tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 13

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 13


The walk to the room had been awkward, yet ultimately uneventful. Ron had managed not to fall, and other than his cock inadvertently bumping into Sue's back, he did nothing more than admire her exquisite form as she led him to the condo.

Mandy and Nancy watched, hidden behind a thick palm tree, as the two sexy women led "Hilda's boy toy" past the poolside gawkers, and into the privacy of their room. "I bet they're going to fuck him silly, I know I would." Nancy stated with more than a hint of envy in her voice.

"Eewww! The blond is his mom, you twisted cunt!" Mandy shot back.

"That's what she told you, but didn't you hear him say he already banged her in a dressing room. So either she lied, or he lied, or... they are the ones that are twisted." Nancy replied. "Either way, I would like to be a fly on the wall in that room, I'd be willing to bet somebody in there is going to get fucked!"

"Well, whatever.......let's go back to the camper, remember we've got two horny cuties waiting for us back there." Mandy said, successfully diverting her friend from her obsession with the teenage boy, as they hurriedly made their way back to Courtney and Shannon.


Finally back in their room, Beth and Sue guided Ron to the bathroom, and the secure seat of the commode. He sat there leering at them like the horny teenager he was, obviously uninhibited due to his drunken condition and the culmination of the day's events. Beth noticed Sue's attempt to take subtle peeks at Ron's groin, and mentally struggled with the next best course of action.

Even with the day's erotic twist and turns drawing Sue closer to her perverted exhibitionist games, Beth still knew she had to move carefully. And no matter the currently ignored, yet ever present erection, she realized it would still be highly unlikely for a teenager's mother to blatantly strip him nude, especially in front of another female. So Beth did her best to take on the proper motherly persona by not acknowledging the misshapen swimwear nor pushing too hard or fast with Sue. After Ron's assurances that he would promptly slip off his trunks and immerse himself in the, hopefully, sobering hot shower water, the women left him to his privacy.

In only a few minutes, they could hear the water running in the shower. Not acknowledging the sexually charged situation led to an awkward silence between them. Beth quickly decided that since neither she nor Sue, although each pleasantly buzzed, were anywhere close to Ron's level of intoxication, she would go to the kitchenette to fix two rum cocktails. While mixing the drinks, Beth's eyes were repeatedly drawn to Sue's enticing body, stretched out on the bed as she sorted through the various items in the prize bag Ron had won in the contest. Sue's preoccupation with the various alcohol related items such as shot glasses and flavored tequila sample bottles, and the even more intriguing bondage and sex toys, allowed Beth the unfettered opportunity to ogle the Asian beauty. Her naturally flawless skin was a rich, sun-stroked bronze color, and her supple breasts posed a beguiling image as the purple bikini top persisted with the day long struggle to contain her fleshy assets.

With erotic images of Sue playing in her mind, Beth found herself second guessing her decision to behave as Ron's mother and vacate the bathroom for him to undress. The reality is that it would probably have required only the slightest nudge to push Sue into some deliciously tempting cock teasing situations. Her brain had just begun to look for another way to torment them both, when fate intervened. Beth was jarred from her devious planning by a sudden, unmistakable thump against the bathroom wall. Sue heard it too, and quickly joined Beth in scurrying in to check on Ron.


"Ron swayed unsteadily as the warm water enveloped his body. The tequila induced retardation to both his coordination and ability to focus on anything longer than 3 seconds seemed to apply to everything except his cock. It had been diamond cutting hard now every since the competition. He had never seen his cock head as swollen and purple as it was now. As he admired his appendage jutting from his groin, he once again lost his balance and crashed back against the shower tiles with a thud. Luckily he maintained his balance, avoiding a more serious tumble.

In only a matter of seconds, Beth and Sue dashed in to check on him. "Are you okay in there?" Beth asked. "Please don't fall and break your neck." She continued, genuinely concerned. She never anticipated Ron would get so plastered, and she was a little apprehensive about having allowed him to get so shit-faced under her watch.

