tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 06A

A Week to Remember Ch. 06A

byChris Cross©


When I woke at about 9.00am, I felt like hell. I'll spare you the gory details, but an hour later, after some time on the porcelain telephone, several glasses of water, a hot shower and some paracetomol, I felt almost human again. By half past ten, as I risked keeping down some buttered toast, I was pondering the events of the night before when I remembered that I need to go and see Anne, my old tutor, to collect my dissertation. I'd arranged to call in on campus before 11.15. If I was going to make it, I needed to leave now. I took another mouthful of toast, washed it down with more water and grabbed my jacket to head off. The summer sun was hidden behind some clouds today and a spot of rain looked likely. As I was locking my door, I glanced at the steps up to Adele's. Was she awake yet? How did she feel about last night? I resisted the urge to go up and knock on her door, instead heading downstairs out into the morning air.

A fresh breeze helped to clear my head a little and as I headed towards campus on autopilot, I reviewed the past few hours. I couldn't decide how I felt about what Adele and I had done. I felt awkward and excited about having sex with my friend. I didn't regret having sex with such an attractive woman (and felt a guilty thrill about the possibility of doing it again, perhaps the next time Adele decided she needed a real cock) and the memory of her coming on to me, writhing naked beneath me, her body sliding back and forth around my cock and the sudden, massive orgasm we shared gave me a hard-on as I walked. I thought about the photos of Jane and wondered how I'd feel the next time I saw her? Hell, I'd seen a large purple dildo stuck in her pussy up to the hilt last night. What'd I say the next time we met?

'Hi, Jane. Love the way you trim your pubes?!'

Thinking about Adele, my mind wandered to my other 'encounters' over the past week. Belle had been a bolt from the blue, an unexpected night of passion that had lifted my spirits and given me a confidence boost just when I needed it, with me feeling down after splitting with Sam. I'd fantasised about Sheila for months, but had given up any hope of getting any closer to her. I liked her a helluva lot and we got on like a house on fire. When, against the odds, we'd gone from being friends to lovers, there felt to be a real connection. We'd agreed we both wanted to see each other again and even though she'd moved away (and not that far) I found myself thinking about those few hours with her more than anything of the other events this past week. Had I fallen for her? I didn't quite know. But then there was Adele. She'd had sex with Sheila too(!) and we'd spent god knows how long shagging each other senseless only hours ago. Man, my head was in a spin. I'd split with my girlfriend, shagged two of my housemates, found out one wasn't what I'd thought she was for the last three months and screwed one of their friends to boot! This had the potential to be come a real mess...

Keeping up a quick pace, I soon made it onto campus. I checked my watch; it'd just gone ten past. Phew, still on time. I slowed down my pace and started to head past the grand brick and stone buildings in the direction of Anne's office. Anne was in the final year of doing her PhD and as such, had been given an office among the portacabin units. Sounds grim, but I'd been in there many times over the past year getting advice on my dissertation (which'd helped me to get a 2:1 grade in my degree) and the cabin offices were actually quite good. Anne had an office to herself and had kitted it out with several plants, pictures and a rag-rug; it was quite homely. Getting to the grey cabin, I mounted the three slatted wooden steps and entered the carpeted hallway. I noted that all four office doors were closed as I walked to the end of the corridor and stopped at the second door on the right. Raising my right hand I knocked.

There was no immediate response and I was just beginning to question whether Anne was actually in when I finally heard her answer

"Come in."

Opening the door, I looked round it and into the office. Anne was sat behind her desk and one look at her told me something was wrong. Her eyes were red and slightly puffy and as I stepped forwards and pushed the door to behind me, she sniffled and dabbed at her nose with a sorry looking tissue.

"Anne, are you alright?" What a dumb question. Of course she wasn't. She sniffled again and put on a smile for me.

"I'm alright thanks."

"I can come back later if you like."

"No." She paused for just a moment, seeming to think. "No, it's alright. Please, take a seat. How've you been?" I took a seat alongside her desk.

"I'm fine thanks. Y' sure you're okay?" Another smile and a quick wipe of the eyes.

Anne took in a deep breath and started to speak.

