tagIncest/TabooA Weekend at the Beach

A Weekend at the Beach


It had been a month since I had sex with Ally in my bed over the family reunion weekend. Now, the family has long been gone, Ally has since returned to her room and I left with my memories of a weekend spent with my sister. Since that magical weekend Ally and I had never had sex again, although she kept on teasing and torturing me. She would wear the skimpiest outfits around the house showing off her tight female form. She would often play with me under the table with her feet, right there with my parents sitting at the table, all the while that sly smirk plastered on her face as she rubbed her bare feet up my legs. For me it was a cascade of mixed feelings, on one hand I had this sexy blonde having her way with me and on the other I was so scared of getting caught. Ally never shared these fears with me...she was so bold and didn't care where she was, she did what she wanted. At opportune times she would flash me or grab my cock just to give me a jolt of pleasure. We never talked about the things that were happening but rather mutually enjoyed it. So now comes spring break and my parents had rented a house on the beach for the four of us. I packed my bags and made my way down to the car. My mom and dad were already buckled in and waiting. I threw my stuff in the trunk and waited for Ally...then there she was. Dressed in the tightest tank top which made no secret that Ally was apparently feeling cold, and a pair of shorts that were almost painted on her smooth tanned legs for the world to see.

"Why don't you take a picture James?" she said throwing me her bag hinting at my obvious staring.

She sat down in the backseat as I packed her bags upon my own. I took my seat beside her and we were off. Halfway into our trip found my mom asleep in the front, my dad helming the wheel, Ally almost drifting away into sleep and myself occupied with my ipod. Ally kept shifting in her seat unable to find a comfortable position and without asking simply just rested her head down on my lap. I of course didn't mind but couldn't help getting a little aroused. So there we were, almost at the beach house when Ally shifted a little more bringing her hand to my lap. I guess she must have sensed the presence of my hard on that had grown along my leg. Ally placed her had right over the length of my penis, holding it down, then laying her head down on the back of her hand pressing down on my cock. By now I wasn't shocked at anything Ally did, given the events of the last month I pretty much expected this behavior, I just laid back smiling at the state I was in. We finally pulled up in the driveway of the beach house. Ally began to stir as she realized our arrival.

"Mmmm....what a nice nap...right Jimmy."

I just nodded, making my way out the car. The house was amazing....right on the sandy shore of the beach. I was delighted to learn that Ally and I would again be sharing a room since the house as big as it was only had two rooms. The rooms while very large only contained one bed each which made me very happy. I unloaded the car placing our bags in the room. After exploring the house I saw that the two rooms were sort of close to each other that made me a little worrisome that Ally and I would probably not be able to do the things we had in mind. Looking at Ally, she had no worries whatsoever, just a huge smile on her face.

"Jimmy...your dad and I are going into town to get some groceries, we'll be gone for an hour," announced my mother. It was like music to my ears. Ally and I stood in the driveway as we saw our parents off. As soon as the car turned the corner Ally slapped me on my ass.

"Race you to the beach," she squealed as she ran off leaving me looking at her tight ass running towards the shore.

By the time I got to the shore Ally had removed her clothes to reveal her sexy bikini that she had on beneath. Her sight made my loins stir, the bikini top filled out by her marvelous pert breasts, her taut stomach, and of course that perky round ass firm as ever encapsulated by the white bikini bottom. She ran towards the water the depths of the ocean slowly swallowing her beautiful body. I removed my shirt and having my shorts already on I followed her in. I met her some distance out...in chest deep water, her breasts resting above the water.

"So Jimmy...what are we going to do this weekend?"

"I don't know Ally...anything you want to do is fine."

"Hmmm...in that case," she said while raising her feet below the water to my stomach....pressing her feet against me she began to move them south and then pressed them against my cock. The wetness and force of her feet added instantaneous pleasure. After some time of her playing with me using her feet she started using her hands to massage her breasts. She squeezed them together giving the appearance that they were bigger than they actually were. Her bikini top now soaked did little to hide her magnificent globes, her nipples pressed hard against the material; she started to raise her bikini to expose her wet tits shimmering with the sun beating down on it. Her back was to the shore so no one else could see except for me who was in front of her. We had gotten lost in our actions and when I looked behind Ally's head I saw that my parents had returned and were laying on the beach soaking up the sun. Luckily we were too far out for them to notice what we were doing. I informed Ally of their return and she slowly lowered her bikini so no one was any the wiser.

