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A Wife's Fantasy



This story is about a lady I met online. She is a 32 year old hot Norwegian MILF named Anita. She is about 5'7" and 140 pounds. One thing led to another and sex was suddenly what we were talking about. As she is married with 2 kids, everything stayed on the fantasy level, but she liked the idea of my trying to write erotica and wanted to help me out. That brings us to this story, my take on her fantasy day home alone...


Outside the snow was falling and the temperature outside was way below freezing. Inside Anita had a nice fire going while she relaxed on the sofa with Rex, the family dog, sleeping by her feet. All in all the perfect start to her nice and quiet home alone weekend, the kids shipped off to visit grandparents and the husband away on a hunting trip with his friends. Since weekends like this are few and far between she planned to enjoy this one a lot. She opened a nice bottle of red wine to let it breathe before she dimmed the lighting in the house and made her way to the bathroom for a nice, hot, uninterrupted shower.

When Anita got to the warm bathroom she started to undress slowly, feeling the stresses of the week fall with each item of clothing. Stepping in under the warm water she lets it just flow over her for several minutes, not moving, just enjoying. Opening a new shower gel bought especially for this day the rich scent of coconut fills the room as she lets her hands explore her whole body, covering it in the foaming shower gel that makes her whole body tingle. After a short while her hand comes to rest between her legs, gently parting her pussy lips and sliding a finger in to her wet pussy while her thumb gently rubs her clit. The warm water running over her almost feels cold now compared to the heat building up inside her as the first orgasm of the night approaches. She starts to breathe faster, leaning against the wall for support as she groans loudly, the orgasm taking over and making her whole body shake and her legs feel like jell-O. Slowly sitting down in the shower she lets the shaking subside, just enjoying the feeling of her whole body pulsating.

When Anita again is able to stand up she starts washing her long, fiery red hair before getting her shaving kit ready, she wants her pussy and legs silky smooth for the rest of the night. Letting the Gillette vibrating razor run over her pussy mound the vibrations start her on the way towards a second orgasm, but she manages to control herself just enough to just complete the shaving, nothing more. Yet.

Getting out of the shower she walks straight in to the living room to let the warm fire dry her body. Catching her reflection in one of the windows she pauses a bit to enjoy her naked body glistening as the water picks up the warm orange color from the fire. Despite being 32 years old and a mother of two her body still has that nice hourglass shape, and her ass is firm. Anita fills the first wine glass as she continues to soak up the heat from the fire, her mind already thinking about what she has planed next.

Hidden deep inside her bedroom closet is a secret stash of clothes she doesn't let anyone see her in, not even her husband. She starts to bring them out, there is the pushup bra that is just a little bit too small so that her boobs really get pushed up, there is a tight black top with a deep V front to show off the cleavage the pushup bra gives her, a pair of thigh high up fishnet stockings that together with a garter really frames her pussy and ass, a short leather skirt that barely covers her pussy when she is standing straight and to finish it off there is a pair of leather boots with a high heel. This ensemble is Anita's fantasy slut ware, the stuff she uses for her dirtiest fantasies.

Starting with the garter, she slowly pulls it up, then the thigh high stockings, all the time watching herself in the mirror. Walking around in the room wearing just the garter and stockings she can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Stopping in front of a mirror she spreads her legs and slowly runs a finger between her pussy lips, feeling the wetness before she brings the finger up to her face, looking at the glistening juices covering it before she slowly licks it off, tasting her own sweet self. Next Anita pulls on the short leather skirt, it's tight over her ass so it almost like it's gripping her ass, molding itself to her two butt cheeks. When she completes the outfit with the pushup bra and tight top, she takes a minute to look at herself in the mirror.

The fact that no one will ever see Anita in this outfit is what's enabling her to actually have these fantasies, it's all for her own pleasure knowing that she could walk in to a bar like this and turn the head of everyone she wants, she could meet her husband dressed like this after a day of work and she would surely be fucked senseless, but that would take away from the fantasy aspect. The thought of being bent over a table in that bar, showing everyone there her dripping wet pussy and have them shove their large cocks up both her tight holes, any way they want it as long as they fuck her long and hard.

Coming back to her senses for a moment Anita decides it's time for the main part of the night. Walking over to her bedside table Anita reaches for something at the back of the drawer, pulling out a small bottle of lube and a medium sized butt plug. The plug is another thing no one knows about, her husband has never had her ass, and it's only something Anita has been experimenting with for a little while. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she puts some lube on the plug and sets it aside on the nightstand, lying face down on the bed Anita gently pushes one finger with some lube on up her tight asshole, feeling it give way as more and more of the finger makes it way in. Reaching over to the nightstand she takes the plug and places the tip at the opening to her tight hole, gently pushing it in, feeling herself opening up as more and more of the plug makes its way inside before her ass sucks in the rest once the thickest part is in. Lying still on the bed Anita can feel the plug fill her up, and when she starts to move she can feel it even more.

