Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 04


She needed one, two seconds, before she caught it, "What? I don't need you to like me, I like myself, that's good enough for me," she grinned brightly, whilst grabbing a handful of my hair in the back of my neck. She plucked at my hair when I resumed to move inside her, to and fro as if looking for the exit, her vaginal musculature system seemed to be fond of my moves, massaging my dick with newly awoke verve, "You'll make me cum again if you don't stop that," stated My Mistress sleepily.

"Sorry dear, but I owe you one, the one you've asked for, you know... before, didn't you?"

"Before...? You mean before I came?"

"Of course, dear... one moment - you came already? Must have been a tiny, little one, cause I didn't catch any, and you've been so quiet all the time." I grinned and moved a bit more determined, causing her to groan loudly to my sheer excitement, "I'm sooo sorry I failed to give you a proper one, I so wanted to hear you when getting excited, you know one with all that beautiful, sweet sounds you make then..." I kissed her, feigning humility, before adding piped down, "Normally I'm good enough to please a woman, especially a beautiful one like you who earns every effort, but... oh my...?" she was heavily shaking in my arms, and I asked myself why, deciding that she needed some more impulses further down the road, sweet pussy accorded totally with me and showed her appreciation in a most lovely way, whilst her mistress' hips started to rotate again.

Sylvia moaned constantly, and I dared to look her in the eyes again to prove that she was okay - she smiled up to me brightly, "Oh darling, what shall I do with you, you're just too good. Thank you for the wonderful calm down, and for the tiny little climax, I can't wait for the next one, if - or whenever - you gain a proper erection again, that'll be in two, three days, dear?"

"Yes dear, about that..." I declared proudly, "...I always recover quickly like that." Meanwhile my good friend pussy was working overtime, she kneaded my throbbing flesh lovingly.

Sylvia broke my mood, "Bernd, may I remind you that you forgot something inside me? I mean it doesn't trouble me cause I can't really feel him, to be honest I didn't even notice that he's still inside me, only my opening tells me, you know?" She bucked a bit, and her cervix kissed my glans again as if to apologize for her owners rudeness.

"Of course dear, I didn't remove him so far because he loves the warmth and the humidity, and if I would have gotten him out too early he might have caught a cold in the cool air, being as wet as can be, you know?"

"That's okay dear, but now it's time cause I have to pee, so - if you would be so kind? Thank you dear."

I sighed and obeyed, dear pussy was weeping, her wide opened eye wet with... well, fluids.

Sylvia stared, and licked her lips, "Oh God, you didn't really shrink much, if any... that looks like a wasted opportunity, it's a shame but I can't help it, I'm too tired, and I really need to pee, please help me to sit, darling." I lifted her sweet, sweaty body and sat her to the end of the mattress, both feet on the carpet, Sylvia frowned, and her left hand raced down to cover her crotch, "Oh God, please hurry for a nappy, I mean a towel, sorry." lying back on the mattress, lifting her knees up to her chest.

I chuckled and ran for a towel, folding it properly on the way back to her bedroom, "Here we are dear, spread your legs a bit please," she did, and granted me a sight for sore eyes, her entrance still gaping, showing a lovely white lake inside, "Dear heavens, if I ever saw anything near to this lovely view I must have forgotten..." I murmured croaky, " should see this, darling, it's extraordinary impressing," I looked up to her through her legs, only there was just one in sight, the left had sunk to the side for an unknown reason, she blinked once down to her pelvis, before she glued her eyes on the causer of that mess again - ah, that was the reason for the lost leg, it had been in the way - whilst her tongue licked lazily over the palm of her left hand. I have to admit, ashamedly of course, that Li'l Dicky was pointing to the ceiling, again, no wonder that she'd stared at me since I'd reentered the room. Then it hit me, she was licking her hand that had shortly covered her crotch before she laid back to avoid more leaking. 'Ha...' I thought, '...whatever you do darling, I'm doing easier, and my goodie is still neatly warmed...' bending forward and sinking my tongue deep into her opening was just one swift move.

Sylvia gasped sharply with the first touch of my lips, and squeaked with the feel of my tongue diving eagerly inside her, before starting to giggle when I began to slurp obscenely, "Ooh my God, man, you're impertinent, and insatiable too, aren't you?"

