tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 09

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 09


Beth had kept the drinks flowing all night, and now, as the four travel companions stood outside the club, waiting for a taxi, it was obvious to Ron that everyone was feeling little pain, especially Pam. She was beginning to slur her words, and continually grabbing either Ron or Amy to balance herself.

His cock had remained semi-hard most of the night, and now was no different. After a night of dancing, Beth, Amy and her mom each looked even sexier than when they left the hotel. A sheen of sweat still glistened across their faces from the heat of the club and their sultry dance moves. Beth's pink halter, now damp from perspiration, clung to her perfectly shaped breasts and clearly displayed her erect nipples. And now, every time Pam leaned into him balance herself, Ron was given a prolonged and substantial view down her neckline. The deep cleavage created by the sexy green bra looked even more inviting than when he had seen her in only panties and bra at the hotel. He found it easy to imagine the way the beads of sweat would taste when being licked from the valley of her smoldering skin.

"Ron...Ron...Wake UP!" Amy said, raising her voice to get her boyfriend's attention. "The taxi is waiting for us. Will you steer mom over here so we can leave please?" She pretended to be put out, but Amy knew he was too busy staring at her mom's boobs to notice anything else. Amy, as was now the norm, felt her own sexual response to Ron's obvious lust for her own mother. A quick glance down to his bulging crotch revealed that her mom was inadvertently prolonging the swelling in Ron's penis. The swelling that had been present most every time Amy had taken the opportunity to covertly caress him in the club, which had been quite often.

Amy slide across the back seat, followed by Beth. Beth was feeling particularly horny ever since the delightful conversation between her and Ron. She was convinced that, much like their hangman game on the plane, she had completely befuddled her young plaything, and that she would be able to manipulate him anyway she wished for the remainder of their vacation. Her most immediate manipulation, she hoped, would take place back at the hotel, but only if Pam kept to her semi-drunken promise to play her part. Even though Amy had no idea what was planned, Beth had little doubt that she would step up to most any opportunity to tease, tempt and torment Ron.

Ron helped guide Pam in next to Beth, and then tried to squeeze in himself. As they had learned at the airport, taxis in the Bahamas come in all shapes and sizes. This one, it appeared, came in on the small end of the scale.

Pam, while no doubt quite buzzed, was nowhere near as drunk as she pretended to be. It was all part of the Beth's plan to test whether or not Amy would deliberately use her own mother to tempt Ron. Now feeling both drunk and horny, Pam was more than willing to play along.

"Come on you three, scoot over." Ron exclaimed, in a louder than necessary drunken command.

"There's no room for me to scoot." Was the reply he received from both Beth and Amy.

Beth spoke up, "Come on Pam, raise on up and sit on my lap."

Pam did as instructed, and Ron squeezed until he was able to shut the door. The driver had not even gotten out of the parking lot when Beth began to complain about Pam crushing her leg. "Ron, help me out here will ya, let Pam slide over onto you, okay?"

As if on cue, Amy chimed in, "It's okay Ron, you'll save Beth, and besides, mom's so toasted, I doubt she'll even remember any of this come morning."

Before Ron could even respond, Pam spoke up, "Lissen to me young lady, I am not toassed, and you need to see who will remember when what the, I mean what when the morning comes. Now watsh out little cutie Ronnie boy, I'm moving on ober..." Pam was only half way intentionally slurring her words, the other half was being slurred courtesy of the wonderful coconut rum she had been drinking all night. The alcohol now guiding most of her decision-making, Pam didn't really think twice about taking the opportunity to sit on Ron's lap. She had decided that she was going to call Amy's bluff, just as Beth had suggested. If Amy wanted her mom to squirm around on her boyfriends lap, then by god, she'd do it.

Ron was feeling pretty giddy himself, but was no way as drunk as Pam. He felt both nervous and excited about having Pam on his lap. She slid her firm bubbly ass across his left thigh, and on over, until she was wedged nicely in the crook of his right arm. Ron's entire body stiffened, waiting for Pam's reaction to having just ground her ass across his quickly hardening cock. Amazingly, even as she settled in his lap, his cock was trapped between Pam's sexy ass and his own thigh. And she didn't say anything. She didn't make a face or try to move away from his erection, pressing incessantly upward into her thigh and ass. Pam seemed completely unaware of his condition. Telling himself she was too drunk to notice, Ron took a deep breath and allowed the tension to slowly leave his body.

