tagNonHumanA Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods


19 year old Lisa sat on the back porch of her grandfather's cabin and looked towards the woods. She had been told numerous times to stay out of the woods but no one was very clear about why. When she asked they just told her they were dangerous and left it at that. She sat on the porch swing and gently rocked back and forth, her sandaled foot barely touching the ground. She was bored and horny and didn't want to be here. Her parents brought her here every year since she was 10. She loved visiting with her grandparents, but after the initial greetings, there wasn't really much to do. Her parents and grandparents could spend hours just talking about everything under the sun, but Lisa got bored with the conversations she had heard since she was little.

So she spent her time either sitting on the front porch looking out over the gigantic yard or sitting on the porch swing in back and staring at the woods. There was something about the woods that attracted Lisa. She knew she was supposed to stay away from them that was what everybody told her. But she was attracted to them. She wanted to walk in them and see what was so dangerous. Lisa took a drink of her lemonade and stared at the woods as if she was mesmerized by them. She was startled when the back door opened and her father walked out.

Lisa had always thought her father was a handsome man. At 45, he still looked in a lot of ways like he did when he was 25. The slender build, the dark blue eyes, and the jet black hair. The only thing that showed his age was his hair had patches of gray in it. Lisa hoped she looked as good as her dad when she was his age.

Michael sat down on the swing next to her and smiled. "What ya doing sweetheart?" He asked squeezing her knee like he used to do when she was three.

Lisa sighed and looked at her dad. "Just sitting here, staring at the woods."

Michael's' eyes darkened as he looked at his daughter. "Don't even think about going in them honey. We have told you they are dangerous."

She took another sip of her lemonade then looked at her dad again. "What is so dangerous about them? I mean are there wild animals in there that will eat me?" She laughed but noticed her father's expression hadn't changed. She looked at her father and stopped laughing. "Come on dad, what is so dangerous?"

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, then stood up. "Just stay out of the woods honey, I don't want anything to happen to you." He turned back towards the house then stopped. "We are going into town to pick up a few things and maybe go to the movies. You wanna come along?"

Lisa took another drink of her lemonade then handed the empty glass to her dad. "Nah, I think I'm gonna go for a walk. Never really explored the property in all the years we've been coming here. You guys go have fun."

Michael looked at her sternly. "Okay just be careful and stay away from the woods.

Lisa gave him her innocent smile. "I will daddy, you guys have fun."

Michael walked into the house leaving Lisa to look back at the woods again. She sat on the porch swing until she heard her grandfather's truck start then pull out of the driveway. When she was sure they were gone, she stood up and stretched. Her half shirt rose up, until her 38C breasts were peeking out from under the material. She fixed her denim skirt so it molded itself to her slender body.

She stepped off the porch and walked just to the very edge of the woods. She looked into the trees hoping she could see what was so bad about them, but all the saw was the trees swaying in the warm summer breeze. She looked around once to make sure she was alone, then stepped forward into the woods.

She had been walking for about 10 minutes when she realized she couldn't see the sky anymore. She looked up but all she saw was trees. "I hope I don't get lost." She said into the quiet as she sat down on a log and looked around. The wood was quiet as she sat on the log; all around her were trees and more trees.

"There is nothing dangerous in here. I don't know what mom and dad are complaining about." She said to no one in particular as she looked around. She felt her pussy start leaking and thought about playing with herself. "No one around for miles." She said out loud as she stood up and pulled her skirt up exposing her shaved pussy. She sat back down on the log and spread her legs wide open, then reached down and ran her finger over her pussy lips. "Mmmmmm, that feels good." She purred as she pulled her pussy lips open and brushed her finger against her clit. The small nub was peeking out of its hood but as she massaged it, it came out and started throbbing wildly. Lisa leaned back and closed her eyes as she flicked her finger repeatedly over her clit. "Ugh, oh god yessssssss..." She purred feeling shocks of electricity shooting through her body.

