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Raven awoke slowly; stretching her thin body all the way out and then curling back into a ball as she blearily surveyed her surroundings. She was home in her petite, yet very cozy apartment. Her bedroom was separated by a bead curtain from the rest of the apartment, and it gave the room a magical feel. The small area that was her bedroom was quite clean, with her bed against the left wall and a dresser on the other end covered in an array of black makeup.

Raven finally pulled the covers off of herself and rolled out of bed, putting on her fuzzy black slippers with bat wings. She hated mornings, she was much more of a night person. She slunk out of her room to face her kitchen, which held a stove, refrigerator, and wooden cupboards, as well as a table to the right that had three different chairs around it. Ah, the wonders of a struggling artist. Well sort of artist. Raven supposed she could consider what she did to be an art.

She pulled out a box of cereal as she contemplated that thought. Witch-craft wasn’t a sport, or a hobby, maybe a lifestyle. But calling it an art seemed to make the most sense. It took many years to perfect; starting with little exercises like moving pebbles, and then grew to such things as making potions that could save one from death. However it was hard to get recognition as a good witch or sorcerer. Everyone went to well-reputed and known magic practitioners, but since witches and sorcerers could choose whether they wanted to age, no one really retired, making it almost impossible for someone new to start in on the business. But nevertheless, Raven was determined to try.

She sat down at the wobbly table and began to munch on her cereal, before noticing the mail at the front door. She quickly padded over to the dark cherry wood door and bent down to pick up the few pieces before sitting down again. The first two were just bills… but the third one was addressed to her. Raven rarely received mail and so she quickly tore it open and began to read:

Ms. Raven Marie Blackmore,

Your presence is requested at Vesnic Tanar Castle by Queen Catalina Pavlenco and King Emil Pavlenco of the Vampire. A medical emergency has occurred and your superior skill is needed immediately. A distance key has been provided so that you may travel with utmost urgency. We beseech that you come with speed.

Wow. Raven took a moment to reread the message and compose herself, before she stood up and twirled around the kitchen giggling. A freaking job for the vampire royalty! She could not believe her luck! Raven was now used to the petty jobs she had been performing for neighbouring lowlife magic folk, but this was unbelievable. It was incredible. If people heard that she was the first call for vampire royalty then she would soon be booming with business! Luck was finally on her side.

Raven skittered into her room and began to pull out clothing, trying to find the best outfit to wear to a castle. She began to pick through her best clothes in her dresser. She finally decided on a dress and quickly used a spell to erase all of the wrinkles before she began to pull it on. Finally she grabbed out a pair of two inch heeled black shoes with a rounded toe that harboured a white lace bow. Sitting at her dresser she pulled a comb through her hair and quickly fixed the dishevelled mess before beginning her makeup.

When she was satisfied with her primping she stood and gazed at herself in the full length mirror next to her bed. She looked good, and very professionally witch-like, even with her rather gothic style. The dress she wore was tight across her chest and stomach, with tank top straps, and then crisscrossing spaghetti straps across the front, and a small bow attached on the left side. A layer of lace ran across the top of her chest and her small b-cup breasts swelled sensually beneath it. The skirt came out with a flounce, and three inches before the bottom of it was a strip of lace. Her pale alabaster legs were bare until they reached the small heels. Raven was merely 5’4, though she now reached the grand height of 5’6 with her heels. Her hair was jet black and had multiple layers that framed her pixie-like face in caressing waves, reaching to her shoulder blades. Raven’s face was sweet and feisty at the same time; she had large green eyes that were framed heavily with thick black lashes and eyeliner. Her nose was small and round and beneath it were soft lips, painted a dark plum.

Finally happy with her appearance she returned to the kitchen table, her witch bag held proudly. She felt slight butterflies. What if this was a practical joke? Or what if she couldn’t accomplish what they asked… Oh god, how could she ever do this! Quickly she reached into the envelope groping for the distance key the letter had mentioned. It was there and Raven pulled it out, carefully studying it. It didn’t look like a hoax. And these things were expensive, would someone actually pay for one just to commit a prank? The small key was silver and had three prongs that attached to a magnificent handle decorated with swirls.

