tagLoving WivesA Well Laid Plan Ch. 03

A Well Laid Plan Ch. 03

byArt Martin©

"How's the party girl?" asked Lisa as she walked into our bedroom. I turned to tell her that Janet seemed okay, but before I had the chance, she saw my wife ungracefully sprawled out naked on the bed. "She's naked!" she exclaimed. "What are you two perverts doing? Bill! For heavens sake, give her some privacy!"

"Nothing I haven't seen before," replied Bill with a grin as he broke his leering gaze.

"Sam, I'm surprised at you! How..."

"It's okay, Lisa. It's okay. She's passed out. Jeez, I don't know what you're thinking, but we haven't done anything to her. We just made her comfortable. We were..."

"Okay, Sam. I just don't want Bill to get any big ideas that he'd regret," she said sourly.

"Hey, I don't regret a damn thing," answered Bill with unconcealed irritation at his wife's veiled accusation. "I haven't touched her! Just what the hell do you think I am?"

"Sorry, babe, I didn't mean..."

"You did too!"

Lisa dropped all semblance of penitence and snapped, "Oh, don't give me that 'I'm offended' crap! Just keep your hands off of her!"

"I'm not going to touch her!" Bill yelled. Then with contrition in his voice he added, "Wouldn't be right."

"Glad you see it that way," answered Lisa evenly.

Turning her attention from her husband, Lisa chastised us both, "Could you guys have at least covered her up?"

"We were going to do that," replied a smirking Bill.

Not bothering to reply to her husband, Lisa pulled the covers over my wife's nude body.

"Okay Sam," said Lisa nodding towards Jan, "what's with her?"

"She was upset yesterday. Went to some quack and got a prescription for Xanex. Must have taken some before we came over."

"Xanex? Oh, Christ! How many did she take? Where are they?"

"I don't know. In the medicine chest...her purse?"

Lisa found her purse and rooted through it and found the bottle of pills. Straightaway she went into the bath. Moments later I heard the toilet flushing. Lisa returned, holding the now empty prescription bottle upside down. "She won't be needing this," she announced as she tossed the empty bottle into a wastebasket. "Most of them were still there, thank God. She couldn't have taken too many of them. If she was that upset, she should have come to me. We would have talked it through. Why didn't you talk to her, Sam?"

"She wouldn't talk to me. Not until late this afternoon. We talked it out...at least I thought we did."

"You did. She told me in the kitchen what was bothering her. She was afraid of losing you... No thanks to lughead."

"Hey, I'm sorry," pleaded Bill calmly and with a degree of unction, "I got carried away. I jumped the gun, but I didn't force her to do anything."

"Save it for your priest," coldly replied Lisa.

Diverting a squabble I asked, "Did she tell you anything else?"

"Yes. That you love her and that she knows you love her."

"Anything else?"

"Yes. She said that she had fun. That Bill was...is a good lover."

"See! I told you she'd enjoyed herself!" interjected Bill with a smug look. "Did she say she wanted to do it again?"

Lisa thought for a moment. "I shouldn't speak for her, but she did say that if Sam was okay with it, then she was okay with it."

"Hot damn!" exclaimed Bill. "How about it, buddy? Wanna do it again? Yeah, you wanna do it!"

"Uh, I need to talk to Jan about it," I said.

"You already talked to her. What's there to discuss? You're for it, Lisa's for it, I'm for it and Jan's for it. That makes it unanimous! Four to zip...we fuck!"

Bill's celebratory expression faded. "There is one thing though; we need to keep this to ourselves. I've been thinking about this, and... For one thing, I don't want to spend the rest of my life worrying whether or not I need to use a condom every time I screw my wife.

"Bill!" responded Lisa indignantly.

"No, seriously. We're all clean, so long as it's a two-way street, I don't mind you having some fun with Sam, honey, but... let's not let this thing get out of hand. I don't want you getting some idea that you can, uh, sleep around."

"Bill! You son-of-a-bitch! You think I've been..."

"Sweetums, I didn't mean it like that! Honestly. I didn't mean to imply that I think you're, uh, getting a little extra on the side. Fuck! Let's face it, things have changed. It's just that we can't put each other at risk by sleeping around. That goes for all of us. So let's keep this just between the four of us.

"Another thing, we need to keep quiet about this. I don't know about your clients, Sam, but some of mine will take a very dim view of this sort of thing."

