tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 11

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 11


Ron was still seated on the dressing room chair, gazing lustfully at Beth as she quickly composed herself, then slipped on her skirt and top, sans panties or bra, as usual. She took a prolonged glance at his still engorged, yet semi erect penis, and fighting a base instinct to drop to her knees and suck it back to full erection, she grabbed the pile of purchases, and prepared to exit the changing room.

"You, young man, need to quit looking at me like a piece of fresh meat, and get control of that," Beth directed in a firm voice, while motioning to Ron's cock, "and meet me at the register. We'll talk on the sidewalk before we go meet Sue." Beth was uncertain as to what to say to Ron. Her initial instinct was to try and put him back on his heels again, but after basically raping him twice now in two days, she might be losing some credibility as to her altruistic intentions toward young Ron. Besides, he certainly didn't appear too concerned with her temperament at this very moment.

Beth pulled the curtain aside and stepped from the dressing room. She looked up in time to see the previously perturbed mother talking to her husband. The racks of clothes separating them didn't prevent Beth from overhearing her explain that she only wanted to try on a couple of dresses, and that she would be ready to catch up with the kids at the next shop in a few minutes.

Beth quickly looked back over her shoulder at Ron, who was still staring at her in the doorway, absent-mindedly fondling his once again hardening cock.

"Jeez Ron, doesn't that thing ever rest? I'll take my time paying, if you need to take care of yourself one more time." Hurriedly scanning the pile of clothing in her arms, Beth grabbed the white panties she had recently tried on. Knowing she had dampened the crotch, she tossed them at Ron's face, "Here, maybe this will help speed things up."

With that, Beth pulled the curtain closed......almost. Leaving an opening of about an inch, she thought it'd be interesting to see how the mom would react to seeing Ron in the dressing room, stroking his cock. If she got pissed and raised hell, then they'd apologize and get out quick. If not, well, it might be fun to see what she would do.

Beth took in the couple still talking 20 or so feet away. Her back to Beth, the mom appeared to be in decent shape, her highlighted hair was short, barely coming to her shoulders, and her slender back tapered down to a nicely shaped ass. Beth glanced up to see the husband, not so subtly leering over his wife's shoulder at Beth, or more accurately Beth's nipples. She gave him a flirty smile as she sashayed down the next isle over, after passing his wife, too consumed with the examination of the stitching of each dress to notice Beth, on her way to the changing room. Beth kept the hip sway at maximum intensity until eventually stopping in the lingerie section of the shop.

The husband's eyes continuously darted over to her breasts, even as he fingered the rack of shirts before him. Beth ignored him, also feigning interest in various naughty pieces of sleepwear, while surreptitiously watching his wife, now making her way to the dressing room.

After ushering her 17 year old away from the boy with the bulging shorts, Lil had gotten engrossed in her shopping, temporarily forgetting about the young man with the tight trunks. Her thoughts were now entirely consumed with trying to find a dress sexy enough to entice her husband, but demure enough to be appropriate around her kids.

Holding out the two dresses for inspection, she made her way to the changing room. Lil was less than 5 feet away when she first noticed that the curtain was not quite completely closed. Through the narrow opening, she could see two tanned, muscular legs stretched out across the small room. At this point she immediately recalled the young man, his bulging swim suit and his genuinely embarrassed expression as she had stumbled upon him outside the fitting room.

She knew the proper thing to do would be to turn and leave until he exited, and as she turned to make her way back to the racks, she saw her husband, blatantly staring at the sexy woman browsing through the lingerie. "Pig," She thought, "if he can ogle someone else, why can't I?"

Lil turned back and took another silent step toward the curtain, improving her angle and getting a sight she had never expected.

Ron didn't notice his audience, at least not for a few strokes. Eventually, however, he glanced at himself in the mirror, noting how his cock was jutting from the lacy panties, once again rock hard and pulsing beneath his snug grip. Then, at the edge of the mirror, he noticed the shuffling pink tennis shoes beneath the curtain. His first reaction was that Beth must have decided to stay and peek at him, but from the recess of his mind, he extracted the vision of Beth walking up the gangplank to the ship, and the way her legs had looked so sexy in her strappy little sandals............not tennis shoes.