In addition to the alcohol, the other chemically induced condition impacting Ron was the Cialis. He appeared to have been completely erect for most if not all of the time since downing the doctored drink on the beach. Of course, given the nonstop stimulation he'd endured throughout their vacation, Beth's observation would not have passed as a scientific confirmation of the pill's impact. However, in addition to Ron's hard-on, Beth had observed Sue willingly allowing Joe Collegeboy to practically dry hump her during the contest, something she highly doubted would have happened without the added stimulus Sue had unknowingly ingested.

Now ready to succumb to her desires, Beth seized on Ron's apparent inability to effectively stand on his own, and decided to push Sue to see if her drunken and horny condition would allow for some fun.

"Oh my, I really think we should do something about him, I don't want him to fall and hurt himself." Beth paused for a few seconds, pretending to contemplate all her options, before she continued,. "Ah, Sue, this is really awkward, but, well, given that you are a nurse, and used to dealing with male nudity, well, maybe you could help out here. I mean, it would be just too weird for his mom to see him naked like this, don't you agree?"

It took Sue a few seconds to comprehend what Beth was suggesting. Did a mother really just ask her to help her naked son? It seemed rather twisted to Sue, yet the entire day had been anything but normal, and throughout the day she had been telling herself that Beth was simply of a more liberal mindset when it came to sex and nudity than most people. Besides, Beth had clearly referred to Sue's nursely duties, so maybe it wasn't as a perverted request as Sue's gut reaction indicated. Finally, her conscience broke through these thoughts filling her brain, telling her to say no, but her body screamed even louder for a chance to see Ron, or more specifically Ron's hard cock. "Oh, I don't know. Do you mean you want me to help him out of the shower?"

"Well, actually I was hoping that since you still have on your bikini, you would be willing to get in there with him and help keep him upright until he can get washed up. If you weren't a nurse, and didn't handle men, well you know, didn't do what you do every day, I would never ask, but I am sure you can treat this professionally. What do you say?"

Sue hesitated, even as her pussy began to smolder. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt this horny. She wanted desperately to get in the shower with Ron, but she also had to force herself to behave in a purely clinical manner. "Well, this is really really strange, but, well, if I do this we obviously can't let anyone else know. I mean even though it is totally innocent, it just wouldn't look right to Amy, Pam or Dave, you know. Do you think Ron will keep quiet about it?"

Beth suppressed a gigantic grin, thrilled that Sue was considering getting in the shower with Ron. "Oh honey, he is so drunk, I seriously doubt he'll even know you are in there with him, much less remember it in the morning."

Ron was leaning against the tiles, slowly catching only bits and pieces of the conversation between Sue and Beth. As he turned to see if he could peak past the shower curtain, he slipped yet again and thudded against the wall.

The near crash spurred the women from words to action, as Sue looked to Beth and said, "Okay, I better go ahead and get in there before he falls."

"Thank you so much. I really think this is for the best. I'll be right here to make sure everything is ok." Beth responded, stalling until she could further develop a plan to make this even more of a temptation for them. "Ron, Sue is going to get in there with you to keep you from falling and hurting yourself. Okay?"

Before Ron could respond, he bounced, albeit a little more gingerly than before, against the back wall of the shower. Sue stepped around the curtain and into the pulsating water. Seeing him displayed so graphically beneath the snug trunks throughout the day had been sexy for sure, but did not prepare her for the sight before her now. Not only was Ron still erect, his cock looked larger than any she had seen in the doctor's office, plus the immense head was a throbbing purplish-red color. Her eyes drifted up from the magnificent piece of manhood, even as she detected her own slick secretions mingle with the hot shower water cascading down her tanned thighs, to look at Ron's face. He didn't respond to her, as he was apparently taking in the sight she presented to him as well. She glanced down past her coal black hair, now damp and contouring to her sleek shoulders, to see her nipples jutting obscenely through the thin purple material of her bikini. Further down, she could feel the damp bottoms molding themselves to her crotch, no doubt presenting a blatant and enticing camel toe for Ron's viewing pleasure.

"Is he okay?" Beth asked from the dry side of the curtain.

Sue dropped her eyes back to the cock throbbing a few feet in front of her, "Uh, yeah, he looks fine to me."

