tagLoving WivesA Very Bad Girl Forever

A Very Bad Girl Forever

byBig Gunz©

Cassie Stevens was conflicted. She had already somehow managed, in her own mind, to reconcile the ongoing affair she was having with her son's best friend, now it was the nature of their adulterous relationship that she was struggling to come to terms with. Deep down, she knew that Gary had slowly turned her from a respectful 42-year-old wife and mother into his personal subservient fuck-toy. He made her feel, say, want and even do things that she had never thought she was capable of. She hated him. At least she wanted to hate him. But she could not. He had unleashed something deep within her, made her think and feel things that she desperately wished she did not.

It had only been about a week since the last depraved, submissive act her young lover coerced her into performing, and Cassie was still trying to come to terms with what had transpired. As soon as Gary had called her and told her he was coming over, the memories of what she had done would not stop racing through her mind. Part of her was terrified of what he might want from her next, but another part was stimulated in a way that words alone could not define.

As she opened the door, a tinge of exhilaration shot through her body as her eyes came upon her dominating lover. Without fail, every time she saw him now her pussy involuntarily began to dampen. She watched as he strolled into the house like he owned it, shamefully eyeballing his youthful and athletic build like a horny schoolgirl. Her heart rate increasing by the second, she followed him into the living room.

"So, you still mad at me?" He asked with an arrogant smirk tattooed across his lips. "Ready to kiss and make up?"

"I don't..." she stumbled, hating how he always seemed to know exactly what she was thinking.

Cassie was mad at him. She was always furious after he forced her into participating in his depraved sexual whims. But just like he knew, it never took very much for him to make her forget her anger and jump right back into an active role in their twisted affair.

"Let's not play games and pretend like we both don't know how this is going to play out." He continued, pompously vocalizing what they both knew.

No matter how much of a sexual stranglehold he had on her lustful desires, his dominance over her will power was still crushing to her spirit. Even though she had purposely not put forth a huge effort into her appearance for this particular visit -- her own, half-hearted way of showing her displeasure with him -- as she felt his gaze on her body, she instantly found herself wishing she was wearing something sexier.

It was not as thought she did not look good in her cotton candy pink, slim-fit fleece skinny crop pants with a drawstring waist, drapey, white off-the-shoulder t-shirt with heather grey tank top hiding underneath. But she knew that her inner bad girl wanted to unleash the slut that she had become whenever she was around him. She even began thinking about what she could have done different with her hair, even though her luscious bouncy curls looked just fine pulled tightly back into a billowing blonde ponytail.

"So, do you want to talk about it?" Gary asked, catching her off-guard as he moved closer to her.

"No." She whispered, turning her head to avoid making eye contact with him.

"I think you do." He countered, once again flaunting his control over her.

Without another word, and with only a half-hearted bit of resistance from her, he forced her down onto the couch with him, pulling her on top of him with her back to his front. She could feel his already stiff cock pressing against her ass and his warm breath on her neck. Electricity shot through her entire body.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" He whispered as his arms wrapped around her torso and hands moved onto her chest.

"Please don't..." she whimpered, humiliated and aroused at the same time as his fingers moved over her stiffening nipples.

"C'mon now," he encouraged mockingly. "I know you've been thinking about it."

Cassie squeezed her eyes shut, ashamed at hearing the truth spoken. As his hands slid off of her tits and began moving south, she made a weak attempt at grabbing his wrists and stopping him from what they both knew was the inevitable next stage in this sick little production.

"Gary, please..." she protested meekly as his strong arms easily broke her grasp and proceeded to undo her drawstring.

She could not help but let out a tiny gasp as his right hand wandered from her waist, sliding underneath her pants but staying on top of her panties. His touch was so light that she could hardly even feel his fingers through the thin cotton material as he barely grazed her swollen lips. Immediately she began to get wet, and in turn his fingers quickly located her slippery spot.

"Tell me what happened the other day at the motel." He breathed in her ear, her legs beginning to spread almost involuntarily. "Tell me what this bad girl did."

"I can't..." she almost sobbed, her hips starting to swivel and push her crotch up toward his fingers. "Please."

"Yes you can." He pushed, finally slipping his hand inside her panties and slipping the tip of one of his fingers in between her lips. "Let's give us both what we want."

Slowly he guided his finger gently over her slit, spreading her juices from top to bottom. His feathery touch was driving her insane with an all too familiar lust. She bit her lower lip and tried to push his hand further down. Delighting in his power over her, he at last allowed one of his fingers to slip inside her. He chuckled lightly as he watched her buck her hips, trying desperately to get him to finger fuck her.

"Tell me." He implored, the solitary finger slowly exploring inside her pussy as his thumb began ever so delicately rubbing her clit. "Tell me what this slut did."

Cassie could not take it any more. She needed to get off and they both knew the combination that was going to do it.

"I had a threesome." She finally relented, giving into the submission once again. "I fucked two men at once."

"That's a good girl." Gary commended, sliding another finger inside her cunt while he continued rubbing her clit with his thumb. "Did you like it?"

"Yes, God help me yes." She whimpered, squirming on top of him and grinding her pussy against his hand.

"You've wanted that for a long time, haven't you?" He asked, his fingers curling inside her as she spread her legs further. "You've fantasized about two men fucking you."

