tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Woman's World Pt. 03

A Woman's World Pt. 03


The bed creaked again as Cassandra's hips ground her pelvis in my face. We were in a 69 position, and she moaned as she sank her pussy even deeper into my waiting tongue. I held her inner thigh to give me some control over her movement because if not, I might suffocate since her entire thigh covers my head.

She held on to my throbbing dick as she moaned even louder when I continue to lap up her juices. I knew she also wanted to give me some pleasure, but her own ecstasy keeps getting in her way, and she forgets what she is doing.

Instead, she reached out to the discarded device in our bed and clamped the automated masturbator into my dick. I turned and wanted to protest, but she just kept moving her pelvis again, and I was forced to continue my husbandly duties. The device is the next generation of Apple's highly popular smart masturbators series 9. It looks like a stainless steel water thermos design to accommodate a man with a sorry 3 inches manhood to up to the 15-incher behemoths.

Whoever made that masturbation device did not have much input from a man because it is not exactly enjoyable in the least. It massaged the entire length of your privates with powerful suction and with an added "mild" electric shock timed anywhere from every 10 seconds to every 100 seconds.

The damn thing was so powerful that the first time his wife Cassandra attached the thing into him, he almost blackout. After a while, the device still jolt him like hell, and sometimes he lost his bladder control to it, things the manufacturer swear is a surefire way to know that it gives the man great pleasure and orgasm.

The human body, however, is a marvelous engineering masterpiece, and as time goes by, about 3 months of married life to be exact in my case, my body is able to adjust from the electrical jolts and now, although I can still feel the sudden pain, my body is already well adapted to it.

So I endured the continuous electrical jolt from the masturbator wrapped around my dick as I continue to pleasure my beloved wife.

Exactly 4 minutes later, my wife's breathing started to get heavier and faster as she gasped even more. After months of sex, I kinda have an idea when my wife is reaching her orgasm. So I increase my slurping pace and dug my tongue even deeper into her mound. My hands held her steady in place as I lapped her juice and tasted her salty precum in my mouth.

50 seconds later a massive splash hit me in the face as my wife convulsed powerfully in the midst of her ejaculation. I was awash in her semen and yet did not mind it and try to lap up the white substance in my mouth.

Just the way she likes it.

Eventually, she gingerly unstraddled my face as I slowly sat up in bed and I reached blindly for the nearby towel. She positions herself until she is hugging me from behind. I kept awkwardly rubbing the cloth in my face to dry it out while she lazily kisses the back of my muscled shoulder and tweaking the hard nipples in my flat, smooth chest.

"That was great, as usual, darling, your blowjob is getting better and better."

I did not answer her. I mean what can I say, that I am proud of becoming a better whore?

Eventually, her hands went down between my legs, and she grasped me down there. I flinched, but I let her do whatever she wants. I am the husband, and my body belongs to her. She held me tight at the head of my dick, hurting me, but I said nothing to her.

"Don't forget about tomorrow's party," She mumbled. "I want you in your most elegant clothes, alright?"

That means she wants me in my most revealing, sluttiest clothes. I sighed. I tried the white dress outfit last week, and I can barely stand in the thing without it hitching up on my ass. And with Cassandra demanding that I only wear the skimpiest t-back briefs, I will probably be arrested for public exposure.

But that is life. Cassandra just gets promoted as senior VP in her tech company, and it is indeed the first time she showed me around. I have to support her as a loving husband. It is practically my job requirement for the title of husband.

"I won't, darling," I said. "I promised. You will be proud of me."

I finished toweling my face and readjusted my nighties. I used to feel so uncomfortable sleeping with dried cum in my face, but people get used to anything after a while.

I felt another jolt in that blasted masturbator, and it reminded me of another duty I have to do. I deliberately gave a soft and long moan and made myself rigid for a while then gasped out loud.

She chuckled as she watched me intently in the mirror in front of me. Cass continued to rub my nipples as she kissed the base of my neck.

