tagBDSMA Wolfe's Reward

A Wolfe's Reward


Authors Note: Although this story originally spawned from a simple dream, I am dedicating it to my wonderful Minx, who somehow manages to inspire me even when we are apart. Happy birthday, my muse. I love you.

I also want to thank Serrabeth, whose feedback and support made the completion of this story possible.


"Finally, it's done!" I said aloud, relaxing into the seat of my car. Finally! Six days of night shifts, with overtime, are done. Now I can go home, strip down to something comfortable, and sleep. Oh, how I want sleep. I don't care what experts say, it's unnatural and too different to sleep during the day and stay awake all night. Humans are meant to be sleeping while the moon is out! Or at the very least, this one is.

Just as I pushed my key into the ignition, my phone lit up and started vibrating. I got a weird feeling, and almost ignore it, but then I sigh and look. I know better.

"Don't go home, Eliza. Drive to my house," from Aaron Wolfe. I swear, he really is a psychic. He has to be.

Taking a moment and a deep breath to collect my thoughts, I type in "Master, your humble pet is spent from this week at work...must you call on me now?"I sit back and take a breath, because whatever his response, it will be quick. Sure enough, my phone lights up again.

"Yes," I read, then "come now, as you are."

Sigh. "Master," I type in, "please let me rest," and send. I don't know what he has planned, but I really need to sleep.

"Trust me" is his response. Short, sweet, and no room for refusal. Sigh.

"I'll be there soon," I type in and send as I start my car, beginning the drive to his house.

The drive is not long, but with 7AM traffic on Saturday, it is long enough that I have time to think about what my master may be up to. I really have no clue. Knowing his sadistic side, he might just want to make me suffer this morning. Knowing his romantic side, maybe he wants to tuck me in and let me sleep in his warm bed. I've been his for several years now, and I still have no idea how he thinks—but he has trained me to trust and obey him, and I will.

Between the traffic, the drowsiness, and my mind wandering to thoughts of my master and what is going to happen to me, I was soon pulling into his drive way. Time really does fly away sometimes, so I sat in my car for a moment, prolonging the inevitable to gather my strength and my thoughts. When I felt ready, or ready enough, I got out and walked up to the door. It was unlocked for me, as I expected, so I stepped in and locked it behind me.

Hanging my keys in their place, I stood in front of the table by the door and began the entry ritual master had taught me, undressing completely. Beginning with my shoes, I placed them under the small table. I pushed my jeans down and off, folding them and laying them carefully on top of the table before I pulled my shirt off and did the same, laying it in its place on top of my folded jeans.

Next I slid my socks off, folding them and placing them on top of my shirt before I unhooked my bra and let my humble breasts free to breathe. I'm not that large, just a little old B cup—but I've never had any complaints about them. After folding that and placing it on the pile, I slowly pushed my panties down my legs, bending over provocatively as I slid them down and off, raising back up nonchalantly as I folded them and placed my last bit of clothing on the neatly stacked pile.

Another thing my master taught me. Even if there is no audience always undress, and dress, well—and always be neat.

With my clothing removed and neatly placed, I walked over to the soft welcome mat to begin the next part of our ritual. Getting down on my knees, I sat back on my legs and spread my knees wide, placing my hands on my knees. I straightened my back, turned my eyes gently downward, and relaxed. Nadu, he calls it—the position of a pleasure slave.

"I am here, master Aaron," I announced. "Your pet has arrived and readied herself to serve you."

Now I wait. He knew I was here the moment I pulled in the drive way. He always does. This ritual is just to get me in the mood for submission, to put me in my place upon entering my masters domain. Waiting in nadu is an exercise in patience and meditation; mentally submitting myself to him, opening myself to him, thinking about him, contemplating what he means to me and what I mean to him.

The feeling of his warmth, and the sweet taste of his lips as he kisses me. The way he can make me melt just from how he whispers my name into my ear. The sting of his flogger, marking my flesh with proof of his attention. The pain of his teeth and nails sinking into my flesh as he marks me has his. His nails...

His nail, gently sliding up my chest and neck, lifting my chin as I open my eyes and gaze upon my master, crouching down in front of me.

"You must be getting used to that position, to be able to fall asleep and still hold it perfectly," he says, smiling at me warmly.