"But... dear, I just wanted to keep the towel clean, and you were already eating alone..." she blushed so lovely that I decided to forgive her, I rose to my knees, licked my lips lewdly, and bent over her to kiss her, only to show her that she was forgiven, of course, "You looked sooo sexy, and indecent when you ate alone, my lovely," I sank my tongue deep into the open cavern, and her tongue gave a wonderful fight, "And you taste just like paradise, my sweet darling," I gasped for air, I managed to catch some before she grabbed my neck and pulled me close to kiss me as if there was no tomorrow, "I decided that.... panting will.... be our normal.... state from.... now on since.... we did.... it all through the night." I - yes, you're guessing right - panted when she let me go finally, "Ooh God, darling, you're one great kisser!" whilst I fell to my side.

Sylvia looked over to me with bedroom eyes, "Thank you sweetheart, I can give that big compliment back to you evenly," she frowned shortly, and I became aware that she calculated our positions, she sure wouldn't...? Well, she was already on the move. She took a hold near his root and blinked once down to him, he blinked back, one-eyed but eagerly, before she sank her lips over the glans.

"Ooh my gaaawwwd..." I yelled when her lips worked wonders all over my glans, "...her middle name must be HotLips..." HotLips started to suck in earnest, "Daaarling..." I gasped, her eyes rose to look up into mine, ohmygawd...her eyes, they seemed to be black now, a devilish expression as well as in her smile, she sucked feverishly, Li'l Dicky seemed to like it, she stopped sucking and her lips opened to show two rows of neat white teeth, she grinned wildly... she wouldn't?

"You... you sure wouldn't...?" I groaned, my eyes bulging in disbelief, her teeth scratched over the rim to sink onto my shaft, "You... would ...?" I yelled when she added pressure. It was an incredible feeling, just a bit of pain when she sank the two sharp rows into the delicate flesh, but the excitement was beyond belief, and it was getting even better when she let go of the root to close her hand over my sac, first scratching her nails over the hairy surface before her fingers closed in over a testicle as if to weigh it before starting to press rhythmically, "Oh gaawwd HotLips..." I gasped huskily, "...don't forget there's two of them..." I felt my balls tighten when she followed my recommendation and let go of the first exemplar to take care of the other one.

"Mmmhhhh... you already had them replenished, let me help you before they become blue," she purred, her teeth climbed the steep ascent to the rim of the helmet and scratched their way towards the glans' tip, "You taste exquisite my love, even better than our mix." she cooed, licking her lips lasciviously, "I can feel you're working hard on the next load..." she let go of my balls to work my shaft with slow, feathery strokes.

My eyes rolled back in my head with the sensational feeling, my heart raced in fifth gear when her tongue pressed into my pee-slit whilst her lips sucked my glans, "Oooohhhh daaarlinnng beware I might shoot youuuu..." I yelled when I felt the wave building before racing through the tube, "Sylv...ooaaarrgghhhh... ooaahhhmygaaawwwd... ooaahhh gaaawwwd ooouuugghhhh..." Sylvia's mouth sucked like possessed before her tongue sneaked beneath the glans to lick feverishly, to and fro, to and fro, to and ..... "Daarrrlinnnnggg..." I hollered, and started to spurt, I felt her drawing back unconsciously when the first shot hit her throat, I heard her groaning with her swallowing, the second shot, her groaning was lower now, she was too busy with swallowing, her eager tongue showed she waited for the next contribution, 'twas not a long wait, "Mmmmmhhhhh..." she moaned, good education, she wouldn't speak with a mouthful, only swallowing loudly, a deep breathe in before she murmured, "mmhhh... more..." I burst into laughter, nearly hysterically, I couldn't stop though panting fiercely, the next spurt, kind of hesitantly, oh gawd she had drained me, and I knew I was spent. At least for an hour.

I came back to earth when I felt a wet, warm, soft washrag slipping over my cock. "Mmhhh, that's nice darling, where'd you hide that wonderful washrag?" A giggle, and a soft warm hand embraced the pole with light pressure, "Mmmmhhhh... sooo good." I chanted.

"My God, darling... he's sooo beautiful," the maiden mumbled from a full mouth, two wet lips had been added to the washrag, causing me to rise my sleepy head hesitantly. Her tongue was on her way back from the root to the glans, leaving a glittering saliva trace. A kiss onto the glans and the tongue reappeared, the pole was turned a bit... my God what a wonderful, soft hand... and the tongue was centered on the underside, tickling the thick tube, "Aaahh, there you are, remember you met Miss Pussy before?" The protruding tube pulsated, "Oh, I see you're too tired... no wonder, you must be after all that wonderful throbbing that vibrated all through my core, well, thank you for throbbing, dear friend, Miss Pussy's already sleeping and I have to look after her, cause my man is too tired now, you know, he appears to be worn out, see, he's not the youngest anymore. OK, see you later then, sleep well."

