tagNonHumanAbsolute Magic Ch. 02

Absolute Magic Ch. 02


Raven let out a coo as she buried her face into the soft sheets that caressed her body. She pulled the arms that wrapped around her waist even closer. Mmm... this felt so good. The deep musky scent of a spicy male cologne was around her, and she revelled in the delicious scent.

But why was the scent of male cologne in her room?

And why were her black cotton sheets white and satin-y?

In a flash the mornings activities flashed through her mind. Oh fuck. Oh fucking god, what had she gotten herself into? She was in a bed cuddling with the yummiest guy she had ever seen, who just so happened to have consumed her blood and was Prince of the Vampires. Ugh how could Raven have been so stupid as to go through with this? That amazing face and body were just a means to ruin her life!

She tried to think through the pros and cons of what she had done, but subconsciously she only wanted to enjoy the moment. Raven had never had a serious boyfriend and the closest she'd ever gotten to a guy was above the equator touching. And that was definitely not romantically erotic. More of 'let's get at least some experience with a nerd before I meet a hot guy'. But this was... close. Like her tiny body was meant to nestle against this larger one.

With a sigh Raven came to the realization that she needed to get up. She began to pull away, but a low growl resounded behind her and Dmitri's arms constricted. Was he doing that in his sleep? She decided to test it again and began to pull away, but the growl came again and his arms created a protective barrier to keep her from escaping. Raven couldn't help but smile to herself at the cute, yet protective, reaction.

"He's been doing that every time we tried to pull you away, believe me, you wouldn't be in his arms if he would just let go." A cool voice sounded from across the dark room and Catalina Pavlenco glided across the room to the edge of the bed. She was stunning, with a models build and features.

"S-s-sorry I didn't mean for this or anything." Raven whispered hastily as Catalina's icy eyes glared at her. It was funny, those were the same eyes that Dmitri had, yet his made her feel safe, where as his mothers scared her. Mind you that could be because she'd only seen Dmitri's eyes for the few sensual moments preceding his vampiric kiss. As the moment began to play in her head she realized how arousing the experience had been and again her mind wandered to a less public and more lustful encounter involving his bite...

Shit! Raven had to stop thinking these things around his parents!

"Humph. Well no matter soon you will-" A groan sounded behind Raven and Catalina stopped her talking.

"Dmitri?" She questioned tenderly, the steely tone she had used on Raven erased.

"Mmm..." He murmered again, burying his nose in Raven's hair, inhaling the deliciously sweet and fruity scent of her shampoo, before letting out a contented sigh. Now both Catalina and Raven were blushing.

"Honey... I think you should wake up now okay?" Catalina started again trying to keep things from getting more embarrassing.

Raven heard a groan from behind her and the grip around her waist loosened. Suddenly the weight behind her shifted and she slid into the crevice Dmitri's body created when he sat up and leaned on one arm, so that now she was lying underneath him. They both blinked at each other with wide eyes. It was Dmitri's first look at his saviour and he gazed in wonderment at her, trying to memorize her features, even though he could not remember the events that lead to her being in his bed. They now had the connection that all vampires had with their victims, he could sense her emotions and he gently prodded her mind. It was locked as most witches would be, but he could still sense her emotions. Their moment was spoiled however as he assessed her emotions. There was fascination as the forethought, then confusion, apparently lust, and then... embarrassment? He turned his head to look at his mother who stood with a shocked O mouth watching the two of them.

"Evening Mother. Are you enjoying watching me sleep?" Dmitri said jauntily, to his mother's extreme embarrassment. He would teach her not to snoop on him when he had women over. He snapped his finger so that the overhead lights turned on. He glanced back down at the small girl whom he had presently been sleeping with, her face now beat red. How odd, he thought, noticing her dress. When he slept with women he generally undressed them, perhaps this one he had been experimenting with and had only removed the panties...

The girl sat upright before rolling out of the bed, her head bowed in humiliation as Catalina swiftly walked over.

"My dear, how are you feeling?" She began holding a hand to his forehead.

"I'm fine mother. I guess I'm lucky, I must have slept off the hangover, I can't remember a thing-" He was about to continue when he noticed both the girl and his mothers odd looks. "What?"

"Darling... you aren't hung over. You were poisoned. Vervain... You were lucky we contacted a witch and were able to get you blood in time." Catalina enunciated slowly, as if talking to a child. Incredulously he looked to the girl who was currently absolutely fascinated with the floor. So they hadn't had sex? That explained the dress, but why couldn't he remem-

A sudden wave of painful memories crashed through his head and he leaned forward his hand gripping the headboard for support. The sudden throbbing in his temples... His skin burning... Spells to keep him asleep... Awakening, frantically begging for release from the pain. And then those cool green eyes jarring him out of oblivion long enough to save himself, biting down on her sweet skin. Finally the cool, delicious, taste of her blood coursing through his veins, erase the burn and leaving behind the most delicious sensation.