He ceased the steady pumping of his right hand, as he contemplated how he should react. The thought of a strange woman watching him jack off caused a fresh wave of sexual adrenaline to pulse through his body, and most noticeably, his cock. He tried to discreetly steal another look in the mirror, and ever so briefly caught a glimpse of the lady, at once recognizing her as the woman that had seemed so offended when he exited the changing room earlier. Growing increasingly confident in the appeal his obviously impressive penis held for the opposite sex, Ron made the decision to continue and put on a masturbatory show for his audience.

From across the room, Beth took note of the way the lady repositioned herself for a better look. She decided to further distract the husband, and give his wife the time to embrace the voyeuristic opportunity. Beth, for the first time, allowed herself to make eye contact with the husband. "Excuse me, I am really sorry to bother you, but, well, I think I really need a man's opinion. Would you be so kind as to help me out over here?" And with that, the voyeur's husband would not give his wife a second thought for the next 10 minutes or so, as Beth held up various articles of sexy lingerie against her body, eliciting his thoughts on the pros and cons of each outfit.

Ron couldn't believe it, but his view to the mirror told him the woman peering through the curtain had moved even closer. He was quickly feeling his balls begin to pull tight, preparing for his second orgasm in the last ten minutes. He tried to slow down, wanting to prolong this unexpected opportunity to display himself to a complete stranger. As his firm grip on his shaft slowed to a steady tugging motion, Ron allowed his mind to try and comprehend exactly how bizarre this was for him. Only a few short days ago he would never have dreamed he would be flaunting his penis so brazenly on this trip. But thanks to being thrust into the unbelievable exploits of first Amy and now Beth, the thrill he experienced from exhibiting himself was undeniable. Knowingly allowing this woman to watch him jack off was sending adrenaline coursing through his body, and he was forced to try and control the way he was literally shivering from the excitement of it all, even his teeth beginning to chatter as his fist again picked up speed.

Likewise, Lil had never experienced anything like this herself. She was the PTA mom, Sunday school teacher and never one to even where a two piece swim suit to the country club pool. A few days on the island, seeing virtually every other female, some with much worse bodies than her own, flaunting themselves on the beach in tiny bikinis, she had succumbed to Mike's request that she dress a little more sexy while on this vacation. She hadn't been quite able to go for the two-piece just yet, but a sexy flirty dress had seemed doable. But now, here she was, her Christian values and sexy dress, both forgotten as she deliberately spied on a young man pleasuring himself with a pair of white panties wrapped around his incredibly large penis.

She told herself she would have turned and left him to his own perversions, but for the immense size of his organ. Lil certainly didn't have much experience with penises, as Mike had been her first and only lover. One of her high school girlfriends once showed her a Penthouse magazine she'd found in her dad's closet, and there had been one pictorial including a man, and they had been entranced by the hard penis, but having been the first she'd ever seen, she didn't view it through the spectrum of being particularly big or small. Then years later, when she'd finally allowed Mike to show her his, she didn't even think of the long forgotten Penthouse images. But now, knowing very well how Mike's manhood compared, or perhaps better said, didn't compare to this boy's thick slab of flesh towering between his legs, Lil just couldn't manage to tear her eyes away.

Lil realized her body was responding to the sight before her. She suddenly felt flush all over, but particularly between her legs. The dampness there was unmistakable. Even more disturbing to her, she found herself licking her lips, wondering what it would be like to suck on such a big penis. Mike had long ago convinced her to go down on him. She had protested it as being unnatural, and not what a proper Christian lady would do, but eventually she had given in. She basically made Mike beg for her to do it, and she acted appropriately resistant to comply each time, but one of her best kept secrets was that she really enjoyed doing it. Having Mike's hard penis in her mouth, pulsing at the touch of her tongue and lips turned her on like nothing else. She wasn't quite sure if it was the taboo nature of the act, or the power she felt at having him beg her for it, but whatever it was, she had never confessed to him how much she enjoyed it. Admitting it would have meant acknowledging the pleasure in such a sinful act, and she just couldn't envision herself sitting in the church choir on Sundays, looking at Mike in the congregation, with him knowing of her being desirous of such a perverted sex act.

