tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Wife Comes Around

A Wife Comes Around


This is my first attempt at a story. I hope it reads well. Some parts of the story are true, some of my fantasies and wild imagination. Maybe someday it'll happen. Yeah right and I'll hit lotto, too. I'll leave it to your imagination which is which.. All names have been changed to protect their innocence. I know I'm putting this into the crossdressing section but it will get there eventually.


Let me start by explaining that I was the prude wife. I wasn't very experienced in the sex department, and also very naive, when we were married, although neither was he. We had sex but mostly missionary position or me on top, nothing adventurous like doggy style, which in my naivete then I thought was anal sex. I did give the occasional BJ, never swallowing, or deep-throating even though he's average at about 5". Sometimes I would do it while he was driving but that was as daring as I would get. I was never comfortable letting him near my pussy to have oral sex, try as he might. He definitely had a much hungrier appetite for sex than I did and was a lot more adventurous.

After about 5 years of marriage the first sign was when I came home after a night out bowling with the ladies, he was in bed wearing one of my Frederick's day's of the week panties that had an opening where my pussy would be, I guess to have sex with the panties still on. I never even wore the set that he bought for me. His balls were peeking out through the slit opening. I was a bit surprised but he said he didn't want them to go to waste so he'll start wearing them. I didn't mind all that much. It seemed harmless and the way he looked was kind of funny and cute. I went down on him, licking and sucking on his balls until he exploded without me touching his cock. (I should add that he's been shaving his package. He read that to get your woman to shave her pussy that it might convince her to do it if you shaved too. He still shaves, I still don't.) I actually enjoyed that night, maybe because it was different and fun.

He would wear the set on more occasions, usually preceding one of our sex nights. He liked me stroking his cock through the nylon panties, even cumming in them. He would not take the panties off during sex, just pulling them down enough to have his cock out to fuck me. I thought we had a pretty good sex life now.

A few years later, with the drudgery of work and now with kids, the sex became much more infrequent. I tried but by nighttime I was spent. I guess we were having sex about every other month. It just didn't interest me. One night he handed me a letter with the headline, "Things that turn me on". There was a page full. He wrote the obvious things but also wrote that he like wearing panties and lingerie. He tried to get me to write down my favorite turn-ons but I still haven't gotten around to it yet. From that night on he has been wearing panties 24/7, with both of us sharing the panties. One night he tried to put on one of my satin chemises, which I rarely wore, to spice things up but I told him no. I thought that went too far.

That's about the extent of our first 10-12 yrs of marriage. He eventually started buying his own panties, all types and styles. He tried to get me to wear some of his styles but I stuck to the basics. He has string bikinis, bikinis, hipsters, and even thongs, I would say that 75% are satin or nylon. Lots of them are lace trimmed, very feminine, frilly and sexy. Some had ruffled edges and little bows. Most are of a pink variety, with flowers, stripes, dots or some fancy design. But he has all colors represented very well. He puts my panty drawer to shame.

The next few years were getting better. I still wasn't that into sex but I did try to pleasure him more often. Most of our sex consisted of me giving him blow jobs. He loved getting them and I was very happy to give them. He still wouldn't remove the panties. I just let his balls out through the leg opening while his cock was still encased in his panty. He was good at letting me know what felt good and where. He would gently move so I would lick or suck in a particular spot. He would hold his cock up so I could tease his head with my tongue while my hand would gently tickle his balls. He would lift his hips up so I would lick under his jewels almost all the way to his daisy. I was so glad that he shaved this whole area now. He took my fingers and would trace up and down the crease of his satin covered ass. I could feel him pull his cheeks apart so my finger would rub against his daisy. All while I was doing this he was usually finger fucking my pussy. It would be so wet just from my excitement of pleasing him. And every once in a while I needed him to put his cock in me.