At that moment I was staring at Lisa's incredible knockers, soaking up her voluptuous display. She had wrapped her see-through wrap around her torso. Her body was covered, but not covered. I must admit, there didn't seem to be anything that needed further discussion. Somehow I resisted just blurting out, "Yeah, let's do it," and instead formed the words, "Uh, I really need to talk to Jan."

"Yes, you do," agreed Lisa. "You need to talk to her, Sam. Tomorrow, sober, she might not feel the same way."

"Yeah, that's right... Look, how about if we just call it a night."

Bill and Lisa found their way out with Lisa leading Bill by the hand as if he were a little kid. Moving to Janet's side to check up on her, I heard the backdoor slam. Janet seemed okay; her breathing was even and normal. I sat at the edge of the bed, staring off in space, thinking, but not really having any cognizant thoughts. Then it hit me. We had come very close to repeating the mistake that had caused all this trouble. What if Jan was really troubled by what had happened? After all, this sort of thing was out of character for her. What if I had pushed her to screw Bill again, just so that I could screw Lisa? What then? This episode with the Xanex was deeply troubling.

It was early evening, very early, but I undressed and crawled into bed with her. With the twilight still illuminating the room, I snuggled into her, the way she loved to be snuggled even though she had no idea that I was even there. I lay there for some time, holding my wife, my love, the mother of my children, my life partner and playful playmate, thinking of all the awful ramifications that we may have unleashed. It really wasn't a decision, but I reaffirmed that she was the most important thing in my life. If Friday night was to be a one-time affair, then so be it. The pleasure of having another bounce with Lisa just wasn't worth it, not if Jan was hurt.

It was a fitful night's rest for me. For Jan's part, she slept soundly through the night. I rose at the crack of dawn, much earlier than usual. The coffee was nearly made, when Jan, wrapped in a robe, shuffled into the kitchen.

"You're up early," she commented still groggy and not fully awake.

"Went to bed early last night," I replied.

"Oh... Last night... What happened to last night? We were at Lisa's... Did I... pass out?"

"Yeah, you passed out."

"Oh, Sam! I so sorry!"

"You don't need to be sorry."

"I guess I ruined everyone's evening."

"That's not important."

"But it is important."

"No, it's not. What's important to me is you."

"Did I make a fool of myself? Oh gawd, did I..."

"No, you just passed out. I brought you home."

She looked unsure of herself, not surprising considering that she couldn't remember the night before. "Would you like a cup of coffee?" I offered helpfully.

"Thanks." She took the cup from my hand and sat at the kitchen table. Silently, she sipped the coffee. After a few moments, she looked up at me. "Did I...you know..."

"No. Nothing happened."

She looked down into her cup, as if she were studying it. A long silence ensued. Eventually, she looked up and declared, "I'm sorry I ruined your evening."

"I told you, you didn't ruin..."

"But I did! I know you wanted to... to get together with Lisa. And Bill... Bill wanted to get together with me."

"That doesn't matter. What matters is what you want." I fumbled about, trying to formulate my thoughts and put them into the right words. "Jan, this Xanex thing... I don't want you taking that shit. It's not worth it." I paused wondering how I should proceed, not at all sure that I could fix anything, but I was damned determined to try. "Tell you what. Let's you and me pack up a lunch and go out to the lake house for the day."

"But you have to work."

"The hell with it! I'll call in. Take a day off. We need to talk, really talk. The company won't collapse if I'm not there today."

"We can talk here."

"I don't want anybody intruding in on us."

"Who would intrude?"


"Oh... Okay Sam. If that's what you want to do, but it's really not necessary."

"Not necessary? On that point, I couldn't disagree with you more. It's absolutely necessary."

Two hours later, we were sitting on the boat dock, looking out over the glass-smooth water, basking in the cool morning sun. The only sounds were from the birds, who seemed to be especially happy this morning. And why not? It was a beautiful morning... no ski boats, no bass boats, no jet skis, no children hooting it up, no sounds at all except for the bird calls and the occasional splash of a fish feeding at the surface. I loved weekday mornings like this, mornings when there was no one else around.

As soon as we arrived we had changed into our lake clothes, me in a faded and torn pair of swimming trunks, and Janet in a relatively modest blue string bikini that had belonged to our daughter.

"Couldn't you find a nicer swim suit? I know you have better ones than that," she chided.

"What's wrong with this one?"

"Honestly, Sam! I'm going to throw that old rag away before we leave today."

We chatted for some time, talking about nothing of importance. Having procrastinated enough, I broached the subject.

