tagNonHumanAlpha Protection Ch. 01

Alpha Protection Ch. 01


First I want to thank Tanacious so much for all the help with editing this chapter.

I hope you all enjoy and please let me know what you think. I know that the story starts out rather slow so please bare with me.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

A moan left her swollen sore lips before her eyes had even opened. Tempest's whole body hurt, that was her first feeling of the day. Laying on her stomach she took inventory on her sore body trying to think of what could have caused it. Her right wrist wouldn't move when she tried, it was as if it wasn't attached to her body. She knew that wasn't right, she could feel it there because of the pain shooting through it made her want to scream. It was like her hand and wrist wouldn't obey her commands. She started to frown only to wince from the pain her split lip caused. She was in serious trouble she knew if something was wrong with her right hand because she was one of those people who are strictly right handed. She couldn't seem to make her head turn either, to see just what was wrong with her wrist and hand.

Tempest tried to take a deep breath, but she couldn't quite manage one. She was quickly becoming angry with all the things she couldn't do. Gritting her teeth she laid her left palm flat on the bed where she laid. Through clenched teeth she panted as she tried to push herself up, she should have laid still. She never made it even an inch before she collapsed back onto the bed crying out in pain. The pain in her wrist was now the farthest thing from her mind. There was a fire in her back that took her breath away and caused her to whimper. It felt as if someone had skinned her back her neck to the top of her bottom. She remember hearing her harsh panting and somewhere far away she could have sworn she heard murmuring. Thankfully she slipped into unconsciousness where the pain and fire could no longer eat at her. Was that me that growled? She thought vaguely before everything went completely black.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Maddox was indeed beside the young woman murmuring soft nonsense before she could do much damage to herself. A low deadly growl echoed softly in the large room, one he hadn't meant to do. The last thing he wanted to do was scare the woman more then she already must be. Reaching out he brushed stray strands of her dark red hair away from her face. He hadn't been able to get a good look at her eyes, but he would the moment she was completely awake. There was no way someone could have green and purple swirled eyes. He wanted to see them fully open, he had to know what color they really were. Seeing that she was once again unconscious he turned away when the doctor entered the room.

"She woke up Beau. I was in the hall talking to Val when I realized her breathing sounded different. Unfortunately I didn't get back in time to keep her from trying to move," the low growling began again as Maddox inwardly cursed at himself.

Baeu moved slowly towards the bed knowing better then to make any sudden movements. The badly beaten girl on the bed was a trigger for his friend. When she had frist been brought here Maddox had stood over her daring anyone to come near her. After talking him down he had finally let Beau near her to check her out. "You can't be here twenty-four seven my friend. You have businesses to run and a family to see to," he answered carefully removing the dressings.

Nodding Maddox sat gently on the side of the bed taking the woman's good hand in his larger one. "Who would do such a thing Beau? Women are suppose to be cherished, loved, and taken care of not beaten within inches of their lives," he commented looking at the small body barely taking up any room in his large bed.

No one was allowed to hit a woman in the MacThayen clan. Having watched his dad often beat his mother Maddox had changed a few laws, and mad a few new ones when he had taken over. Though the women were strong they were mostly smaller then the men. One did not beat someone smaller then themselves because there was no honor in such disgraces. If a man beat a woman then the man would be tied to a stake in front of the entire clan. The woman would then have to choose to beat the man herself or have another man do it for her. If the woman was mated to the man they were allowed to separate or divorce as a human would call it. Maddox has to promise the Moon Goddess many things for that one privilege. If the woman lied about such a grave matter she was forced to leave the clan, with or without her mate. It was then the choice of the male whether he was allowed to divorce.

"I am not going to bandage her again right now the wounds need air. I only know of one way to help her heal quicker then what we are already doing," Beau said sitting back with a deep sigh.

The doctor's words shook the Alpha from his train of thought. Running his free hand over his face he too sighed. Turning to look at Beau he studied the nearly shredded back. He had to force himself to calm as rage once more boiled inside him. In and out, breath in and out he chanted in his mind. He waited until he felt the rage ease before answering the doctor. "Anything," he said without further pause.

Dr. Beau as many called him busied himself with packing his bag back up. He refused to look his alpha and friend in the eyes when he spoke, "Well actually I can think of two. Change her would be my first suggestion. My other is let your wolf free to clean her wounds. she will scar there is no doubt about that Maddox, but if you clean her it shouldn't be as bad."

The first comment nrealy made the usually clam Alpha explode. "I will not take that choice from anyone Beauregard unless that is the only answer. Unless the person is seconds from death the choice should and always will be theirs to make," he shouted letting his friend bare the brunt of his anger. Maddox calmed quickly though knowing his friend didn't deserve his anger. "Are you shure that it will not cause an infection?"