Ron's cognitive ability was hit and miss, but he saw the way Sue was staring at his penis, and was certain she wanted him. He tried to take a step to her, but it quickly devolved into an awkward lunge. Sue did her best to slow his advance, but they both ended up against the tile wall, with Ron clumsily attempting to kiss the dark skinned beauty. Beth heard the commotion, even as Sue pushed him away, saying, "Easy there big guy, you need to just stand still against the wall over there and try to get cleaned up."

"You have things under control in there?" Beth asked.

"I think so, he's just not too stable, and since he has about a foot and maybe 70 lbs on me, it's not that simple to keep him in one place." Sue answered, not wanting to let on to Beth how her son had tried to kiss her. She really couldn't blame the poor kid. Here he was with a gigantic hard on resulting from a day's worth of teasing and temptations, and now she joins him beneath the steamy water, wearing only a tiny purple bikini that was clearly designed to titillate rather than conceal. Sue only half jokingly thought she'd be lucky to get through this little shower episode without being raped. This thought led to her mind fashioning graphic images of her being trapped up against the shower wall, impaled on Ron's thick cock, half-heartedly fighting him off as he forced her to take more and more of his length. After only a few such images flashed in her brain, Ron's body, slipping across the slick tile, once again caught her attention.

"Ron, this way Ron, lean to the corner." She moved to reposition him, his granite like cock pressing incessantly against her taut abs and even the underside of her boobs. God it wouldn't take much to simply drop her mouth a little, and suck him past her lips. But Sue knew that she couldn't do that. His mother was just on the other side of the shower curtain. As much as her body screamed to sample his lovely prick, she had to force herself to behave as professionally as this highly twisted situation would allow.

As Sue struggled to reinforce her moral, professional and ethical values, she failed to notice Ron's arms encircling her tiny body. Before she realized his intentions, Ron grasped her firm ass cheeks snugly in each of his large hands, and pulled her tightly into his body. "Ron! what are you doing!" Sue exclaimed, surprised by his actions'

Still standing close by, Beth promptly interjected, "Sue? Is he behaving? Ron! What have you done?"

Again, Sue didn't feel it fair to blame Ron for his desires, especially given his level of inebriation, so she attempted to brush off the interaction, "It's ok, I was just taken off guard a little, no big deal."

Beth, however, was intent on conveying herself to Sue as the concerned yet stern mother, "It didn't sound like 'no big deal'. Ron, you had best behave yourself. You are in enough trouble for getting drunk, and you don't want to make things worse by insulting Sue, who is only trying to help you. Sue has promised not to tell Pam, Amy or Amy's dad about any of this day so far, but all bets are off if you don't calm down!"

She knew both Sue and Ron were incredibly horny, as was she. She also realized that if she didn't keep pulling Sue back to her reality that Ron was her "son", and Sue's potential step-daughter's boyfriend, she might actually give in and fuck him. Beth got off on the cock-tease, she got off on tempting Sue, she even got off on the self-denial tease this all was for her, but letting Ron cum with Sue just wasn't part of her plan.

Ron didn't appear to hear a word Beth uttered, as he was not only maintaining his grasp on Sue's ass, but was beginning to lift her off the ground, effectively sliding her body upward across his cock.

Sue now realized this situation was steadily slipping from her control, and firmly grabbed Ron's thumb and pulled it away from her ass at such an angle that the pain quickly overtook the tequila fueled lust that had until that moment been in control of his actions.

"Ouch.....that hurt!" Ron exclaimed.

Now back on her feet and able to take a step away from him, Sue's vision involuntarily locked onto his penis, still absolutely granite-like. She tried to quickly compose herself, saying, "Sorry Ron, but you need to remember that I am a nurse, and the only reason I am in the shower with you is to take care of you," she paused, her rhythm broken as Ron seemed to absentmindedly wrap his hand first around his shaft, then down to caress his equally large balls. Forcing herself to push ahead, Sue continued, "ah, well, like I said, to take care of you, and ah, keep you from hurting yourself, like any nurse, ahem, you know,.... would.......do you understand?" Sue responded as evenly as she could while Ron basically fondled himself in front of her. She hoped to keep Beth from calling an end to their shower together that had only just begun. For no matter the words Sue spoke about her professional intentions, which were in fact genuine, she also wanted to spend a little more time with her son and his very large, very hard cock.