Pam, contrary to Ron's observations, was well aware of the situation she was in. She could feel his gorgeous cock trapped firmly between their bodies. She was indeed drunk, very drunk for that matter, but not yet to the point of passing out, as she hoped she appeared. She did her best not to acknowledge the tingling in her pussy when she felt Ron's dick beneath her. Again, letting the alcohol drive her lustful decision making, Pam allowed herself to remain firmly planted against her daughter's teenage boyfriend and his huge penis. Knowing the ride to the hotel would be a short one, she dropped her head back onto Ron's shoulder, and pretended to go to sleep.

Ron was actually relieved when the driver pulled up to their hotel. The light of the full moon had been sufficient to allow him to admire Pam's luscious boobs most of the trip. Her position laying against him and the haphazard condition in which her blouse was twisted around, offered Ron a lovely view of her curvy breasts spilling from the green lacy cup of her bra. That, coupled with the way the bumpy road jostled her back and forth against his lap, had Ron's prick rock hard and in need of relief from the friction Pam's toned ass and slender thigh was inflicting upon him.

As Beth paid the driver, Ron carried Pam's limp body in and laid her on the end of the bed. As soon as he stepped away from the bed, Amy strode up next to him.

"Oooh, look what you still have, did it even go away all night long?" Amy asked, even as she gently grabbed Ron's hard on through his pants.

"Nope, no thanks to you I might add. You were pawing at me all night." Ron replied as he allowed Amy to softly stroke the front of his pants. "Not that I'm complaining.

Hearing the door open, Amy quickly removed her hand and Ron turned to walk toward the kitchenette, and away from Beth's eyes.

"Amy, will you take care of your momma honey, I am so hot and sweaty, if I don't take a shower right away, I might just get sick." Beth said in her most sincere tone, and without even a wink to Amy. She knew she didn't have to. Beth was certain that Amy would do as she expected, and undress Pam in plain view of Ron.

"Sure, and then I think Ron and I might go hit the Jacuzzi, if you think it'd be ok?"

"It's sounds okay to me, and unless your mom wakes up and tells you no, then I won't stop you. I plan on taking a nice long shower, so you two go on whenever you want to." Beth answered.

Ron walked from the kitchen area as soon as Beth closed the bathroom door. "So you want to go to the Jacuzzi, really?" He asked, hopeful for a chance to get Amy alone.

"Sure, why don't you go ahead and get into your suit while I get mom into bed."

"You mean, get undressed right here, in the same room with your mom?" Ron asked.

"Sure, you can't very well go in the bathroom with Beth." Amy paused, allowing her last statement to hang for a few seconds before continuing, "and besides, mom is out cold. Look at this." Amy lifted then dropped her mother's right arm, one, two, then three times. Pam never budged.

Pam remained motionless. The scenario was set exactly as Beth had planned, and now all she had to do was pretend to be passed out, and see how Amy would react. If Beth was correct, Amy would take this opportunity to let Ron see her in her bra and panties, as she undressed her. Pam hadn't been sure she would be able to go through with the plan earlier in the evening, but now, after a night of drinking and outrageous flirting with so many young men on the dance floor, she was adequately drunk and horny to play along. She could hear Ron removing his clothes, and she wanted to peek at him in the worst way, but kept her eyes tightly shut, determined to play her part of the "dead-to-the-world" drunk.

As Ron began to undress in front of the dresser, Amy crawled around on the bed until she was behind her mother's body, ready to pull her up closer to the head of the bed. Amy paused, watching Ron swaying from the many pina coldas, as he first unbuttoned and removed his shirt, and then quickly slid his pants down to reveal his nude flesh. As soon as Ron stepped free from his pants, she slid her hands beneath her mother's arms and lifted her upper body.

"Ron...Ron!! Help me! Hurry up!" She whispered urgently. "Mom's head is lolling over and I am stuck under her."

Ron reflexively responded to the urgency of Amy's voice, and was standing next to the bed, between Pam's legs dangling over the mattress, his prick still jutting skyward, having lost not one sliver of granite since the cab ride home.

"Hurry, crawl up here and help me!"

"But,...but Amy, look at me, I am naked." He responded, suspecting Amy of devious intentions. Ron didn't think Amy looked all that helpless.