Standing Beau nodded to the outburst of anger understanding since changing a human without consent was illegal. Walking to the door he shook his head, "No my Alpha it will only help to heal her wounds quicker, besides there is already a slight infection. Keep her back clean once an hour for the next two days, after that once every four hours or so should be fine. If I was not afraid that you might kill another I would suggest having someone else clean her wounds. However even I can sense your wolf has already laid claim to her." Without another word he walked out of the bedroom quietly closing the door behind him.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

It was nearly half an hour later before Maddox moved and that was only to lay beside the mystery woman. He was extremely careful not to jar or move her in any way. His wolf was clawing to get out, to lay next her and take care of her. Closing his eyes he promised his other half that he could care for her soon, but she needed to rest awhile longer without being touched. Both halves of him wanted to pull her into his arms and offer comfort, but his human side knew that doing such would only cause her more pain. Both sides agreed that once those who had done this to her were found they would pay slowly and painfully.

He wanted to know her name and who she was. He wanted to know everything there was about the small woman in his bed. Everything in him wanted to see her smile and laugh instead of the pain that crossed her face every time she came close to waking. Feeling her heat he moved slowly sweeping the covers off her lower half. For two days now she had been running a fever which thankfully kept her unconscious most of the time. Reaching over he picked up the cold cloth he used to cool her body down. He knew he was only torturing himself by touching her, but he couldn't let anyone else touch her either. Beau was the only one who was allowed near her naked body, and he was only allowed to see her back.

Wiping down her legs he let himself study her body. She seemed so small to him, but many people did. He guessed she was about 5'4 at best which was a little more then a foot shorter than himself. She wasn't skinny or even thin, but he didn't mind that either. He took stock of her as he tried to keep her cool. Her legs were toned and hard which gave him imaged of them wrapped tightly wround his waist holding him to her. His hands began to shake slightly as they stroked over her. A full lush bottom taunted him too much with those images, a bottom cupped in his large hands holding her while he pounded into her. Maddox groaned softly feeling his cock harden. He knew he had to think of something else, but he couldn't take his eyes from her body.

Sitting back he let his eyes move over her slowly knowing already what her front looked like. Those breasts tormented him as well even thought they weren't overly large. Tipped with small pink nipples her breasts wouldn't quite fill his hands, but he still itched to touch them. Her soft belly was just a touch more then slightly convexed, and the only part of her body that wasn't hard with muscles. He knew a few women who worked out, but couldn't lose that slight amount of belly. On her though it only added to her beauty, made her more feminine. He wasn't the type to judge by one's looks, but he couldn't help his close inspection of her. Every culture needed to see each other as the Were's saw each other. Small or big a person was a person and should be treated as such.

Hearing the clock chime Maddox dropped the cloth back into the bowl. He backed away from the bed slowly letting the change take over. His green eyes slowly turned dark almost black and fur leaped along his body covering his skin. A cracking sound echoed in the silent room for only a moment before a large silver wolf stood in place of the man. Carefully so not to hurt her he climbed upon the bed and sat beside her. The man could not stop the wolf from leaning his head down between her slightly spread thighs to sniff her. He could hear the silent howl of the wolf knowing he wanted to bury his head between her thighs and lick until he tasted her cream. Back and forth the two argued for several minutes until the man finally won. He told the wolf he would be no better then the ones who had beat her if he took advantage now.

With a growl at being denied the wolf settled down beside her. Ever so slowly he began to lick her back gently. Both man and wolf worked together so that one of them did not hurt her. The wolf gave a silent growl of pleasure only the man could hear her when she moaned softly. They could both feel her body relax under the caressing tongue. Feeling her legs shift spreading slightly more, the man and wolf began to fight again. The wolf wanted to take the invitiation she was offering, the man knew that she didn't know what she was doing. They finally agreed to take care of her wounds before doing anything else. Gently they lapped at her wounds until each one had thoroughly been cleaned and filled with the healing saliva. The marks were too deep and raw for saliva to work as it should, but at least the scars wouldn't be as bad. Beau hadn't been able to stitch her because infection had already set in and closing the wounds would only worsen it. Maddox couldn't understand why human doctors would close wuch wounds instead of leacing them open to drain the infection. The wolf pushed the man back not caring of his thoughts now. Settling between her open thighs the wolf sniffed again and inched towards the sweet smell. Just before his tongue touched her center Maddox found the strength to mentally smack his wolf.

~Rape her would you?!~ The wolf growled in response but backed away. Hanging his head the wolf let the man take over once more not only in mind but body as well. ~I know my friend I want her to, but not like this.~

Raching out he brushed her hair back once more. "Sleep," he whispered pulling the blankets up to cover her lower half once mroe. Stepping out of the bedroom quickly, Maddox was determined to get both him and his wolf under control.

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