tagLoving WivesA Willing Cuckold Ch. 02

A Willing Cuckold Ch. 02


John woke up in his bed, alone, the morning after witnessing his wife Julie taken by another large-dicked man. He looked about, wiping the sleep from his eyes, wondering where Julie was. Remembering that Mike had left around 2am, John assumed Julie was about somewhere. He recalled the previous night's events in his mind, how he watched Mike (a man Julie found on the internet) fuck his wife twice. John had wanted this, had asked Julie to do it, and had watched from the corner of the room while masturbating. He recalled Julie demanding that John lick Mike's cum off her body, and John recalled doing it. Mike had cum inside Julie the second time. John wasn't sure how he felt about that, but he couldn't deny how exciting the whole scene was.

John lifted up the sheet covering his naked body and glanced down at his smallish cock, saw that it was getting hard just from the thoughts of what happened. He heard some activity from the adjoining bathroom and crawled out of bed to walk that way.

John found his wife standing in front of the mirror. She was naked, and applying lotion to her smooth lightly-tanned skin. John felt a twinge of lust for Julie, seeing her sensual curves and naked breasts, and his penis grew erect to its full four inches.

Julie smiled at her husband through the reflection of the mirror, "Good morning honey." She glanced down at his naked erection. "I see you're still horny from last night, hmm?"

"Yeah." John replied, "I can't stop thinking about it all. Are you okay? I mean, you're still cool with what happened?"

Julie squirted another palm full of lotion into her hand, turned around, and applied it to the round expanse of her 36C breasts so that John could see. "Of course. It was amazing, John. Mike's cock filled me like I never imagined I could be filled."

John stared at Julie's tits as she rubbed and caressed the lotion into them, then said "Well, it's Sunday, and we don't have to be anywhere today. Do you think we could make love? I'm really horny from watching you last night."

Julie shook her head, "No, John. I was serious about what I said last night. Your little cock could never pleasure me the way Mike can. We can do other things, but I'm not letting you fuck me anymore."

John grew quickly irritated at the idea that he could never enter his wife again, "But you're my wife, Julie! How can you say you don't want to make love to your husband?"

Julie placed her palms on bare hips and replied, "You wanted this, John. You wanted to see me fuck someone bigger than you. Now that it's happened I've realized you can't please me the way I need to be pleasured."

John looked dumbfounded and deflated, his cock slowly softening. Julie lifted a hand to her husband's cheek, "John, I still love you, dearly. You are the man I married and the man I want in my life, but when it comes to sex I've realized that I need more than what you have to offer. We're simply going to have to change the nature of our sex life."

"What do you mean?" John asked.

"Well, I'll never cut you out." Julie answered. "I'm going to continue having sex with Mike, but I want you to be there. Having you watch was part of what made it so exciting. And you can continue to...you know, play with your little thing."

"So I'm going to have to masturbate for the rest of my life?!"

Julie shook her head. "Of course not, dear. I'll give you hand jobs. Maybe even blowjobs..." she smirked, "...if you behave."

"Behave?" John asked, exasperated.

"If you do what I tell you to. Like right now, for example. I want you to eat my pussy." At that, Julie took John's hand and led him into the bedroom.

John followed, his mind swirling. His wife no longer wanted to fuck him! Could he continue to live like that? To be so...submissive? John didn't know, but his hardening penis was giving him a temporary answer. Julie laid back on their bed, spreading her legs to expose her trimmed pussy.

"Lick me, John. Eat my pussy. If you make me cum I'll jerk you off."

John licked his lips and couldn't help himself. He dropped to his knees and began licking at Julie's pussy.

"Mmm, that's it baby. Get your tongue inside me nice and deep." Julie mewed. "Lick that cunt out nice and good."

John began eating Julie out in earnest, pushing his face against her sex and working his tongue as far into her as he could. Julie placed her palm over the back of John's head and pulled him against her, "Oh god baby...you eat my pussy so good. Mmm, more...suck on my clit now...oh, shit...you're going to make me cum..."

While suckling on her clit, John began flicking his tongue against it, making Julie writhe and moan as she started to orgasm. "I'm cumming John, oh god...I'm cumming so good...oh fuck yes!"

John's face was slick from Julie's sex as he looked up to her eyes, once her orgasm had subsided. His four inch cock was hard and throbbing. He started stroking it as he knelt there, too horny to resist his masturbation.

Slapping John's hand away from his penis, Julie said sharply, "No! I don't want you masturbating unless I tell you to, do you understand? Stand up."

Rising to his feet, John did as he was told. Julie took his penis into her hand. "You gave me a good cum, John, so you deserve this." She began pumping her fist over his stubby length, "Mike's coming over tonight." Julie said, "Do you want to watch him fuck me again, sweetie?"

John nodded helplessly. His wife's hand felt so good on his erection that he would have agreed to anything.

"Say it, tell me." Julie demanded.

"I want to watch you have sex, honey. I want to see you get fucked by Mike's big cock."

Julie was enjoying the newfound power she had in her marriage. She wanted to test John, see how far he would go. She quickened the pace of her stroking, slightly. "And are you going to get him ready for me?"

"W-what?" John asked, uncertain.

"I want you to get him erect." Julie commented as she fisted her husband. "I want you to take him in your mouth and suck him until he's hard and ready to fuck me."

John's mind swirled at the thought of it. His reasonable mind told him it was wrong to suck on another man's cock, that he wasn't gay. But his stomach and balls were telling him something completely different. The thought of something so taboo made John blow his load, his white pearly cum flying out in several long ropes to decorate Julie's breasts.

Julie smirked at John's sudden orgasm. She knew that her control over their sex life was cementing. "Looks like the thought of sucking on that big cock turns you on, hon. Look at the mess you made on me."

Blinking from the power of his orgasm, John looked down at his cum dripping off Julie's tits. He couldn't deny that her words had tuned him on enough to make him orgasm.

"Now lick your messy stuff off of me." Julie said.

John did what he was told, kneeling again to lick up and swallow his own gooey mess. His cum didn't taste that bad, and John felt himself eager to please Julie, cleaning up every drop off her tits. He still wasn't sure he liked where all of this was going, but it all somehow made him more horny than he'd ever been. John couldn't wait for his wife's new lover to come over again.

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