"Sam, I only took the Xanex to calm myself down. I was worried. Worried sick. Worried that you hated me."

"I don't hate you. I love you very much. I'm worried though, about you."

"I'm okay."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Sam. I took a couple of those just before I came home yesterday. I needed it to face you. I just knew that you didn't love me anymore. I couldn't face that." A wane smile came upon her lips. "I guess I shouldn't have had that wine."

The conversation went on like that for quite some time, with her professing that she was worried that I might not love her anymore and me reassuring her that no matter what, she was the center of my very existence. Painstakingly, we worked through the drug issue. Then came the discussion of sex.

"Jan, you must be totally candid with me about this. You know, throughout our marriage and even before, the only time we have ever had a problem, any problem at all, was when we miscommunicated with each other." (God, I can't believe I actually said that!) "So, tell me what it is that you want. Don't make me guess. Be clear about it."

"I want you to be happy, Sam," she replied tenderly.

"Okay, I'll accept that, but that's not really telling me anything."

"Yes, it is."

"I said, I'll accept that!"

"Don't get testy, Sam. Somebody might hear you."

"Who? There's no body here but us!"

"Well, there might be, so lower your voice, please."

"Well, there's not... Look, let me ask you flat out. Do you want to do it again?"

"Do you? Yesterday, you said you wanted to."

"I'm asking you, Jan."

"If you want to."

"We're not talking about what I want."

"Yes we are. Sam, all I want is for you to be happy. If you want to do it again..."

Exasperated, I blurted out, "Jan, what do YOU want!"

"I told you... Look, it's sort of like this... one day you're a virgin and the next you're not. After that, there's no way you can go back to being a virgin."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're making this difficult, Sam. You know exactly what I mean. I slept with Bill. You slept with Lisa. Who is kidding who?"

"Do you want to sleep with Bill again?"

"Do you want to sleep with Lisa? Yes! Yes, you do! She's very attractive, and Bill... Bill's attractive too. So if you want to do it with them again...okay."

I surmised through all this murkiness, that the only reason she would do it again was because I wanted to do it. That's fine on the surface, but... damn, why can't she just be straightforward with me? She would do it because I wanted to do it? That smelled of a trap. Did that mean that if it was up to her, we wouldn't?

I decided right then and there that last Friday night's games would be a one-time affair. "Okay, we won't do it again."

"Sam, are you sure?"

"Yes. I'll tell Bill and Lisa that... Fuck! What do I tell them? It was fun, but... no thanks? Yeah, why not? They'll understand. It was a one-time deal! Subject closed!"

I looked over at Janet, her eyes were sparkling with laughter, laughter at my somewhat sophomoric proclamation. She cocked her head and leaned back, making her breasts seem larger than they were, giving me that come-hither look. "Okay. That's fine with me. Whatever you want, Babe."

At that moment, she was definitely the most desirable creature I had ever laid eyes upon. "You know what I really want?"


"I want to fuck you! Right here! Right now!"

Janet squealed as I pounced upon her, ripping away her bikini top.

"Sam! No! No! Not here! Oh god! They can see us!"

"Fuck 'em!" I snarled as I pulled her bottoms off, discarding them over the side and into the drink.

"Sam! No!"

Holding her hands outstretched above her head with one hand, I stripped off my trunks with the other. I ignored her protests, taking her forcefully on the dock, vigorously pumping my cock into her pussy, her legs flailing about in the air. The frenetic fucking quickly brought me to the edge. Not wanting to end the moment too soon, I pulled out, letting my glistening cock cool off for a moment. As soon as my impending orgasm had waned, I eased back into her now sopping wet pussy, fucking her slowly and leisurely, making certain that she was enjoying it as much as I was.

Through the years we had copulated out here on numerous occasions, but always at night with no moon and after the kids were asleep. It was always a sizzling fuck doing out in the open where we might be observed. Today was no exception. Fucking out on the dock in broad daylight, Jan was as hot and bothered as I was.

A change of positions was called for. I got her up on her hands and knees and took her doggie-style. Grabbing a handful of her blonde hair, I pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her back as I fucked her.

"Sam! Sam!" she whispered. "Sam? He's watching us, Sam."


My attention had been riveted upon the glimmering bead of sweat forming along her spine and the wonderfully erotic quaking motion of her buttocks as I slammed into her.

Looking up, I saw our audience. About twenty-five yards away on the next dock was Lester, an old black guy who tended the grass of all of the surrounding lake houses including ours. He had a cane pole and had apparently come out to catch some catfish. The whites of his eyes shone like two beacons, the gold of his capped teeth glinted in the sunlight as he smiled broadly. It was evident that Lester wasn't particularly offended by what we were doing.

