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A Welcome Gift


I had been home from Iraq about a week. When you first get back to the states everything seems new, and somehow fresh. Food taste better and colors are vibrant. Aside from relief from the heat, and the alternating of excitement and boredom, what Iraq needs most is color. It's a place made up of various shades of tan and brown.

My wife, Donna, and I had, of course, made love several times since I had gotten back. Donna, in her late forties, could still excite me sexually. To say she's her claimed 5' 2" is stretching it. Light brown hair and eyes to match she looked every inch of the middle class school teacher. That can be lots sexier than any young model. She was a little heavier than when we married, but still looked fit and radiant. It was like she had been slightly softened from the thin body from college. Frankly, I like that.

It was Friday night and Donna and I had gone to eat at her favorite Italian restaurant for the first time since my return. On the way back from eating Donna seemed quiet. Not upset, or down, just contemplative. As we walked up to the front door she turned to me and said she wanted to give me "a gift." Not really sure what she meant I naturally said, "so the den and had a seat. I had an idea the gift may be something sexual, but did not have any idea what it might entail. I just kind of sat there. I did not want to turn on the TV and ruin the moment by me sitting there watching a game.

About five minutes later, she came into the room. She had left wearing the standard jeans and blouse. Now she was in her 'little black nightgown.' She sat opposite me in a large, overstuffed chair. She was carrying a glass of wine and her purse. She sat the glass and purse on the end table.

"I've been trying to decide to tell you this for a long time. I'm finally going to tell you my big sexual secret. You have to promise me that you won't ask me to tell it again and you'll understand it is in the past."

What could I say? "No" seemed ungracious. I wanted to know her "big sexual secret." My wife is conservative—has a couple of glasses of wine maybe once a month.

I agreed with a nod. She smiled and seemed to relax.

"Alright," she said softly, "before we were married I had sex with another woman."

Was this an absolute shock? Not really. On the few times we had watched an adult movie she seemed interested in the women on women scenes. I tried to talk about it, but she would be evasive and I did not want to press it at all.

Donna sat back in the chair and took a sip of wine.

"You probably don't remember Terri do you? I taught with her when you met me. She was older, in her late twenties, when you met her. She was pretty, kind of tall and had dark hair," she asked expectantly. She didn't wait for a reply.

"She was married to a lawyer. One Friday a bunch of us went out after work for a drink. We had a great time, had dinner and another drink. As most were heading home Terri asked if I could give her a ride. She had a couple of drinks and being married to a lawyer had made her paranoid about drinking and driving. I said I would be happy to."

Donna took another sip of wine and opened her purse. She took out a small bottle of baby oil and a pack of cigarettes. The cigarettes surprised me because Donna did not smoke. She shook one out, and lit it. Leaving it between her lips she lowered the thin strap on her dress, exposing her left tit. Donna has nice breasts, though she worries they are too small. She took the bottle of baby oil and put some her fingers. She began to slowly rub the oil around and into her nipple. Her large, rosy nipple quickly became erect and shiny as she her fingers went over and around it. When she is aroused Donna has sexually sensitive nipples.

"Terri seduced me. It's not important how, though it took her a long time. I had fantasized about women before. I used to masturbate and think about women doing things to me. She took another drag on the cigarette, and lowered the other strap. She poured more oil and began caressing the other nipple.

"We were sitting on her couch smoking," she indicated the cigarettes, "when she first tried to kiss me. I was a little scared and turned my head. Terri began to softly kiss my neck. I should have left, but I didn't. Eventually, she turned my head and gently kissed me on the lips. I kept my mouth closed at first. She ran her tongue over my lips. I opened them a little. She did that a couple of more times until my mouth opened. It was not as strange kissing a woman as I thought it would be. Softer than a man's would be."

"She had kissed me for a while and I had begun kissing her back. Her hand started caressing my breast through my blouse. Though I was extremely excited I moved her hand. She started kissing my neck and moved her hand to my breast again. This time I let it stay. She starting caressing my nipples through my shirt, which were already hard as this," indicating her nipples as her fingertips gently rolled over them.

