tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 15

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 15


I want to give you fair warning. The following is a short chapter, designed to transition Pam back on the island and firmly re-establish each characters attitude and intentions going forward. Not much sex here!...sorry. At the end, I will ask you as the reader for some feedback for a direction of the next chapter. I just haven't quite settled on how I want them to spend the day together.



Pam sat quietly in the cab, the numerous glasses of wine over dinner, and the long, emotional day combining to subdue her mood. Beth, on the other hand, had drunk just enough to feel loose, and as was the norm on this trip, thinking of sex. She wanted to jump straight to her pre-planned topic of their upcoming time with Ron, but couldn't get a read on Pam's state of mind. This was the first chance they'd had to talk alone since meeting for dinner, back at the ship, and afraid to risk pushing her own manipulative agenda at an inopportune time, decided it best to get her friend to open up first about the day's events.

"Sooo....how did today go?"

"Oh, it was okay I guess. Just kind of weird, if you know what I mean." Pam replied, her composed tone reinforcing her words. "I certainly have no inclination to get back with Dave, but still, seeing another woman so obviously in love with him was just a little unsettling."

"'In love??' more like 'in heat' I'd say. I mean, she was practically dry humping him right there at the Captain's table." Beth stated what had been obvious to all, but omitted her knowledge of what, and who, had ignited Sue's arousal. The shower escapade had been a tremendous turn on for Beth, even as a hidden voyeur, but at least she'd been able to get herself off as she spied on the erotic interaction. She could only imagine how frustratingly horny Sue must have been after a half hour of the tortuous teasing she'd inflicted on Ron, eventually allowing herself to furtively maneuver her overstuffed pussy up and down the length of the drunken teenager's cock before Beth had 'returned' to stop her short of a well-deserved orgasm. Given the shower and the Sensuvive dosage Beth had covertly slipped in her drink, it was likely an amazing act of self-restraint by Sue to not drag Dave off for a quick fuck as soon as she had laid eyes on him.

Pam noticed the cab driver seem to perk up and pay more attention, and lowered her voice a little as she replied, "Yeah, I think even Dave was embarrassed, I mean she was obviously rather inebriated, and just so blatantly sexual the way her body was practically poured into and slipping out of that slinky evening gown. I figure she was trying to mark her territory, so to speak, in front of me. Like I said, I let go long before the day we signed the divorce papers, and believe it or not, I actually viewed her behavior to be rather amusing. I think even Amy found it more embarrassingly awkward than upsetting. I just hope Sue tones it down after tonight, so she and Amy can maybe get better acquainted."

Beth was relieved Pam seemed reasonably okay with the situation, and having pledged to Sue that she'd keep the illicit pharmaceuticals and Ron's drunken shower a secret, decided to shift the conversation to a safer topic, "So tell me, how was the helicopter and snorkeling excursion?"

A mischievous smile unfurled across Pam's face, "Good... enjoyable actually." She paused, now grinning so big it almost hurt, "The humorous thing was Dave's reaction to me, or should I say, me wearing one of Amy's bikinis. I think she purposely gave me her tiniest suit, naively hoping that compelling me to flaunt my new and improved post-divorce body would lure her dad and I back together. And I guess she might have been right, if only for about 5 sweaty minutes, because from the way he was looking at me, I probably could have led him into the palm trees and screwed him silly. But having spent the better part of my youth with his inadequate love making, I had no desire to go down that road again, no matter how horny I've been lately. It was actually more fun to tease him all afternoon. I spent plenty of time snorkeling in front of him, repeatedly adjusting my suit, and once on the beach, thoroughly applying sunscreen and 'unintentionally posing' while I sunbathed."

"Why Pam, you really are a cock tease after all." Beth said, grinning broadly. "I am so proud of you, and your bootylicious little ass." She said, briefly touching her friend's taut thigh, her laughter increasing with every word.

Pam couldn't help but join in the laughter, "Yeah, well, I do have this friend that has been pestering me to loosen up." She replied, flashing Beth a knowing little grin, then glanced once again to the rear view mirror, seeing a similar, yet noticeably more lecherous, expression on the driver's face.

Beth, unconcerned as to what the driver might overhear, and thus completely oblivious as to his reaction, saw this as her opportunity to get to her desired topic of conversation, "Good, I am glad you have finally seen the light. Now, how are we going to put your newfound talents to use on our young friend, Ron?"

