tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAayla Secura: The Hunt for Zurik

Aayla Secura: The Hunt for Zurik


Aayla crossed the threshold into the Orange Lady cantina and looked around discreetly for her contact. The patrons looked only moderately better than other areas on Nar Shaddaa, but at least the air was a bit cleaner. She moved past a Togruta slave dancer and her eager Weequay companion and pushed her way toward the counter where she sat down next to a tanned human stirring a noxious drink that emitted green steam. She wrinkled her nose against the smell the drink exuded and looked at him quickly.

"How much is it for dancing lessons? " Aayla asked the man putting on a seductive smile and leaned against the counter. The man turned and checked her out, spending more time gazing at her breast than anything else. He downed his drink in one gulp and turned toward her coolly, tilting his hat so it covered his eyes.

"For you baby it's free, but why don't you come to the back and meet my friend, she would love to see you. The names Mane Kovar, "he replied extending a gloved hand. She shook back and he pressed a small datachip into the palm of her hand, looking at her with a poker face that would rival elite sabacc players. She followed him to a dingy metal door that was the back entrance to the cantina, noting the two blaster shots that pockmarked the center; obviously this was used for escapes as it was special favors from the dancers.

Outside was a narrow alley with a garbage compactor off to the side. A tall brown haired human stood on the other side gasping in pleasure as a purple twi'lek eagerly worked on his cock. She slurped and gasped as she used her hands, mouth, and lekku to jerk him off. Aayla's lekku twitched as she watched, crossing her hands in front of her ample chest as the man bursts into the twi'leks mouth, gasping loudly and slamming his right fist into the trash compactor. The twi'lek swallowed every drop of his seed and then stood up and took a small credit chip from the man.

"Lysha, if you're done, I'd like to introduce you to someone before I unload my blaster into your little friend, "said Mane coldly smiling. He drew out his blaster and made a shooing motion with it to the other man, watching as he stumbled back into the cantina. Aayla moved closer to the back door and calmed herself down; she was always flustered when it came to witnessing anything sexual.

"Lysha, this is Aayla Secura, she's going to be your new best friend while she infiltrates Taro's Cartel, "Said Mane quietly gesturing at Aayla with the side of his pistol. Lysha gazed at Aayla seductively, almost ripping the clothes off of Aayla with her eyes, causing Aayla to become a little hot though she didn't reveal that. Instead she strode forward and greeted her in Ryl but was cut short when Lysha kissed her firmly. Aayla stood stunned as Lysha forced her tongue into Aayla's mouth, playing with her tongue for a moment before withdrawing.

"It's going to be great working with you, it'll be like having a bigger sister to play around with!" said Lysha seductively smiling as she walked past Aayla. Aayla couldn't help but gaze at Lysha's toned purple figure, noting her ample D-Cup breast barely covered by her green halter top and bright yellow pants accentuating her toned ass.

"It'll...be great working with you too...Lysha, "said a flustered Aayla as she turned quickly, trying to calm herself through the force.

"Well come on hot-stuff, I'll introduce you to Taro and you can settled in. you're not in the Republic anymore Aayla, "said Lysha opening the metal door and walking back inside the cantina. Aayla silently agreed, still feeling the tingling of her lips from the raunchy kiss Lysha surprised her with. Mane walked behind Aayla, still holding on to his blaster beneath his coat as they forced their way to a large door guarded by two Weequays' casually holding blaster rifles and a practiced smirk. Their eyes widened as they checked both Aayla and Lysha out and they lowered their blaster rifles by a fraction.

"Doesn't Taro get a surprise other than that Zeltron bitch in the back," said one of the Weequay barely heard over the din of the Jizz music playing. The other Weequay laughed and banged the butt of his rifle against the metal door. A moment later, the door opened by a burly guard and the Weequay stepped aside but kept their blasters pointed at Mane.