"After a few minutes she unbuttoned my blouse while still kissing me. I gave some more feeble protest—but she had me. I was not wearing a bra so when she opened up my shirt both of her hands began feeling my bare tits. I tried not to show how much she was driving me wild, but I think I was beginning to moan."

At this point Donna was leaning back in the chair, eyes closed, caressing her own tits. She opened her eyes and said quietly, "Unzip your pants. I want to see your cock."

My cock was rock hard. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. She made a humming sound, closed her eyes and resumed talking. I slowly stroked myself, watching her.

"Terri slowly lowered her lips to my breast. I expected her to suck my nipples right away but she kissed around the underside of my breast. Shortly, I became inpatient and tried to direct her mouth to my nipples." Terri came up and gave me a deep kiss and said, 'what do you want."

"In a whisper, I asked her to kiss my breast. She pretended she didn't hear and began kissing around, but never on, my nipples. So, I cupped my tit and said louder 'please suck my tits." She smiled and lowered her head.

"Her mouth went around my nipple and I almost came right there. I looked down and could see her lips sucking the nipple away from my breast. She would alternate between breasts, using her tongue, painting my nipple, then sucking it in."

"She unsnapped my jeans. This time I didn't try to fight it. I raised my hips and slid the jeans off. Terri, in the meantime, stood up and took her jeans off, pulled her blouse over her head and undid her bra. She stood before me nude. She had a great body, with a trimmed bush and freckles at the top of her tits."

Now Donna had pulled her nightgown over her hips. She had on black silk panties. She reached in and began stroking her pussy. Watching it through the panties was somehow more erotic than if it had been bare.

"Terri then straddled me on the couch and kissed me again. I felt our breasts mash together. Her nipples were large and stood out it seemed like an inch. Not really knowing what to do I caressed her tits as she kissed me. It felt both strange and erotic to feel another woman's tits. She took the back of my head and gently pushed me down. My mouth opened and I took one of her nipples in and began to suck. Matt, up until that time it was the most erotic moment of my life. Hearing Terri moan, feeling her nipple in my mouth, I was as turned on as I have ever been. I would have done anything."

Donna hand on her pussy began to alternate between quick movement and long, drawn out strokes. My cock had some pre-cum and I was beginning to breath faster. She opened her eyes and said, "Slow down, the best is yet to come."

"Terri then slid off the couch and began to finger my pussy. I desperately wanted to cum so I tried to take the back of her head and move it to my pussy. She relented and I felt her tongue slide up and down my pussy lips. She began to suck my clit and I felt like I would explode. Suddenly she leaned over, opened a drawer on the coffee table and took out a bottle of baby oil. Donna nodded to her baby oil next to her.

"By this time my hips were moving involuntarily. I was slumped on the couch, but looked down at Terri. She took baby oil and poured it on her large nipple. She then leaned forward, on her knees and spread my legs even more, opening up my pussy.

"She cupped her tit and began rubbing her nipple all over my pussy. I could feel it going over my clit and I began to pant. She would put the nipple inside me and go in and out, then rub it all over my lips and clit. I felt a pressure in my pussy I had never felt before."

Now Donna was rubbing her own pussy even faster. I felt like my cock was going to gush for minutes soon.

"Terri took that long nipple out of me. I could look down and see it shiny from the oil and my own wetness, and I was soaked. Cupping her tit again she began moving it back and forth real fast across my clit, using her nipple to make me orgasm. I could not hold back and I began to climax...it felt like I was going to pass out from pleasure."

Donna let out something between a scream and a moan and her fingers were up inside her pussy and I saw a wet stain on her panties. Still shivering she suddenly leaned forward in the chair and her mouth enveloped my cock. I came so hard I almost passed out. I remember pumping her mouth and her moaning around my cock.

Minutes later, after we calmed down and were lying next to each other, Donna looked at me and asked, "Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" I looked at her incredulously. "I thought so," she said with a smile. "Maybe soon I'll tell you about some other things you may not know about me."

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