Pam's laughter quickly ceased, a more serious tone conveying her response, "Oh, well, I have been thinking about this, and I know we talked a big game the other day, on the beach, but I just can't go through with it. He is my daughter's boyfriend after all. It just wouldn't be right. I can't believe I ever let you trick me into agreeing with your demented little plan in the first place"

Beth wasn't surprised by Pam's retreat to the moral high ground, even though she was certain that just last night, she'd had her at the precipice, only one short step from delving headlong into erotic situations she'd never even contemplated prior to their trip. Now Beth did her best to reply in a way to hopefully keep her friend engaged and ready to eventually be reeled back into bringing her twisted fantasies to fruition. "I hardly think I tricked you. If you recall, we had a bet that you'd play along if your daughter took the opportunity to tease Ron while you pretended to be passed out after our night at the dance club. And not only did she tease him, she managed to have him naked and rubbing his cock all over you within a matter of minutes. So there's no doubt I won that bet fair and square."

"Technically, I can't deny you won the bet," Pam admitted, her mind recalling the exhilaration she'd felt as Amy coerced a reluctant, nude Ron into unavoidably grinding against her as she feigned unconsciousness. Pushing the arousing images from her thoughts, Pam pressed on, "Still, I just don't feel right about purposely being a tease to Amy's boyfriend. Besides, knowing you, I can imagine things could rather quickly get out of hand." Pam stated, holding fast to the resolution she'd made earlier that day, during her time spent with Amy. It was an easy position to take, in theory, but she couldn't deny the lustful excitement she'd felt during her earlier, inadvertently sexual encounters with Ron. Still, she had convinced herself to be firm in her resistance to Beth, her own immoral yearnings, and the likely temptations that the teenager's gorgeous cock could present in the coming days.

"Pam, you don't really think I am saying I want you to seduce Ron do you? I know I might have gotten a little carried away over the past couple of days, but I blame that on the island, you know, and the diminished inhibitions that seem to thrive in these tropical settings. And don't take this the wrong way, but I also blame you and Amy. I mean when you confessed to me on the beach about all the ways you'd been aroused by the boy's, shall we say, special gift, well, I couldn't resist having a bit of fun by stoking your embers a little. Then to see how Amy was so willing to put us in situations to tempt him even more, well I just couldn't help but to play along myself." Beth confessed, at least partially telling the truth.

Beth paused to give Pam a chance to respond, but after a few seconds of silence, continued on, "But I hear what you're saying and understand how you feel about it. I have no intention of seducing him," she lied, " and I don't even intend for us to actually 'tease him' in some blatant way. What I mean is that we should just relax while on this trip, without worrying about how we might affect a teenage boy. And if he sees us in our nightgowns, or maybe going braless, well, that's just how we'd dress if he wasn't with us, so let's not get all worked up over it, and just go with the flow. Plus, Amy obviously didn't care that Ron was getting aroused when around us, so why should we? And let's be honest, we've worked hard in the gym on our bodies, and whether we try or not, Ron, along with most any other male within eyesight is going to notice us, I promise."

"I don't know. I guess we are going to be sharing a room for the next few days, so some degree of familiarity will be unavoidable." Pam said, somewhat relenting to the reality of their situation. She didn't want to acknowledge it to Beth, but couldn't deny that her friend was right about their bodies. She had noticed only a scant few co-eds that could even come close to the sexiness of their toned yet curvy figures.

Glad to hear Pam beginning to acquiesce, Beth cautiously pushed ahead, "Exactly, and in such close quarters, if there is an accidental flash of skin, or unintentional lapse in modesty, then so be it. The key will be that we have to convey to Ron that it is no big deal, you know, as if he is just the naïve teenage boyfriend of your daughter, and that we would never consider him as a red-blooded male that might respond sexually to our attire or behavior. I think we pretty much set the tone last night, you know, when his towel fell off. The way we chastised him like a naughty little boy, and threatened to tell his parents was a good start to keeping him in check. That along with us continuing to treat him, well, essentially as a eunuch, should help insure he doesn't react in an inappropriate manner. What do you think?"

