tagLoving WivesA Willing Cuckold

A Willing Cuckold


John and Julie were in their mid-20s and had been married for two years, did not have any children, and were very much in love. Both were white-collar professionals and they owned a nice home in suburbia. They enjoyed an active and healthy sex life though it was somewhat bland since getting married. They were more wild while dating in college, experimenting with things like anal sex, having sex in public areas, and even threesomes.

John considered himself very lucky to be married to Julie, who was a curvaceous and beautiful blonde that turned heads wherever they went. He felt a lot of pride whenever he would spot another man checking Julie out, or when one of his buddies commented on what a looker she was. John often fantasized about watching another man have sex with his wife on the occasions when he masturbated, recalling the few times they had threesomes in college and how excited it made him to watch Julie with another man. John had a smaller penis, only four or five inches when erect, but in his fantasies the man fucking his wife always had a large cock. It's not that John felt inadequate, but he often wondered if Julie ever craved anything larger.

One night, after some lovemaking, John lay in bed beside Julie and found the courage to ask "Honey, do you ever think about the threesomes we had back in college?"

Julie gave her husband a quizzical look and replied, "Sometimes, I suppose. Why do you ask, is our sex life boring you?"

"No, no not at all." John assured her. "But sometimes I wonder if we've gotten stale. We never do anything crazy anymore. Remember when we had sex in that porn shop video booth?"

Julie smiled as she recalled the occasion, "Of course I remember. But we were kids then, John. Things change when you have jobs and a home to take care of."

"I know, I know." John agreed, "But does that mean we have to stop trying new things, or doing the things that excite us?"

Julie pondered that. "No, I suppose you're right." Her face twisted in curiosity and asked, "Are you saying you want to have a threesome? I mean, it was one thing when we were stoned college kids, but we haven't been those people in years."

John hesitated, not wanting to create any tension in his marriage. "Not a threesome, exactly. But sometimes I think about you and...um, you know. Watching you with another man."

Julie actually laughed, surprised by John's words. "Wouldn't that make you jealous, honey?"

John shook his head. "No...no I don't think so. As long as I could be there, and watch."

Julie wasn't sure she believed what she was hearing, but she couldn't deny that it excited her a little. "You just want to watch?"

John nodded, not sure if his wife was going for this. "Yeah. Though it would really turn me on so I'd probably want to, you know, jerk off while I watched you."

Julie smiled, kissed her husband, and said "I'll think about it. You kind of surprised me with this, John, but I'll think about it."

As the weeks passed, John and Julie continued to discuss the possibility of her having sex with another man for John's viewing pleasure, usually after lovemaking. John was masturbating even more, when home alone, as he sensed that Julie was close to agreeing to his fantasy. Julie found herself thinking about it more and more as well, in her private thoughts.

One night while having sex, John was fucking Julie and she was fantasizing that it was another man on top of her. With a heavy breath, she asked "Do you still want to watch another man fuck me, baby?"

John groaned at the sudden fantasy, "Uhh, yes, yes."

Julie demanded, "Say it, say what you want. I want to hear you say it."

John increased the pace of his fucking, growing more aroused. "I want to watch you, I want to see you get fucked by a big-dicked stud."

The dirty talk was bringing Julie ever-closer to an orgasm, though John's 'big-dicked' comment surprised her a little. She didn't want to insult John, and she didn't realize the words were coming out of her mouth until she said "Do you want to jerk off your little dick while you watch a big cock pleasure me?"

John moaned in excitement and felt his orgasm take over, "Yes, oh yes baby..."

Julie had an orgasm as well, one more intense than she had enjoyed in a long while. She moaned and writhed as she felt John cum inside of her. She felt sexually charged by her husband's sudden submission.

Later, after the two recovered and were cuddling in bed, Julie apologized. "John, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that you're...you know, small. I love you and I love what you do to me in bed."

John smiled, "It's okay. I mean, I know I'm not the biggest...down there. And actually, it really turned me on. I don't know why, but it did."

Julie cupped John's cheek in her palm and kissed him, "I want to do it. I've been thinking about it a lot, and I want to fuck another man so you can watch me. Do you still want that?" John quickly told Julie he did.

Julie felt it would be best if the man they found was a stranger and not someone they knew in their personal life, convincing John to let her find the man through a personals ad on the internet. The ad she posted stated that she wanted a man similar in age, one who lived nearby, and was interested in helping her cuckold her husband. She added that he must be discreet, interested in sex only, and he needed to have a large penis.

It took a few weeks before a guy that fit Julie's standards replied to the ad. His name was Mike. Julie and Mike exchanged a few emails, and Mike sent her a photo of himself. They arranged for Mike to come over on a Saturday night. For the whole week leading up to that night both John and Julie were growing increasingly excited and horny, having sex every night. During that sex, Julie increased the tone of her dirty talk, telling John about how much bigger Mike was than he, and how much she was going to enjoy fucking him. The degrading talk only aroused John even more.

On Saturday, when Mike finally came over, it was John that answered the door. Mike was taller than John, about the same age and handsome, with dark curly hair. John felt a twinge of jealousy when he saw Mike, but excited at the same time. The three shared a drink along with some small talk, but Julie didn't want it to go too far: this was about sex.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm horny." Julie said, "I think we should go to the bedroom and get started." The two men were in agreement, and followed Julie into the bedroom.