"Yes, master," I replied as I feel myself turn red, blushing with shame for having fell asleep while waiting for him.

"You obeyed," he said, holding my chin up and smiling as he gazed into my eyes, hypnotically holding my attention to his deep and shining hazel gaze.

"Yes," I said, feeling myself already sink into a half subspace, half sleep state of mind.

"Good girl," he spoke softly as he held my chin and leaned in to kiss me gently, sending a warm tingle through my entire being. "I reward good girls," he whispered.

I smiled, knowing I will be treated well and trusting completely the man to whom I gave myself so thoroughly. I simply looked at him, absorbing his beauty—his shoulder length, wavy auburn hair; his deep and almost matching eyes; his baby face features that I find so cute. I know he doesn't like being called cute, but he is. He is the cutest, most gorgeous man I have ever known. But I am his, of course I would say such things.

As I am lost in him, I feel him place a chain around my neck. A simple, plain, small silver chain. Todays collar. It's not strong, so that means no rough play, and that kind of relieves me.

With my collar locked in place, he stood.

"Stand," he said, gripping my collar and pulling me gently to my feet as I obeyed. I don't know how long I sat there in nadu, but my legs were not asleep as I stood this time. Maybe I am getting used to it after all.

As I gathered my balance, he let go of my collar and started walking down the hall.

"Heel," he said softly, but with firm authority, and without looking back. I obeyed and followed along, walking through my masters home in nothing but a pretty silver chain.

As I walked down the hall behind him, I noticed for the first time the wetness between my legs as it slowly leaked down my inner thighs. I couldn't help but smile—the entry ritual had done its job yet again. Undressing myself for him, sitting and meditating on him, had made me completely ready for him. I don't care anymore that I am tired, I am no longer worried about whatever my master has planned—I am his, completely, and so I follow on his heel into his bedroom and into his master bathroom.

After I stepped into his bathroom he asked me, "do you need to use the toilet?

I actually didn't know. I had been focused so deeply on him, and so drowsy, I hadn't been paying attention to my own body. After feeling out my body, I realized I did.

"I need to pee," I said.

"Then do so," he replied calmly, stepping over to turn the shower on.

Sitting on the toilet to relieve myself, I watched carefully as he stepped up to the counter and started undressing by lifting his shirt over his head—revealing the scars of a few bad fights and a lot of good scenes, and the portrait of a red wolf that covered most of his back; its hazel eyes gazing deeply into mine, carefully and masterfully inked into my masters muscular flesh. The wolf seemed to be smirking at me, the muscles under the ink moving subtly as master placed his shirt in the hamper.

I kept watching, sitting on the toilet as he bent over and pushed his pants down and off his legs, intentionally being provocative for me as he poked his tight ass in my direction. As he tossed his pants into the hamper and stood completely naked, he turned and walked towards me and I again got lost in his wonderful body.

Master is fit, but not that big a guy. He's an average guy at a height of five eight, and with clothes on he sometimes looks more slender than he is. But now, standing in front of me in all his natural glory, I bask in the glow of his lean and well defined body. Not a hair in sight, either. I like that, both because it makes the cute little wolf tattoo on his chest more visible, and because the full length of his cock is free and fully visible to me.

As he stepped in front of me, my entire attention was on the sway of his half hard cock as he walked, and then on its pulsing and slow rise as he stood before me. I felt saliva gather in my mouth, and noticed that the last few drips into the toilet were more than just pee. My mind and my body were throbbing for him. I want him. Even in my current condition, every part of me is his, and I want him.

Holding my chin gently, he lifted my head and pulled my eyes up to meet his. He was smiling, knowing full well what he was doing to me as he asked, "are you done?"

"Yes" was all I could muster in a weak and husky voice. My arousal, and my drowsiness, were clearly apparent.

His left hand gripped my collar and he gently pulled me to my feet as his right hand sunk between my legs, feeling of my wet lips. I felt my legs weaken, and my whole body shudder, as he simply felt of me before pulling his fingers back to bring them to his lips.

I gasped, realizing he was tasting both my arousal and my pee, and then I got even wetter as I watched him lick me off of his finger with the most erotic expression I can imagine. He smiled at the look of lust in my eyes, the shine and the half glaze of dizzying subspace arousal.