With the vision of Ron's towel dropping to expose his thick, dangling penis suddenly consuming her thoughts, Pam held little doubt that Beth was trying to manipulate her. Yet even in spite of her suspicions and the lingering erotic image, she had to admit, this sounded like a fairly reasonable strategy. After all, they were going to be running around in bikinis and other skimpy vacation attire, and as Beth pointed out, their gym-honed physiques would certainly be most any teenage boy's fantasy come-to-life, so her idea of treating their sexuality and how it might tempt Ron as a non-event might be a way to lessen any potentially awkward situations. Having been afraid Beth would be pushing them to overtly tease the poor boy, Pam was relieved, if not still cautiously apprehensive of her friend's intentions for the coming days.

"Yeah, I see your point, I think." Pam answered, choosing to forgo any specific reference to the towel incident. "But you have to give me your word you won't go out of your way to deliberately have an 'unintentional' flash of skin, as you put it."

Beth, happy with how the conversation had played out, readily lied yet again, agreeing completely with Pam's vow of intended modesty. Then, with a sheepishly devious grin, added, "There is one more thing though. I did go shopping this morning, you know, with Sue, but more importantly, with Dave's credit card. I couldn't resist buying each of us a few additions to our vacation wardrobe."

Good humored skepticism was evident in Pam's reply, "Beth, really..."

Before her friend could verbalize an objection, Beth interrupted, "Oh, don't worry. It's not like I went shopping at Frederick's of Hollywood. I was in a little shop down by the pier. I did find a few fun and sexy outfits, bikinis and some other stuff, but it's nothing too daring, I promise."

"Well, we'll see. I do like the idea of wearing Dave's credit card, but I reserve the right to veto anything that is too over the top." Pam responded genuinely, keeping to her vow of proper behavior. As the silence lingered however, she couldn't shake the image Beth had planted in her brain, of Ron's oversized penis bobbing before her as his towel dropped to the floor, nor could she prevent her naughtier side from envisioning a scenario of 'unintentionally' tormenting the boy while wearing one of these new, sexy outfits. Feeling her long neglected body begin to respond to the erotic fantasies, Pam feared her unabated arousal and increasingly perverted thoughts could eventually lead her to do the very things she'd spent the past 10 minutes pledging to avoid. She knew even the slightest hint of such a willingness could never be confessed to Beth, for that would be like adding a match to gasoline, and poor Ron might never survive. Pam stifled an impulsive giggle as she imagined the befuddled teenager stuttering and stammering while she and Beth frolicked about enticingly, wearing next to nothing. Her thoughts soon transitioned to a more realistic situation; one in which she might discreetly expose more skin than usual. She imagined herself acting completely innocent and unaware to Ron, and just as importantly, Beth, until the teenager's big penis grew too large to conceal. Suppressing a devious grin, Pam laid her head back, willingly diverting her moral compass with the rationalization that most everyone harmlessly dreamt about a forbidden someone every now and then, with no dire consequences, and allowed these increasingly wicked fantasies free reign for the duration of the drive to their resort.

The lack of conversation permitting her own devious scheming, Beth grew confident in her ability to reel Pam back into her plans for the coming days. Some more time hanging around Ron, in his new, blatantly immodest swim suits, plenty of alcohol, their own scanty attire, and thanks to Sue, the Sensuvive and Cialis, the next couple of days should provide temptations nearly impossible to resist.

As the cab neared the resort grounds, Beth did have the awareness to finally recognize their driver's quasi-predatory leer filling the rearview mirror, and made sure he dropped them off at the lobby, rather than at the door to their own condo. He was noticeably disappointed when they rebuffed his offer to buy them a drink in the resort bar, but seemed to accept his fate and was pulling away almost as soon as Pam swung the backseat door closed.


Upon entering their unit, both women noticed Ron sprawled out on the bed. Each also noted that, in what was a rarity for this trip, he did not have an erection, although his cock and balls were still sexily highlighted as the thin, clingy sheet was practically molded to his lanky body. He was breathing heavily, appearing to be in little danger of being awakened by the tipsy, and louder than necessary women.

Pam squelched her first instinct to acknowledge the unexpectedly erotic presentation of the well-endowed teenager. She reminded herself that even though her friend had promised to behave, Beth would most likely seize upon any perceived weakness in her restraint concerning Ron to find a way to further the temptation already presented by the unaware boy.

