Abby Ch. 02

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XI


By D.C. Roi

Chapter two

"I thought Rex was covering for you this weekend," Abby Marklin said. The minute they got home from the mountains, her husband announced he had to go to the hospital and check on a couple of his patients and Abby didn't understand why. Dr. Rex Wilson, her husband's partner, was supposed to be covering for Lee and was perfectly capable of caring for the patients. She had been looking forward to spending the evening with Lee once they got home and dropped his kids off at their mother's house.

"Abby, they're my patients, not Rex's," Lee insisted. "Remember, I'm the one who did their bypasses. They depend on me. I need to stop in, see how they're doing, and give them encouragement." Having said that, he left for the hospital, telling Abby he wasn't sure when he'd be home, but promising he'd try not to be too late.

After her husband left, Abby put away the things she'd packed for their trip and while she did, she pondered what seemed to be happening to her marriage. She'd hoped for at least a little of Lee's time and attention over the long weekend they spent at their mountain cabin, but in reality she got precious little of either. Her husband's two children from his previous marriage spent the weekend in the mountains with them, and Lee, a doting father who really did love his kids, spent most of the weekend doing things with the kids. Unfortunately, that left Abby feeling more neglected than usual.

"Actually," Abby mused, "I didn't see any less of him than I do when we're home, lately. I...I wonder if something's wrong."

Abby and Lee Marklin had been married for five years. A native of Jamestown, Abby had gone to work in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at University Medical Center in Jamestown seven years ago, shortly after she graduated from nursing school. Almost immediately, Lee Marklin, who was already head of Cardiac Surgery at the hospital, began paying a lot of attention to her.

Abby knew Dr. Marklin was married and had no intention of getting involved with a married man. Despite the fact that she found him attractive, she turned down his requests for dates for almost a year. Then he left his wife and filed for divorce.

Once Lee was divorced, Abby, no longer had an excuse to turn down the personable, successful surgeon's invitations to go out with him and finally agreed to go out to dinner with him one night. What followed was an intense, heady relationship. A year after his divorce was final, Abby accepted Lee's marriage proposal and became the second Mrs. Lee Marklin.

For the first three years, their marriage was blissful. Lee was an attentive and loving husband. Abby grew to love his kids, who eventually got over their disappointment at their parents' divorce and grew to have strong affection for their father's second wife. Abby even managed to work out a guarded friendship with Theresa Marklin, the kids' mother.

But, for the past two years, Abby had started to feel more and more as if her husband was drawing away from her. He was been spending more and more time at the hospital and in his office, and less and less time at home. It was true his workload had gotten much heavier when two of the other cardiac surgeons left town, but Abby had a nagging feeling - which she tried hard to ignore - that additional work wasn't the only reason her husband was growing more and more distant.

Lee Marklin, having seen his patients, stood at the nurse's station in University Medical Center, writing in their charts. Carol Burke, one of the nurses who'd been working in the CICU for a couple of years, walked up and stood next to him. He smiled at her, she smiled back.

Lee looked at the woman standing next to him wearing a snug-fitting white uniform. Carol was much more full-bodied than his wife, and had black hair that hung almost to her bottom when she let it down. Tonight that hair was done in a single, long braid.

"Did you have a nice time with your family in the mountains this weekend, Lee?" she asked.

"It would have been nicer if you and I had been there alone," Lee replied softly. He put the chart back in the rack. "Maybe sometime you and I could get up there for a day or two."

"I'd like that," Carol replied. She found the attention the tall, distinguished-looking doctor had been paying her for the past year extremely exciting. Like Lee, Carol was married, but what her husband and the doctor's wife didn't know wouldn't hurt either of them. And what neither Carol's husband or Abby Marklin knew was that Carol Burke and Lee Marklin had been having an affair for almost a years.

Carol wasn't happy being married to a mechanic who came home with greasy hands smelling of gasoline and motor oil every night and spent the evening drinking beer and watching professional wrestling on TV. She was thrilled when Dr. Marklin first let her know he was interested in her. She knew what kind of money he made - a helluva lot more than her husband did - and she figured she'd see what might develop if she went to bed with him. After all, he'd married the last nurse he dated, why couldn't the same thing happen to her?

