Abduction of Stanley Sprocket


"Right there. Give it to me!" Jenny urged him.

Stanley rubbed the head of his cock in the hot wetness that was available and centered it. He gave a firm push and encountered more difficulty in making the initial penetration than expected, because Jenny's pussy was much tighter than he thought it would be. His next thrust was stronger, and he felt his cock burst through and into the soft, tight channel. It felt as if he had just broken through the Pearly Gates to Heaven.

A sudden grimace of pain flickered across the sweet young woman's appealing face and, when Stanley looked between their bodies, he saw a tiny stream of blood trickling from around his cock. Jenny really had been a virgin, but it was too late to regret having been the man to break through her maidenhead.

She had no regrets at all. "I'm glad it was you," she whispered to him. "Don't worry. It only hurt a little, and just for a second. It feels really good now."

Stanley didn't know what could have made him so special to Jenny, but he put the question out of his head to concentrate on enjoying the sex with her. He gave another push and more of his cock burrowed into the tight channel that seemed to want it so badly. Once again, her face registered pain, but this time, he ignored it. Seconds later, another firm push slid even more of his shaft into Jenny's pussy.

His cock was far enough inside her that Stanley no longer needed to guide it. He placed his other hand on the other side of the deflowered virgin so he could start making the long, deep strokes that would feel so good to him and, he hoped, to her too. Jenny Looked up adoringly at him again spread her thighs more widely and hooked her ankles around his legs. When she felt his cock plunging into her again, Jenny flexed the muscles in her legs to pull her body toward him and take him into herself even more deeply.

"Keep doing that, Stanley," the sweet brunette murmured softly. "Keep putting your big, wonderful cock in me; it feels so good."

He did what she wanted, continuing to thrust into her pussy until his whole shaft was imbedded in the tightest place it had ever been. Jenny raised her arms in an invitation, which he could not refuse. Stanley slid his hands under them and leaned forward so all the weight of his upper body was supported on his forearms and elbows. When she took hold of his shoulders and pulled his face down to hers and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

While their mouths were still pressed tightly together and their tongues were still intertwined, he slowly drew back until just the head of his cock was still inside her tight pussy. After pausing a few seconds, he thrust forward again. When she felt his cock surging back into her, Jenny flexed her legs again and pulled it all the way into her pussy, until their two bodies came wetly together, accompanied by sighs of intense pleasure. Before beginning another stroke, Stanley lay quietly above her, leaving his cock buried deeply inside Jenny and letting her tight pussy massage it as she writhed under him.

It felt marvelous to Jenny too. The man of her dreams had been interested in her enough to want to make love, and hadn't been deterred by her youth and lack of experience. The entire length of his cock stretched her pussy and sent waves of joy throbbing through her body. She enjoyed everything about the new experience that day, and the slight pain of having her maidenhead broken was nothing compared to the immense pleasure she was already feeling.

It got even better for her. Once more, the man lying above her slowly drew his cock back, paused for a few seconds and plunged it back into her. For this second stroke, she spread her thighs even more, allowing a fraction of an inch more of his shaft to drive into her, and pulled herself against him. The juicy noises made by their bodies when they came together and their squeals of joy from the man and woman as they expressed their delight in what they were doing was also a duplicate of the first stroke.

It continued getting better for both of them. Over and over, Stanley drew his cock slowly back and thrust it into Jenny, while she pulled against him with her legs and impaled her pussy. For a woman who had just been deflowered, she was certainly enthusiastic about the fucking they were doing, both in her erotic movements under him and in the way her melodious voice encouraged Stanley in what he was doing for her.

"Keep fucking me, Stanley," she breathed into his ear. "I've been waiting all my life for you."

He didn't need much encouragement, because the woman under him was a beauty, and she moved like a courtesan or like a woman with her lover. For a long time, Stanley and Jenny slowly fucked, while her movements became more and more erratic. Once again, she whispered to him what she wanted.

"Give it to me, Stanley. Make me cum!"