'Great show,' I thought by myself, considering to clap my hands, but... 'Let's wait for the next act.' My pole was turned now 180 degrees, and the tongue made it's way back to the glans on the upside, another swift kiss onto the glans, and the pole was bent roughly, ooouuugghh, pfffhh, that had been heavy, I only could hope he wouldn't suffer from a fracture. The tongue worked very effective, and wonders, the pole was straining against the rough bending, the small fist had to fight hard to hold it down. Soon enough the remaining side was cleaned as well and the hand drew back to recover, the pole stood upright in less than a heartbeat. 'What an impressing machinery,' I thought by myself, 'it returns to normal state automatically, great effort.'

All of a sudden, and totally unexpected, a two-lipped mouth appeared above the wide helmet of the machine only to plug it into her opening. 'Of course...' I thought as the wet lips washed over and around the helmet, '...this is a washing device, the helmet hasn't been cleaned so far.' The tongue reappeared, and directed its attention to the tiny slit on top of the helmet, washing around and inside it with impressing eagerness, oouuugghhh...that tickled, it seemed to be a sensitive item that needed thoroughly caring. The tongue seemed to be pleased with its effort after long five minutes, and sashayed down the helmet to disappear under the overhanging rim. Waiting for the actors to take the final applause I realized that the show had excited me beyond belief... why would that be? Before I could think about it any longer a lightning shot through me, and I yelled, "The band... please leave that band alone..."

"It's okay, darling, I'm just cleaning it, and I sensed that it liked my attention, besides it's awfully cute." Sylvia's grinning frightened me a bit, the more so as it was dangerous close to the pole, "I promise you won't hurt, a bit more lapping and I'll be done. You know... using water for cleansing on you, and especially on him is not the best choice, cause it might be contaminated thus causing disease. The old fashioned cleaning is so much better..." she licked her lips lewdly, "...and it's more thoroughly anyway... " adding murmuring, "...and much more fun."

"I'm only scared I'll be done then, too." I replied sheepishly.

"Well, we'll see... I'll finish the cleaning and then I'll hide him where he can sleep safe and warm, okay? And you mustn't be scared, Miss Pussy's already sleeping, so no one will trouble his sleep." And the tongue restarted it's eagerly cleaning around the bottom of the helmet, one half round, pole bent to the other side, the remaining half round, it stopped, short to the band. 'Eew, finally!' I thought, and was just about to relax, when the tongue flipped over the band, left... right... left...

"Dear lord... hell-cat! You're making me dizzy!" I murmured feebly.

"But... it's sooo cute! And it needs my attention after being trapped under your foreskin all day... ooh - what's that? The pole is shaking and twitching so hard against my hand, have you heard of an earthquake warning?" she asked blithely.

"No I haven't." I answered weakly, "Come here please, and stick that eager tongue into me."

"I like your ideas, darling, sounds good to me, I'll be with you in just a minute, see... he looks like fainted, probably a consequence of that earthquake, you never know, just a bit of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and he'll be like new, ready for the next task...err...I mean for a good night sleep." My hell-cat beamed with the prospect, her little fist held on to the disabled pole like glued.

"Okay, my sweet temptress, you do your job then and I'll wake up Miss Pussy while you're engaged." I smiled rejoicing.

"Ooh... don't.... you mustn't...err..." she stuttered, then her face lightened and she whispered, "err... darling, she told me before... she asked me not to tell anybody, please promise, will you? Well, she meant she was a bit sore, and she was leaking, and oh so tired, you know... please promise not to tell, huh?"

"What a pity. Of course dear, I promise not to tell anybody." I stated seriously, "Besides Renate, of course, and the doctors should know too, for it might be something... ahem, perturbing? I mean I don't know, you're the nurse - do you think 'a bit of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation' might help her to be good again? I think I might immolate..." I grinned and gave her a wink, pleased with my perfect payback.

Sweet Sylvia grinned back even wider, "That sounds appealing, I knew you were a smart guy, let me pee first before we start all over again, right? Ooh..." she continued beaming, "...but at very first you ought to teach me all about that tongue sticking thing you've been talking about all night, yes dear?"

"Come into my arms, my darling," I invited her generously, "...and I'll try my very best..."