"We better head towards the shore," she said waving to our parents on the beach.

I agreed with her and started moving closer to the shallow when I realized my predicament. I grabbed Ally by the arm.

"Ummm...Ally...can't get out the water."

"Why not Jim?" she replied.

"Umm...I have a little problem," I said motioning downward to my raging hard on. Clearly I could not get out with this thing leading the way...it'll be so embarrassing. Coming to the realization of my problem Ally couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Hmmm James...seems like you have a big problem there!"

I stood there...we were still in fairly deep enough water to hide my problem, but I didn't know what to do.

"Don't worry little bro...we'll just have to disarm you," Ally said with a coy smile.

She moved close to me, now my back was to the shore and Ally in front me.

"Take off your trunks," Ally whispered.

I did as I was told and removed my swim trunks, leaving my naked body under the cold water...not cold enough to hinder my hard cock which pointed straight up. Below the water Ally moved her hand over to me and grasped my dick. It felt so good having me hold me like that. She slowly started to pump me which was like magic due in part to being submerged in the cool water.

"Mmmm...you like that James?...nice and hard... just the way I like it," she cooed.

All I could do was moan at her comments; I was close to cumming when she increased her pace. Her quick strokes all the way up and down my length were so intense...I loved every moment. Just then I felt my body tense up...and I began to spurt cum below the surface. I couldn't help but slowly moved my hips to thrust in sync with Ally's pumps. Knowing that I was cumming Ally slowed her strokes and started to squeeze my shaft on the upstroke. It was all I needed to complete my orgasm. I lay there gasping.

"So...are we good to go?" asked Ally with an angelic smile on her face as if she took no part in what just occurred. I nodded, and we both made our way to the shore my problem totally gone. As Ally and I reached the sand we greeted our parents and sat down beside them. We all laid there basking in the sun. After sometime my parents started to rustle around.

"We're heading in...Ally...put on some sun block or you'll get burnt," said my mother throwing the bottle of sun block in Ally's direction. Ally just nodded as my parents made their way to the house.

"Hey Jimmy...what do you say you do me a favor and rub me down," Ally said smiling her beautiful smile.

I with no objections took the bottle in my hand and spurted the warm cream in my hands. Ally was laying on her back her pert round breasts firm in the air. I started with her feet...then started rubbing the cream up and down the length of her smooth tan legs...as I neared her vagina...Ally ever the teaser turned over on her stomach. Without a word I just continued. To better my effort I straddled her legs and was now rubbing down her shoulders. To fully get a good feel I leaned in a bit then realizing that my hard on was reawakened and was slightly grinding into Ally's ass. Ally, obviously realizing my presence just moaned in delight. I just continued rubbing her back slightly hunched over my dick pressed into her. Wanting to get a better feel I moved myself slightly down a little so I was no longer pressed into her. I was now rubbing her slender lower back. Every once in a while I'd slide my hands under her bikini bottom and feel the firm curve of Ally's ass. After a couple minutes in this position Ally once again turned over.

"I think I'd like that treatment more from the front," was all she said.

Happy to see her turn over I didn't go for goal right away. Instead I placed my hands on her flat stomach...it was so smooth and firm...I began to move my palms around slowly nearing her crotch. I casually breached the rim of her bikini bottoms with my right hand, my fingers just slipping beneath the still wet material. I felt some prickly hairs as I moved deeper. Apparently Ally hadn't been shaving as much since I was last in the position to check. It made no difference to me, the slickness of the sun block cream allowed my fingers to slide through her thickening pubes finally reaching the folds of her vagina. Though I could not see it I imagined her pink lips....slick, wet and waiting. When I finally had my fingers over them they were swollen and almost throbbing just waiting. Looking down at Ally, I could not see her eyes behind the dark sunglasses she had on but the smile was all I needed to see to carry on. I slowly slid one finger into her wet folds...she was tight but the lubricant of the sun block combined with her own juices made it and effortless task to start slipping my finger in and out of her. Before I knew it I had three fingers buried deep inside her. Ally was biting her lower lip...probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Her pink pout lip just slightly being bitten down on...she was obviously lost in pleasure. I started to increase my pace moving my fingers faster and faster as Ally started to ever so slightly push her hips up on my fingers.