John sat down in a chair in the corner of the room as he watched Mike undress his wife, then himself. He saw that Mike had a much larger penis than he, it wasn't even fully erect yet and it was longer and thicker than John's.

Julie got on her knees and took Mike's cock into her hand, starting to stroke it gently, coaxing it to grow hard. "Mmm, look at this big dick. It's very impressive, Mike."

John was already fully erect watching his wife give another man a hand job. He unfastened his pants to release his much smaller dick, stroking it slowly.

Julie looked over at her husband, to make sure he seemed okay with this. When she saw that he was already masturbating, she grew incredibly horny. Julie took Mike's dick into her mouth and began sucking it.

Mike groaned in pleasure as Julie swirled her tongue around his cockhead, then licked the soft underside of his shaft. "Ohh, Julie, that feels incredible. Suck that big cock baby, let your husband see you ."

John couldn't believe what he was seeing as Mike grew fully erect. He must have been ten inches in length, and much thicker than John imagined a penis could be. John could see that Julie was impressed as well, as she took Mike's shaft and rubbed it against her cheeks and face before swallowing as much as she could. She was worshipping the massive piece of cock-meat that was in front of her.

When Mike was as hard as a rock, with taut balls, he said "I think it's ready baby. You want this big cock inside you?"

Julie quickly agreed, "I do. I want you to fuck me with that massive thing." Julie rose from her knees and laid down on the bed, making sure she was at an angle where John could see all the action. "Fuck me Mike, fuck me with your big cock."

John was entranced as he watched Mike crawl between Julie's legs. John was masturbating vigorously as Mike started to work the tip of his cock into Julie, and he was worried he would cum too soon.

Julie groaned loudly at the size of the thing pushing into her. "Oh my god..." She looked over at John, who was rapidly jerking off, and said "Oh honey, he's so big. His cock is fucking amazing." She started writhing at the pleasure she was feeling at being so filled, and the way Mike's penis pushed and rubbed on her clitoris.

Mike had been slowly fucking into Julie and had worked about half of his length into her, "You like that, don't you? Are you a size queen, you slut? Do you like my big cock?"

Julie gasped as Mike pushed another inch into her already sopping wet cunt, "Fuck yes! Oh god, fuck me. Fuck me like I need to be fucked, Mike. Fuck me like my husband never could."

John felt a little wounded by his wife's comment, but couldn't help how aroused he was by the sight before him. He continued to jerk off, the sounds of his self-pleasure and grunting almost obscene. Julie looked over at John through glazed eyes, "Do it honey, jerk off that little dick of yours as you watch a real man fuck me. I want to see you cum."

That was all it took. John erupted in orgasm, his cum shooting high into the air to land all over his thighs and stomach. "Oh shit..." he moaned through the pleasure.

Mike looked down at Julie, groping at her tits as he continued to fuck her. "I think hubby likes it baby, he likes watching his wife get fucked by a real cock. He just blew all over himself."

Julie was still watching John as Mike had worked nearly the full length of his cock into her. "He better. I'm never fucking his small dick again." She moaned and spread her legs further apart, accepting all of mike into her. "I never knew it could be like this, so good...fuck me harder Mike. Give me a good fucking with your big dick. Oh god! I'm never fucking anything but your massive cock again."

John couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wasn't sure if Julie was being serious, or just caught up in the moment. Either way, it turned him on more than he ever imagined such words could. He was getting another erection as he watched Mike try to split his wife in two. He started masturbating again.

Julie watched her husband start to stroke his small cock, using his own cum as lubrication. Her arousal was as intense from the sight of John jerking off as it was from Mike's cock. "Look at my husband, Mike. Look at him rub his pathetic little cock while watching his wife get fucked." Julie felt sudden power and control over John, and it turned her on so much she started screaming in orgasm.

Mike was pounding into Julie, his large erection filling and stretching her soaking pussy. "Tell him again, baby. Tell him what you want from now on. Say it."

Julie did not hesitate, "I only want Mike's cock from now on, John...oh god, it fills me up so good. You have no idea...my pussy belongs to his cock now."

John was mortified, as he sensed Julie was being serious. But the sight before him was too hot to do anything but jerk off his little dick.

Julie maintained eye contact with her husband while getting fucked, "You can keep watching us, honey, and jerk off, but I'm never settling for your pathetic little penis again."

Mike started to grunt and moan, his orgasm close. Julie sensed this, and began urging him on. "Cum on me, Mike. Pull that fat cock out and shoot your milk all over my body, Mark me with your scent, mark my body as your territory."

John lost control as he watched Mike pull out his big cock and coax the cum out of it. John came all over his hand and crotch as Mike sprayed Julie with his seed. Julie mewed and moaned as she watched Mike's cock spit out a copious amount of cum all over her stomach and tits. She glanced over at her husband and wanted to test her newfound power over John, "Come over here honey. I want you to lick this mess off me and clean me up."

John wasn't sure about that, but he was dazed by his two intense orgasms, and wanted to get involved. He wanted to please his wife. John got up from his chair and approached. Mike chuckled, watching John lick up the cum off Julie's body.

Julie caressed John's hair as he licked up Mike's cum, "That's it honey, clean all that cum up for me. Get me ready for round two, because I need to have that humungous dick inside me again."

John did was he was told, licking up and swallowing the cum. He wasn't sure what had just happened, or what the future held, but he knew he wanted to see it again.

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