Until then, he had been driving his shaft straight in and out of Jenny's pussy, with little contact between his cock and her clit. The edge had been taken off his horniness by the medical officer, but the long session with the woman who was sharing her bed with him had him almost ready to cum again. He moved slightly up on her body, so his cock was driving down into her pussy and making more contact with her clit. He also started fucking her faster, and she responded by matching his increased speed at every stroke.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Jenny whimpered in time with the surges of Stanley's cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. "Oh, god," she cried aloud. "Oh, my god, Stanley, that's so good."

It wasn't just good to her partner; it was fabulous. The cute and sexy young woman's body thrashed from side to side under him, and her legs thrust out beside his hips as her pussy rammed back against him. With every thrust, the erratic movements her body became wilder, until she sang out her delight.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

She dug her fingers into Stanley's back, and he was glad Jenny kept her nails short, or he would have been severely lacerated. Her legs clung so tightly to him that, when he drew back for another stroke, she rode up with him and, when he thrust forward, he squashed her into the mattress, eliciting another cry of exquisite joy as his cock drove into her even more deeply.

They continued fucking just like that, with Jenny in the throes of cumming, for almost a minute, until she uttered another guttural and incoherent shout. Her back arched; all her muscles clenched, and she jammed her pussy against him for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, the happy former virgin relaxed totally under him, but Stanley continued driving his cock in and out of her until he also climaxed, shooting a burst of semen into her already dripping-wet pussy. He continued fucking her for a few dozen more strokes, ejaculating two more times, until he knew he was through cumming and collapsed on top of Jenny.

They lay together, in a happy pile, while Stanley's cock softened and slipped out of her soggy pussy, and he got to his knees. Usually, he would have licked the fresh juices from her, but they were mixed with Jenny's hymeneal blood and his own cum, and he was loathe to do so. He went to the small sink and used a wash cloth to clean himself off, rinsed out the blood and semen and pussy juices, and took it back to Jenny so she could clean herself also.

She smiled lovingly at him when he offered it to her. "Oh, Stanley, you're so sweet. I hope we can do a lot of this while you're here."

"I hope so too, Jenny. It was really great for me too. But I think we'd better get back to work."

She agreed, and they got dressed again. The events of that day, even beyond his being Shanghaied onto a spacecraft, were puzzling to Stanley. The medical officer, who had a reputation as an ice maiden, had practically raped him, even though her relationship with him had started out cold and professional to an extreme degree. A short time later, a young woman eagerly offered her virginity to him. Stanley knew quite well that he was neither handsome nor charming, and he wondered what could have caused women such as them to be so eager for sex with him. His mind was an inquiring one, and he decided to try to find out. It wasn't just a matter of idle curiosity; he hoped he could find out and use the strange ability or power on women when he returned to Earth.

He and Jenny returned to work, and she was almost sitting on his lap as they went over some computer flow charts when Chief Engineering Officer Wilson joined them. He noticed how friendly they seemed to have gotten, frowned, and sent Jenny off on an errand. With her gone, he turned to Stanley.

"Mr. Sprocket, you seem to have gotten quite chummy with Technician Woo. I feel I should warn you, she is known among the men on board as strictly a cute little prick teaser."

"Jenny? A prick teaser?"

"I think that's the right phrase. A woman who comes on to you, but suddenly stops and refuses to put out, and leaves the guy frustrated. She's a hotty too and, from what I have been told, she knows all the moves and would be great in bed, but nobody has ever gotten her there."

"Well, that's the kind of girl who would be called a prick teaser alright, but I don't think Jenny is one of those."

Once again, Stanley thought about the two women who were said to be not interested in things carnal but had been intensely interested in sex with him. He decided to try to get more information from Wilson about the two women who had coupled with him already, because he had hopes of attracting both of them for more sexual sessions and, hopefully, the same kind of action with other women. Stanley described his highly pleasurable encounters with Jenny and O'Hara.

Wilson listened carefully, and got more and more puzzled. "I know, or thought I knew, neither Woo nor O'Hara are interested in sex, either with men on the ship, or with women who swing that way. On our planet, we have no sexual repression at all, and men and women freely express themselves carnally. That would be especially so in a closed society, such as on this ship, and anybody is free to do anything they want, with any willing person of either sex. Or, they are welcome to remain celibate, if that's their personal preference.