"Yeah, I will be. I just dumped my boyfriend last night. I'd found out he was ..." her eyes brimmed and a blink sent a tear running down her left cheek "I found out he's been cheating on me since... well, for the past two years." A stifled sob made her shoulders heave (I couldn't help but notice the way it made her breasts jiggle) and she removed her glasses, mopping at the tears. "I'm suh-sorry... I shouldn't be..." I'd seen enough. I pushed my chair closer to hers and slung an arm around her shoulder.

"Hey, it's alright, just let it out." Part of me questioned what I was doing as I did it, but I didn't feel comfortable just sitting there watching her brake down in tears. Anne plonked her forehead against my right shoulder and her right hand on my arm, sobbed in a deep breath and with several more, quickly got her breathing back under control. She drew in a deep breath and sighed. I could smell the fresh scent of her hair and her musky perfume. Her body heat and warm breath on my neck had started to arouse me. I hoped not to get an obvious boner. Hell, it'd be so embarrassing. She stirred against me and spoke.

"I shouldn't... be troubling you with this Steve." She took another breath and raised her head, her eyes looking into mine (searchingly?), her mouth only inches away from my own, lips moist and slightly parted. I looked into her brown eyes. I'd never seen her without her glasses on before. She was pretty enough with them on. Without them, her eyes were beautifully framed by her dark eyebrows. She held my gaze. Her lips were so close. A part of me shouted

"For god's sake, give her a kiss!" whilst another bawled "You'll get a slap and be in shit if you do. Trying to take advantage of her in this state!" Anne was good looking; only two or possibly three years older than me with shoulder-length dark hair, she made a trim, tempting figure around campus in her white blouses and knee-length skirts or trouser suits. Many a fellow student had expressed a desire to me to 'give her one' and I'd agreed with them. Now here we were. I blinked. Anne was still looking into my eyes. A heartbeat passed. Two. Neither of us had moved. I - aw, damn! Anne had blinked again and sat back, clearing her throat and running a hand through her hair. The moment had passed. I wasn't sure whether to kick myself or not. That had been a spark, hadn't it..? Oh, but what If I'd kissed her and I'd got it all wrong. I - hold on, Anne had started to speak again.

"I'm sorry Steve; I'm letting my private life get in the way of my work. You're here to collect your dissertation, not to have to comfort me over my troubles." To her credit, she didn't look at all flustered and her composure was now almost fully regained. She sniffled once, and then found my eyes again. "I've got it here. She pushed back her chair and stood, walking over to the filing cabinet in the corner. I ran my eyes over her. A white blouse today, bra just visible against the warm flesh tones that showed through the material. A knee length charcoal grey skirt, glossy tights (stockings?) and black, heeled shoes. She stopped at the cabinet and bent to open the third drawer down. I watched the skirt stretch tightly over her shapely bum as she flipped through folders and noted I couldn't see any visible knicker line. 'Thong and stockings' part of me purred, mentally undressing her. Then she was straightening and turning to face me again, a file in hand.

"Here we are." She said, walking back over to her chair and sitting down.

Crossing her legs (I noticed the positive body language as the toe of her left foot pointed in my direction) Anne opened the folder and produced a document I was only

too familiar with after working on it for so long.

"One dissertation. A rather good one to, if I may say." She smiled.

"Well. I had some good advice and guidance for it." I smiled back. Anne extended her hand, offering the dissertation to me. I took it and placed it in my lap.

"Is there anything else I can do for you, Steve?" The question hung in the air, all manner of possible weights being attached to it by my fertile and still somewhat alcohol-fuelled imagination. 'Y' could say "say yes to going out for a drink with me" 'my inner self purred, among other somewhat cruder suggestions. I realised an answer was due quickly now and replied

"Er, no, I don't think so." instantly wanting to kick myself. Anne smiled pleasantly and said.

"Okay then. I'd better not keep you. Good luck with the new job, I hope it goes well." She stood and extended her hand.

I was being shown out. I stood too and taking her hand, shook it.

"Thanks for all your help, Anne." I took a step away from my chair. "Don't let your loser ex get you down. The guy's obviously nuts, cheating on you." I winced as the words came out. Oh Christ, for a means to know when to keep my gob shut! But Anne actually looked quite pleased and smiled warmly.

"Don't worry, I won't." Her eyes shone. Was that a naughty sparkle or was she filling up again. I tried to finish the conversation on a positive note.