Raven took a deep breath, steeling herself for what she was about to do. She was going to do this. She was going to be the best witch doctor to ever attend vampire royalty. Her business would soon be booming. She just had to use the key. She reached forward and turned the key in an imaginary door.

“Vesnic Tanar Castle.” Raven vocalized, and with a whoosh of air her apartment was left empty.

* * * * * * * * * *

Raven’s head spun as she tried to gather her surroundings, and her knees buckled beneath her as the room she was in continued to swirl. Before she could hit the ground however to strong arms wrapped around her body and supported her. She blinked frantically and after about a minute she could make out where she was. The room she had entered was fantastic, filled with lavish furniture and a ceiling that was at least fifty feet high, if not more. It was then that she realized the compromising position she was in and she quickly jumped back.

A man stood before her, roughly six and a half feet tall and in his late twenties, he had dark hair that was drawn into a ponytail, reaching his waist, and he wore a black suit. The man watched her with steel gray eyes that made her feel like her soul was being bared to the world, and he was absolutely beatific.

“I-I-I’m Raven Blackmore, sir. I’m supposed to be here for a medical, um, emergency. I’m looking for the King and Queen” She stammered hurriedly. The man’s eyes lit with humour as he watched her struggle with the words.

“Ms. Raven, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am King Emil. And I believe you have received my message explaining how crucially we need your help, so I will not be able to ask you to sit but must quickly explain the issue at hand.” He paused for a minute to see that Raven agreed with all he said before talking again, “My son is gravely ill. We are not sure how, but someone has injected copious amounts of vervain into his system. We desperately need your help.”

Raven stood still for a moment as this new information churned in her mind. Vervain was deadly to vampires if too much was ingested and even when it was not in contact with their skin it weakened them. However if more than a tablespoon was in his system she could only buy him more time death.

“Sir, I’m afraid there is little I can do for your son, if he’s ingested more than-“She stopped as Emil’s calculating eyes watched her warily. There was a cure to vervain. A witch’s blood. Her mother had told her about it when she was younger. Witches and sorcerers were creatures permeated with magic, and their blood held special healing properties like no other. However if the blood of a witch was taken without permission it was the most toxic poison known in the magic world. But when giving willingly… it was a remarkable antidote. But horribly demeaning, and only low-life witches generally gave blood. She was not a low-life! But… this was royalty asking for her help not just a random vampire.

As these thoughts raced through Raven’s head Emil stood coolly, watching as the light bulb flicked on above her head.

“Please Ms. Raven.” He began, his voice genuinely filled with grief, “My only child is close to death, he is in tremendous pain. I know that what I am asking of you is not respectable but I beg of you.”

Raven could not stand the pain in the man’s voice. It rang in each syllable and she found herself wanting to comfort the man in any way she could. Careful Raven, she thought to herself, he is a vampire how do you know he isn’t just using his charms on you.

Raven was caught in a dilemma and Emil could see her hesitation.

“We are prepared to not mention the fact that you were called upon for a blood transfusion. Instead we will tell others that we needed you for some medical guidance. The next time our regular healer is out we will call upon you, and if our friends ask we will not hesitate to recommend you. As well we will pay handsomely” He took a break, “Please I’m begging you, at least come and see him”

Raven stood for a moment weighing the pros and cons, and then nodded her head at the beautiful man. Now that she knew this man needed her help, if she didn’t help him she would bear the weight of his death.

“Show me to him.” She said carefully. Emil led her through a long corridor and up a set of stairs before they stopped in front of two grand doors. He gently pushed one open revealing a new scene.

Against the far wall was a large four post bed covered in a crimson red canopy, and a white duvet covering up to mid-chest the body of a man. Sitting next to the man in the bed was a golden haired angel, whom Raven could only assume was Queen Catalina as she attended diligently to her son. Next to Catalina was an old witch, and Raven gasped as she saw who it was. Lilith of the Rowan stood before her chanting next to the man as she staved off the infection that was ravaging his body. She was a legend and one of the most highly esteemed witches in the world.