Beth heard Sue's words, but she also heard the lusty, slightly breathless undertone of someone sexually aroused. Smiling to herself, Beth said, "Thank you Sue for explaining things so patiently to Ron, but I am afraid, in his condition, he may not behave as a proper young man. I do want him to finish his shower and hopefully sober up some, so I have an idea.....hold tight for a minute and I'll be right back."

By the time Sue had finished her little admonition of Ron, Beth had a plan. She scampered to the bed, grabbing two sets of handcuffs from the prize bag, and was back in the bathroom in no time. She pulled the wrought iron vanity chair from beneath the counter, and fastened one end of each set of cuffs to the rear of the chair, between the seat and the horizontal spoke about halfway down the back legs.

"Sue, I want you to take this chair and have Ron sit on it, then fasten his wrists with the cuffs. That way he won't have any choice but to keep his hands to himself."

Sue saw the chair appearing around the shower curtain, and took it before she even fully comprehended what Beth had said. As it dawned on her, she replied, "You want me to do what....handcuff your son to a chair, and give him a shower? Are you sure?"

Beth's only regret now was that she could not come up with a plausible reason to join them on the other side of the curtain, but she knew it would be pushing the realm of believability with Sue to think his own mother would take part in such an erotic setting. She was probably pushing her to the very edge as it was, so she took her foot of the pedal just a little. "Can you get him to sit there so he won't fall, then step out here to talk for a second?"

Sue got the chair in place and directed Ron to sit without too much of a struggle. She then stepped from the shower, soaking wet to talk to Ron's mom.

After moving from the steamy bathroom, Beth said, "Look, I know this all seems a little twisted, but this day, quite frankly, has really spiraled out of control. I'd like to avoid telling Amy and Pam that I let Ron get so drunk he couldn't join us for dinner, and I am hoping that getting a nice hot shower will help sober him up some. The fact that you are a nurse, well, you know, a nurse that deals with male nudity daily, it just seems almost like destiny for you to be here to help me out. And the whole hand cuff thing, well, I saw the way those two girls tormented him during the contest, and he is only a teenager after all, so I don't think I can expect him to not respond to you.....I mean look at you, you're most any man's wet dream come true right now, especially for someone as inexperienced as Ron, particularly in his, well, his present condition."

Beth's last sentence caused both women to examine Sue's body. The air conditioned room, coupled with the Sensuvive aided arousal that had been steadily consuming her, had the expected effect on Sue, with her nipples now rock hard and jutting out distinctly through the thin fabric. Further, the bikini had shifted during the earlier struggle with Ron, so that only those same elongated nipples pegged the misplaced purple material and just barely kept the entire areola from being exposed. The camel toe, likewise, was so noticeable that it was all Beth could do not to trace her finger along the cleft of Sue's pussy lips.

Both women finished their visual inspection of Sue's sexy form at about the same time, and their eyes locked briefly, with an awkward pause in the conversation. Sue had to admit that her body was on high alert, and was rather accurately conveying the physical signs of her ever growing arousal. Beth was doing her best to control her own hedonistic desires, quickly dismissing her impulse to seduce Sue while Ron marinated in the shower. She did slip slightly as she said, "I think any man, or woman for that matter, might need handcuffs to survive what I am asking of you, no matter how innocent it may be."

Sue picked up on Beth's reference to "woman", and for the first time recognized the intensity in her gaze. Goose bumps began to race over her body in part from the cool air, but mostly as a purely physical response to the sexual aura suddenly consuming the room. Anxious to break the burgeoning tension, Sue said, "I understand why you want me to confine Ron for the rest of his shower. He is a little excitable right now, so it is probably best. It's just that this is so bizarre, I guess I needed to be reassured that we are doing the best thing. And of course, I don't want you to be concerned; I'll be totally professional about it all. Like you said, it's not far off from what I do every day in the office." Sue lied, as much to reassure herself as Beth, for they both knew showering with a big cocked teenager while wearing a barely there bikini was not anything like what she did for her job. Beth's clandestine knowledge of the added stimulants of Cialis and Sensuvive also insured this little "bed bath" would be unlike any "nurse Sue" had ever administered.

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