"Mmm...ohhhh....mmmmmm, yesssss....mmmmm," managed to escape Ally's lips.

Sensing she was near her orgasm as she was now basically grinding into my hand I concentrated now only on her clit...rubbing it ever so gently but with great pace till the lips of her pussy contracted around my fingers. I just felt a gush of juices soak my fingers and I knew she was done. Ally's ass which was just slightly up in the air grinding into me a couple seconds ago just collapsed as she let out a sigh of relief. After Ally took a couple minutes to catch her breath, she got up and just couldn't stop smiling at me.

"That was amazing!" she shrieked.

I just smiled back at her, feeling very proud. We both laid there basking in the sun for what turned out to be the rest of the day. Before we knew it our mom was calling us in for dinner. Ally went in first, while I waited out a bit longer. When I finally made my way inside I was greeted at the door by Ally who had now changed. She was now wearing one of her familiar tight red tops...her nipples piercing through as a result of the cold winds and a knee length pink skirt. Another benefit of the winds was that they would frequently blow up Ally's skirt raising the light material all the way up giving me quick glimpses of her navy blue bikini cut panties, atop her smooth tan legs. Every time this happened she would blush as if I hadn't seen much much more of her. We made our way to the living room and had dinner with our parents. After dinner we all sat at the table talking and before we knew it the time had slid away and it was now around 9pm.

"Well...we better hit the sack...I'm sure your dad is tired from the long drive, you guys just remember to lock the doors before you go to bed." announced my mother as our parents made their way to their room.

"Actually I'm pretty beat too...all that time in the water has me exhausted...I think I'm off to bed too," replied Ally as she headed to our room.

Not wanting to make anything look obvious I stuck around out in the living room for a while watching some television. When I felt that the coast was clear I excitedly made my way to our room. As I entered I was greeted with....an empty bed, Ally was nowhere to be seen. No sight of her meant that she was probably in the bathroom. I walked up to the door and noticed the light beaming out from its base confirming Ally's location. I lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in," was what emanated from behind the door. So I did as I was told...opened the door and made my way in...

"Close the door...and lock it," came that sweet voice once more, and I continued to follow instructions.

When I saw Ally she was still in her skirt which was weird because I thought she might have had on some sort of sleepwear by now.

"James....I was wondering if you could help me out with something?" she questioned.

"Sure Ally...anything...just name it," I replied...eager to please.

"Well...as I'm sure you noticed earlier...I'm kind of thick down there...I was just wondering if you could help me shave...its something that I thought you would enjoy."

Stunned and excited at the notion...."Sure...of course," I replied.

Ally getting right to the point started to undo her skirt...the sight of her smooth legs was all I needed for my manhood to start rising. So there she stood...no skirt just her navy blue panties. She placed her thumbs under the rim of her panties and slowly began to move them down her well toned legs, over her knees...down her calves...under her ankles and they were off. I stood there taking in the beauty of her body...her hair had indeed grown...her blonde pubes were short enough just to use a razor...as though she had trimmed it a little and they were almost glistening in the light...she must have gotten a little wet. I moved towards her as she sat down on the toilet seat cover and tried to comfortably position herself. I saw that she had everything all set up on the mat beside her...a fresh new razor, a can of shaving cream and a container of warm water. I knelt down in front of her as she spread her legs to allow me optimum access.

Looking up at her smiling face I dipped my hand in the water then slowly drizzled some droplets of water over her pussy patting down on her hair. I took the can of shaving cream in my hand and pressed down on the nozzle filling my hand with dollar size glob of the cream. I worked the cream in my hands building up some lather and then began to rub it over her vagina and up slightly below her waist. I worked the rich lather through her pubes enjoying the slippery feel. I teasingly glided my fingers over her slit much to Ally' delight, as she slowly ran her hand through my hair. When I thought that her pussy was sufficiently lathered I took the razor in my right hand and very carefully slightly pressed down below her abdomen and stroked, taking away her blonde pubes. With every stroke I washed the razor in the water. I made my way to the side of her mound being as gentle as possible.