"You ladies can move on, but not him, Taro aint taking any other sort of business guest right now, "said the second Weequay keeping the business end of the blaster rifle pointed at Mane. Aayla and Lysha moved past the Weequay and the burly guard and made their way down a short corridor before entering the threshold of the main room. Bead curtains covered the entrance and they brushed them aside to see what appeared to be Taro in the middle of fucking a Zeltron. She lay on top of him and rolled her hips, riding his cock like a professional rancor racer. She grabbed ahold of her ample breast and moaned, her red chest shining with sweat. Taro grunted and fucked back, the sound of flesh on flesh filling the room. Aayla's breath caught in her chest and she almost felt like looking away but Lysha grabbed her hand and ushered her forward.

"Come on, don't be shy Aayla, they're almost done anyway," whispered Lysha as they moved to the center of the room. Aayla felt the room get hot as Taro and the zeltron continued to fuck the life out of each other, the bed shaking as Taro continued to pound into the red maw of the Zeltrons' pussy. The zeltron began to moan louder as she neared her climax, her chest glistening in the lighting. Taro began to sit up but the Zentron forced him back down, kissing his chest and changed her style, fucking him in the back-up Wookie style, seemingly unaware that Aayla and Lysha were in the room.

It proved too much for Taro and he bottomed out in the Zeltrons' pussy, pasting in the inside of her pussy with his potent cum. The zeltron groaned and gripped the bed frame, her eyes closed and submissive as he slowly turned limp. Taro ran a muscled hand down the Zeltrons back stopping briefly to enjoy her creamy red ass before slowly pushing her off of him and reaching for a pair of pants; that's when he caught sight of the two Twi'lek's in the room.

"Well, look who finally showed up, "Said Taro breaking into a winning smile. Aayla could tell he was in charge by the way he carried himself. He ran his hand through his hair gazed at Aayla before looking back at Lysha.

"Is this your friend hun, you didn't tell me that she would be this hot, "Said Taro. Aayla put on one of her best fake seductive smiles and put her hand around Lysha's waist. She saw the zeltron get out of bed too and walk into the nearest bathroom, totally oblivious to them both.

"Yeah Taro, this is Aayla. She's one of my best friends who came to Nar Shaddaa to find work, replied Lysha. Taro looked at Aayla with a renewed sense of interest and again Aayla felt like her clothes were being ripped off of her as Taro looked at her curves.

"Well normally baby, I don't hire people off the spot, but I definitely want to see more of you Aayla, " Taro said with his winning smile. Aayla could tell how much Taro wanted to see of her by the way he used her name, but she kept this information to herself. Instead she cupped his cheek and pressed her body up against him.

"And I would definitely love to show you a lot more...Taro, "Said Aayla softly, feeling his limp dick suddenly turn turgid again. She could sense Lysha getting a bit jealous but ignored it, concentrating solely on Taro.

"Why don't you come tomorrow afternoon and I'll give you a little job interview. I would be love to see your work." said Taro thoughtfully. Aayla cheered inwardly, driven with another successful infiltration of another Separatist network. With that, Aayla and Lysha left the room,unaware of the steely blue eye of Taro at their back.


The Zeltron came out of the bathroom, fully clothed as soon as the Twi'lek's left the room. She strode up to Taro with the grace of a dancer and kissed him full on the room, letting her tongue roam free in the savannah of his mouth. As soon as she broke away though, she was all business.

"My master knows she is the rat from the republic. She is Aayla Secura," Said the Zeltron crossing her arms in front of her chest and glaring. Taro slid his hands around her waist and kissed her neck.

" well let's give her a small taste shall we Sylva?" said Taro quietly drawing a rise out of her as he slowly brought his hands up to her chest. Sylva released more seductive pheromones and felt his cock grow rock hard even though it was almost ten minutes after he bottomed out in her. Out of all the men she had fucked in all her years, he was one of the fastest to recover, even with the help of her pheromones. She drew a small bottle with green liquid out of her bra and held it up to the light. " I can't agree more baby."

End of Part 1

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