"Now we are ready," he said, turning to step into the shower. As he did, I looked down again, noticing that he got fully hard from tasting me—a thought which aroused me that much more as I followed him into the warm water of his shower.

"Stand under the water," he commanded.

Obeying his command, I stood under the shower head and felt his hands run over my body, rubbing me down with warm water and rinsing me—avoiding my more sensitive spots, but feeling and rubbing almost everywhere else, spreading the water over me.

"I'm going to wash you," he whispered in my ear. "You do not need to do anything. Just relax and enjoy my attentions as I wash my woman clean." I shivered as his words vibrated through my body and closed my eyes, leaning against him and letting him have his way with me.

As I relaxed in his arms, he backed me away from the shower head and gathered shampoo in his hands to begin lathering me up, starting with my head. He gently rubbed it in, lathering my hair thoroughly as he massaged my scalp before letting his hands wander downward, gently rubbing my shoulders and back as he slid his hands around my sides so that he can properly scrub almost my entire upper body—careful to avoid my breasts, teasing me with opportunities that I know he won't take..

Working his way downward, he knelt and rubbed his lathered hands down my left leg, avoiding my pussy while somehow managing to touch every every other place His hands worked down slowly and gently, almost massaging my leg as he washed me. When he got to my ankle, he pushed me gently to lean back against the wall as he lifted my foot, tenderly cleaning and rubbing it gently, even pushing his fingers in between my toes to make sure every corner of my body got clean.

And when that was done, he started working his way up my right leg, starting with my foot and the same treatment he gave my left foot and leg. All the way up to my pussy, where he again only teased. All I could do was moan in pleasure and agony. I was in heaven. Sweet, torturous heaven.

After finally lathering my lower body he stood, gazing into my eyes as his hands wandered up my body to take hold of my breasts. His hard cock slid between my thighs and pressed against my lower lips, which were well lathered in more than one way now.

Then he kissed me, and my entire world stopped turning as I suddenly came.

The entry ritual, all of the teasing he's done to me before and during the shower, his hands on my breasts, his cock nestled against my aching pussy, and now his tongue against mine—it's too much for a girl to take. Between the drowsiness, the light but dizzying subspace, and now a damn good orgasm, I can't even see straight as he holds me up by pressing his body against mine and pinning me against the wall. Kissing me passionately as I ride the waves of pleasure he has put me on.

When my other senses start working again, I feel his hand on my cheek and open my eyes. He's blurry, but I see a smile. I smiled and giggled in a post-orgasmic haze, but he leaned in to my ear and whispered, "did I give you permission to cum?" I gasped and felt my heart sink.

Uh oh. Now I've done it. I was getting such a good morning, and I had to break one of the rules. I panicked and straightened up, forcing myself to stand on my own shaky legs again as I looked down and hung my head.

"No, master," I said. "I'm sorry."

I heard him chuckle, and looked up to see him grinning, looking at my now confused expression.

"Good," he said. "Now you're awake again."

Awake as I may have been from the adrenaline rush of fear I just got, I had no idea why it is good. I'm tired, and I tilt my head and look at him.

"I am not done with you just yet," he said as he caressed my cheek gently. "You can sleep soon, but I need you to stay awake for a while longer."

"Yes, master. I'll try," I said.

He smiled and led me back under the shower head to rinse me off just as thoroughly as he had lathered me up.

"Feel better now?" he asked, kissing my neck and ear teasingly as he spread water over my body.

"Yes, I do." Admittedly, after the release of a good orgasm after a week of not having time, even if I am no less sleepy I'm not quite as edgy. "It feels like you cleaned up my mind along with my body," I said.

"I did," he chuckled as he kissed my ear again. "But I'm not sure I'll ever get that dirty little mind of yours really clean."

"You wouldn't even if you could," I smiled, relaxing in his arms as he rinsed me, feeling his muscles flex as he chuckled again.

After he rinsed my hair and body, master turned the water off and stepped out, grabbing a towel.

"Come here," he said, holding the towel open for me.

I stepped out of the warm shower and into the cool bathroom air as he wrapped the towel around me warmly, gently drying my entire body from head to toe. All else aside, he is definitely thorough today.

