tagBDSMA Three Day Trip to Submission Ch. 02

A Three Day Trip to Submission Ch. 02

byPlayer One©

-----Reina as Property………Mine!!!

Reina is in my favorite slave position. She is on her knees and sitting back on her heels. She is sitting very stiffly upright with her knees spread wide open and her tits are thrust forward and upward from her chest. The fingers of each of her hands are interlaced together behind her head. Her pussy is shaved smooth and is pulled partially open by the strained wide open stretch of her legs. Her tits stand up proud and firm with the most fantastic pair of nipples ever bestowed by God upon any woman. They stand nearly one inch high and a full half inch thick when fully erect. They are perfect cylinders of sensually erotic and sexually sensitive female flesh. They are light brown in color and pointing at an impressive forty-five degrees upward and out from the darker shaded aureoles that are just slightly larger around then these rarely found orgasm triggers standing out from their centers. Each of her exquisite globes of tit flesh completely fill my hands with very little left over. They actually bounce rather then flop when she moves.

Her long blond hair flowed down over her shoulders and halfway to her waist when allowed to fly freely and not in the carefully woven ponytail that she nearly always favored. Her face is so beautiful and she has the deepest blue eyes that you can actually look into and see forever. Her pussy is shaved a minimum of once per day (and often more) to keep her pubic entire area baby smooth. Even her brown puckered asshole area is shaved completely smooth. She is naked, shaved, and positioned before me because she is my personal property.

She has given me the gift of ownership of her body, her thoughts, her emotions, and her sexuality. In short, she has given me complete and absolute control of her life until a time that may come that we would both choose to change our relationship. That time may never come but neither of us trusts the concept of "forever" other then as a hopeful dream. I am her Master and she is my slave. Our love and our trust in and for each other is immense, yet still growing, if you can understand that concept.

Reina has been waiting anxiously for the past few weeks for this day to come. I felt like teasing her a bit after our little adventure in the woods next to the road on the outer front edge of our property. Being tied totally naked to an overhanging tree limb for a few hours just a few short feet from the four lane country highway that winds through the mountains where we live in Upstate New York had turned her into an orgasm machine. The electric eggs, one in her pussy and one up her ass, had also been a major factor in her arousal level going near nuclear. Being photographed and video taped the entire time only added fuel to her fire. But, the plain simple truth is that Reina craves being totally controlled and subjected to liberal doses of embarrassment and humiliation.

The teasing that I mentioned earlier consisted of occasional hints and verbal suggestions that maybe a weekend trip into a wilderness mountain area might be a possibility in the very near future. I love the outdoors but Reina is a nature fanatic. Combine that with her cravings for exhibitionism, danger sex, and a rapidly growing need to experience greater quantities of time spent in what she calls "the freedom of absolute submission", and you have the makings of an almost unlimited number of fantasy adventures that can be turned into reality scenarios for the both of us to experience together.

During the first couple of years in which we began sharing the house we live in, we engaged in acting out both of our fantasies on a regular basis. We started out doing things that almost always involved the possibility of being seen or caught in the act. Going out in public while wearing short skirts with no panties, finger fucking herself in a restaurant, taking a drive partially or totally naked, grocery shopping knowing that getting anything off of the top shelf meant exposing her naked ass or pussy for a few short seconds and being partially or fully naked in public places such as parks, lakes, or other similar outdoor recreational areas are just very few of the hundreds of scenarios that we have completed during this time. Just thinking about the thrills of possible discovery will have her pussy juices flowing like a river within seconds.

We have always started out these adventures with one of us asking, "Would you like to play?" or something similar to that. As time has passed, Reina has began to discover a growing desire to be humiliated or degraded. She loves being told to do things that she would never have brought up on her own, much less consented to doing in front of another person. This, in turn, has opened a door into a realm that she had always been terrified to even talk about, much less actually participating in on command.

