tagLetters & TranscriptsA Valentine's Love Letter

A Valentine's Love Letter


Part One of the "Love Letters to my War Hero" series.©

my Dearest James,

It saddens me that we cannot be together this Valentine's. Oh how i miss You while You are off in Iraq! If i were with You, my Love, i would kneel before You to help ease the stress of Your day. Can You picture it, my Love? i am there... i am on my knees looking up at You.

Your blue-gray eyes sparkle as You look down at me. You smile, and i cannot help but smile back. Your smiles always were infectious. No matter how sadistic You ever became, even when i felt i could not handle it another minute, You would smile... And i would melt.

"Unzip Me," You would command if i were there. And, of course, You know i would do it.

i would slowly unzip Your camouflage pants, savoring the moment and the all but too brief moment of control that i held. i would look up at You seductively and giggle softly. You know the giggle. That's right. The one that melts Your heart and allows Your hard, sadistic eyes shine.

"Quit playing around," You demand. "Take Me out."

i reach into the open pocket Your pants have created and gently pull Your cock out. It springs up, happy to be free. It is already thick and full of pulsating veins. i lick my lips. You smile. Slowly i begin stroking it, bringing Your cock to its full potential. It is so large now, barely past 8".

i slide my tongue past my lips. Can You feel it as it brushes against the head of Your cock? Mmmmmm, my tongue catches some of Your pre cum. Tasty. Can You feel me licking the head of Your throbbing cock, my Love? It is so deep purple in color now, so beautiful.

i hold Your cock in my hand at the base. It's so thick, my Love. my mouth closes in around the head. With a popping sound it slides back out. And then back in it goes. i apply suction as my mouth slides down the shaft. All the way to the balls i go. You moan and i smile.

my mouth slides up and down Your cock faster now, my hands caressing Your balls. "Ohhhh yeah," You would say. "Such a good whore. Such a pretty girl. So good to Me..."

You stroke my hair as i pleasure Your body just as You have done numerous times before. Your fingers curl in my hair until they tangle, and then You pull. i make a noise that is barely audible and continue to suck Your cock. Up and down my mouth goes. Faster and faster.

Your left hand twirls my hair now. You hold on tight, forming Your own handlebars as You start to fuck my face. Your hips thrust, You grunt. A trail of spit dribbles down the side of my mouth. i am choking and gagging, but You continue to fuck my face. You know i like it and i do it for You, my Love. i am Yours to use as You see fit.

"Bring your fingers to My ass," You command. Your little secret. The dirty secret no military man wants known.

i nearly send You over the edge when You feel my fingertips brush Your ass cheeks. i know now how close You truly are. my fingers gently part Your cheeks, exposing Your vulnerable side. i test the little pink rosebud with the tip of my index finger. i feel Your body shudder all around me.

"Yessssss!," You cry out in a hoarse whisper. "Do it!"

That's all the reassurance this lil' sub needs, my Love. my index finger gently, but firmly, pushes against Your backdoor. Slowly Your ass accepts it. The more i suck on Your throbbing cock, the more Your asshole swallows my little finger. Soon it is buried up to the palm.

"Oh, God yes!" You cry out, more vocal this time. "I'm going to cum, baby!"

my lips smile around Your cock as i look up at You. Ecstasy is painted across Your face, my Love. You look so sexy this way. Remember? It was one of my favorite features about You, this look. So hot. So sexy. So masculine. Yet so vulnerable at the same time. As fragile as a China doll sitting upon a high shelf.

Stream after hot, sticky stream of Your passion shoots into my mouth. i smile around Your cock again, letting the juice slide down my throat. my hand gently milks Your heavy balls. i want all of You. i've always been greedy this way. Insatiable, as You would say.

May this letter find You well, my Love. i am lonely without You, but i know why You are there. One day O/our children may laugh and play in a world truly safe and free of terror!

With love Always,


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