"Crap." He cursed, his mind running through the events before looking at the two concerned women.

"Okay now I remember." He said tiredly, running a hand over his face. "Mom! Jeez, what are you doing in here!" Dmitri exclaimed exasperatedly. His mother was extremely picky over the woman he was allowed to date and he knew that. Any women he associated with had to be mommy approved, but this was just awful, spying on him with a woman who had saved his life. And... he felt a strange protectiveness over this small woman, like he wanted her to be only his, not shared. Even if it was just his mother...

Catalina still hadn't move when he returned from his reverie.

"She just saved my life, and you're worried we're doing god knows what in here, really? Can you leave us for a little bit and maybe send in some clean clothes for her, and alert the cook that we'd like some dinner?" He waved his hand to cut off the new girls protests.

"Darling, that isn't really the best idea I mean I am sure that-" She began hastily trying to prevent further contact between the two

"Please?" Dmitri interrupted, " I think that's not much to ask after almost dying." He said again staring his mother in the eye.

"Well... Alright. I shall be expecting you for dinner in two hours then..." Catalina replied slowly, her brain working in over drive trying to come up with a plan that didn't involve leaving Dmitri with a lowlife witch.

Dmitri had to all but shove his mother out of the room, and Raven was left to gape widely at him.

Raven wasn't used to male contact and they were certainly reaching a point past anything she had experienced. This man was utterly erratic, flitting between ideas and conversations. And he obviously had his mother wrapped around his pinkie finger.

She couldn't help but gaze longingly at his bare shoulders, flexing as he shut the doors to his room. God he was absolutely delicious... He turned around giving her a heart-breakingly beautiful smile.

"I'm sorry but we seemed to have missed formal introductions." He began stepping towards her so that they were merely a foot apart and grabbing her tiny hands in his large ones. "I am Dmitri Alexandru Lucian Pavlenco. It is an absolute delight to meet the stunning woman who saved my life." Gently he lowered his lips to her hands and brushed them over them, never lifting his gaze from Raven's.

Oh god, Raven was definitely screwed.

It was then that she noticed his intense gaze was waiting for a response to his words. Damn... what was her name again? She found herself quite distracted every time she saw his gloriously breathtaking eyes!

"Um... I-I-I-I'm Raven. Raven Marie um Blackmore that i-is. It's an absolute honour to meet you." She stammered hurriedly pulling away from his touch and bowing quickly. Ugh, she had never hated herself more. Why did she have to sound like a child! Whenever she was nervous or lying she stuttered, and now was sooo not the time she wanted to be stuttering.

Dmitri merely cocked his head to the side and smiled at her.

"You have a very beautiful name, it suits you!" He said endearingly, as though she was a three year old talking about her new Barbie doll. "Now," He began turning away and walking to his wardrobe. "I suppose you'll want a shower and clean clothes. I'm sure the maids will be here soon with clothing, but until then you can start a shower! They'll bring them in to you. As well I'm going to find some more proper clothing and get a shower in our guest bathroom."

He turned around to see her still standing next to the bed, ready to protest his arrangements but he spoke before she could. "The bathroom's right over there," He said waving a hand in the direction of a door to the far left, "don't worry I give you my solemn promise not to peek!" At that Dmitri gave her a very lascivious smile, and his eyes drifted downwards.

Raven's face, which was just at that point of returning to normal colouring, filled with red.

"Th-thank you so much. I, um, will be quick." She said hastily scurrying to the door of the bathroom. Once inside she shut and locked the door. Before sliding down it and sitting on the floor.

She had met the hottest guy ever.

She found the hottest guy she had ever met absolutely irresistible.

She was in the bathroom of the hottest guy she had ever met.

She had just been given a very suggestive look by the hottest guy she had ever met.

The hottest guy she had ever met was a Vampire Prince.

She was so utterly screwed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dmitri slowly pushed through his rather large collection of clothing. His walk-in closet was monstrous and filled with any type of outfit a male could wish for. Problem was males didn't generally wish for lots of outfits. Or outfits in general. Actually any sort of body garment would aptly describe it. But that was his mother for you. Catalina had decided long ago that her only child was going to be spoilt beyond belief. And she had kept true to her word. There was not a material thing Dmitri ever wanted for.

As Dmitri pushed through the collection he couldn't keep his mind from wandering to the beautiful little deity that was gracing his bathroom at the moment. Dmitri dated models, actresses, the most beautiful women in the world. But for him to have such strong feelings for this common witch was bizarre. However he could not deny the feelings she stirred, perhaps it was the fact she had saved his life, or that he could sense her feelings and had her blood within him. Whatever it was he found himself attracted. He wanted her. And Dmitri was definitely used to getting what he wanted.

* * * * * * * * * *

Raven revelled in the soft and comforting warm water of the shower. If she closed her eyes she could imagine it being her rickety little shower in her apartment on the good days, when it produced hot water. However when she opened them she was assaulted with a massive space, shower heads coming from three different sides and an array of bath soaps and salts before her that made her head spin.