"I've gotten it on with half the women aboard the ship, and there are some men who are real hotsies. They get even more than I do, and we compare notes sometimes. The women do the same thing about us. I don't know of anyone who has gotten into the pants of either of them. By the way, is that the right expression?" When Stanley nodded his head, Wilson continued. "I've even heard that Woo is a virgin. I don't know for sure, but she tells people she is. Of course, she isn't any more, is she?"

"No, not since about an hour ago. I was surprised, and even felt a bit guilty about breaking her cherry, but she had no objection."

"She shouldn't have any objection, and you shouldn't feel any guilt either. On our world, we learned long ago that a woman's virginity is a nuisance, a thing to be eliminated by puberty, if possible. Some girls even deflower themselves with their fingers or a hairbrush handle or something because they don't want the boys or men they meet later to think that other males consider them to be undesirable."

Stanley felt a little better then, but he was still puzzled. How could he, new on the ship and nothing to brag about be a sex object for two women who, until then, had little or no interest in sex. Once again, he asked Wilson why the two women would have been so eager for sex with him, when they had been lacking in interest with anybody else until then.

"Well, I don't know why. After Woo returns with the stuff I sent her after, we can put her to work and go check with one of the ship's biologists. It must be a matter of biology, after all."

"You're probably right, but let's consult with a male scientist. I don't want to turn on any more women for a while, if that's what does it."

Wilson thought that was a good idea and, after Jenny returned with the old flow charts she had been sent for, they started to leave. The cute technician was reluctant to see her dream man leave, and pressed her body against him while caressing his sides and ass and legs with her hands.

"Hurry back, Stanley. I really want to get together with you some more."

The highly impressed chief engineering officer left with the object of Jenny's lust and escorted him to Sick Bay. O'Hara wasn't present, and Stanley was glad of that, although he hoped to get together with her later, as well as getting next to Jenny whenever he could. He was a man who usually had little luck with women, and he had suddenly found himself to be a combination rock star, millionaire and world class professional athlete.

Stanley and his escort explained their question to the biologist on duty, a short man named Kramer. The scientist was very interested in what had caused the sexual success of the new person on board the ship. Like many other men and a few women, he had been turned down flat by both the two women that had been so attracted to Stanley.

"Just step on this platform here," he directed. I'll see if it's some kind of aura or strange waves or something else you're giving off."

Stanley stood on the platform while Kramer tried combinations of switches. He was bathed in a series of lights but, for a while, none of them caused anything that elicited a response from either of the observers.

Suddenly, they hit a jackpot. "Wow!" the biologist exclaimed. "I've never seen anything like that!"

"Like what?" Stanley asked.

"Pheromones. "Do you know what they are?"

"Some kind of scent that insects give off to attract mates, aren't they?"

"Something like that. They're a combination of chemicals that most animals emit, including you and us. With lower animals, one kind of pheromone is a sexual attractant, and others serve other purposes. With us and all humans we have tested before you, the sex ones are so weak as to be useless, probably the result of being sentient.

"But you absolutely reek with them. No wonder the women you've met so far had the hots for you. I really envy you, because you are going to be the biggest makeout artist in history for as long as you're aboard the ship."

"That'll be quite a long time, as far as I can tell so far. By the way, that is the correct idiom."

Stanley didn't really know how long it would take, but he was certainly going to be in no hurry. On Earth, he was a geek and homely and not rich and not at all attractive to women. He would have much preferred to be a hotsy, a person with a multitude of sexual partners, but he had known hardly any willing girls or women, except for prostitutes. Aboard the Centerprize, he would have his choice of any of the female officers or crew, with the exceptions of the lesbians that Wilson had mentioned, maybe even a whole crowd of the straight women at a time.

Wilson suddenly became much friendlier, stepping closer and putting his arm across the shoulders of the lucky man. "Well, Stan the Man, I guess I will have to see about getting you an officers' stateroom. We have a few available, and I'll make it a point to have an extra large bed provided for you. I'm pretty sure you will be needing it."

"Thanks, Chief Engineer. I appreciate that."

"Hey, Stan, there's no need to be so formal. Why don't you call me Reggie? I hope you don't mind if I hang around with you for as long as you're our guest on board the ship. Especially when we're around female crew members."

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Stanley did and expects to keep having, and as much as Reggie hopes to have by hanging out with him. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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