tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Weekend Getaway

A Weekend Getaway


It's a hot summer day, so hot that heat waves can be seen rising from the paved roads--perfect weather for my beach excursion. I decide to go to the beach on a weekday; everyone goes on the weekend, so the beach is deserted when I reach it. I am armed with: an old large beach towel (just right for laying on the sand without worrying about it being ruined should the tide come in); suntan oil; my boombox, complete with D-cell batteries (so I can listen to my favorite tapes); a small cooler containing some essentials like bottled water and ice). I am wearing a two-piece bikini, satiny metallic cobalt blue, with a thong bottom.

I pick my spot, (about 50 feet from the wet sand near the surf) smooth out the sand in the place where I want to spread out my legs, I mean my towel, then lay out my towel. I walk over to where the ocean is licking the shore and feel the exhilaration as the waves caress my feet. Looking out to sea, I close my eyes, then, relishing in the balmy wind sweeping through my hair, I make a wish: that you were there with me. I sit down on my towel, put in the Foreigner 4 tape. As the driving beat sinks into my soul, I pull out my suntan oil and slather it ALL OVER my skin, luxuriating in the aroma (coconut and exotic fruit). I imagine that your hands are caressing the sensual oils on the exposed parts of my breasts, my back, and my legs--especially my thighs. My pussy moistens as I allow my mind to drift from one thought to another--the touch of your hands, the smoothness of your skin, the firmness of your muscles, the hardness of your...but I digress! I stretch out on the towel and close my eyes, listen to the ocean and my music, and keep daydreaming. I am soon lulled to sleep...

Meanwhile, you have saw me leave my house, and followed me. Sneaking in behind some rocks, you watch me slather the oil on my voluptuous body. Your dick gets a "rise" out of how my skin looks glistening in the sun, especially my breasts. As I caress it on my inner thighs, you see what my bikini bottom looks like and envy the thong that is riding my pussy and ass. You see me stretch out and close my eyes; you are tempted to sneak up on me and see how slippery my body is with all that oil. You think better of it--the voyeur in you wants to see what I do next....

As I doze lazily in the sun, lusting for you, I have a dream. I'm a mermaid, my breasts are bare, my hair is flowing, blowing in the ocean breeze. I am being wooed by Neptune, god of the sea. His voice is both deep and strong, soothing and gentle. His touch is both warm like the sun, but cool like the breeze. He kisses me deeply and passionately, slowly and tenderly. His arms look strong, his shoulders and chest wide, but he holds me against his chest carefully, like a precious shell. He has dark hair, wavy and flowing almost to his shoulders. The more he woos me, the more I am swept away by his passion. He kisses my neck, sucks my nipples, caresses my back and I melt like a glacier in the summer sun. In my dream I am thoroughly aroused. I lay down on the sand and watch as Neptune slowly moves toward me, preparing to make love to me....I start to awaken, and am aware that I am caressing my pussy, and I am VERY wet! Drowsily, I look up and down the beach; seeing no one, I continue to caress. I slip my fingers under my thong and rub my sensitive little clit through its protective hood. Still sleepy, I will myself to fall asleep so I can reach orgasm through my dream....

You are up in the rocks, still watching. Seeing me playing with sweet crotch, you get even more turned on. Looking around you, you see no one. You unzip your jeans and pull out your long-suffering dick--you are not wearing underwear, so this is not difficult. You lick your palms, imagining that it is my pussy, and slowly start to stroke yourself. All you can think of is my fingers in my hot little hole, my plentiful juices oozing out, and how you would rather be fucking my brains out on this deserted beach...

I am dreaming again. Neptune is positioned over me, the sun haloes his head, making it a little hard to look at him. Seeing my discomfort, he draws closer. I look into his eyes: I can see the fires of the sun hidden the deep warm brown of them. His hair gently tickles my face; I run my fingers through it, it feels silken to my touch. He kisses me again, soft as a whisper, like a breeze. I feel his strong body against me, while the ocean waves roll up caressing our bodies. My pussy feels warm despite the coolness of the waves, and Neptune's man-like arousal presses against me, both begging me and urging me to surrender. He kisses down my neck, and lick and sucks at my nipples, taking in my scent. I arch my back, as my body begs and urges him to keep going....

Watching from your spot behind the rocks, you realize that being the voyeur is driving you crazy with desire. You carefully creep down to the beach, watching me as I moan and writhe, still caressing my pussy. As you remove your clothes, you notice that the ocean has crept up far enough to be licking at my feet, and begin to fantasize about an encounter like in "From Here To Eternity". I am so deep into my dream that I don't hear you creep up next to me. My legs are thrust apart and you can see that my pussy lips are swollen with lust and glistening in the sun by reason of the juices hidden inside. Carefully, and quietly, you crawl between my legs and moving the thong aside, you let your tongue do what it does best, making my wildest dream come true...

In my dream, I feel the ocean licking my crotch, but it is warm...Neptune has me worked up to a lusty frenzy from the kisses and caresses, the licking and the sucking. If I give myself to him, my wild desires will be satisfied, but he is a god and therefore must rule. I like my freedom, being able to come and go as I please, not having to answer to anyone. He whispers "Please let me make love to you..." I whisper back "If I do, will you let me be free?" Neptune wants me so badly that he says "You are wild and passionate, free and open; your heart is wide as the ocean and five times as deep...Such a person cannot be ruled.." His words touch my soul...and my heart. Just as I am deciding to give myself to him, I begin to awaken again...

By now, you are giving my hot lusty pussy a vigorous working over. You dart your tongue in and out, like you want to do with that luscious dick of yours. You feel the ocean waves as they come up to the sand, and coming up a little further every other time. Your dick is hanging down just enough to get licked by the water. The water is cool, but strangely enough, you are very turned on--so much so, you are rock hard. Making sure there is no sand on it, you maneuver yourself over me, and start kissing me gently on my mouth, down my neck, between my breasts. The aroma of the suntan oil arouses you even more; you move back up toward my face. Slowly and carefully, you rub the head of your throbbing member against my pussy. You see me waking up and smile--you relish in the though that I am hot and ready because of whatever I have been dreaming...

I awaken to the feeling of something rubbing against my pussy. I open my eyes and see your beautiful eyes, and think "I must still be dreaming..." I move my hips up slightly and realize that it is not me rubbing my pussy and I am definitely not dreaming, because your rock-hard dick has inadvertently slipped inside of me. You are a little surprised, because you did no more than rub it against me, but you are pleased to notice that I am very much aroused. You bend your head down and kiss me deeply. I place my hands on your naked back and slowly trace my nails on your skin. Your kiss intensifies and I become wild inside and start bucking my hips into you, driving your thrill-hammer into me.

As I wrap my legs around your soft yet firm ass cheeks, I become aware that my ass is wet. I look around and see that the tide is coming in. I giggle just a little at our situation. This doesn't stop me from enjoying the feeling of you driving deeply into me. The sound of the ocean, the passion of your kiss and the warmth of the sun only heighten my senses. As the ocean washes over us entwined together, I climax so explosively that I cry out "Oh, God!", just then you explode inside of me. In the glow that follows, I whisper "I love you--I'm yours..." then you say "I will love you through all Eternity....." As we look in each other's eyes I see my wildest dream coming true...

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