She took her finger off her clit and moved her hand down lower, until she came to her soaked slit. Pussy juice was leaking out of her like a faucet. She teased her hole with the tip of her finger, and then slowly slid her finger inside. "Ugh, oh yes, that feels so good." She moaned slowly sawing her finger in and out.

"What do you think you are doing here human?" A deep voice said from her right.

Lisa's eyes flew open and she looked in the direction the voice came from. She gasped and immediately pulled her fingers out of her pussy. "I... I was just...."

The centaur looked at the human girl just laying there; he took a couple of steps towards her. "You are trespassing in our woods."

Lisa had heard of centaurs but she never believed that they actually existed. They were a part of Greek mythology that was it. She was so stunned to see the half horse, half human walking towards her that she didn't think about pulling her skirt down. Her pussy was still throbbing and the centaur was staring straight at it. He licked his lips as he continued towards her, his hooves making no sound on the soft ground.

"I... I'm sorry, I didn't know." She stammered watching as he came closer. "I'll just leave." She made to stand up but he reached out his hand and pushed her back down to the log.

"You must pay the toll for trespassing." He said softly looking down at her bare pussy again.

Lisa shivered at the look in his eyes. "W...what is the toll?"

He smiled as he walked closer to her and dropped his hand down to her pussy. He brushed his finger against her pussy lips and she gasped. "W...what are you doing?" She stammered watching him.

He smiled again. "The toll is your body. You let me fuck you and I let you live."

He slipped his finger between her pussy lips and brushed it against her clit. She shivered and jumped in surprise. "Y... you want to f... fuck me?" She stammered as electricity shot through her body as he flicked his finger repeatedly against her clit.

He smiled broader this time and let his finger drop lower until he was pressing against her slit. He slid his finger inside her and heard her moan. "Oh yes very much so." He slowly sawed his finger in and out of her and Lisa couldn't hold back the moans.

"W...will you make me cum?" She asked slowly opening her eyes and looking at him through lust filled eyes.

He grinned this time as he slid a second finger inside her and started sawing it in and out with the first. "Oh yes, most definitely." He used his free hand to spread her pussy lips open and lowered his head. He licked at her clit and she shivered as she lifted her hips.

He ran his tongue over her clit a few times as he sawed his fingers inside her. "Ugh, oh my god." She panted breathing heavily as she lifted her hips against his face. "Eat me, oh god eat me."

He slid a third finger inside her and sawed them furiously in and out as he flicked his tongue against her clit. Lisa whined with need and humped her pussy against his face. "Ugh, oh god yes, that feels so good." When he wrapped his tongue around her clit, she jumped then moaned hotly. His fingers were flying inside her and his tongue was teasing at her clit making her pant like crazy. She pulled her shirt over her head and started mauling her breasts with her hands. "Ugh, oh god yes, so good." She humped her pussy tighter against his face as she rode him. "Eat my hot pussy, make me cum." She begged leaning back against a tree.

He wrapped his lips around her clit and started sucking greedily on it as he slammed his fingers inside her. Lisa whimpered as she humped her body wildly. "Oh god, so close." She panted breathing hard.

He used his free hand and slipped it underneath her, he teased at her asshole with his finger and she jumped. "Ugh, I've never had anything up there." She panted opening her eyes and looking at him.

He just smiled and pulled his mouth away from her pussy. She whimpered in despair then sighed as she watched him sucking on one of his fingers. He brought it back to her virgin ass and teased at the hole again as he continued working his fingers feverishly inside her. He lowered his mouth back to her cunt and blew on her engorged clit as he pushed his wet finger inside her tight ass to the first knuckle. "Ugh, oh god that feels so strange." She purred feeling him moving his finger in her unused hole. He slowly pressed his finger in deeper and she moaned as pleasure coursed through her body. "Oh yeah, finger my pussy, finger my ass, make me cum." She begged humping furiously against him.