Ron kept a sly eye on the mirror, the lady allowing more and more of her face to appear next to the open curtain, unaware of his clandestine viewing angle. He could see the intensity with which she watched him, and decided to drop the panties so as to give her an even better view. His fist now unobstructed, wrapped around the base of his cock, pressed down firmly against his balls, effectively maximizing the length of exposed shaft visible to her, leading to his purplish and pulsing cock head. Ron couldn't contain the excitement coursing through his body, and as the pre-cum began to stream down over his fingers, he knew another orgasm was fast approaching.

Lil took a brief cautionary glance over her shoulder, remarkably more grateful than upset at the sight of her husband now chatting with the sexy blond. Relieved that she now had a few more minutes to observe the young man in the dressing room, Lil turned her undivided attention back to the sexy sight just beyond the curtain. She was enthralled by the vision of the boy's hand, barely able to encase the thick shaft as he steadily pumped more and more clear ejaculate from the large purplish and pulsing head of his penis. After about 5 or 6 more strokes, Lil noticed the teenager's body stiffen as his hand blurred up and down his glistening manhood.

She had never even seen her husband masturbate, and to add the taboo of spying on such a young, virile boy, with the biggest penis she'd ever encountered, was affecting Lil's own body in ways usually achieved only when she allowed the hand held shower head to linger over her clitoris. Her knees weakened and she grasped the door frame for support with one hand as her opposite hand dipped with no conscious thought of her own, to press into the crotch of her shorts. At that very moment the boy grunted rather loudly and began to shoot copious amounts of semen across the dressing room floor. Lil was so engrossed, both by the sight before her and her own orgasm beginning to emanate from deep within that she didn't initially register that her inadvertent glance into the full length mirror had revealed the boy's eyes locked onto her. As if her mind was moving in slow motion, her hand kept up its assault between her legs, even as the realization that she may have been spied sank into her lust filled brain. She jerked her hand back away from her shorts, stepped back from the curtain, but at the same time looked to the mirror to hopefully confirm her covertness had remained intact.

Ron had managed to comprehend the fact that the lady may have seen him in the mirror, even as he continued to stroke himself to completion. Not sure as to whether to keep staring at her in the mirror, he decided the best, safest thing to do was behave as if he thought he was in total privacy. He immediately looked back down to examine his own cock, still long and thick, but now beginning to soften slightly in his cum drenched hand.

Lil was relieved to see the boy was not looking into the mirror. Maybe he never did see her, and it was just her imagination playing tricks on her. Taking one more quick glance to the mirror, she again confirmed he was interested only in his own body, and told herself once again that her sinful act of lust and voyeurism had gone unnoticed. Quickly Lil composed herself, turned and went to join her husband and the object of his attention near the lingerie racks across the store.

Beth immediately toned down the flirting as the wife came toward them. Mike noticed her flushed demeanor, and her apparent disinterest in the fact he was helping another woman pick out her lingerie. Her unusual disposition both relieved and surprised him. He wondered why she would be so scattered as to barely acknowledge his introduction to the sexy stranger standing next to him, but he knew better than to get into the "what have you been doing" exchange, and was thankful for whatever it was that had diverted her attention.

Beth wanted to prolong this little experiment to see how Lil would react when Ron joined them. It only took one suggestion to Mike that they join them to meet Sue at the corner café for an early lunch, and he had them committed before Lil could push the image of Ron's penis from her mind long enough to object. By the time Beth and Ron collected all the items Sue intended for them to buy with Dave's Amex card, the Morgans were already seated outside at the Sunset Café.

Beth let Leslie run Dave's American Express card through for about $2,400 worth of sexy clothing, and as Leslie had hoped, she managed to slip her a couple of 20s when no one else was watching, as a well earned thank you for assisting in their morning fun.

Beth had instructed Ron to put his baggy cargo shorts back on, and as they took the short stroll up the boardwalk decided she needed to at least try and keep him as off kilter as best she could, given the circumstances, by saying, "Ron, about what happened back there..."

"Pretty hot, huh?" He interrupted, beaming like the excited teenager he was.