"Go lay on the bed," he ordered as he finished drying me. "On the towel."

I walked out of the bathroom as he finished drying himself, and stepping back into his room I noticed for the first time the candles. The candle light, the incense—the entire room was charged with a calming, relaxing, romantic atmosphere. I had to catch my breath and remember what I had been told, stepping quickly towards the bed and laying on the over sized towel he had left in the center.

"Ah," I heard from the bathroom doorway, "lay face down."

I noticed him carrying a bottle of something, and that he was still as naked as I was, as I turned over and obeyed—smiling at having finally figured out his plan.

"Are you going to massage me?" I asked, closing my eyes as I laid in position. I could feel his smile even without seeing it.

"Yes, I am," he said. "So be a good girl and stay awake for me."

I smiled, already relaxing as I felt him crawl onto the bed. His hands caressed their way up my back, taking hold of my damp hair and moving it away. Then I felt the warm oil, dripping out over my shoulders to create small rivers across my back before his hands caught them, spreading the oil over my upper back and shoulders.

Oh, how good it felt, his warm hands gently massaging my neck and shoulders. The candles, the incense, the scented oil, his warm hands that somehow keep getting warmer. The warmth of the bed.

"Master," I mumbled, "I can really fall asleep like this."

"That is fine," he said, as his hands worked their way down my left arm. "Stay awake for me a bit longer. You will sleep even better after this."

"Yes," was all I managed to get out.

I really had to concentrate. I focused on his hands as he massaged my wrist, and then lifted my left hand and massaged my palm and each finger gently, thoroughly. Oh, how I love this. As he finished massaging my hand, he worked his way back up my left arm, seeming to work out every bit of tension he missed on the first pass.

When his hands made their way back to my shoulders, he massaged them again—somehow seeming to massage them just as thoroughly as the first time, while just passing over them and rubbing his way over to my right arm where he began his thorough descent towards my right hand. Again, massaging each finger thoroughly, and again working his way back up to my shoulders.

I can't move my arms anymore. Or I can, but I really don't want to. It's getting harder to focus.

"Stay awake for me, my pet," I hear as he kisses my neck and rubs my upper back.

"Yesss," I moan quietly in response, trying so hard to not just drift away.

Concentrating harder, I feel his hands rub down my back as his fingers and palms move my flesh in miraculous ways, working out all of the tension in my back—I can even feel my spine relaxing and adjusting, like at a chiropractor. His touch is so gentle, yet so deep. How can I stay awake through this?

"Focus," I hear, as if in answer to my thoughts, as I feel a kiss between my shoulder blades.

"Focus on me. Hear me, feel me," he said, pouring more oil over my hips.

"Mmm," I moaned gently, feeling his hands spread the oil as he massaged my hips and lower back. "It's good," I managed to mumble out.

"Yes," he said, and I could hear the smile in his voice. "It is good, and it will only get better."

His hands work their way teasingly around my ass, massaging it and avoiding it at the same time as he slid his hands over my left thigh and then wrapped both hands around it—rubbing both my inner and outer thigh at the same time. His right hand brushed so close to my pussy

"Yesss," I moaned. I could feel myself throb, but it was just a tease. He quickly started massaging his way down my left leg, and I could feel his smile.

"Yes indeed. Pay attention," he said.

Rubbing, twisting, kneading my muscles between his fingers, he gently worked his way down my left leg. Down my thigh, carefully teasing the sensitive places behind my knee, and working thoroughly over my calf—he squeezed and relaxed muscles I forgot I had. And then he got to my foot. Oh, the things he can do to my feet.

"Relax," he said softly, as he rubbed into my foot, reaching every corner of my sole. "Relax and focus."

"Yezzir," I mumbled, getting absorbed in the pleasures of my foot massage as his fingers worked their way over my sensitive flesh and down to my toes. He spent time on each toe, rubbing gently and relaxing each one just as he had worked on my fingers. It felt so good.

And when he finished with my left foot, he laid it down gently and gathered more oil on his hands before he began the same treatment on my right foot.

"Mmmmm," I moaned softly as his fingers both lightly caressed and deeply massaged my foot, again giving time and attention to each of my toes. I unintentionally let out a soft whimper when he finally worked his way up to my ankle. I really do get too into my feet sometimes.

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