As Raven followed King Emil to the side of the bed her mouth dropped into a tiny O. The man in the middle of the bed was the most beautiful she had ever seen, even as he laid there in pain. His features were fine and he had soft curving lips that caused Ravens breasts to tingle. His cheek bones were high and defined and although his eyes were closed they looked like they were perfect almonds. He had long black hair that reached his shoulders and was feathered out around his head like a halo. His body was well-muscled, not a football quarter back, but the broad shoulders were definitely a turn on. The man’s body was covered in a film of sweat and her mind played out a delicious scene where he was not covered in sweat from pain but from pleasure…

Raven’s mind snapped back to the present as the king began to talk, and she blushed furiously.

“Please, will you help us.” He beseeched again. Raven’s eyes wandered back to the beautiful man. She couldn’t leave him like this even if she tried. She was immediately drawn to him and although she would most likely regret it, she had to help him.

“Alright. I will. Just… don’t let this get out. Um… What exactly do I have to… do?” She said meekly. Lilith stepped forward.

“Alright child,” She said moving to her side and grasping Raven’s arm. She was amazed Lilith did not break! The old lady was covered in layers of shrouds and her thin boney body did not look like it could support even the weight of her ancient head. “lay over here.” She said pushing her to the other side of the bed.

“Umm… maybe can I just stand? I don’t need to be that close or anything.” She said embarrassed as the princes parents watched the old woman push her down close enough to the prince to feel the heat radiating off his body.

“Don’t argue!” The old lady snapped. “He is very sick and will need much of your blood, probably enough to make you faint. Unless you wish to end up on the floor you will lie down here.” She said as she began to twist her hands over the unconscious body of the prince. “I have put Dmitri into a deep sleep as the pain he is in is insurmountable. But he must wake up to consume your blood. The moment his eyes open you must say ’Dmitri, I give my blood of earth to you immortal child, come and drink my life away.’ He should instinctively do the rest. Alright? Are you ready?” Her voice snapped efficiently barely giving Raven time to comprehend.

Raven nodded silently staring at the beautiful man, apparently Dmitri. “I’m ready.” She said as she steeled herself. This was purely a business move, and it would help her in the long run she just had to remember that.

Raven looked up to see Catalina staring at her with a hostile gaze, her eyes an icy blue. They warned her to save her son, or there would be hell to pay.

Lilith put her hand against Dmitri’s chest and began to speak. “Solvo him ex is painless somnus quod permissum him suscitatio.” She whispered in a rough voice.

Dmitri lurched to life beneath her hand and his back arched in pain, his teeth gritted and eyes wide with panic. Raven couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain he was in and she froze in terror at the scene of such agony. But quickly her mind remembered what she was supposed to do. All she could think of was stopping this man’s pain and she felt as if it were her own in her desperation to calm it.

“Dmitri, I give my blood to you immortal child, come and drink my life away” She gasped quickly watching his writhing torso.

In a blur his body was atop of hers, his frantic ice blue eyes searching hers for permission to take her sacred blood. Raven’s green eyes gazed back unflinchingly, somehow filled with trust for a man she didn’t know. Dmitri brought his face forward, as if to kiss her, but instead his sensual lips brushed across her cheek as they ran down her jaw line, stopping at her neck.

Dmitri’s sensual mouth parted and his tongue lightly flicked across her skin, and then he bit into her jugular. Raven let out a gasp as her skin tore beneath his sharp teeth. His hot body pressed closely against hers and one of his arms wrapped tightly around her small waist as the other held his body up so that he would not crush her. Her small hands naturally wrapped around his shoulders, and as the pain receded from the initial bite she thought about how absolutely right this felt.

The thought gave her a warm feeling, as she fainted.

* * * * * * * * * *

Okay so hope you guys liked this! It’s the first story I have ever written for public eyes so I hope it’s okay! I love compliments, but constructive criticisms are also very welcome, and send a message my way if there are any sexual things you want to see as I plan to get into lots of fun with these two! I apologize for the lack of sex in this chapter but I find stories are much more fulfilling if the characters have some time to be introduced before getting it on! Next chapter will be much steamier!

Thanks for reading,


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