tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbducted Together

Abducted Together


Outside, the rain droned on like there would be no tomorrow. Maybe there won't, she thought glumly. Releasing the curtains, she padded across the room and crawled back into bed, the mattress no more comforting than the cold floor.

I just wish I knew why, she thought, the tears once again welling in her dark eyes as she pictured Daniel's loving smile, his dark hair hanging long over his stormy blue eyes. Wasn't he happy? Didn't he love me? Questions raced through her restless mind as she tossed and turned, her wavy brown hair spreading messily over the sheet.

A deafening thunderclap made her jump, sitting up as she stared out at the worsening storm. At least the sky's angry, too.

He had gone with no warning, leaving the house empty for her to find when she returned from work. He hadn't even taken his things. No clothes, no suitcases, nothing. The idea of abduction had briefly crossed her mind but she dismissed it just as quickly when she remembered his muscular build and naturally strong disposition. She had looked for a note but, finding nothing, decided he had simply left her. That was two days ago.

The flash of lightning lit up the dark room as the following thunder filled her ears. Tears silently rolled down her cheeks as she clutched the blanket. Why?


He felt pressure on his wrists as he slowly drifted into consciousness. The room swam in his vision, the lines blurring and the colors converging. How long have I been here? A shadow moved into the edge of his vision, or at least he thought so. "Whe..." he whispered, attempting to ask his whereabouts.

A cruel laugh shot through the air and he lolled his head towards the sound. There was a woman coming slowly into focus. Who is she? She was dressed all in black, the tall boots and long dark jacket covering most of her skin. Her dark hair flowed around her shoulders. "Who are you?" he finally managed to ask, his British accent thick in his half-conscious state.

"Your worst nightmare," she replied with a wicked grin. As he contemplated her answer, she walked closer, her boots clicking on the hard floor. The table he was lying on held his arms and legs firmly as he tested their strength in his weakened state. "You're not trying to escape are you?" she asked sarcastically.

"Where am I? Why've you brought me here? And where's Sasha?"

"Ooh, aren't you a feisty one?" She laughed. She walked up beside him and trailed her fingers down his arm. He shuddered.

Suddenly she shrugged out of her jacket and he gasped at what she was wearing. A black leather corset that stopped just below her breasts pushed them upwards, the curves casting shadows on her slender waist. Her nipples were very hard. His gaze reluctantly drifted down to her hips, revealing garters attached to thigh-high fishnet stockings under an extremely short leather shirt that barely covered her.

She climbed up on the table and straddled his waist as he realized he was naked and so was she under her skirt. She laughed at his reaction. Her hips began to move, willing his member to attention against his efforts. Her black leather gloves left her fingers exposed and as he grew she ran her black fingernails down his chest, leaving angry red trails in their wake.

She slid down between his spread-eagled legs and grabbed his now fully erect member in both hands, stroking it lightly. "Stop it," he half-heartedly cried as she took him into her mouth. He groaned as she began to bob up and down, sliding her tongue along the sensitive underside of his erection.

What about Sasha, his mind screamed as his body gave in to the sensations filling him. His arms strained against the bindings holding them above his head and his eyes closed as the pressure built within him. His breathing became more and more labored as he struggled against the restraints.

He was getting close, against all mental efforts to calm himself, but she stopped before she drove him over the edge. His eyes snapped open to find her climbing off the table. "Where are you going?"

"Oh, miss me already? Don't worry. I'll be back soon enough," she said as she strode quickly from the room, leaving his raging erection pointing at the ceiling and his mind whirling from all that had happened so far.


She felt a warm sensation between her legs as she slowly opened her eyes. She was suddenly frightfully aware of the cold metal beneath her and the restraints on her wrists and ankles. As far as she could tell, she was on her side, her hands tied above her head and one leg flat on the table and the other pulled taut straight up in the air. "Aahh," she cried as she looked down to find a woman between her legs, running her tongue between her lower lips before raising her mouth to curl it into a cruel smile.

"Don't worry, Sasha, this won't hurt. Much."

She felt fingers push their way inside her and she moaned as they began a steady rhythm thrusting in and out in time with the tongue stroking her. She tried desperately to close her legs but found herself unable to budge. She felt a harsh blow to her backside and strained to see the woman was holding a wooden paddle in her other hand and pummeling her quite brutally. "Aaaahhh," she cried, louder this time, both from pain and from fright. "Daniel!" She knew he wasn't there but didn't know what other name to call.