"Fuck yes!" She admitted, her hands absent-mindedly moving under her clothes and onto her boobs and starting to twist and pull on her own nipples. "I fuckin' wanted it!"

Her musky scent filled the room as she began to moan slightly, replaying her depraved three-way in her head as he began a slow, drawn out rhythm that made her hips rise up and down with his fingers.

"Did you like fucking two strangers?" He questioned, his tempo picking up a little speed as he began to push harder into her. "Did that turn you on?"

"Mmm, hmm." She sighed, her breathing quickening and her body tensing as she curled further into his arms.

"You'll have to do better than that." He chastised, slipping another finger into her hungry snatch and starting to play a little rougher. "Tell me how much you liked it slut."

"I fuckin' loved it!" She cried out as her hips bucked upwards and her entire body shook. "I loved being a slut for two fuckin' strangers!"

"That's it baby!" He said, urging for more as he continued to stroke in and out of her pussy. "Tell me how they fucked this dirty little slut."

"I fucked both their big cocks at the same time." She groaned, his fingers brutally fucking her as she spoke. "I took one in my dirty pussy and one in my slutty mouth."

Cassie's hands alternated from massaging her aching breasts and pinching her rock hard nipples. As usual, as if having a torrid love affair with her son's friend was not enough, she euphorically drank in the depravity of her own admitted desires. Her illicit behaviour was an amazing turn on for her, but it was the realization of just what kind of a woman she had become as a result of those actions that truly drove her wanton lust.

"Tell me slut," Gary continued as his fingers moved in and out of her at an even quicker pace. "Did you ask them to fuck you?"

"Fuck yes!" She confessed, now barely able to differentiate his fingers from a cock pounding into her hard and fast. "I begged them to fuck me!"

"I bet you did baby." He agreed, the constant movement of his hand still causing her hips to move in time with his rhythm. "How did it make you feel?"

"So slutty," she groaned as his fingers ground into her cunt in a circular motion. "I felt like a fuckin' porn star."

"Oh I like that baby." He replied as she bucked her hips upwards, her body begging him to plunge his fingers deeper inside. "They didn't just fuck you did they? You fucked them like the slutty little porn star you are, didn't you?"

"Fuck yes!" She declared proudly, writhing against him in sheer pleasure. "I fucked them like the dirty whore I am!"

"You are such a fuckin' slut." He concurred, his fingers thrusting into her pussy as deep and as hard as she could handle. "Did you tell them how much of a slut they were fucking?"

"I told them," she whispered as her body continued to plead with his fingers for more. "I told them I was a dirty, cheating slut who loved getting fucked like a whore."

"Did you tell them you were married Cassie?" He asked, one of her arms wrapping around his neck as he mentioned her marriage. "Did you tell them how much you love cheating on your husband?"

There probably should have at least been a pang of guilt when he referenced Jack, but there was nothing. By now, the only emotion that the mention of her husband elicited from her was one of intense sexual excitement at the acknowledgement of her extramarital deeds.

"Fuck yes!" She wailed, her hips dancing rhythmically with the movement of his fingers. "I told them I loved how it makes me feel like a dirty, cheap slut!"

"You do love it, don't you?" Gary pressed as her hands reached up and grabbed at his neck, clasping onto him. "Tell me. Tell me how much you love it!"

"I fucking love it!" She shrieked, completely lost in her own words, her need to climax becoming overwhelming. "I love cheating on my husband like a dirty whore. I love letting other men fuck me like a slut!"

"You are a slut baby." He growled in her ear, fucking her harder and harder with his fingers. "And a real whore. They paid me to fuck you."

She could not even form the words to reply. Her lips shuddered and her voice trembled, her words failing to emerge. An animalistic grunt was all she could muster.

"That's right slut, you turned pro." He continued, knowing she was on the verge of exploding. "You're not just a cheating little housewife anymore - you're a full blown whore now. A fucking common hooker."

Cassie's pussy contracted wildly at that piece of information, her thoughts jumbled and her vision became blurry. Her mind tried to comprehend what he had just told her as he fiercely fucked her with his fingers. Those two men had paid to fuck her. Clearly, she should have been appalled at the thought of being prostituted, but she was not in the least. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on breathing as her body began to quake.

Time seemed to stand still as her long awaited orgasm erupted. Electricity surged throughout her entire body and she yelled out as she came hard and fast. She did not even feel Gary's hand slip out from in between her legs, and was only partially aware of him bringing his wet fingers up to her lips. Hungrily, she sucked his fingers clean, relishing the taste of herself on his skin.

Suddenly, he yanked on her ponytail to raise her face up to his. Their lips finally met and they kissed deeply, both enjoying the taste of her release. With his hand still entangled in her mass of blonde curls, she nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck and squeezed her eyes shut.

Cassie had never felt more fulfilled. At that moment, she knew that she could never again go back to the woman she was before. She knew she had become something entirely different. No longer was she just a housewife or a mother. Not even an adulteress or a slut. She was something more, and she had never felt so alive.

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by Anonymous06/17/18

What don't you understand about BDSM?

Which is where this mess belongs. And you left out the ending where her son finds out, tells her husband and she gets the divorce she deserves.

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not good

Sorry to play the Canadian goose, but this misses the mark. Now, I'm not a category Nazi, but since this is in loving wives with the subtext of dominance, all I saw before I quit reading was reluctancemore...

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