Things changed after one night of bowling.. Let me explain. We joined a different league. It was a mixed league but most teams had all ladies, like ours. My team consisted of 2 longtime friends and another I knew a from our time in the other league. We had a group of us women, 8 of us, that hung around together. All married except for one who is divorced. The age range went from early 40's to early 50's. We would stay after bowling in the bar area at a table in the back, away from the door and by ourselves, to have a few cocktails. It was dimly lit but you could see. Looking back there from the bar you could tell people were there but not much else. I would usually leave after a couple of drinks. It was past my bedtime. Well one night that talk was getting kind of trashy. Add alcohol to the mix and you never know what might happen or come up.

First up was oral sex. Everyone was giving blowjobs to their husbands. Half of them swallowed most of the time, the rest only sometimes. They also all liked having their husband go south on them, licking and sucking on their clit while a finger or 2 was pumping in and out of their pussy. I was the lone exception. No swallowing or having my pussy eaten.

Then the talk turned to masturbating and the big "O". They all said that at sometime they have done it, mostly with a vibrator, and that their orgasm masturbating was better than sex with their husbands. One said that she and her husband masturbate watching each other. Then someone mentioned having sex with other women. This time all but one other said they explored having sex with another woman. I said that I have never dared to dabble in these types of sex, although I didn't have a problem with it. They giggled and said that sometimes they had sex with each other. Right here at this table. The look on my face must have been priceless. I was in total amazement. And as long as it was the 'Bill Clinton' style of sex that it wasn't cheating. Unless of course you wanted to be penetrated. I also said that I orgasm most of the time having sex. They all looked at me in disbelief.

"Never masturbated using a vibrator or dildo?" my longtime friend Katy said. "And orgasms all the time? Missy I have to tell you that you really haven't had the big "O" until you've rubbed your clit using a vibrator."

She reached into her bag a took out a little red gizmo. It had a Hello Kitty cat head on it. As vibrators go this one was very unintimidating. She twisted it and it started buzzing. She handed it to me and as I held it my hand felt ticklish.

"Oooohhhh" I said. "This is cute. Feels nice too."

"Imagine that humming on your sweet spot while your in bed' Katy said. "But I have a better idea. Next week come bowling in a skirt and afterwards we'll show you how it works."

They all shook their heads in agreement. I didn't know what I was getting into but agreed to her request.

The week went by fast. I showed up in a print, flared skirt, just above the knee, with a pair of shoes with 2" heels. My husband noticed that I looked good. I told him that I had a quick meeting at the school before bowling. It didn't even phase him. At the lanes, my friends came over to say I looked good in my skirt and liked that it was the kind that had bounce to it. I mentioned that I did have to bowl in this attire. They all laughed.

The games ended and we all headed into the bar. We ordered our drinks and went over to our table. It was a corner table that had an L shaped padded bench against the wall and 3 chairs on the outside. The girls let me go in first so I was in the middle of the bench seat, 2 ladies on either side of me and 3 in the chairs. Katy and Mary were next to me. The drinks came and we all sipped them making small talk. We all knew what what was cumming (pun intended) next.

Mary then took out out a satin blindfold, the kind you would sleep with. She asked me to put in on so I wouldn't be distracted by opening my eyes to see what was going on. She said to sit back, fantasize and enjoy. I took one last sip of my drink and put on the blindfold. Mary leaned over to my ear and whispered "Anytime you want to stop is OK. All you have to do is put your hands up. Let us know if something does or doesn't feel good."

I was feeling a little anxious, OK maybe a lot, but no sooner than she said that I felt a hand rest on my thigh. Slowly it caressed the top of my leg over the skirt. Back and forth it went, then to the side of my leg. The fingers of another hand started outlining the shape of my breast. My nipple was getting hard as she circled them with her fingers. The next surprise was when I felt another hand on top of the other leg doing the same things. That must only mean there's more than 1 of them now. For my first experience with a woman they weren't holding back. Their fingertips were gently feeling all parts of my thighs, and i was quivering on the inside, but with my legs together they couldn't reach down very far between my legs. My skirt was rising higher and higher up, exposing my panty to the pair of hands. A finger neared the top of my pussy, the tip rubbing my bushy mound. I oohed ever so slightly, enjoying the attention I was getting, and a fingertip was placed against my lips to sshhh me.