"Dang it Ron, get up here RIGHT NOW and help me before mom's neck gets twisted the wrong way."

Still suspicious, but convinced by Amy's voice that she wasn't joking around, he began to crawl onto the bed, rather than risk her wrath. "What do you want me to do?"

"Come over here like that,...no...move your leg here, and then get your other leg over here so you can lift her off me." Amy kept up her authoritative tone, glad to see Ron responding to her every instruction without question.

When Amy was through directing him, Ron found himself straddling Pams hips, his cock pointing directly at her face as she lay before him, propped up on her daughters lap.

"Amy..." Ron said the tone of his voice conveying his skepticism as to Amy's intentions.

"What?! Do you really think I'd be messing around with mom's neck all bent over like this, now help me and get your mind out of the gutter." Amy barked.

"Sorry." He replied as he leaned a little closer and slid his hand beneath Amy's so that he could support Pam while she scooted free. Ron's dick was not so quick to respond to Amy's tough words, and remained targeted directly at Pam. As Amy pulled back, she gently brought her hands to the sides of Pam's head and guided it back into an upright position atop her shoulders. The result was that she was now holding her mother's face, directing it at her boyfriend's enormous dick poised only inches away. She held her there for only a few seconds before allowing her head to tilt back slightly and instructing Ron to lower her until she lie flat on the bed.

Pam let her body go limp as Amy maneuvered her, but her mind was going full speed ahead. She found it hard to believe that her own daughter had just directed her boyfriend to climb naked onto the bed with them. She could feel Ron's legs pressed into her waist. Pam knew she should speak up, or at least pretend to stir awake so that things would go no further, but rather than create a scene the night before her daughter left the island, she decided to play along, and let the situation dissipate on its own. Besides, the realization that Ron's lovely cock was only a few inches from her face was just too tempting, and she decided to keep up the act until she would be able to take a quick peek.

Ron was forced to move his body forward as he eased Pam backward. The result was that when he released Pam, his knees had moved up until his balls hung directly over Pams boobs, which were now posing an even greater threat to break free of her top after all the re-positioning on the bed.

"Ummmm, look at you, still hard." Amy purred, pretending to notice Ron's cock for the first time since he got on the bed. She firmly gripped his shaft before going on, "Ohhh God, you're already oozing cum, that is so hot. I guess you are having fun tonight, huh?" And with that, Amy leaned forward and tenderly kissed the head of Ron's prick. Leaning across her own mother's face, she began to kiss and lick all over the spongy blood engorged head of his cock.

"Amy, oh my god. What are you doing Amy? Jeez, I, ummm...Amy, you should stop, just in case, uh...you know, God...what if...mmmm, your mom wakes up." Ron halfway pleaded in a hushed tone, although he made no effort to escape Amy's tongue.

Pam forced herself to stifle the gasp trying to escape her mouth as she realized what was going on. Amy was obviously sucking Ron's penis, directly over her face. As Ron protested, Pam decided to steal a quick look. She allowed her left eye to open ever slowly, and was treated with a view of Ron's cum filled balls, dangling over her chest, and his thick shaft as it swayed beneath the talents of Amy's tongue. Pam felt her own pussy grow hot and damp, and the urge to join her daughter in an oral assault of Ron's throbbing cock was counterbalanced by the remaining moral voice within her, telling her to do something to end this temptation, and in the end, she did nothing. Nothing other than to remain motionless and discreetly watch the incredibly erotic scene taking place before her.

After a few more licks and kisses, Amy slowly opened her lips wide and let her mouth settle over Ron's pulsing prick. She allowed several inches to slide into her mouth, then softly, but firmly began to suck as she released Ron's shaft to the cool air. Amy's body was smoldering from the excitement of sucking Ron's throbbing cock only inches away from her drunken mother. She began to coat the beautiful penis before her with kisses and licks, eventually covering the entire shaft and head with her glistening saliva. Once again Amy slowly and deliberately engulfed as much of Ron as she could, before allowing her lips to begin their descent back up the thick shaft. She paused briefly when only the head was still trapped between her lips, pressing her tongue up against his most sensitive skin and swirling it back and forth several times before letting him pop from her mouth.

"You're right, we better get on with this and get your bathing suit on before Beth finishes her shower. I need you to hold mom again while I unbutton her blouse, okay?"

