A Very Sexy Night In


"And that's time!" Mark declared checking his watch for the final time.

"That was so hot you two," said Kirsty as they back down amongst the group. "I never thought you'd keep going after what Steve did.

"I know but it was so exciting," replied Lauren. "Knowing you're being watched by complete strangers. I know you certainly enjoyed it!" She said beaming at her boyfriend and giving his cock a little squeeze.

Anna was the next player to go and rolled the dice and picked up the relevant card.

"Remove an article of clothing," she read tentatively from the card. There was a brief pause.

"Come on don't be shy now!" Chirped Flo, clearly keen for someone else to join her semi naked state.

"Well that's the thing," Anna trembled. "I'm not wearing any underwear." There was a stunned silence.

"Ha I never knew you were such a slut!" Cried Kirsty with a huge grin on her face.

"Well the way this game is going we're all going to end up naked soon anyway," added Mark, who was clearly keen for the game to continue.

"Yea I guess," replied Anna desperately trying to raise her courage. "Well I guess someone's got to lead the way." Knees trembling, she stood up and slowly began to unzip the back of her tight dress. Gradually, it started to relinquish its tight grip on her slender frame. Soon she was removing her arms from her dress and began to peel it down her body. Eventually the moment of truth came as she rolled the dress past her chest to reveal her petite breasts.

"Oh my god those are so cute" cooed Lauren. Jack had to agree with the assessment of his girlfriend. The tanned complexion of Anna's face and legs was matched by the rest of her, and although her boobs were small they fitted with the rest of her miniature frame so well. Despite their size both her tits seemed be incredibly perky, a testament to the tightness of the rest of her body. To top it off, each breast was also adorned with a tiny dark nipple that looked like it was just begging to be sucked on. Jack also noted how hard her nipples appeared to be, both standing bolt upright. It was clear that he wasn't the only person who was incredibly turned on by her performance.

Anna continued to move her dress past her naval revealing a smooth, toned stomach that only accentuated her breasts further. With her now close to revealing her pussy, the atmosphere in the room was palpable. With a hint of apprehension, Anna slowly moved her dress downwards to show off her pussy for the first time. Like the rest of her body, it was small but also a work of art. A strip of fine, dark pubic hair no wider than a pencil led down to her tiny opening. Moistness was also apparent on her fine outer lips which betrayed her arousal.

"Wow girl you are seriously hot," Steve drunkenly commented as Anna was finally able to sit down, blushing deeply.

With one player now naked and the level of arousal in the room now at an all-time high, the game continued to go from strength to strength. Lauren was quick to lose her dress leaving her reeling in a very sexy purple underwear combo whilst Mark was the next player forced to strip completely, revealing a piercing nine inch erection in the process.

Steve was given the task of deciding which of either Kirsty or Flo had the nicer tits using any means he wished, with the winner having to reveal her goods to the rest of the group. After a thorough examination he ruled in the blonde's favour, citing the firmness and the round shape of her chest as the reasons for her victory. This saw Kirsty now fully naked from the waste up, showing off an extremely firm torso which paid testament to the amount of time she spent working out. Her pert C cup breasts were also on show and looked like they barely needed a bra to keep them upright. Each tit was adorned by a gorgeous medium sized pink nipple.

Anna was also rewarded for her earlier bravery with two players having to suck her nipples for a full minute. The luck of dice decided that it would be Steve and Flo who would be participating. The scene that followed was absolutely incredible as the pair went to work on Anna's breasts. A number of sharp intakes of breath soon grew into full on moans from Anna as her tiny nipples were nibbled and sucked on much to the enjoyment of the rest of the group. Jack could not believe how painfully hard his penis had become and as time was called, and he turned to his side to Lauren leaning back on a sofa with a hand down the front of her panties, also incredibly turned on.

The next player to go was Jack with the 'moderate' set of cards around the board now looking seriously depleted.

"Receive ten spanks from another player in the group. Any clothing removed for this may not be put back on" he read from the card. A few drunken catcalls went up from the group as it was decided that Kirsty would administer the punishment after rolling the dice.