Beth was afraid of this. If he gained too much confidence, she was afraid he'd eventually be too aggressive with Pam, and while she wasn't completely sure how that might play out, she was sure it wouldn't let her orchestrate things to bring her recurring fantasies to fruition. "Look, just because you have pushed me into a couple of situations where I succumbed to my baser instincts, it doesn't mean that we will be doing that again. Let's be honest with ourselves, we both know how wrong your behavior was, don't we?"

She looked over to Ron, trying to gage his reaction. Beth was glad to see the unbridled excitement was now gone from his face as she pushed on, "I admit, I like to dress a little sexy, and I guess you might even call me somewhat of a tease," Beth confessed the obvious to Ron, "so I can see why you respond to me, and even relate as to why you might like to show off a little bit too. But really, you have to get yourself under control. If Pam gets any inkling of what you just did to me back there, I can very easily see her calling your father, and even telling Amy."

A pale hue fell across Ron's face at Beth's last admonition. "But I heard you and Pam, that day on the beach. She, well you know, she seemed to kind of, well, this is kind of embarrassing, but she was talking about my dick and you told her to tease me.........so why would she get mad?"

Beth wasn't sure how much of this Ron would buy into, but he was still young and inexperienced, plus sheltered and naïve by nature, so she decided to forge full steam ahead and see if it would stick. "Ron, honey." Beth spoke sweetly as she stopped walking and took his hands in hers. "I've known Pam for a long time. She is nothing like me when it comes to, uh, shall we say, being comfortable with her sexuality. I have a much more liberal viewpoint on sex and kind of going with the flow. To Pam, teasing you would be wearing a low cut top, or maybe a shorter than normal skirt. Teasing to Pam is way different than what I consider teasing."

"Plus, what you did back there was not just teasing. I'll confess, I was trying to have a little harmless fun by having you help me with the dress, but I never intended to let things go so far. If that lady hadn't scared you back into the dressing room, nothing more would have happened. Pam would never, ever do something so bold, especially with her daughter's boyfriend. You saw the way she almost sent you home after you decided to drop you towel in front of her last night didn't you?"

"But I didn't mean to drop..."

"Don't try to backtrack from what you did....I was there and saw what happened." Beth said in a sharp, disciplinary tone, cutting him off in mid sentence. "I've seen the way you look at Pam, and I think you need to remember that she is Amy's mom, and she won't give you another chance like I have if you cross the line we've discussed. Do you understand?"

Plummeting from the high of just having fucked the sexy woman now still holding his hand, to being thoroughly chastised, and threatened with exposure to Amy, or probably worse, his father, Ron's befuddled brain just wasn't up to debating Beth on any of this. He realized he hadn't even thought about Amy for the past hour or so, and the guilt began to creep into his thoughts. Unable to sort through all this while standing there holding Beth's hand, he tried to focus on her words, but her nipples jutting against her peach colored blouse seemed to be the only thing his eyes would focus on. He wanted nothing more than to end this conversation, and nodded his consent, saying, "Okay, I am sorry. I really do love Amy, and I won't do anything to screw that up, I promise."

"Okay, I knew you would be a good boy." Beth breathed into his ear as she gave him a tight hug, her hip pressing firmly into his crotch. "Now let's go have some lunch."


To say Ron was surprised to see the peeping tom lady at the café would have been an understatement, but when Beth actually directed them over to their table, he thought he might have a stroke.

Beth tried her best to take in the reaction of both Ron and Lil, and she was impressed by the fact that Lil, probably because she'd had some time to prepare, managed to come across as if nothing had transpired back at the boutique. Of course, had she known Ron had discovered her almost from the start of her peeping, she might have had a more difficult time in facing him.

Ron managed to sit at the opposite end of the table from Lil, and by the time Sue joined them, Beth, Mike and Lil had fallen into a typical "tell me about yourself" conversation, as Ron talked with their kids about their time on the island.

Sue was thankful for the distraction of the Morgan family, for it allowed her to ease back into a better place with Beth without having to address her earlier quick departure, or worse, a discussion of Ron's condition back at the boutique. Even though she had convinced herself that Beth would really have no reason to suspect Sue of having helped the sales girl blatantly tease her son, being able to drop into an active, innocent conversation was a diversion to which Sue was glad to return.

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