Ron, even though a part of him felt guilty and scared about what was happening, was too drunk and much too horny to raise any further objections about being naked while helping Amy get her mother ready for bed. He told himself that he must adhere to certain boundaries, he knew he must avoid letting his dick make contact with her. He was afraid of how easily he might cum if that were to occur, and he certainly didn't plan on molesting a passed out woman in any way. No matter how incredibly sexy she might look, Ron's Baptist upbringing was working to prevent him from seriously considering such a thing, even if she was the recurring star in his dreams and fantasies.

As Amy lifted her mother up by the shoulders, she instructed Ron to once again hold her beneath her arm pits while she undid the buttons down the back of the blouse. Ron took Pam's limp body from his girlfriend and attempted to hold her upright, while at the same time keeping his body leaning forward at such an angle to avoid having his prick jabbing Pam's body. This worked, momentarily, but then Amy directed Ron to pull Pam over even more, so that she could get to the buttons further down her back. Due to all the manhandling she was receiving, Pam's blouse had ridden up her torso to expose her tanned, firm abs. And as much as Ron tried to position his lower body to avoid contact with Pam, the way Amy was pushing her further and further forward, made it impossible. As Amy worked intently on the last few buttons, she was inadvertently rocking her mom's body back and forth against Ron's pulsing dick. He could feel his slippery cock, still coated in Amy's saliva and his precum, sliding easily against Pam's taut torso. The further Amy pushed her forward, the higher up Pam's stomach his cock slid, until eventually, he could feel her bra covered boobs scraping across his sensitive cockhead.

"Uh...Amy, I think...ummm, geez, aren't you almost finished?" Ron asked, struggling between the perverted thrill he was receiving from his forced friction with Pam, and the guilt he felt from doing something so wrong.

"Yeah, almost, just one more button," Amy replied, knowing she was teasing Ron by instructing him to handle her mother's curvy body while he was naked, but not aware of the way his tormented cock was gliding back and forth against the body for which he had lusted for so badly. "Just lean her a little closer to you, and lift her up some too, as best you can."

Ron, anxious to end the torture, no matter how pleasurable, followed his girlfriend's directions, and lifted Pam's arms up and over still closer to his body, and more importantly, his steel hard prick. To Ron's astonishment, the movement of their bodies resulted in his dick sliding effortlessly directly into the cleavage he had been admiring all night long. It felt like at least 3 or so inches had slipped beneath her bra and snugly between her lovely breasts. Even though the pleasure coursing through his body was immense, the fear of Pam waking up, coupled with the fear he might cum all over her tits caused him to take immediate action. He tried to lower his body and free his cock. He steadily slid his slick cock lower and lower until only the head was yet to pass beneath the underwire of the bra. The angle of his cock and Pam's body was now making it a little more difficult to get past the bra, and just as Ron was rolling Pam's shoulders slightly forward to get the extra fraction of an inch he needed to escape, Amy undid the last remaining button.

"Got it," Amy said and immediately pulled back on her mom's shoulders to lower her back to the bed.

Not only was Ron unable to free his trapped cock, the pressure of the bra being stretched firmly across Pam's body as Amy began to reposition her caused him to have to press more firmly against her, or else endure the pain of the under-wire scrapping up and against his shaft and the ultra sensitive head of his cock.

"Ron, what are you doing?" Amy exclaimed as she guided her mom's head and upper body back against the bed.

Ron was forced to accompany Pam on her descent, falling over toward Amy and balancing himself on her thighs as he was forced to adjust his body to account for his ensnared penis between Pam's breasts.

Given the blouse still covering the front of Pam's body, as well as Ron's cock, Amy was rather confused by Ron's sudden lurch forward. "What are you trying to do?" Amy asked again. Before Ron could answer, she began to guide the now backless top down her mother's arms and away from her body. Before she even had the blouse completely removed, she saw the predicament Ron was in.

"Oh my!... Oh my! What have you done Ron?" Amy whispered, in a semi-accusatory tone. She found herself immediately aroused by the sight before her.

"Very funny, you know I didn't do this on purpose, now help me get loose." He whispered, fearful of possibly waking Pam.

"Sure, I will," Amy paused, staring at her boyfriend's enormous penis lodged snugly between her own mother's shapely breasts. "God Ron, this is going to sound, like, super perverted, but it is just so sexy looking. You look completely huge, you know?"

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