His head shot up at the sound of his name. "Sasha?" he called weakly, his head still reeling from whatever had knocked him unconscious on his way home. He tried to sit up, forgetting his hands were tied and falling back to the table unhappily. Could it be her? Is she here? Is she okay?

A grunt escaped his lips as he pulled at his bindings. He thought it gave a little, but couldn't be sure in his state of mind. He tugged harder, his muscles bulging with the effort. He heard a snap and the ropes slowly pulled free. He held them in front of his face and, with the aid of his teeth, managed to detach his hands from one another. He jolted up and immediately began to untie his ankles. After freeing himself he climbed down cautiously and surveyed the room around him.

It was a large room with only one light source, the huge medical-looking lamp above his table. A hallway led off to his right and another to his left. The choice became apparent as he heard a cry from his right and after grabbing the ropes he had been tied with he took off down the winding passage.

The light faded as he grew farther and farther from the room and he slowed to a jog as his vision diminished with the light. He finally had to put out a hand and, finding the wall, follow it along the black hallway. The corridor brightened again as he got closer to another room and he could hear labored cries coming from its depths.

He looked carefully around the corner and saw a room much like his own, a table and light in the middle, but with Sasha crying from on top instead of himself. His eyes narrowing in anger, he stormed into the room and grabbed the woman violating Sasha, the same woman who had appeared in his room not long ago.

The fear in her eyes told her that she hadn't heard him coming. "If you want to live you won't make a noise. Not a fucking word. I would have no problem snapping your bloody neck for what you've done to her," he growled.


"Daniel?" she called weakly.

"I'm here, love. Don't worry. I'm here now," she heard him say, "We're gonna get out of here."

"Oh, Daniel, you're here! I thought I'd never see you again," she said as the tears formed in her eyes. "How did you find me?"

"I heard you calling my name. I'm just as lost as you are but I promise I'll get you out of this place." She turned to see him tying the arms and legs of the woman and throwing her quite forcefully down onto the ground. She lay still, breathing quietly.

He turned to her. "Are you alright?"

"Now I am."


He strode towards her, suddenly aware of her provocative pose. He purposefully walked around the side of the table where her legs were pulled apart, eyeing her hungrily. The unfinished encounter from earlier had left him quite aroused and this was just too much for him to handle.

"Aren't you going to untie me?" she asked, her eyes wide.

Not just yet, he thought, smiling at her.


He reached out and ran a finger along her hard nipple, causing her to gasp. He leaned down and licked it, taking it into his mouth. He rolled it with his tongue, making Sasha moan loudly. "What are you doing?" she asked breathily.

"You can't just expect me to let you down without having any fun," he said, leaning back upright.

"But we've got to get out of here!" He put a finger to his lips, shushing her as his hand trailed down her belly to her slender hips, tracing the joint of her leg and then seeking out her sensitive clit. She sighed as he stroked her in small, deliberate circles. He watched her eyes close and her mouth open in pleasure. Her hips strained against his hand, moving in time with his motions.

He leaned down and replaced his fingers with his tongue, making her moan again. His tongue pushed inside of her, then returned to her clit. His speed increased with her breathing. "Untie me, please," she begged, her intentions different than before as she neared her climax. She got closer and closer until he stopped abruptly.

"Tell me what you want," he said.

She moaned in reply, her brow wrinkling in frustration.

"Come on, love. Tell me what you want me to do to you."

"Oh, fuck me, Daniel! Please! I've missed you so much and I need you so bad right now," she cried, her hips bucking on the table, desperate for him.

He bit his lip in anticipation as he untied her ankles, his throbbing erection protruding out in front of him. After he untied her wrists she practically jumped up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, still sitting on the table. One hand slid around her waist as his other reached down to guide his throbbing member to her entrance. She moaned as he entered her. His hand moved up to stroke her with his thumb. His rhythm was hard and fast, his need urgent. He groaned as he neared orgasm and stroked her faster. He leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth as he pulled her closer, thrusting into her mercilessly. Her hands clutched his hair as she came, yelling "Daniel!" He held off for as long as his body would allow, finally erupting into her as her walls constricted around him. Her body trembled in his arms as he held her close, their intense orgasms subsiding. He kissed her gently.

They slowly got up and walked from the room, Sasha held tight in his arms. Heading out the door, they started through the maze of hallways looking for the way out.


She watched them leave from the ground, her hands and feet bound. She knew they were watching, too, from the double-sided mirrors in the walls. She knew that Daniel and Sasha would be allowed to escape, although she hadn't gotten to have any fun with them. Next time, she would get her way, though. Next time...

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