Carol had been pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Marklin, in addition to being a skilled cardiac surgeon, was an equally skilled lover. That he had excellent love-making skills didn't really matter to her, though. Even if he'd been a total dud in bed, that wouldn't have stopped Carol from becoming his lover, or continuing their affair. The fact that he was good in bed was just an unexpected bonus.

She was glad when Lee showed up at the hospital tonight. She knew he was going off with his wife and kids for the weekend, something he did fairly often. Each time he did, Carol worried that, somehow, being in the midst of family and away from her would weaken her hold on him. But now, seeing the way he was looking at her, she knew she needn't have worried.

"What time do you get off duty tonight?" Lee asked the nurse. "I was hoping you and I might be able to spend some time together before I have to go home."

Carol frowned. "I'm not off until eleven," she said. She laid her hand on Lee's. "You know, eleven o'clock is a long time away. You sure you can wait that long?"

Lee grinned at her and shook his head. "To be honest with you, I'm not sure I can," he replied, "I'm not sure I can come up with a valid excuse for hanging around here that long. Abby was upset that I came down here as it was. What were you thinking?"

"Well..." Carol said. "I happen to know the family room isn't being used tonight." She smiled at him. "I could take my dinner break early. That would give us an hour..."

"That sounds like a great idea," Lee replied. Just thinking about what he and Carol were about to do was making his cock come to life.

"Well," Carol said, "since we both feel that way..."

Carol told the lead nurse on the shift she was taking an early dinner break and the couple went upstairs to a room that was normally used by family members of very ill patients who wanted to stay in the hospital overnight.

The minute were in the room, Carol was in Lee's arms, her lips were clamped against his, and her body was moving insistently against him. He slid his arms around her, cupped her bottom, and pulled her against him.

"Wow!" she gasped when the kiss ended. "Feels like you're really horny tonight."

"So do you," Lee replied. His hands moved to the buttons down the front of her white uniform and began undoing them. He felt her hands opening his shirt.

A few minutes later, naked, they fell on the bed. Their hands roved each other's over warm flesh, exploring, seeking the thrills both of them knew they soon be sharing.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Carol groaned when Lee cupped one of her firm, full breasts and he began rubbing his thumb over the erecting nipple. "Oh, God, Lee, I love the way you play with my breasts!"

"And you like this even more, don't you?" Lee said. He bent his head, took one of her turgid nipples between his lips, and began lashing it with his tongue.

"Gahhhhh!!!!" the buxom brunette moaned, arching her back, tangling her hands in his graying hair. "Oh, God, Lee, yessssss!! Suck them! Suck my tits!"

Lee did just that. At the same time he let his hands roam her body, exploring, seeking. He felt her smooth, warm skin undulating as his hand glided over it, and he savored the murmurs of delight escaping from her rosy lips.

Carol was exultant. Making love with Lee was always fantastic, and doing it here in the hospital was a real trip! His touch was light, yet knowing and it was as if he knew exactly where to touch her to turn her on! Except for a gynecology resident she had an affair with when she was in nursing school, nobody else she'd ever made love with turned her on the way he did! Her body was on fire and he'd just started touching her!

Lee kissed his way down over Carol's lush form, savoring the taste and smell of her. He loved the urgency with which she responded to his caresses.

"Yesssss, Lee!!! Oh, God, yessssss!!!" she groaned when his hand parted her legs and began exploring what lay there. "Ahhhhhh!!!" she cried. His fingers slid up and down between her labia, then began strumming her clit. "Please!! Oh, God, Lee, please!!! That feels so good!!!" Her hips rose off the bed, seeking his touch, showing him how much she wanted it.

Carol's wild response to his caresses excited and pleased Lee. She was as passionate as any woman he'd ever known! He kissed his way through her full mat of tightly curled ebony pubic hair and his lips found her clit. He felt her hands pulling at him, then her body began bucking when he began licking her pussy.