Ally was overly enjoying herself but kept quiet so I wouldn't lose my concentration. When the surrounding area was all clean I made my way to the slit. I took one of her pussy lips in my fingers as she jumped just a little startled and excited at my touch. When she had completely settled I began with short strokes of the razor along the lips of her pussy. Ally spread her legs a little more giving me more access and a better view. When I was finished with the other side of her pussy I restroked the area for good measure to make sure everything was as smooth as possible. When I was all done I reached over grabbing the shower hose and gently sprinkled some water over her snatch washing it clean. When this was completed I took my hand and ran it along her pussy feeling proud of my work.

"So...what do you think?" I questioned.

Ally...taking a feel of her own couldn't be more pleased. She leaned over bringing her mouth to mine and parting my lips with her tongue. As she retracted her face a line of saliva linking our lips lengthened as she moved further away...finally breaking and swinging onto my shirt.

"Why don't you take it for a test run?" Ally giggled.

Not needing further invitation I placed my hands on her legs and parted them and moved my head into her crotch. I slowly licked the exterior of her swollen pussy lips up and down. Then, little by little and began to penetrate her folds with my tongue. The taste of her juices and the remnants of shaving cream giving a tangy taste, I continued to lap up her pussy in my mouth. Ally had started to gyrate into me...holding the back of my head controlling my position. She grabbed a hand towel and bit down on it in an effort to muffle her loudening cries as to not alarm our nearby parents. I raise my eyes to see her...she was staring right down at me breathing heavily. She parted her legs some more moving her pelvis slightly forward closer to my wanting mouth. My tongue was working circles around her erect clit when out of the corner of my eye I notice her toes beginning to curl up...and I felt her lips slightly contracting around my tongue. Ally's breathing became deeper and deeper as she neared her climax.

Then I felt her warm juices in my mouth as Ally began to thrash about pressing my face hard into her. I continued my work with my tongue still buried deep inside her pussy till finally she subsided. I stood up in front her removing the hand towel from her mouth and using it to wipe my lips of her juices. By now I had gotten pretty hard and Ally noticed this because as I stood up she now came face to face with my crotch...the girth of my hard on clearly visible through my pants. She took her right hand and ran her fingers along the length of my shaft. I melted at her touch. Then almost aggressively she grabbed my cock through my pants...wrapping her palms around my erect member. With her tight grasp around me she stood up and pulling me by my dick lead me into the bedroom. When we reached the bed she released me and sat me down at the edge of the bed.

"Now Jim...I'm very sorry to tell you this but we can't screw with mom and dad so close by...believe me...I'm just as disappointed as you. But given your magnificent performance on the beach today and what you just did in there...I think I should return the favor." Ally quietly explained to me.

She then extended her hand and grabbed the waist of my pants and began to pull them off. I raised my ass as she slid my pants beneath me...pulling them down my legs and completely off. I sat there in my boxers with my rigid pole making that old familiar tent. Ally sunk her fingers through the flaps of my boxers and once again aggressively took hold of my cock. She pulled it through the boxer flap...and looked down at it. Her eyes widened as she stared at my throbbing penis almost purple by now. She slowly started to stroke my cock up and down...up and down. Pre cum began to dribble out ...as Ally dipped down and just using her tongue licked the top of my penis. Her warm tongue on my cock sent a shiver through me. Ally licked all over then gradually began licking down my shaft. Her tongue went up and down and all around exploring every inch of my cock. Then finally she raised her head up a little and went down again engulfing my cock in her mouth. Her warm saliva all over my penis was incredible...at first she bobbed slowly but eventually built up a rhythm. I placed my hand over her head running my fingers though her blonde hair. Ever so often her teeth would graze along the front of my shaft while her soft tongue licked the back. As her pace increased I felt my orgasm nearing.

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