Parting my legs ever so slightly, the hands took advantage, reaching in, caressing my inner thighs together. They managed to spread apart my legs enough get access to my pussy through the panty. They took turns playing with it, tracing my slit , getting it very wet. I had slithered down the bench some so my tush was on the edge of the seat. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, when I couldn't believe what came next. A third pair of hands joined in, feeling up my calves, as lips were kissing at my knees. The hands reached my knees and lovingly pried my legs open. With them now wide open, the kisses went to my inner thigh. I was tingling on the inside. I oooohhhed again, and again a fingertip was put to my lips. This time I instinctively stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of the finger. I sucked it into my mouth and swirled it with my tongue. When she slipped it out of my mouth I continued to lick at it while it circled my wet lips.

The fingers and hands were working their magic as my panty was getting very wet, the kisses getting closer to the wetness. The lips reached their destination, kissing and pressing softly into my panty covered pussy. Katy, on my left, leaned over to my ear, nibbling on the lobe. She quietly said " We're going to take off your panty now. If you want us to stop just put your hands up. No questions asked." I was too far along now and just leaned my head back, tilting it towards Mary. She eagerly put her lips to mine, waiting for a response from me. I acknowledged approval to her by kissing her back. Our mouths opened together and she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

Katy and Mary reached a thumb into my panty (by the way was a red VS cotton high cut, real sexy huh) and starting sliding it off. I lifted my tush slightly to help them out. With the panty now at the top of my thighs, Laurie, the one under the table hooked her fingers in the waistband and finished off the reveal. She tugged them down slowly, over my knees, down my legs and off my feet, still wearing my heels. My pussy was now totally exposed to their liking. Katy's hand left me for a moment but to my surprise returned with the "Hello Kitty" vibrator. She twisted it on and placed it against my love button. You would have thought I was having a seizure. My body was pulsating along with my clit. I couldn't keep it in and oooohhhhed again, my oohs getting longer and slightly louder. Mary put something to my lips to keep them quiet. It was a fleshy, flexible type of dildo. I treated that dildo to its best blowjob ever, just to keep quiet.

As the Kitty was humming along, M and K's fingers were at the folds of my pussy, rubbing the outside of them. My pussy lips were getting swollen as they took turns rubbing them, sometimes together. They would tease me by putting a finger in one knuckle deep. As they did this I would buck my pussy upwards, almost begging for them to go deeper. Following the 'Clinton' rules, and this my first encounter, they refrained from pushing in any further. When 1 finger was toying with my pussy, the other finger was painting my lips to let me taste my own juices. I was savoring the taste and the aroma of my wetness. I would suck on the finger until the next one replaced it, all the while having the vibrator at my clit.

I felt the fingers come out and Laurie slid her hands up to my vacated pussy. With her delicate touch she spread apart my pussy, opening it up for her pleasure and mine. The kisses that were on my inner thighs were now on my pussy, pecking gingerly at the opening and then with her mouth over it, she slipped in her tongue, fucking my pussy. She would also lick it up and down, like she was having an ice cream cone. She competed with the vibrator to suck and nibble on my clit, which she told me protruded very nicely. All of this was the most stimulated I have ever been and wasn't going to last anymore. I finally realized what they meant by the big 'O' as my body started to tremble from deep inside. I reached down and put my hands on the back of her head, nudging her into my pussy. She took the Kitty away and again sucked on my clit. With the Kitty still humming, she placed it against the crevice of my wanting pussy, slowly inserting it just enough, while continuing to suck my clit. When my body started to shake, she took it out and rubbed it against my clit. Her open mouth returned to my pussy, licking and sucking all of the womanly secretions flowing out of me while I had the climax of my life. She used my panty to wipe my pussy of all the excess wetness.

To be continued...

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