What she discovered was not just a desire for sexual adventures, but a need to feel and experience the mental and emotional aspects of humiliation and submission. This all came to light one evening not too long ago when I told her that we would spend the coming weekend doing whatever she wanted to do. The choice was all hers and hers alone. She didn't say a word to me for several hours. We were watching the TV at the time and she just kept staring at the box with her mind a million miles away. She rarely did this so I kept silent and let her thoughts run their course without any interference from me.

During an advertisement, Reina suddenly got up, walked over to where I was sitting in my favorite recliner, kneeled down at my feet, looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and said, "I wish for you to tell me to do things that I don't want to do for an entire weekend. If I refuse to do anything you desire for me to do, no matter what it is, I ask that you punish me for offending you or disobeying your orders. And, if I don't perform exactly as you wish, I will need to be punished by any means that you deem appropriate. I swear that I will obey you completely to the best of my ability."

Needless to say, I was not expecting such a request at that moment. I stayed cool but silent as I looked back into her eyes as deeply as she was looking into mine. It was an effort to keep a lock on my emotions at that moment. I knew I needed to listen to Reina and to watch every expression she made very closely.

I can see her heart and her soul through her eyes. That is the very first thing that caught my attention when we first met. She has told me that no one has ever been able to do that with her and that her entire sexual and emotional "self" just shivers in uncontrolled excitement and anticipation whenever I do that.

At this very moment, I could see a plea of deep yearning and secret desires that she has never confronted or even dared talk about. I could see the love and trust that she gave me without qualification or condition. I could actually feel her emotional fear and her physical sexual arousal at the same time.

When I finally decided on what it was that I needed to say, Reina already knew that she was about to learn the meaning of total submission to another person's will and absolute obedience in acting out that will without hesitation and without the ability to exercise her right of personal choice. "Personal Choice" was no longer a part of her existence.

Clothing for Reina was totally banned nearly two years earlier. She is not allowed to enter into the house any further then the 2' X 3' throw rug just inside of the front door entrance while wearing any clothing or jewelry of any manner, shape, or form.

There is a wooden chest next to the throw rug with a sturdy hasp and a combination lock. Reina knows the combination but is absolutely forbidden to open the lock without my permission. Stripping naked and putting everything on her body into the chest and then locking it is a ritual she must perform whenever she enters the house.

This ritual is never altered whether she is alone or accompanied by a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance, or a perfect stranger. If she brings anyone into the house, she is to strip naked as required. The only exception to the latter requires Reina to have my permission in advance to be fully clothed when inviting another person or persons into our house. This has led to a number of extremely interesting situations, a couple of which led to some very interesting results. (I will certainly be telling you about this in later chapters.)

This routine is one of Reina's "Slave Laws", as I like to call them. She has 12 of these laws that she must obey without fail. She is fully aware that the violation of any of these laws, which I have framed in glass and hung on the wall over the headboard of our bed, will result in a punishment period lasting no less then 3 hours but more then 24 hours. During this time period, she will experience only the pain of deterrent. There will be no pain of arousal or stimulation of any kind.

Reina is required to kneel at the head of the bed with her hands locked behind her head every morning after she awakens and before she is allowed to get off of the bed and read the entire list five times out loud. She must then kiss the glass covering her list of laws and say "I swear my vows of obedience", with a loud voice, five more times. I often watch her perform this daily ritual. You would be amazed at how intense she often gets while doing this morning routine.

I have been so impressed on a number of occasions that I rewarded her by allowing her to masturbate herself to an orgasm. She must cum within three minutes of course. If she fails to cum, she must suck my cock until I cum and hold my creamy load in her mouth, without swallowing it, until I am just about to leave for work. She must make sure that I am watching her while the load of cum slides down her throat. She has absolutely no problem doing this. She is a cum addict. She craves cum more then a alcoholic craves booze. She would be in absolute heaven if she could spend her entire life sucking cock and drinking sperm. She can actually cum without touching herself just from having my dick shooting off in her mouth.

I have strayed just a bit so let's get back to the original subject of this possible up-coming weekend adventure.

I had started teasing Reina by asking her if she would like to play in the mountains. Not just a casual hike for few hours, but a hike that would last for 3 days!!!

"MMMMmmmmmm" was her initial sensual moan of approval. She followed that immediately by asking me what I had in mind for her to do during these three days.