She slammed her body down hard against his thrusting fingers. When he started sawing his finger in and out of her ass, she purred. "God I feel so full, I think I'm going to cum." She panted thrusting her body harder against him.

He locked his lips on her clit once more and slammed his fingers deep inside her. She felt his tongue whipping over her clit as he sucked on it and she went wild. "Fuck, oh god I'm cummminnnnnnnnggggg..." She cried as her body stiffened with release.

The centaur felt her ass tighten around his hand and he smiled. She was hot as a firecracker and he would enjoy fucking her. He felt his cock lengthening out of its sheath and smiled even broader as he pulled his mouth away and pulled his fingers from her body. Lisa lay on the stump trying to get her breathing back under control as she looked at him through half closed eyes. She let her eyes drift down between his legs and smiled as she saw his cock. "You have a nice cock." She purred looking back at his face.

He put his front paws on the log on either side of her and looked at her with steaming eyes. "Suck on it, make it nice and hard so I can fuck you."

Lisa slipped off the log and onto her knees before him. She moved down to her stomach and slid across the ground until she could get at his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and moaned as she felt how hard it was already. His cock had to be at least 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. She knew she wouldn't be able to get it all in her mouth but she was going to take as much as she could. She darted out her tongue and ran it over the head. The centaur moaned and closed his eyes as he felt her tongue tease him. "Suck on it girl, take it in your mouth." He ordered as she ran her tongue lovingly over the head.

She opened her mouth and took just the head between her lips. She sucked greedily at the head and was rewarded as a drop of precum slithered into her mouth. She drank it up greedily then dug into his piss hole looking for more. She slowly moved her head down over him taking more of his cock into her hungry mouth as she whipped her tongue all around him. He moaned hotly and pressed forward with his hips burying more of the meat in her mouth. "Mmmmmm," She purred feeling him pressing against the opening to her throat. She pulled her head back, until she kept just the head in her mouth then moved forward once again taking him further inside. She bobbed her head back and forth over him as she whipped him with her tongue. When she held just the head in her hot mouth then would dig her tongue into his pisshole before moving her head over him once again.

He thrust forward with his hips and slowly started face fucking her as he moaned. "Yes, suck that cock."

Lisa sucked harder at his cock as he leaked precum into her mouth. She swallowed the salty essence then continued digging around for more.

He let her suck at his cock for another minute then slowly pulled his cock from her mouth. "You keep that up and I will cum down your throat." He growled huskily.

She pulled herself back to her knees and smiled at him. "I wouldn't argue, your precum tastes good."

He chuckled as he reached down and pulled her to her feet. "Kneel on the log girl; I want to fuck you now."

Lisa pulled her skirt off then kneeled on the log and placed her hands on the tree behind it. She spread her legs and looked at him over her shoulder. She gasped as she felt his hooves suddenly lurch onto her back. "Put me in you little one." He growled softly as his cock waved in the air.

She reached under her and grasped his hard cock, she rubbed it against her pussy, coating the head in her juices then positioned it against her slit. She moaned when he pushed forward with his hips and buried himself inside her. He pressed her forward with his hooves until she was almost bent in half then started sawing in and out of her with long, slow strokes. "Oh yes, that feels so good." She purred pressing back against him as he filled her.

He fucked her slowly; drilling in as far as he could before pulling back only to impale her once more. "God your pussy feels so good." He growled throwing back his head as he impaled her over and over.

"So does your cock, drill me, fuck me, make me cum." She begged meeting his thrusts with thrusts of her own.

He dropped his front hooves to the log on either side of her and started drilling into her faster, pulling out until he held just the head inside her then slamming his hips forward and burying himself inside her once more. "Ugh, oh god yes, fuck me." She purred slamming her pussy back against his thrusting cock.

He wet two fingers in his mouth and pushed them into her ass, fingering her ass as he reamed her pussy. Lisa whimpered with surprise as she felt his fingers invade her unused hole. "Oh, ugh, oh god that feels strange but good."

