A Tempting Vacation Ch. 11


"Hi, you're Ron, right? Shannon asked, then continued on before Ron could respond. We met your girlfriend and you at the pool yesterday, remember? Where is, what was her name, Tammy?"

"Uh, Amy, her name was Amy." Ron replied, noticing the way both girls' eyes were darting from his face to his still damp swim suit.

About this time, Beth turned onto her side, haphazardly holding the recently untied bikini top across her breasts. She was pretty sure these girls were the same two from the bathroom window that first night on the island. Given the show they had shared while peering into the tiny bathroom, Beth was not at all surprised to see that they had finally been able to track Ron down.

"Hi, I think we met earlier too," Beth interjected. "I'm Beth, this is Sue, and I guess you already know Ron."

"I'm Shannon, and this is Courtney. Sorry to bother you guys, but we were combing the beach to recruit kids for the contests getting ready to start up at our pool." Shannon answered, eyeing Beth appreciably.

"Yeah, we need one more guy for our team, you want to help us out Ron?" Courtney asked.

"Uh, I don't know." Ron answered, deciding that if Amy found out he had anything to do with these two, she'd be pissed.

"You should do it honey," Beth chimed in, "It might be fun. What type of contest is it?"

Courtney, taking the lead, answered, "Oh, you know, just some crazy relay races and stuff. It should be fun, plus there are prizes from the sponsors."

"Um, .....I just don't think........." Ron tried to come up with a good reason to decline, but as he stammered out his excuse, Shannon grabbed one wrist and Courtney the other.

"Don't be silly, you're coming with us, it will be fun." And with that, Ron was pulled up to stand next to the two co-eds, his decision made for him.

"You go on with the girls Ron, Sue and I will come up in a few minutes to watch the games." Beth said, giving her blessing to his departure. Watching the tiny thong clad asses of Shannon and Courtney escort Ron up the beach toward the resort pool, Beth hoped she'd made the right call in sending Ron with two such sexy little hard bodies.


More To Come...

Sneak Peek to Chapter 12......

.......Ron had never taken a shot of tequila, or a shot of anything else for than matter, but as he bit into the lemon wedge, and the sour fruit subdued the after taste of the shot, he decided it wasn't too bad. As the tequila began to swim around in his brain, the sexy hostess strolled up and down the line of contestants, passing out what appeared to be an extremely oversized pillow case, along with a small plastic bag.

"So that each team will have the same opportunity to gather the balls, each boy must be wearing the same trunks, and since there is no where for them to change, we are providing you your own privacy curtain." The sexy hostess exclaimed. "So when I say 'Go', you should each pull the bag over your heads and change.......but first, to make things a little more interesting, we must make a couple of adjustments."

The crowd again roared their approval, despite the fact they had no idea as to what lay ahead. Ron, even though he was rapidly feeling the tequila shot, effectively topping off the earlier drinks on the beach, was growing increasingly nervous about this contest into which he had been drafted.

"I would like the females to remove the contents of your bag, and secure your boy-toy's hands behind his back," came the command from leather girl. Any mock protests by the guys were quickly put to rest by her authoritative voice and prodding riding crop.

Ron rather quickly found himself in the same predicament as the other 3 boys in the contest, his wrists handcuffed together behind his back, unable to shield his bulging swim suit from the gaze of the boisterous crowd. Hilda continued with her instructions for the game, but Ron was more concerned with his steadily growing cock, and its increasingly obscene protrusion against his trunks.

Chapter 12 almost complete......should be posted soon.

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