"See you around, then?"

"Maybe, yeah. Take care, Steve."

"You too. See ya." And with that I was stood in the hall again, closing the door. As the latch licked to, I decided to get the hell out of there before I made any bigger a fool of myself. Leaving the portacabin I sucked in a deep breath of fresh air. What the hell had just happened? How much of that was my recently much-inflated ego saying 'G'wan, you can have anybody at the moment. Give it a try?' My autopilot kicked in again and I decided to head for Starbucks and a large coffee, turning the events of the past few minutes over and over in my head. That had been a spark. I was certain of it. Well, almost certain.

An hour , one coffee and Danish and a walk back to West Street later, I'd decided I'd never find out, nor stop wondering about it for a good while. But I had a more pressing concern. Adele. A low weight settled in my stomach as I entered number 23, climbed up the first flight of stairs and opened the door of my bedsit for long enough to toss the dissertation onto the carpet just inside it. Closing the door again I turned to head upstairs to call on Adele. Mounting the stairs to her attic room, I wondered what I was going to say and realised that I didn't know. This was strictly going to be by ear. All I did know was that I wanted to make sure things were still alright; to at least get some sense of where we were. Climbing past the 'come up and see me sometime, big boy' picture, and looking at Adele's straining breasts in it, I remembered the feel and motion of them last night, the sensation of sharing her body. The explosion of pleasure as I came in her. Then I was rapping on her door. I heard movement from within and a quiet dismay settled in my gut as the door began to open. Here we went.

Jane raised her eyebrows and flashed me a brilliant smile.

"Hi, Steve!" I was momentarily flummoxed. Jane was about the last person I expected to see. The picture of her naked on Adele's bed flashed through my mind. Uh-oh, did she know - no, surely not. I'd have just been greeted with a smack in the face if Jane knew about Adele and I. I realised I was standing there like a fool.

"Er, hi! Are you all right?"

"Yeah, fine ta. You here to see Adele? Well, duh, who else, huh?" I grinned in reply. "Her ladyship's ill, I'm afraid. Nearly drank herself into a coma last night, apparently." I heard Adele's voice from the far side of the room.

"C'mon in if you want. Just don't talk loudly!" Jane smiled and stepped back to let me in. I stepped forwards and into the room, eyes darting about for any signs that the two of us had been letching over photos of Jane before shagging each other senseless only hours before and seeing none.

From her bed, Adele gave me a weary smile.

"Y' alright?" she spoke to me just as she always had before last night. There was no hint of nerves, or any awkwardness. I smiled back.

"Better than you by the look of it." She chuckled.

"Heh, yeah."

Jane spoke from behind me.

"Fancy a drink? I was just going to put the kettle on." I turned to look at her.

"Er, yeah. Could I have a coffee please, milk no sugar?"

"Sure." She looked at Adele, who replied to the unspoken question.

"Tea again, thanks." Jane nodded and with a smile, turned and walked into the kitchen. I watched her wiggle out of sight and turned to look at Adele. But she was already studying me, with an impenetrable look on her face. I met her gaze and smiled, giving a quick 'we-ell...' shrug. Adele smiled back, nodded and winked. Then Jane re-entered and I heard the kettle starting to boil.

We had our drink and made small talk. Adele told me how she'd just 'tied one on' last night. Jane had called round to meet her for lunch as planned and instead, with Adele still feeling crap; they'd stayed in. I realised early on that our secret seemed to be safe. Adele was too shrewd not to have tidied up after last night and Jane was fine with both of us. It was as if last night hadn't happened, which was probably for the best. It struck me that seeing Jane today was probably about the best thing that could have happened. It let me see her and Adele together, reinforcing the status quo and firmly putting last night into the past. It also meant Adele and I didn't have to discuss what we'd done, but I knew we'd have to cross that bridge at some point soon. Just before I excused myself and left, I felt confident enough to say to Adele that I hoped she'd enjoyed herself last night (referring of course to her solitary drinking session). Without batting an eyelid, Adele said that, oh yeah, she'd had great fun. Not long after that, I said goodbye and went back down to my bedsit.