Once Anita gets used to the plug she gets of the bed and slowly walks out to the kitchen, stopping to take another large glass of wine on the way. Bending over a little bit in front of a mirror she can see the base of the plug and she blushes at the thought of how slutty she looks. In the kitchen she takes a few more sips of the wine to steady her nerves before she opens the fridge. Opening the door she looks down at the large cucumber she bought earlier today, spending a lot of time at the produce section deciding on what size to get, either something small to simulate her husband, a medium one to simulate some of the cocks she has seen in online clips, or a large one like some of the cocks she has read about on Literotica. She decided to go with a large, finding one that was close to 13" so that she would have something to hold on to, and a little bit smaller then a coke-can in girth.

Anita was planning to really feel she'd been fucked today, and getting to the counter she had played a little trick on herself, buying only the large cucumber and a packet of condoms, blushing like mad when she looked at the young man behind the register. Again she blushed at the thought of what she done earlier today, taking the large cucumber out of the fridge. Holding it in her hands she starts to wonder if she might have gone too big, but quickly pushes aside that thought. Moving back in to the living room she puts a condom over the large cucumber and covers it with lube before hiking up her skirt. Leaning against the sofa backrest she places the cucumber at the opening to her wet pussy, feeling the tip slide against the butt plug, feeling her pussy stretch to take the girth of the cucumber. Slowly she works in more and more, stopping so that she can adjust to the size of the monster making its way inside her.

At last feeling the tip of the cucumber touching her cervix she slowly pulled it almost all the way out before pushing it back in, increasing the speed a little bit each time and she could feel the cucumber push on the butt plug every time she pushed it in. Well on her way to a large orgasm Anita started to fantasize about the stranger with the huge cock that was now filling her pussy while fingering her ass. Who was this stranger using her body, were there other strangers waiting in line to fuck her with even bigger cocks, would the strangers push their big cocks up her ass? Fueled by the fantasy her own juices were flowing and on the verge of her orgasm she pushed the cucumber even deeper letting the slight pain of it hitting hard on her cervix blend with the pleasure of her orgasm. With her whole body shaking she collapses over the sofa backrest, only just managing to hold the cucumber deep inside her as she felt the contractions try to squeeze it out of her.

Still cloudy from the orgasm Anita thinks she hears a noise, then another. It takes her just a little bit too long to realize it's the front door unlocking, but when she hear voices suddenly go quiet her mind snaps back in to clarity. She stands up and swings around, mortified at the sight before her. For what felt like hours she stood still, wearing her slut outfit, skirt around her waist and a large cucumber in her pussy while she looked at her husband's huge grin and the shocked faces on four of his hunting buddies. Time suddenly starts moving again when she feels the cucumber slide out of her wet pussy, hitting the floor with a loud thump. Anita tries to cover up and turn around, but when she hears one guy mention the butt plug she starts to scream in shame and runs to the bedroom, all the while hearing her husband say, "Come back honey, it's OK". Hiding under her covers she can hear the men talking about the large cucumber wondering how she managed to fuck that thing. Anita pulls the covers tightly around her as she realizes that she will never be able to look her husband's hunting buddies in the face again, but she is also comforted when she hears her husband tell them to be quiet and get on home.

Hearing the front door close the house is again silent but for the footsteps making their way towards the bedroom. Anita is still hiding under the blanket when she hears her husband ask her if everything is OK as he lies down beside her in bed. He pulls down the covers and gently kisses her, wiping away the tears on her face. Just holding her he again asks her if she is OK. This time Anita responds that she is fine, just shocked and embarrassed, wondering how she ever will be able to look at his friends or their wives again because she is sure her slutty display will be discussed. Her husband comforts her saying that the guys will be quiet and that they would not dare mention it to anyone since they all fantasize about seeing her again and know that they don't stand a chance if they spill the beans.

Anita feels her husband's hand moving down her side, coming to rest on her pussy mound while he whispers in her ear how incredibly hot she looked when they walked in the door. Her husband then lets one finger slide over her clit and in to her still wet pussy, saying how much he would like to see for himself someday how she managed to get that large cucumber inside that tight hole. Reaching further Anita jumps a little as her husband touches the butt plug and moves it slightly. She blushes when he asks her when she planned on letting him have a go at her ass, driving home the point by pulling out the plug. Anita says that she was saving it for his birthday present but if he wanted it he could take her now. To her surprise he said no, but suggested they both take the next weekend, just the two of them at the cabin...

The end?

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