"Come here you naughty boy you need to be punished!" she said grinning mischievously whilst motioning him towards her with a long elegant finger. "Now let's get these jeans off you" she said whilst wrestling with his belt buckle. As he stepped out his trousers, the huge tent that had emerged in Jack's underwear soon became very apparent. "Wow someone is excited aren't they?" she said deviously. "I suppose I've got to make sure you really learn your lesson." Next she quickly made a grab for the waistline of his boxers, and his bulging member bounced like a spring as it was finally released from its prison. "Now bend over here and get ready to squirm!" Kirsty ordered as she sat down on a chair, softly patting her denim clad thighs. Jack slowly took his position bent over her lap with his cock resting on her leg and his balls placed firmly between her thighs. Kirsty began to slowly rub his behind sensuously. "Does this turn you on? Seeing all your friends naked?" She questioned with glint of evil in her voice.

"Yes" Jack yelped back, feeling quite intimidated by the tone of the interrogation he was receiving. Suddenly and unexpectedly a firm hand came flying down, striking a sharp, scintillating pain throughout his buttocks.

"Well you need to be punished then you disgusting pervert!" Kirsty continued before landing a harder, faster blow on Jack's rear, causing him to squeal with pain. "How do you think your girlfriend feels, watching you get off like this, staring at her friends?" She demanded before striking another heavy blow. There was no doubt that Kirsty was in her element in her newfound dominant role. When Jack was finally released there was the unmistakable sign of precum dribbled across Kirsty's jeans. As he looked round the room to the rest of the group he saw a mix of reactions from shock to sheer arousal. Flo and Mark both seemed stunned at the side they had never seen of her friend before, whilst Anna was sitting in an armchair in the corner seemingly unable to keep away her hand away from her sopping pussy.

As the 'moderate' level cards became exhausted, it was clear now that the game was entering a new dimension, and that it was only a matter of time before the action became seriously exciting.

"Shall we add in the last section of cards?" Lauren queried fetching them out of the box.

"Well we've come this far," replied Steve. "I suppose there's no point in us backing out now." Quickly drinks were replenished as the decks were shuffled and the group prepared for the next round of challenges.

The first few rounds certainly confirmed that the game had increased intensity. The first challenge saw Lauren having to demonstrate how she masturbated for three minutes. Although she was still wearing a pair of gorgeous purple panties, she was quick to push them aside and put on a great show. She started by slowly stroking her outer lips before opening herself and finding her clit. As her breathing became heavier and heavier she began to insert a signal, well groomed finger inside herself whilst continuing to rub her engorged clit with her other hand. This caused her to moan louder and louder and by the time the three minutes were up, she looked absolutely desperate to cum.

Clothing was also being removed rapidly as the group continued to navigate the board. Flo was the next player to become topless as she was forced to reveal a stunning pair of stunning C cup breasts. Although they weren't as firm as Kirsty's, they still looked incredible and were topped off with large, round, pink areola's and thick nipples that looked they were dying to be sucked on. Kirsty was the next player to end up completely naked as she was forced to strip off her jeans and the tiny black thong panties she had on underneath, presenting the group her smooth, golden legs and perfectly shaved pussy in the process.

It was Flo's turn to roll the dice next. By now the alcohol consumed meant that all inhibitions had been completely shed and in no one was this more prevalent than Flo as she confidently read from the challenge card she collected.

"Use a fruit of your choice as sex toy for five minutes. Don't forget to have a taste afterwards!"

"Now I think this could be a great show!" Exclaimed Steve excitedly.

"Let's see what we can find in the kitchen." Said Lauren as she took Flo by the hand and marched her out of the room. A few moments later, they both returned, Flo clutching a medium sized banana that would become the centre of her universe for the next few minutes.

Before she sat down she shed the last of her clothing, slipping her red panties down her leg to reveal a well trimmed bush, although this still couldn't conceal her arousal with moistness clearly visible on her pussy lips. She began by showing off her prolific oral skills, taking the fruit deep into her mouth and giving it several long slurps to make sure it was properly lubricated. She then slowly moved it down towards her sex, using it to gently stroke her engorged lips. Her eyes lit up as she calmly inserted the tip of the fruit into her soaking pussy before pulling it out again. She methodically began to push the banana deeper and deeper inside her, screwing up her eyes in ecstasy as she plunged it in. She let out a loud, rapturous moan as she finally pushed the whole of phallic shaped fruit into her pussy. Now she gradually began to increase the tempo of her thrusts, moving it sharply in and out her sex. As her moans became louder and louder, she moved her free hand down and began rubbing her clit frantically. She kept assaulting her pussy with the banana and as her eyes began to screw up it became clear that her orgasm was approaching.