"Well, it appears Ron has staked claim to the big bed tonight, do you want to sleep with him, or do I get to?" Beth asked.

"Beth! No, I can't believe you'd even consid....."

Beth burst into laughter, saying, "Good God, you are so easy sometimes. I was only joking. We'll share the pull out sofa."

A relieved Pam joined in, laughing at herself, "Well, I never know about you. I'll go change and then help with the bed." She said, heading for the bathroom.

"Okay, I think I'll take a nice hot bath when you're through. Here, try out one of the new nighties I got for us today. I think you'll find it is modest enough to meet your standards." Beth said, tossing her the light yellow gown from the still full shopping bag.

In the safety of the bathroom, Pam examined the night gown. It was appropriately long, coming down almost to her knees, and the square-cut neckline, while it did dip low enough to show just a hint of her cleavage, still projected a fairly respectable image staring back from the mirror. And even though Pam noted the cotton blend was perhaps a little thinner than her usual gowns, the lights surrounding the mirror cast the gown as adequately opaque. She never even considered the potential transparency of the material if illuminated from a different angle.

By the time Pam emerged from the bathroom, Beth had prepared the pull out bed and safely concealed the previously hidden video camera beneath her towel. She slipped past her friend, eager to soak in a hot bath and watch the tape for Lil's reaction when checking in on a near naked Ron.

Now alone, Pam didn't need to divert her gaze, yet quickly noted Ron had rolled over onto his side, extinguishing the previous sexy image of his sheet draped genitals. As she slipped into the moderately comfortable pull-out bed, she couldn't deny her disappointment in being deprived of an unfettered vision of Ron, perhaps by now with yet another erection, lying on his back. She also couldn't prevent a sizeable pang of guilt from wedging into her consciousness, for being half her age, and her daughter's boyfriend, the taboo nature of these recurring thoughts about Ron was painfully evident. Perhaps the 'forbidden fruit' aspect of the situation even played a perverted part in her ongoing inability to purge her mind of such twisted thoughts, but whatever the reasons, the lustful longing that seemed ever-ready to overtake her long neglected body was undeniable. She thought once more of the incredible piece of manhood dangling between the legs of the teenager, sleeping only 3 feet from her, and her hand slipped inside her panties. With the momentary guilt once again all too easily pushed aside, her mind once again bounced from the various encounters with Ron during the first few days of their vacation, to several admittedly decadent fantasies that she would never pursue in real life. Eventually the long day and red wine overtook her naughty thoughts and active fingers, and Pam fell into a deep sleep.

About 45 minutes later, a refreshed Beth moved silently from the bathroom, wearing a baby blue version of the gown she'd given Pam. Their heavy, steady breathing confirming her roommates remained dead to the world, she quickly went to the other side of the room and knelt down, pleased to find the pack of Camel Cigarettes under the bed, exactly where the hidden video indicated she would. A quick inspection confirmed it was about two thirds full of well rolled joints. Pleased with her discovery, she hid the pack in her purse, and quietly slid beneath the covers, next to her friend.

Beth lay there, worn out from the day's events, and equally spent from the two orgasms she'd self-administered while reviewing the hidden tape. She'd never imagined the two little sluts from the poolside contest would somehow get into the room and practically rape a drunk and helpless Ron. But that was merely the opening act, as she was transfixed by the erotic interaction that played out on the remainder of the video. Having only watched it once, with the volume muted, Beth couldn't wait to see it again, and hopefully be able to hear the conversation between Lil and her husband. As she began to absent-mindedly caress her still sensitive pussy, her mind calculated the impact of this video, and how it might be best used in the coming days, until eventually she drifted off to a slumber enhanced with vividly debauched dreams.


Ron was the last to wake, gradually gaining consciousness as the sounds from the kitchen tugged him from his sleep. His hand had already absent-mindedly grasped and lazily stroked his morning erection before he became fully aware of his surroundings. Luckily, they hadn't noticed him stirring, plus, having rolled once again onto his side, his instinctual self-pleasuring was mostly concealed by the sheet. His bleary eyes eventually focused on his roomies, working in tandem to make coffee and bagels. Ron's throbbing head and parched lips, initially calling for his attention, soon were forgotten as he noticed the way the bright sunlight through the patio door produced a near constant silhouette of their tight bodies through the thin night gowns.

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