tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Wife Comes Around Ch. 02

A Wife Comes Around Ch. 02


Reading Part 1 will help explain some instances in Part 2 but it's not necessary. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


I caught my breath after my wonderful experience, as we were all around the table now commenting on my orgasm. I sipped my drink and exclaimed that was the best orgasm I've ever had. It was getting late now and I had to get going. I put the sopping panty in my bag and thanked everyone.

About a month passed by when Laurie mentioned that they were having a girls night at Chrissy's house. They do this a few times a year to spice things up. She's the divorced woman so her house is free. The only requirement was to wear or bring some type of sexy PJ's to change into. It was going to be the 5 of us for Saturday night. I only had a satin shirt and pants set but it will have to do.

Saturday night finally arrived. I packed my pj's in a bag and kissed my husband goodbye, telling him I won't be too late, maybe around midnight. He mentioned to not drink too much and drive home, that if I needed a ride to call him. He's so good to me.

I was the last to show up at Chrissy's. She answered the door wearing a sheer yellow babydoll with matching bikini panty and let me in. I went into the den in the back of the house. Mary, Katy and Laurie were on the couches sipping their drinks. Mary was dressed in all black. Satin ruffled slip with garters, lace top stockings, satin thong and 3" pumps. Katy wore a pink satin chemise with garters, white lace top stockings with pink bows, and pink fuzzy slippers. And Laurie also was in pink, in a satin cami and garter belt set, pink satin thong, and black fishnet stockings. I went into the bedroom and changed, feeling a little embarrassed about my outfit. I exited the bedroom, went to the kitchen to make my drink and entered the den. I sat down next to Laurie and the small talk continued.

After some time and a few more drinks, we all started feeling good. Chrissy made a comment about my attire. She said "Girl we're going to have to take you on a shopping trip to spruce up your outfit. Victorias Secret is not just cotton panties and bras. I'm sure your husband wouldn't mind a sexy outfit complete with all the accessories. It's fun to play dress up and feel sexy."

We all laughed and agreed that I could use an updating to my wardrobe. That"s when I said something that just popped out and thought I would regret later. I said, "Well I could start by wearing some of my husbands panties. He has a nice collection of them." I couldn't believe I just said that my husband wears panties out loud. The four of them looked at me with quite surprise. They asked a slew of questions about it, why, how long, what kinds, etc..., and after answering I swore them to secrecy, NEVER to tell a soul. They promised, reminding me of our little trysts with each other, that no one wanted out in the open. But they did ask if I could get a picture and to bring a couple of pair to the lanes so they could see what he likes. I said the picture would be difficult but next week I'll bring a few to show off at the lanes afterwards.

We had our fun together, exploring each other's desires. I can say that I even made another woman climax with my tongue. The experience with them is a learning one for me, opening up my inhibitions and making sex at home more enjoyable, too. While in the kitchen mixing another drink, Mary came up behind me. She placed a hand on my tush, rubbing it through the satin pants. She leaned it to whisper something to me, "Take it from me, you have to explore more of what he's into. Start with the computer, finding websites that he visits and such. Also, look for a secret spot where he might hide some things, maybe the garage or attic."

I answered " I don't think he would do that. Maybe porn on the computer but hiding things. That's just not him."

"He's wearing panties that you know of. What about things you don't know. I'm sure it doesn't stop with panties. That's probably the tip of the iceberg, so to speak" she said.

"And you know all this how?" I asked.

"Because Andrew, or Amy, his girls name that he like to be called when he's in his outfits, has been dressing for years. I affectionately call him my queenie and he loves it. We have a very interesting sex life. Never dull that's for sure. And once a year, we even go away where we won't be recognized so he can go out dressed up and be with people like him. Sometimes we even hook up with another couple like us or a couple of single crossdressers and have a wonderful time together."

"You mean he has sex with another man?" I asked.

"Yes, and he still loves sex with a woman but he enjoys playing the role of a woman. I like to think of it as he's exploring his feminine side. And no he's not gay because he doesn't love men, only wants to have sex with them and only when they're dressed as he is. And I get to enjoy the benefits as well. Threesomes are adventurous and daring. We switch things up depending on who we are with. It would be the best if we didn't have to travel away to enjoy his desires. And since both of them had vasectomies, no need for condoms and no worries about safe sex. We always used a condom with other couples we met. If your husband is into the same types of things, imagine the possibilities for us."

" OK. I'll look around to see if I can find anything and I'll let you know. By the way, does anyone else know what you two are doing?"

"No just you now. And don't be surprised or upset if you find something. It's not easy for them to come out. I only found out by coming home early one time and he was all decked out in lingerie. He explained that it went back a long time ago and that he liked the feeling."

We went back to the party that was winding down. I got dressed again and went on my way thanking everyone for a great time and that I'll see them next weekend.

I started at the computer, feeling a little guilty, but wanting to find out if it was true. I logged onto his name and looked at his favorites that were bookmarked, hoping it was that easy. Sure enough there were a couple of sites. I clicked on the first, and it was a website with crossdresser photos. He didn't log off the site so his username(pinkprincessAudrey, as in Hepburn. He always said she was the most beautiful actress with beautiful eyes) was still there. I scanned the page and noticed a favorites bar, clicked on it and he had three fav's there. One was a beautiful woman all dressed up in various poses, then photos of her undressing, until she was almost naked except for panties and stockings with a stiff cock peeking out the top of the panties. She was completely shaved. I couldn't believe she was a man. She had about 10 pages of pictures, all stunning. The next two fav's were of men who looked like woman but didn't pass totally. There were photos in their sites of them in lingerie and costumes. But these two also showed them having sex while dressed as women, all with other men while also dressed. There were 3-somes and 4-somes, some with an actual woman involved using a strap-on. One photo he commented on was one 'girl' on the floor on all fours, sucking the pantied cock of one girl while getting fucked from behind by another girl. The comment read that he'd like to be in the middle of that but settle for sucking the cock of the girl on all fours. Another photo was of one girl on her back with her legs over the shoulders of another girl, getting fucked in the ass, while the 3rd girl was kneeling over his head, kissing the girl fucking, and the girl on the bottom licking and sucking his balls. The comment he wrote was 'only in my dreams to be on the bottom'.

