I love this setting, it gives a great foot massage, you just have to find which flow feels the best." And with that she began to coyly slide her feet left and right, searching for the right force of water. Nothing too blatant, but just enough to make them want to look, Beth kept telling herself. Short to begin with, her gown was now up to just a few inches from her pussy. The misting water began to settle on her gown, the ocean breeze quickly molding the damp material to her flat stomach and shapely breasts. She knew without looking that her nipples were doing their best to burst through their confines.

Amy, staring at Beth as intently as was Ron, slid further into the water in an attempt to conceal the movement of her right arm, and began to move his cock from side to side as she stroked him, dragging him back and forth across the pulsing channel of water. Every third or fourth time, she held him steady, allowing the water to rhythmically pound against the length of his dick.

"It's a good thing I only set this for a few minutes, cause it's almost more than I can take after a while." Beth said, as normally as possible. Knowing that Ron was naked only a few feet from her, was oh so tempting to Beth, so simple to jump in and have him, and Amy too, but she had to think of Pam, and besides, she had already thought of a few scenarios she wanted to put Ron in before she'd quit fucking with his head and resumed fucking his body.

Amy's stroking of his cock and the pounding water were quickly taking Ron, yet again, to the brink of orgasm. And now the woman to whom he had lost his virginity that very morning was sitting not three feet from him, her thin gown molding to her taut, yet curvy body as she nonchalantly splayed her legs back and forth in the steamy water. The culmination of the entire day of seemingly endless teasing was pushing Ron ever so close to cumming.

Amy and Ron were each attempting to steal discreet glances beneath Beth's black gown, but the limited lighting kept them guessing as to what they could actually see, and what their lust filled minds wanted to see. Amy had positioned herself so that a steady jet of water was now firing directly against her engorged clit. The steady pressure, even through her bikini bottom, was quickly bringing her to the verge of yet another orgasm. As her body tensed with her impending release, she stopped stroking Ron, and simply clutched his granite shaft, keeping it in the path of the unrelenting, pulsing jet of water.

Amy's grip on Ron intensified as she attempted to conceal her pleasure from Beth, even as she discussed with Ron their activities for the coming days. Ron was trying to keep up with Beth's conversation, but his own orgasm was quickly approaching. As Amy's body began to quiver beneath the bubbling water, she unintentionally removed his cock from the stream of water promising to bring him some much needed relief from the yearnings brought about by the tortuous teasing he had been subjected to throughout the day.

Beth, although making idle chatter with Ron, had been discreetly observing the facial expressions of her two young friends. There was little doubt as to the pleasure Amy was experiencing, nor the look of frustration overtaking Ron's features as Amy inadvertently denied him his much needed orgasm. The thought of Ron going to bed, with a raging hard-on, having been denied any relief from the evening's teasing seemed, to Beth, to be the perfect beginning of their coming days together while Amy was away with her dad. A slight grin passed over Beth's lips as she leaned back to turn off the jets.

"Come on you two, it's time to go in and get some sleep. Amy, you have to meet your dad pretty early in the morning."

Her brain now functioning more clearly due to the relief brought on by her much needed orgasm, Amy realized that their cover would clear rather quickly without the bubbling water. She hurriedly climbed from the hot tub and got Ron a towel. He managed to emerge unnoticed as Beth turned to dry her feet and legs. He wrapped the towel around his waist, clumsily attempting to hide his mammoth erection by trapping it pointing straight up toward his belly button, even as he stared hungrily at Beth's ass peeking from beneath her gown.

Beth was the first to enter their room, and noticed Pam tucked snugly beneath the covers, then locked eyes with her briefly before she once again feigned sleep. She quickly decided to give Amy and Ron another opportunity to fondle each other, while hopefully providing Pam another voyeuristic thrill. As much as Beth wanted to play with them, she kept telling herself that if she really intended to orchestrate the fantasy she had been devising in her mind for the past two days, she couldn't let herself go too far to soon with Ron, and certainly not Amy. But to continue to stoke Pam's smoldering obsession with Ron's cock whenever possible over the next two days, that was her goal. If she succeeded with that, then Ron would eventually be rewarded for what she hoped to be two days of near constant teasing and tempting. Beth's plan was to gently prod Pam forward and all the while play off Ron's youth and naivety to keep him perpetually horny and completely uncertain as to her abilities to manipulate him. So, with her ultimate goal in mind, Beth planned on heading to the bathroom before Ron could.

Just as Beth started to excuse her self, Amy interrupted her, saying "Um...hey Beth, would you mind helping Ron get the roll-away and sofa bed set up while I take a quick shower?"

Amy was already heading to the bathroom and even before Beth could respond, she detected the slightest knowing smile from Amy as she approached, and Beth said, "No problem at all, you get your shower, and we'll handle things out here."

Ron was too concerned with his still throbbing cock to notice the unintended entendre to Beth's response to Amy. He did realize, even through his rather drunken haze, that he was now alone in the room with Beth. Well not alone exactly, since Pam was passed out in her bed. His next realization was that he would not be able to change from the towel with Beth in the room, and since she thought he had on his swimsuit beneath it, she wouldn't think it unusual for him to keep the towel wrapped around him as they pulled out the beds.

Beth was continually amazed at the length to which Amy was willing to go in her cock-teasing, bordering on cock-torturing, of Ron. She had intentionally left her boyfriend, his impressive dick clearly outlined beneath the damp towel, trapping it snugly against his flat stomach, the head almost to his belly button, alone with a self confessed cock tease, in a damp, clingy night gown. Beth knew she'd have to be careful and not let things get out of hand. It could ruin her hope of ultimately orchestrating her recurring fantasy if Pam observed her, and more importantly Ron, being overtly sexual.

Even though Beth hoped she had successfully fucked with Ron's mind enough to keep him in line, she still wasn't' completely convinced he would be able to restrain himself, given their beach encounter earlier in the day. She was struggling to settle on the best thing to say, when she glanced at Pam, still pretending to be asleep, and the answer to her dilemma.

Beth heard Amy turn on the shower as she bent to pull out the sofa bed next to the night stand. It opened quickly and as Beth rounded the end of the bed, she pretended to trip, fell over on Pam, and was rewarded with a brief shriek from the surprise of the collision.

Obviously awake, Pam had no choice but to acknowledge Beth...and Ron. Beth felt much more capable of keeping Ron in his place with Pam "awake". She was confident Ron, even given what he knew about Pam's lust for him, would not initiate anything with his girlfriend's mother in the room.

Still sprawled casually against her friend, her gown now bunched up to just below the taut curve of her left ass cheek, Beth's tanned legs drew Ron's gaze. "Hey, me and Ronnie boy here are going to get the beds set up. You feeling okay?" Beth engaged Pam.

Pam was still genuinely drunk and slippery thigh horny, and, she was keenly aware of the obscene bulge beneath Ron's towel as he unsuccessfully tried to conceal his admiration of Beth's legs and ass. "I feel pretty tired, and a little dizzy from all our fun earlier," Pam answered truthfully.

Beth pressed her hand against Pam's forehead, and glanced over her shoulder, saying to Ron, "Hon, please get me a damp paper towel for Pam's head, would ya?" She knew Ron noticed her glancing at his erect cock straining against his towel, and that was okay. What she didn't want him to do was see her blatantly ogling him. She had to maintain the scenario that Pam would disapprove of such behavior, and that any subtle flirtatiousness that occurred would appear as playful banter, innocent teasing, that sort of thing. And to Pam, she had to play off the fact that Ron is so naïve and reserved that he'd never sexually acknowledge a situation if there was even the tiniest chance his lust filled mind could be mis-reading Pam's intentions.

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