"Did you just had an orgasm?" She said happily. I shyly smiled and nodded silently.

She laughed. "No need to be embarrassed, husband. It is perfectly natural."

Eventually, she deactivated the masturbator and unclamped it in my throbbing manhood. I stood up and went to the bathroom to clean that part of me. There is an old husbands tale about keeping the white juice in your sex, and it will keep getting bigger and bigger until it explodes and kills you from blood loss.

"Come here," she said.

She pulled me back to bed, and I have to force a laugh in her antics. She kissed me possessively, and I let her, matching her intensity as much as I could. I tried to place my hands tenderly on her hard face, but she forced them to hold her massive boobs instead, So I massage it as she continued to kiss me.

She positioned me on my back as she lay on top of me. She started dry humping me, but I knew she is satisfied for the night. It was just her natural reaction next to my body.

"A man's body always draws the evil thoughts of women, so it is your responsibility to cover yourself properly, and only your husband must enjoy the sight of your body. Only a slut enjoys exposing himself like a whore." I remembered the teaching of my mother when I was younger.

Eventually, she changed position and placed her back to my hard chest and made me spoon her. She reached out behind her and placed my dick back into the warmth of her womanhood. She wiggled her ass to be more comfortable and put my hand back on her breast and encourage me to squeeze them slowly.

Within minutes she is already snoring, and I was left massaging her breast. I smiled lovingly at her as I smelled her sweaty hair. I find it that this the best part of our lovemaking, this very moment when we are truly together.


I woke up early in the morning and slipped out of bed. I took a quick shower and finally cleaned my face up.

I wore new underwear, this time a pink T-back brief and covered it up with a skimpy skirt. Cass demanded that I always wear shorty shorts or very lowcut skirts since she wanted to enjoy my long swimmer's legs. I have no problem with it except for the fact that it did not hide the bulge between my legs.

Oh well, orders are orders.

Then my top is covered by a tight sleeveless shirt. I also wore light makeup and styled my short brown hair just the way she likes it.

I started up breakfast as part of my routine while placing yesterday's laundry in the washer. I ordered the necessary supplies in the refrigerator screen since we are running out of milk and bacon for tomorrow.

At 6AM, I woke my wife gently and told her that its time to go to work. She mumbled something, and I let her have her five minutes. Later I heard the shower working, and I knew she is already up. Cassandra is disciplined enough never to be late at work.

I laid down her business suit on the bed, her shoes near the foot of the bed, and her pieces of jewelry and gadgets near the mirror for easy access.

15 minutes later she sat at the kitchen table while dressed in a fabulous, smart suit. She sat down, sipped her brewed coffee, and started checking the news on her A.I. phone.

I dropped a pair of floppy pancakes in her plate but gasped instead when she pinched my ass. We ate our breakfast, but soon she is taking a call from work.

She looks rather powerful as she listened to someone on the phone and reprimanded them for incompetence. Then she gave them a whole series of different orders for them to do. I don't know why but I always blushed to see her doing womanly stuff. It makes her look so powerful.

I quietly stood up and started washing the dishes. I was halfway finished when I felt her hug me from the back and started dry humping me while holding my dick in her other hand.

"Darling..." I said reluctantly. It's not that I'm saying no, despite the bruises in my sex. I can never say no to my wife's needs. It's just that if she started something, then she might become late and it is all my fault for tempting my wife.

"God... You're making me wet just looking at you. What are you doing to me, boy! I'll smash that beautiful dick of yours when I get back later," she growled as she started biting my shoulder.

She grabbed my front in my sheer skirt and started massaging me down there again. She pinned me in the countersink while her other hand pulled my hair back so she can take my mouth with a conquering kiss. I moaned but let her do anything she wants.

When she finally let go of me, I feel kinda woozy. I have to wipe the side of my mouth and just knew that I have to reapply my make up. She slapped me in the ass before whistling away.