If only she could live like this.

However she was finding herself extremely confused and conflicted. Over Dmitri. Over his mother. Over what she should be doing at this moment. It almost felt wrong to be in this handsome mans bathroom where he stood daily, naked.

The thought had her body immediately aroused. The strong and lithe body of Alexander, standing, his arms raised as he washed his hair. Contoured arms leading to a chiselled chest, that wasn't the quite build of a quarter back, but definitely was something woman swooned for. And then hard muscles leading downwards, to between his legs...

Raven couldn't help herself as one hand slowly raised itself to her breast, lightly pinching the nipple and tugging gently. Oh god, how long had it been since she'd done something like this? Her other hand ran over her stomach and to the sacred spot between her legs. Her finger slowly stroked her clit and she couldn't help gasping at the delicious sensation. She had forgotten how good this felt. She imagined Dmitri in here with her, slowly running his fingers between her legs, whispering to her of her beauty.As her finger slowly rubbed her sensitive clitoris her other hand began to massage her breasts with vigor. They massaged and pulled, tweaked and stroked, driving Raven higher and higher.

A knock sounded on the door to the bathroom.

Raven all but jumped out of her skin and a guilty look quickly crossed her face as she removed her hands from their compromising positions and grabbed a washcloth. "Ye-yes?" She called from the shower.

"It's me." Dmitri said from behind the door, his melodic voice easily distinguishable. "The maids have brought some clothing and my mother has apparently arranged for them to dress you. I guess she would like to send her appreciation, so they are coming in now." He said uncertainly, his voice sounding hesitant.

Within a second the door opened and in strode five women, all carrying some sort of beauty equipment. Raven was terrified.

The first one to enter, a broad and commanding women, stepped forward and opened the shower door, holding out a towel as Raven squeaked in protest.

"Oh come on, it's nothing I haven't seen before." She barked ungraciously, ushering Raven out of the stall and into the open, where she wrapped her into a towel.

"Now," She said, her eyes assessing Raven. "Let's get to work."

* * * * * * * * * *

For over a half hour Raven was poked, plucked, and prodded into a relatively presentable lady. However these women had obviously been given rather biased instructions (Lovely Catalina) as her hair was tied into an extremely tight and severe bun at the nape of her neck, and her skin was wrapped into a prude and disgusting dress. She had been waxed in place she did not even knew were waxed, and was now extremely sore between the legs. The masseuses had explained it was Catalina showing her appreciation, but their painful treatments had Raven thinking other things. Her petite body had been draped in a midnight blue dress that swamped her and made her truly look dead. She could cry. Raven sooo did not want to have to leave the room with this horror on her shoulders.

Luckily she didn't have to. Instead the doors burst open and in walked a very tall, very commanding, and very blue woman. Raven had never before seen a demon. They generally kept to themselves, but this was indeed a demon before her, dark blue skin, and six inch heels that made her 6 foot frame absolutely terrifying. Her slender body was tightly hugged by a yellow crop top and white skinny jeans, a very interesting combination. Her hair was midnight black and a piece-y boy length with long spiky bangs. She was stunning, and absolutely intimidating.

Raven cowered in fear, trying to remain as indiscreet as possible as her glaring eyes stared down each of the maids surrounding her.

"What the fuck is going on here?" The demon yelled angrily at the woman. "Why didn't you call me before getting this girl ready?" She said strolling forward and facing down the most obnoxious of the group.

"Muh-Mrs. Hadiya, Mrs. Pavlenco requested that we leave you a-alone, as you were busy with more important-" The maid began hastily.

"Bull-shit, you know you are always to get me when someone new comes, especially when someone new comes! Dmitri had to go downstairs to get me, do not dare, ever, ever, let that happen again?" She shouted angrily, before turning to Raven, who now had a terrified look on her face.

"Aww, I'm sorry girly." She began sweetly, the hostile look dissolving, " I'm Iara Hadiya. Royal Fashion consultant. And we really, really, need to save you." She exclaimed quickly, rushing towards the girl and begin to pull out the disgusting bun and taking out a sewing kit and pinning the fabric.

"I'm Raven Blackmore. I guess... I'm a Royal... Witch. Well sort of." She said, feeling at ease in the girls intelligent hands as they darted back and forth between her dress and hair.

"Alright well, give me twenty minutes with you and you are going to look fabulous for dinner tonight!" Iara said excitedly.

She worked quickly, snipping fabric and teasing hair, rushing around to save Raven's frame. She worked quickly and resolutely, creating a stunning masterpiece.

Iara definitely kept her word.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hope you guys liked it!

Please give me feedback! I'm thinking the next chapter will come quicker, so sorry if this took a while! As well an anonymous message asked why Lilith is so old and wrinkly, when witches can be whatever age they wish, however I promise that there is a reason behind this that will later be used in the plot!



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