I guess Jan figured I'd stop after being discovered. Once I withdrew my cock, she struggled to get up. Instead, I held her in position with her hair, took my free hand, lubed up my fingers with her pussy and plunged my cock back into her.

"Oh, gawd!" she moaned as I wormed a finger up her butt as I banged her. A few dozen finger thrusts later, Jan squealed loudly, the walls of her cunt clamping down hard on my cock. That did it. Looking the grinning old man in the eye, I came in my wife, grunting loudly as I ejaculated.

It took a few moments for my lust-addled brain to start working again. Lester exclaimed, "Lordy, lordy, Massa Sam! Fo' white folks, yo and Miss Jan sho' knows hows ta git it on! Damn!"

Pleased with the sincere compliment, and not quite clearly thinking yet, I pulled Jan up to stand. Hugging her from behind, I reached around and fondled her breasts for Lester's entertainment, rolling her perky sensitive nipples between my fingers.

This was a variation of a favorite of mine. Standing before the wall mirror over our garden tub, I would tweak her cherry sized aureoles and torment her nipples until she came. Only this time it wasn't us watching us, it was Lester watching.

The nipple action quickly brought on its usual effect. In her elevated lustful state, her hips were gyrating erotically. Removing one hand from a teat, I used the free hand to grasp her under a thigh and lift her leg, lewdly displaying her freshly fucked snatch.

At this point in our private game, there were three options to entertain the voyeurs in the mirror. Crouch down and run my dick up her snatch, or two, have her play with herself, or three, if she was already loosened up and slippery, run my cock up her ass while she frigged herself to another orgasm.

Having just cum, my organ wasn't up for either options one or three. "Play with yourself," I whispered into her ear.

"Nooooo," she weakly protested.

"I said, play with yourself."

Jan emphatically replied, " No!" and twisted away from me. Standing about in a daze, she ran her hands across her face momentarily before stooping to pick up the ruined top to her bikini. She studied it briefly, trying to figure out how to put it back on. Ripped as it was, it was totally inadequate to give her even a modicum of modesty. Unsure of what to do, she just stood about in all her glory.

"Yo sho' is purdy, Miss Jan," declared Lester. "Yo a sight fo' sore eyes, that's fo' sho'!"

Collecting herself, she stammered, "Thank you, Lester."

"No, ma'am, Ahs the one ta give thanks!"

Blushing furiously, Jan calmly strode nude up the dock and then ran into the lake house.

"Damn!" exclaimed Lester as he followed my wife's jiggling buttocks all the way to the house. "Dat's one fine woman, Massa Sam. Mighty fine!"

By now I too had recovered my senses enough to know that I also needed to get inside. Looking around the dock, I couldn't find my swim trunks.

"Da's in da water, Massa Sam," said Lester, helpfully pointing to the lake. "Ah seens dem fall in when yo put it to her. Ahs sorry ah watched yo, Massa Sam," he said with a sheepish look. His eyes brightened and smile spread across the entire width of his black face, "But, damn... tha's some fine, fine fuckin'!"

"Uh, it's okay, Lester. No harm done. Should've gone inside, I guess... Well... good luck with the fishing."

Lester laughed, "Ahs gots the good luck today! Dat's fo'sho'!

"Ain't nobody out here today, so if you and Missy wanna, ya know, out here. Ah'll jus' watch mah fishin'."

Heading into the lake house to join my blushing bride, I took furtive glances sideways to see if anyone else was watching. Thankfully, Lester was our only obvious observer.

"Sam! You're bad, bad, bad! My god! He was watching us! You let him watch!"

"Made his day, didn't we?" I laughed nervously knowing full well what a lewd spectacle I had made of us.

"And you wanted me to finger myself for him!" she replied with indignation.

"I got kind of carried away. You must admit, that would have given him something to talk about!"

"He has plenty to talk about already! God, everyone's going to hear about it."

"What? That he saw a man and his wife during an intimate moment."

"Intimate? You raped me!"

"Didn't hear you say, 'no'."

"I did too!" she pouted as she struck at me playfully.

"Well, I think I might have to rape you again," I said whimsically.

"Promise?" she asked in a voice smoldering with lust.

Grabbing her by the wrists and holding her hands behind her back, I ground my semi-erect cock into her stomach. "We got all day, baby. All day."

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