"Wahhhhhhhhh!!!! Wahhhhhhhh!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Carol screamed. Lee's lips and tongue drove her over the edge, into a whirlpool of ecstasy. "Yesssss, Lee!!! Oh, God, Lee, yessss!!! Eat me!!! Oh, God!!! Give me your tongue!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

The minute her orgasm ended, Carol rolled on top of Lee, took his erect cock into her mouth, and began licking and sucking him. While her mouth drove him wild, she fondled his balls expertly with her soft, warm hands.

Lee went wild! Carol was working him over like a pro. She was sucking him like she loved doing it!

Carol did love sucking cock. She discovered how much years earlier, during her junior high school years. As a result, she wound up being a much-in-demand date for boys in her school.

She liked sucking Lee Marklin's cock. It was bigger, harder, and better tasting than her husband's was. The feelings she got from sucking it were the best she'd ever gotten. She took all of the long, veined shaft deep into her mouth, and felt her body begin to tremble. She could never get enough of this! Never!

"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!! Carol!!!! Sweet Jesus!!!" Lee cried, feeling his orgasm begin. He couldn't believe what a good cock-sucker Carol was! Then his insides uncoiled and he began spewing into her sucking mouth.

Carol's body quaked with joy as her lover's hot cream splattered into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, but couldn't take it all. She felt some of his hot, sticky goo trickling down her chin, but she kept on, until he began to soften. Only then did she allow the limp cylinder of flesh to slip from her mouth. She flopped back on the bed and licked as much of his juices as she could from her chin.

Lee lay there a while, letting his whirling mind calm, feeling his body begin returning to normal. He wasn't sure how he'd managed to get through the whole weekend without seeing Carol. She was really something!

He rolled over so he could face Carol. She turned her head and smiled at him.

"Carol, you are really incredible!" Lee said softly, a bit awed by what had transpired between them.

"You aren't so bad yourself, doc," she said. "Aren't you glad we didn't wait until eleven?"

"I sure am," Lee said. He slid his hand over her velvety skin and cupped a swelling breast.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" Carol groaned. A shudder ran through her as his fingers began teasing her nipple back to life. "I'm really glad you came in to see your patients tonight!"

"I didn't come in to see my patients," Lee said. His hand moved on her breast, and he saw passion flame in her eyes and felt the tip of her breast swell against his touch. "I came in to see you."

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Carol said as passion flamed in her body. "God, Lee, your touch is magic!"

"I'm so glad you like it," Lee murmured, then kissed her.

"Like it, I love it!" the attractive nurse whimpered, covering his hand with hers, pressing it tighter against her breast. "I can't get enough of you!"

Lee' hands once more began exploring the nurse's splendid body and she responded quickly, wildly. Soon she was moaning, clutching at the covers, begging him to do even more.

"I...Oh, God, Lee! I can't wait! I gotta have you again," Carol groaned. She rolled onto him, reached between them, and grasped his cock.

Almost before he knew what she was doing, Lee felt his cock sliding into her body.

"Yeahhhh!!!" Carol hissed, "That's exactly what I need! Oh, Jesus, do I ever!" She pushed herself upright and began working her hips against him, loving how his big wand felt as it lashed around inside her. His hand slid up over her chest and captured her breasts again, kneading them, teasing the nipples until if felt so good it almost hurt. If he kept that up, she wasn't going to be able to...

"Commmmmmminnnnnnnggg!!! Oh, Jesus, Lee, I'm gonna come agggainnnnnnn!!!! Fuck meeeee!!! Fuck meeeeeee!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!" Carol cried. Her body quaked with spasm after spasm of delight. "It's so damn good!!! Oh, Jesus, it's so damn good!!! Yessssss!!!! Yesssssss!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!"

"Gnnnnnahhhhhhh!!!!" Lee cried as he exploded into paroxysms of joy. His loins pumped blast after blast of his cream into her.

Carol, sated, collapsed atop her lover, and felt his arms surrounding her, holding her. Gently, Lee rolled to his side, still holding the woman, then they dozed off. Lee held her, letting her rest. He knew they couldn't stay like this too long. He had to get home and Carol had to get back to work, but he sure was glad he'd come down to the hospital tonight.

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