I walked her to the garage where she started her Bentley and waved goodbye as she sped away. I sighed and walked back inside.

My day really started with me cleaning the entire mansion. Cassandra doesn't want a maid in the house, so I am forced to clean everything.

I don't mind. Back at my parent's house, me and my siblings are trained to do endless chores, and I am used to it. I dusted the tables and drawers while I used the automated vacuum cleaner to clean the ragged floor. I then collected the dry clothes and folded them. I placed them to the bedroom drawer and then continued to make the bed.

I hesitated when I stared at the handcuffs still tied in the bed. I blushed a little as I remembered getting cuffed there almost every night now as my wife fucked me real hard. I left it there since I know Cass will probably use it again tonight so no need to stow it away.

I did hide the masturbators and ballgag and buttplugs... after I cleaned them in the bathroom. I set aside the video cam pointed in our bed and returned the several nexus drives back to their plastic container.

I blushed even more. I know that each of the nexus drives holds anywhere from 200 to sixteen hundred terabytes of memory space. And my wife is doing her best to fill the half-dozen drives with our videos.

Hours and hours of our videos.

After 3 months of nonstop fucking, she has a lot of materials. I gazed at the walkthrough closet, and my chicks turned even redder. Inside the closet are my schoolboy costumes, my nun costume, my librarian costume, and the one I hated the most is the cat burglar costume.

And below those costumes are a small dresser that compiled several 2-3 pages of scripts that I have to memorize for our role-playing sessions. Most of them are things that Cassandra made up herself, and they are the cringiest, foul-mouthed dialogues he had ever seen or heard.

Two nights ago, she played the cat burglar caught by the cocky security guard. "Oh please officer, take off the buttplug in my ass. I promised to become a good boy from now on! I'll even do anything you want! Anything!"

I sighed. Cass wanted my tears to be genuine for the cameras, so I have to endure 5 minutes of spanking from her in my raw butt... with the butt plug still inside of me.

I cleaned up the room as best as I can then change my dress to spandex since I have a class of yoga later at 9:30. I took the other car, the Volvo, and drive into the heart of the city. The gym is right next to an incense boutique, and I plan to buy a few of the more fragrant candles. I just love the smell of it.

The class lasted for 2 hours, and I felt sweaty after. My friends at the gym made me come with them to a healthy restaurant for lunch. It was nice while it lasted, but I have to beg off when they suggested shopping in the nearby mall. I have to prepare for Cass's big night.

So I went back home and noticed that the package of milk and bacon I ordered online and delivered by the Amazon drones is sitting on our front porch. I grabbed them and closed the door.

After setting aside the goods, I went to the bathroom and took a long bath in the luxurious flex tub. I just relax and let the stress and hardship of the day oozed out of me.

It is well within the afternoon when I reluctantly emerged from the bathtub and dried myself. As ordered by Cass, I called the Pink Princess beauty Salon and requested the service of my regular hairdresser Antonio. The receptionist promised that Antonio will arrive at my house within 45 minutes or less.

To my delight, Antonio and his assistant arrived within 30 minutes. They set up their things in the living room and started to work on my hair. Then my nails. When that is done, I have to take off my clothes to get a relaxing massage, and then my entire body has to be exfoliated to remove dry skin and leave it baby soft. I also received an invasive wax and a scrub that is supposed to invigorate my skin with vitamins and minerals.

Antonio ordered me to wash again, and after that, he started with my makeup. That one took 2 hours to finished. But the net result speaks for themselves. I felt like a Mr. Universe contestant.

At 6pm, I have to shoo Antonio and his assistant so I can prepare for the party. The dress is in our bed, already check for any imperfections or any imaginary wrinkles.