Sylvia lifted up a bit and crept closer, and I explained her all about that tongue sticking thing. She panted heavily when the session was over, her sweet, sweat coated face flushed like a red lantern, "When is the next session scheduled, dearest teacher of mine?" Then she whispered into my ear, "I'm afraid we woke up Miss Pussy, and my hand is glued on that pole of yours - did I mention before that he's beautiful? - so what can we do now, my sweet heart?"

I grinned and kissed her softly, "Well, you shameless sweet bitch, we could move over to the bathroom, unless you prefer to pee right here."

She giggled happily, "Let me think about that interesting idea tomorrow..." she licked the tip of my nose, smiling dreamily, "...for tonight I think the sheets will be damp enough..."

"Well, we worked hard enough to prepare them properly," I smirked, she giggled, giving me a sultry wink. I lifted her into my arms and stood up, "Be serious, my sweet girl, do you want me to change, it won't be long?"

I made our way to the toilet whilst she replied with her best bedroom eyes, lasciviously smiling, "Ooh, I don't think so, my darling, who knows what might happen later, in the heat... err, I mean in the still of the night."

"You might have a point there my sweet." I lowered her to the seat carefully, left leg between her splayed thighs, the right one pressed against her left thigh's outside, and bent over her to pull the back hem of her skirt from under her butt and a bit higher to get it out of the way... oh my, I'd granted her the optimal opportunity, I couldn't have placed him for better access willingly, her sweet mouth engulfed him in less than a second, half a heartbeat later her tongue plundered the band she loved so much. "Oh God woman..." I puffed.

"Mmhhh...?" she hummed, the vibrations raced through my entire body. "Mmmhhhhh..." she hummed again over her mouthful, "...shoaahh tashty." I couldn't help but bursting out laughing, her tongue flipped 'her' band, left, right, left, right... eagerly, what caused my teeth to clench, and killed my laugh instantly, before the tongue drew back leaving the band, and me in agony, before her lips closed in over the glans, sucking and slurping obscenely.

My right hand let go of the hem - the left still seemed to be strong enough to hold it on its own - to stroke the small of her back down to the lovely swell of her buttocks, the middle finger straightened and entered the cleft in between from the upside, quickly diving deeper through the deepening valley, "Mm-mm-mm...!" she gave.

I grinned, the grin was soon forgotten when I sensed her teeth, lazily scratching over the glans, "Oh gaaawwd, queen of tortures," I yelled, my finger dove deeper, determined, "NOOO!" she mumbled, and I only could hope that she wouldn't clench her teeth - NOT RIGHT NOW! She wiggled her butt violently to get rid of the sassy invader before I might stick it into her asshole, alone - as I mentioned before - the finger was determined, and now I tricked her, the fingertip hopped over the first hole to land on her still slippery perineum, where it drew circles with growing pressure, I was rewarded with a low howl, "Listen to that darling..." I chuckled to her backside, "... the howling wolves are greeting the full moon... but don't worry my sweet baby, you're safe here, as long as I'm the first under the bed."

She let go of my tortured cock and hissed sharply, grunting then when he hit her nose on his jump upwards, she'd clearly underestimated the tension, and I chuckled whilst my finger left the shivering, contracting dam to dive deep into the next hole on the way. It was very, very slippery inside, and Sylvia gave a nice, heart warming squeak, my finger crooked in the hot slippery tunnel to heighten the friction on the thinly divider, her thighs closed roughly over my left leg whilst her ass-cheeks clenched hard, "Bastard," she hissed when she bit my belly, will say she intended to bite, the bundles of muscles were against it and only allowed her teeth to scratch the surface.

I howled, "Oouugghhh, that hurts so bad, please... I promise to be a good boy," whining, "...please don't hurt me no more..."

I pulled my finger back till only the tip remained inside, and added the index, both diving in as deep as can go, she bucked hard, even lifting off her seat for an inch or two, and yelled, "Ooouuugghhhmygaaawwwwdd..[pant][pant] driven..[pant].. monster!"

"What? ... See - now I'm a good boy, I always keep my promises!" I curled my fingers and eagerly stirred up the juices until the series of loud groans grew lower and she was able give other noises, like... "Please..." she wailed, and I listened intently cause that was a smart initiation, could only get better, meanwhile I thought about curling my fingers the other way and move them a bit downwards and upwards, some plashing noises reached my ears followed by another wailing, "Please..." well, she was on fast forward now and I couldn't wait to hear the rest. "Please darling..."

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