"That's five minutes!" Cried Mark, who was once again on clock watching duties.

"Ah why couldn't you let me cum, I was so close," moaned Flo with a frustrated look on her face. She slowly removed the banana from her pussy and it was clear to anyone that it was thickly coated in her own juices. Seductively, she raised the fruit to her lips and gave its underside a long, slow lick as if she was pleasing a long time lover. Then she took the whole of the banana in her mouth, giving it a long slow suck as its tip touched the back of her throat.

"That was amazing!" Lauren commented, looking stunned. "I can't believe how much you got into that!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, I know I certainly did," Flo replied as she rubbed her dripping pussy up and down with her index finger.

After Steve had gone next and finally removed his t-shirt, it was Lauren's turn to go. She moved her piece around the board, landing on a property owned by Anna. After paying Anna by the way of rent she picked up a forfeit card to complete her turn.

"Oh my god, to complete your rent, perform oral sex on your lodger until they come," she read from the card. Upon hearing these words Jack suddenly became painfully hard again. He had always fantasized about having another girl in the bedroom for him and Lauren to enjoy, and now he would finally get to see his girlfriend pleasing another woman. "I'm not sure I can do this," Lauren continued nervously. "I mean I've never done this before."

"Don't worry babe," said Kirsty, putting a consoling arm around her friend. "It's completely natural and us girls know exactly how to please each other. Just do exactly what you like having done to you." At this point Jack began to think that the game might be finally over. Although he thought he had seen Lauren really coming out of her shell tonight it seemed that this might be a step too far.

"Ok I'll give a try I guess," Lauren said tentatively to Jack's astonishment. Slowly she moved towards where her already naked friend was sitting before kneeling down in front of her. Jack was practically drooling in anticipation of what he was about to witness.

"Don't be nervous I know you'll be amazing," said Anna trying to encourage her friend. Slowly she opened her legs giving Lauren a full on view of her soaking pussy for the first time.

Lauren started by running a series of soft kisses from her friend's belly button down her flat stomach. However as she approached her eagerly awaiting sex she diverted her attention to Anna's legs, planting a smattering of kisses along her inner thighs to only further build the tension.

"Ooh teasing her first I like it," commented Flo as she watched the mesmerising action before her. Without even thinking she had a finger inside her own pussy whilst her other hand was massaging her breast.

After continuing to tease Anna by sensuously licking her inner thighs Lauren finally went for the jugular, planting a long drawn out kiss on Anna's begging pussy. This caused the petite brunette to let out a short, sharp gasp as her pussy finally received some gratification. Following that encouragement Lauren grew in confidence and began a series of long, steady licks along Anna's outer lips. These were met with several moans of approval from her severely aroused partner.

Jack simply could not believe what he seeing. He was watching one of his greatest fantasies play out in front of his very eyes and he had no idea how he was supressing the urge to cum right there on the spot.

Lauren now began to raise the stakes even higher. One at a time, she took each of Anna's outer lips in her mouth and gave it a long, hard suck causing her to give several deep intakes of breath. She then decided to use the full force of her tongue for the first time, finally driving it deep into Anna's pussy to take in her full aroma. After minutes of teasing, there was no doubt that this full frontal assault took Anna by surprise as she let out a shrill moan of pleasure. Taking this as a sign of strong approval, Lauren continued to dart her tongue around the inside of Anna's pussy. Eventually she found her friend's clit, and this soon became the focus of her attention. As she continued to lick and suck on Anna's protruding nib, Lauren felt two hands clamped firmly to the back of her head, giving her a clear indication of where Anna wanted her to focus her attention.