I told her that I would think about it and dropped the conversation. It took the better part of a week before her curiosity overwhelmed her patience and motivated her to bring up the subject again for possible discussion.

"Have you been thinking at all about what you asked me last week," she asked in her usual 'little girl' voice that she always used in any attempt to pry information from me. She seems to be under the impression that talking to me in this manner will result in her learning more information then if she were just straight up front with her question to begin with. She may be right about that on some occasions.

"Why are you bringing up this subject? I told you that I would think about it. Since when has it become necessary for me to discuss my plans for you in advance?"

"I'm not trying to be insubordinate, Sir. It's just that I start getting excited and aroused every time I think of the question you asked me about staying in the mountains for three days. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten what you said for a single second."

"I'm still thinking about it slut. And now I'm beginning to think that maybe we should be working on training you to keep your thoughts and your pussy under much better control."

I let that rebuff sink in for a few minutes before I decided to turn up the teasing a notch.

"Since you have so willfully brought up this subject on your own volition, I think that it would be a good idea for you to submit a few ideas of your own as to what we could do on a three day trip into a wilderness mountain area. I want you to stand in front of me, get a good firm grip on both of your nipples, and keep both of your tits pulled up off of your chest while I write down exactly what I want you to do to help me answer your willful question."

Reina immediately placed herself in front of where I was partially laid back in my favorite recliner. She spread her legs apart exactly as I have trained her to do whenever she is required to stand in front of me for any reason. She began rolling her nipples softly between the thumb and forefinger of each of her hands and I watched closely as both of those magnificent one inch long cylinders began to rise up in proud arousal. When they were hard enough to get a good grip on, Reina began to slowly pull the upward. Little by little, her gorgeous tits began to rise up from their natural resting place. She pulled upward until both tits were suspended off of her chest and stretched painfully up and out from her body.

"Hold that position slave. Do not relax your grip until I have finished writing my list of commands that I want you to answer, in writing and in full detail. If you should lose control of either tit, that tit and nipple will be awarded five hard strokes of the crop each. Do not fail me slut."

I could see the growing strain and pain of obeying my command. Endurance was a necessity at this moment and she was fully aware of the consequences of failure.

Five minutes was long enough for both of us to complete our tasks and I allowed Reina to relax. She lowered her tits back down with a soft moan of pleasure and a look of relief on her face. She had surprised the hell out of me by not loosing her grip on each nipple and holding her tits up like that for the entire time it took for me to white out her assignment.

As I handed her my paper with her instructions written on it I said, "I want you to take this list into the bedroom and sit down in the middle of the bed to read them. You have exactly 60 minutes to write a complete and detailed answer to each question or requested response. Failure to write the required responses properly will result in a lengthy punishment session for each one you goof up. After you have written your responses, you will be required to read them to me out loud. Be very careful to express yourself with true eager honest enthusiasm as opposed to just reading the words on a piece of paper.

Reina took the paper from me and looked at it momentarily before heading toward the bedroom. She stopped by the kitchen and picked up a pad and pen from a drawer by the phone and then disappeared upstairs. I continued watching the TV for the next 60 minutes. Reina returned right on time.

This is what was written on the paper that I gave her:

1) If I should take you on a three day outing to the mountains, I wish that the adventure consist of mostly original, never before experienced activities with the same basic theme. Your first assignment is to create that theme and present it to me for consideration. I may or may not accept your theme. I may accept part of it and alter the rest to my liking. Should I accept the entire theme in general, you will be rewarded by being allowed no less then five orgasms during the three day period.

2) I want you to list and detail up to three games that we can play.

3) I want you to list and detail up to three solo activities that you will perform.

4) I want you to list and detail three punishment sessions to which you will be subjected for a minimum of one hour, two hours, and three hours respectively.

5) I want you to list and detail any personal solo sexual activities of short duration that will be filmed and video taped for future viewing by the both of us and/or any other person or persons that I deem acceptable. You are not limited as to the number of your own personal choices that you might wish to itemize.

(to be continued)

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