The other site was full of crossdressing stories, again he didn't log off(pinkprincessAudrey), and again found a fav's tab. His favorite stories all seemed to involve 2-3 girls together, some with wives, too. I just kept reading the stories wondering how he kept it silent for so long.

The next bowling night, when we were done and sitting around our table, I took out the pairs of undies to show them off. The first was a nylon, sheer striped white hipster with pink lace around the openings. Next was a black satin animal print thong. Third was a nylon, yellow with white dot double string bikini. And last was a nylon black bikini with pink flowered print and wide lace waistband. They just loved the fact that he wore panties and couldn't wait to see him to imagine what he was wearing. The picture is proving difficult, waiting for him to be sound asleep. He sleeps in panties and a t-shirt, so I'm hoping to take a phone picture of him with the covers pulled down.

My snooping for items took longer. Finally one day while he was at work, I headed for the garage. I looked in the obvious places, but found nothing. Taking a step back and surveying the area, there was stuff under the workbench. I kneeled down, moved a few tools and found a box in the back. I reached under and took it out to see. In it was a bag of panties of all kinds, garter belts, garter panties, stockings, panty hose and even a couple of maxi pads. Clothes in the box consisted of a chemise, mini skirt with tiered ruffles, pink plaid school girl costume, and a black pleated skirt(looked like an old one of mine). Under all this were what looked like his toys. Three homemade dildos made of soft spongy material, a box of condoms and lubes and oils. Then the real surprise were the sd-cards.

I plugged one into the side of the tv. This one had photos of him all dressed up in skirts and dresses that I recognized from my closet, complete with pantyhose and heels. He took shots of himself getting dressed from start, putting on panties and hose, to finish, slipping into a slip then a skirt or dress. His cock was at full attention during his shoots. He liked taking photos of looking up his skirt to see his pantied cock.

The lingerie pictures were just as revealing. Wearing a black and white dot garter bikini with ruffles, lace top stockings, black high heels and the pink chemise, he took lots of photos, in different positions, playing with himself and showing off his stiff member. He would take a picture together of himself and the model in the catalogue, maybe to compare how he looked.

But the last sd card had videos. One video was of him starting to get dressed in a mid-thigh length black dress. He first put on the back seamed, lace top stockings, rolling them up and sliding it on his pointed toes and pulling them up to his thighs, smoothing them out. He then stepped into a pair of red satin hipsters, with a keyhole back and black laced edges, pulling them up to cover his growing erection. He put on the black garter belt, fastening the hooks then spinning it around. He expertly attached the straps to the stockings like he's done this before. He slipped a cami over his head then the dress, brushing away any wrinkles. He then put his feet into a pair of black open toe shoes with about a 3" heel, finishing off with red lipstick, mascara and a dash of perfume.

He looked really good. The camera was focused on him as he would walk around the room, the dress swishing as he walked. I was surprised that he could walk in heels but he must have had a lot of practice. He would twirl close to the camera, giving a peek of the red panty and garters. He sat on the couch, correctly setting the dress under him. He would tease the camera by inching his legs apart to see up his dress. He slid the dress higher up his leg, caressing the stockings, and showing off the garter belt. His hands would find their way to his package, rubbing it all around through the panty. He laid back on the couch, continuing to play with himself and feeling his nipples through the cami. After awhile he got up and let the dress slip off his shoulders and to the floor. Back on the couch, he was really teasing himself, getting all worked up and you could see the precum leaking out. He took a finger, dabbed at the cum and licked it off. With another satin panty between his cock and stomach, he would rub himself, then stop, and in a few seconds more cum came out. He did this a couple of times into the cotton crotch of the panty. He rolled off the couch, placing the cum filled panty on the floor. Kneeling down, he licked at the cum soaked panty, eating up his own cum. With the cum on his tongue, he showed the camera as he licked his lips with it, then swallowed it down. He took the panty and put the cotton crotch to his lips, licking all the cum away, then sucking the cotton crotch while he finished off stroking his cock and exploding.

I found the video with him in the school girl outfit. This must be the slutty Audrey. It started with the stockings, next the pink thong panties, and finishing off with a white blouse. He slipped on a pair of black heels. He completed the look by putting on lipstick and mascara. He always had such long lashes. He modeled the outfit, constantly feeling himself, lifting the front and back of the mini skirt, revealing his hard cock. He put a towel on the floor, placing his toys around. He attached it somehow to a pole in the house, and after letting his thong slide to the floor, he lubed up his daisy and condom that he put on the dildo. He Slowly pushed back on it, all of it, about 8", disappearing into his ass. He rocked the dildo in and out of his ass. He grabbed another smaller one and started sucking it, giving it to himself at both ends. When he looked ready, he stroked his hard cock until he shot a stream of cum into the thong, licking it clean.

To be continued...

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I like it

It's building up to be a great story. I hope she doesn't blackmail and humiliate hubby, but lovingly brings him out.

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Never Felt Like Going Out Dressed

Yeah, for a guess perhaps many readons, I've always been embarassed to go out in public dressed up in drag. First ad.I've.gotten older, I'm way less passable, and two I guess is just the fearnof bringmore...

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