"Put some fingers inside me I'm so close," moaned Anna as the assault on her clit continued. Lauren took this as a clear instruction and began by gently inserting a single forefinger into her friend's drenched pussy. She began quickly thrusting her fingers in and out of Anna's sex, trying to curl her finger upwards in an attempt to find her g-spot. Whilst she was doing this, she recommenced the oral barrage on Anna's clit, eliciting the loudest moan of the night so far from her friend.

"This is amazing don't stop!" Anna grunted barely coherently. She had taken one hand off of Lauren's head and was now using it to squeeze her desperate nipples. Meanwhile Lauren continued to increase the tempo by inserting a second finger into her friend's pussy.

However all of sudden, the pair were interrupted. Out of nowhere Kirsty entered the fray, the naked blonde unable to keep out of the incredible scene she was witnessing. Taking a seat on the arm of the chair Anna was sitting on, Kirsty began to methodically suck on each of Anna's tits. This caused her to roar with pleasure as Lauren continued her oral stimulation.

After a few minutes of being doubled teamed in this manner it was clear that Anna could not take much more.

"Oh my god, oh my god I'm cumming," she screeched before finally letting out one final powerful moan. As she finally moved her face away from her pussy, Jack could see Lauren's mouth completely coated in her friend's juices.

"You were amazing," Anna gasped as she gradually regained her composure. She then leaned across and gave Lauren a soft kiss on the lips, sampling the task of her own juices as she did. "Well I guess since I was the first one naked it's only fair I was the first to cum!"

Next to go was Mark. After moving his counter around the board he picked up a challenge card.

"Enjoy five minutes of bliss in the 69 position with another player," he read from the card. By now no one was surprised by the carnal nature of the tasks and everyone eagerly gathered round to see who Mark would be with.

"Yes! I'm going to enjoy this!" Exclaimed Kirsty as the dice settled on her number. Naturally she quickly took control of the situation, holding Mark by his arms and planting firm kiss on his lips before leading him by his hand to the centre of the room. Once there, she forced him to lie down on the carpeted floor before kneeling down herself straddling his face. From there she leaned forward grasped the base of his already hard nine inch cock and began to lovingly suck its throbbing head, before delicately licking its underside . Meanwhile Mark was busily lapping at Kirsty's bald pussy, his head bobbing up and down as his tongue teased her clit. Now Kirsty began to focus her attention on the rest of Mark's cock. She began by licking from the base of his shaft right up to the tip several times before finally taking the whole of his member in her mouth, her nose resting on his ball sack as she showed off her deep throating skills. This led to a heavy moan from Mark as he continued lick and suck on Kirsty's pussy.

The group watched in awe at the scene taking place before them. Jack's arousal was heightened as he felt a firm hand grasp his bulging cock. He looked round to see Lauren leaning over as she began to gently stroke him. In response he gave her a quick kiss on the lips before putting his hand down the front of her panties to slowly stroke her slit.

Now Kirsty was sucking off Mark in earnest. She was taking long, deep slurps on his cock whilst grasping the base of his shaft firmly with one hand. At the same time, she was also humming loudly as her moans from the thorough examination Mark was giving her pussy were being stifled by the foreign object in her mouth. As Mark's climax became more imminent with his cock beginning to throb violently, Kirsty began to massage his asshole with a single forefinger from her unused hand, before slowly the moving the first digit of her finger into his tight opening. As she began to gradually move her finger in and out of his rosebud, Mark moved his mouth away from Kirsty's pussy and let out a series of large yelps. However even as he was uncontrollably climaxing, Kirsty continued to keep her lips sealed tightly around his cock and took several thick spurts of cum in her mouth. As she got up from her kneeling position she opened her mouth to the others to reveal the hot, creamy load deposited in her mouth. She then shut her mouth, before swallowing Mark's cum and revealing a now empty mouth to the group.

"And I reckon that's about 5 minutes," said Steve looking short of breath.

"Wow I don't think anyone has ever made me cum that quick before," groaned Mark as he remained lying on the floor grasping for breath.

Jack was very glad that the five minutes were up as he was not sure how much longer he could have lasted watching the incredible scenes before him. He had always secretly fancied Kirsty and the levels of slutiness she had shown tonight had sent his mind racing.

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