Come to Me


Come to me, my love; come to me and take me upon sheets of splendor… lay me open with my body propped up on my pillows. Bury your face between my thighs and taste me there… kiss my lips and bring me to the brink of orgasm… take your tongue and lick me there. Feel the fire flow from inside me… taste me there. Suck lightly on that little pink nub that excites me beyond measure. Squeeze me within your strong hands, feel me convulse beneath the tickle of your tongue working its magic on me.

Hear me, lover. Hear how you bring so much pleasure to me, how you make me feel like a real woman. Hear as I moan to you my distinct joy in the sensations you bring to the surface. Listen to me as I call out your name and my breathing becomes labored… hear how my heart races in my chest… feel how my thighs tremble from the onslaught of climax brought on by you and your touch.

Let me tell you again how I love the way I feel when you touch me inside… see how the love flows from me on to your waiting tongue. Reach up and stroke my nipples. See how they respond to your fingers. Extending their little pink noses to be pinched lovingly between your two fingers. Feel how they grow hard between your fingertips. See how they reach outward, reaching and stretching to the utmost limits of the flesh there.

Lick the insides of my thighs and feel the emotions you evoke from being so near to me here. Can you smell the scent of me, there on your lips and in your mustache? Do you know how much I enjoy the sensations you send through my body? Come to me lover. Come to me.

Kiss my belly and work your way up to my nipples where you can suck them into your mouth. Feel how they harden under the hot wetness of your lips and tongue. Feel the way they respond to your wet mouth. I ache and my nipples ache to be sucked by you. Place your hand between my thighs and feel the spasms therein as you kiss me on my throat and neck. Suck my neck, love. Give me hickies and make me cum against your hand.

Do you feel me love? Do you taste me upon your lips? Can you feel the blood pulsing thru my veins? Touch me. Kiss me. Taste me. Love me. I want to give you everything I can. All that I am, I will give you.

Pull my hair and hold me close as you kiss me. Make my lips sore from your kiss and your suckling… possess me love, possess me…

Let me kiss your nipples and trace my hands down your belly. Let me take your balls in my hands and massage them gently. Let me stroke your flesh between my fingers, pull you gently and expertly into my mouth. I want to kiss your cock there from the tip to the base. I want to take you into my mouth and run my tongue around the ridge of the head and up and down the shaft. Let me circle it with the tip of my tongue and bring you to a frenzied place where orgasm is yours. I want to drink you in like an exotic and erotic drink. Mmmm, yes, baby, let me drink you in. swallow you deep. I want to feel you rock against me. Holding my head in close to you as you cum in my mouth. Yes, baby, cum for me. Let me taste you again. I want to feel the flow of heat from you… warm me baby, warm me with your essence.

I want to take my hands and run my fingernails up and down the backs of your thighs while I hold you in my mouth. I want to squeeze your butt cheeks with my hands and pull you deeper into my mouth. I want you to feel the heat of my mouth against you, holding you tight there; feel my breath against your groin and your lower belly as I suck you into a frantic dance of passion. Grind yourself against me love, pull my head closer, rock against me again as you cum again… don’t hold back from me. Give it to me and let me bring you pleasure.

Collapse beside me on my bed. Let me kiss you on the mouth and let me taste my essence there on your lips. Mmmm, love, the combination of urgency and passion tastes sweet upon your mouth. I want to experience all that you will give me…

Come to me…

Come to me…

Come to me…

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