Tired of rerunning my visit to see Anne through my mind to see if I should have acted differently and yet unable to stop returning to it and fantasising about what could have happened between us if I had kissed her (were those stockings, was she wearing no knickers?) I decided to eat early, hoping that making tea would help take my mind off things. By half past six, I'd had something to eat and had just finished doing the washing up. I sat down with a coffee and flicked on the TV. BBC 2 was showing an episode of the original series of Star Trek and I figured it'd be as good a way as any of killing some time while I decided whether or not to go out on the town tonight. I could invite Adele (and Jane?) to join me, but guessed Adele wouldn't want to have anything else to drink (I didn't want much, but hey; it was Friday night) and things could be a bit uncomfortable for us. Marie wasn't in. Neil was away and Ruth wasn't even an option.

After about fifteen minutes, I still hadn't decided what to do when there was a sudden knock on my door. I muted the TV and got up to open it, wondering if it might be Adele. But I pulled my door open to reveal Marie's cleavage. Er, I mean Marie; wearing a sexy, tight-fitting black dress.

"Hi." She said and beamed a smile at me.

"Hi," What was this?! "Er, c'mon in."


Watching her walk past me and over to the sofa, I noted Marie was barefoot. I saw that the dress was a backless number - naked shoulder blades moved smoothly under her skin and Marie's buttocks wiggled as she walked. When the black material stretched tight over her bum as she sat on the sofa, there was no hint of panty line. No bra or knickers? I took a deep breath, walked over and sat alongside her.

Marie was looking at me... oddly. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I was about to ask her if she wanted a coffee when she spoke.

"Had a good day?"

"Yeah, it's been alright. Pretty quiet. How about you?" I glanced down to her dress and back up again. "All dressed up for going out? You're looking great." I was suddenly wondering if I was about to be asked to go on a night out with her. That would solve my micro-dilemma and feeling anxious about asking me might explain whatever it was about Marie's expression, no, her body language, that I couldn't put my finger on. Marie chuckled and shook her head. Her long, dark hair swished from side to side.

"Oh, no, I've been out for lunch with some friends-"(disappointment began to creep into my head) "-to celebrate being young, free and single again." Another beaming smile as she flicked a strand of hair out of her face; "They've all had to get off ready for their other halves getting home and it was going to be so dull sitting in on my own, so I thought I'd pop round for some company!" The disappointment was forgotten as I took this in and she smiled; suddenly coy. "Thanks for the compliment, by the way." The smile stayed on her face, which was tilted down slightly to look up at me.

I decided to play for time while I caught up with events. I returned a smile.

"You're welcome. Would you like a drink?"

"Nah, I'm fine thanks." Drat. No quick breather. She was still smiling, her green eyes flickering about my face. I wanted to look down at her breasts, there was a lot of cleavage going on and they were a good size and shape, so I decided to take the plunge and glanced down from her eyes to her chest, legs and back up to her face, to signal quiet appreciation of her figure. When I met her gaze again, her eyes twinkled merrily. If she was coming on to me (oh for God's sake, I told myself, what the hell do you think she's doing) then I wasn't going to play all shy and coy. I'd perhaps already wasted an opportunity today with Anne and wasn't about to do it again with Marie.

"Well, I was thinking about going out for few drinks tonight. Fancy joining me for a couple?" There, I'd done it. But Marie pulled a slight face.

"Well, I've just got back from town. So to be honest, no..." (hello- disappointment again..) "but if you fancy staying in..." the disappointment dissipated again as I wondered about the implications of the way she left the sentence hanging.

"Well...yeah, sure. Like you said, being by yourself's dull anyway, I wouldn't want to go out and look like billy-no-mates."

"I mean, I don't want to stop you from going out..." Marie added. I sensed the test this question posed and decided to go for broke, quietly hoping I wasn't about to screw up.

"No, no. Let's stay in." I raised an eyebrow, "I hope you're good company though..." I finished off with a cheeky grin. Marie immediately returned it and sat up a bit.

"I can be exceptional company..."

Her body language had totally changed and in that change, I recognised what I hadn't been able to put my finger on seconds ago. It was indecision, self doubt. She'd looked how I felt before taking the plunge just now; 'I hope I've not about to make a mistake.' I'd obviously just passed some small test and I felt my heart begin to beat faster and was deciding what to say, how far to push it next, when Marie flashed a quick smile and suddenly turned her attention to the TV.

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