He fingered her ass faster as he drove his cock hard and deep inside her wet pussy. "Ugh, oh god yes, finger my ass, fuck my pussy." She groaned. "I'm cummminnnnngggg..." She slammed hard back against him taking as much of him as she could as she coated his cock in her juices.

"Oh fuck yes, coat that cock." He growled, feeling her coating him with her juices. He suddenly pulled his cock out of her pussy and pulled his fingers out of her ass. "Why did you stop?" She asked looking over her shoulder at him.

He smiled and pressed his cock against her untried hole. "No..." She exclaimed as he grasped her ass and held her still as he started to invade her tight ass.

"Oh yes," He growled, slowly penetrating her. "Your pussy has been used before. Your ass is untried and that is the hole I want to fuck."

He continued pressing forward with his hips and watched as he asshole slowly spread open for him. Lisa gritted her teeth as she felt herself being stretched around his huge cock. "Oh god, it's so big. It's too big." She moaned lowering her head down against the log.

He spit on her asshole as he continued slowly pressing into her. "God your ass is so tight." He growled feeling her tighten around him.

She whimpered at his slow invasion. "That's probably because I've never been fucked there before." She clawed at the log as she held on for dear life as she felt him slowly invading her body.

He reached down and stroked her back with his hands. "How does it feel?" He pulled out just a bit then pressed forward once more.

"Ugh, like you are shoving a log up my ass." She grimaced reaching behind her and feeling around her asshole. She was sure she had about half of him buried inside her.

He pushed in as far as he could, then slowly started to withdrawal. She clung to the log as she felt him leaving her. "Ugh, oh god, it feels so strange."

He pulled out about halfway then slowly penetrated her once more. "Take it little girl, take that hot cock up that tight asshole."

He pushed into her as far as he could, and then slowly started withdrawing once more. "Ugh, oh god you're so big." She moaned reaching behind her and tracing her fingers along his cock as he pulled out of her.

"Your ass is so tight but feels so good." He growled penetrating her once more. He started slowly fucking her, pulling out about halfway then pressing back in again. It took her a couple of minutes to realize there was no pain, just a feeling of fullness as he tore into her. When he started moving faster, she gasped.

"Oh... oh my god, I feel so full." She panted feeling him deep inside her.

He chuckled. "You are full human girl; you are full of my hot cock." He fucked her ass faster and she moaned hotly.

"Ugh, oh fuck yes... fuck my ass. Make me cum again." She tentatively pressed back against him and felt him push even further up inside her. "Oh my god you're so fucking deep, it feels like you're in my stomach."

He chuckled as he plowed hard and deep in her asshole. "No little one, just up this tight ass of yours. God it feels so good." He could feel the cum boiling in his balls and he fucked her even harder and faster.

Lisa clung to the log as she pushed back against him. She could feel her orgasm rising hard and fast and knew she was going to cum hard. She was going to cum harder then she had ever cum before. "Fuck me, fuck my ass, oh fuck I'm cummminnnnngggg..." Her ass tightened around his thrusting cock as she came and he howled.

"Yes, cut my cock in half. Oh fuck I'm cummminnnnngggg..." He buried himself inside her and spewed her insides with his hot cum.

"Oh god yes, fill my ass with your hot cum." She whimpered as she went flying over the edge once more. Her body shook with release and she moaned hotly.

He moved inside her a couple more times then slowly pulled his cock free. Lisa turned around on the log so she was sitting on her butt and smiled at him. "That was fantastic."

He just grinned as he pulled away from her. "Come in the forest again little one and I will use your body again." He disappeared in the trees and Lisa quickly pulled her clothes on.

Lisa ran through the woods and back to the house. When she got there she quickly looked for the truck. It wasn't there, so she knew she was safe. She could still feel the centaurs cum leaking out of her asshole and smiled. She would definitely be heading into the woods again, whenever she could to have fun with her new centaur lover.


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