When I finally slipped into the tiny thing, it felt almost like a second skin. The dress is made from the most beautiful stretchable white silk. The hemline starts about4 inches away from my thigh and goes all the way up to just over my navel. 2 hardy straps reach over my broad shoulder and strategically covers my hard nipple but exposed my upper chest. It crossed behind my back as it becomes thinner and connects to the fabric again that covers my behind. All in all, the dress showed my upper chest, side and the rest of my milky back elegantly.

My long legs are fabulously exposed without the need for any garter, and it ends in 4-inch stiletto heels. It was the same heels I wear during our play time, and the fact that it is used for that and I have to wear it in public made my cheeks blush every time I thought about it.

I also do not wear any other pieces of jewelry except for my wedding ring and the choker held tightly in my neck where the ballgag hanged fashionably. It is the latest fashion statement that makes almost any man demure.

There is a famous saying that a man is great to look at but painful to listen to. And so the ballgag needs to be held in a man's mouth at a certain point of the evening while their betters talk around them, no one needs to listen to a silly man all day and embarrass his woman.

When Cassandra arrive back home to fetch me, her throat was caught in her neck after seeing me in my new dress. Her eyes widen for a moment then narrowed in appreciation as she looks me up and down. It gave me a warm tingling feeling to be appreciated like that.

At the drive to her boss's house, she could not keep her eyes away from me. Especially after she made the final touches to my ensemble. She put two fingers in her wet sex and massages my manhood for several seconds, inevitably growing to its full 12 inches size. Now the front of my dress clearly showed my "endowment" bracketed beautifully in the sheer fabric as it stood proudly and almost reaching the upper hem of my dress and beautifully accentuated my assets by living nothing to the imagination.

Luckily, we arrived at my wife's boss mansion in record time, and her boss and her trophy husband stood in the doorway to receive their guests.

Everyone was looking at me and my "asset" in front of me, and I blushed hard from my embarrassment. I could almost physically feel the thick lust of all the women in the room, and I am glad that I am married and therefore protected from the unwanted attention.

The boss gave a quick speech for the reason of the party, namely the promotion of three vice presidents in the company, including my wife. One by one, they accepted the honors and gave a speech about hard work and commitment to their parent company. A young woman in her mid 20's tried to make conversation with me, but I gave noncommittal answers and walked further away.

I've been hit on by a lot of women, before and after getting married, but this woman gave me the creeps. Her wanton smile and the way her eyes always drooped down into the outline of my manhood in my stomach, told me exactly what she is really thinking.

"Hey, do you work here?"

"No," I said, almost automatically.

"Me, I just started myself," she explained. "I work in the marketing department. Oh, my name is Lucia by the way, what is yours?"

"I'm sorry, I think my husband is calling me," I said and edged away from her and her eyes. It creeps me out that she keeps thrusting her obviously aroused perky breast inside the white satin blouse she wears at my bare elbow. She was almost leaning forward while I leaned away from her.

I walked closer to the group of women listening to Cassandra talk about a brighter future. I always flinch when one or two women, accidentally brush my elbow and one made an awfully close touch of my buttocks.

Finally, Cass is finished with her speech, and I immediately drifted to her side. Her hand found my waist almost automatically, and I leaned closer to her sturdy frame, almost relieved.

I do not like being a single man in this world ruled by the woman. It always makes me feel exposed, vulnerable. I'd rather be married than an uncontrolled man. I blushed, even more, when Cass's hand dropped down to my firm buttocks and squeezed it possessively. More than one woman noticed the move and my reaction, and I can feel the hunger in their faces.

I can almost feel my heart rate slows down. It's better this way, her hand in me symbolizes my protection from society. I belong to her. I am controlled, I am protected, I have a place in the social norm.

I am owned.

"Let's go in for dinner, your boss is calling all of us to the table," I whispered to her.

My wife simply smiled as she led me inside the dining room.

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Can you like write more and longer chapters since this was good. Im glad this has more of a plot of than the others and good world building. Still needs a bit of proof reading, but there is clear improvement.more...

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