tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 16

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 16


Daddy's Home

As I stepped inside, you came around the corner from the living room to greet me. I had just set down my guitar case. You threw your arms around my neck, jumped up and wrapped your legs around my waist – coat and all. You buried your nose in my neck and breathed deep. You sighed, "Daddy."

I held you there – we kissed – so deep and long. Your face was wet with your tears as you slowly let your bare feet come back to the floor. You were beaming as you unbuttoned my coat, helped me off with my scarf. You got up on your tip–toes to kiss me again as you giggled and prattled about this and that – your day – school – and you untied my tie, loosened my collar. I felt good to be home.

You immediately took my hand and lead me upstairs. You opened the door to my bedroom and lifted off your dress. You stood naked before me as you kissed me. You had made a fire in the fireplace. You had placed your glass of Pino Noir on the bed table, waiting for you.

I marveled at your beauty. Your hair was tied up so I could see your neck and shoulders – graceful, alluring. Your breasts, full and shapely, but not large – perfect to my eye. Your erect nipples bore the marks of your new nasty little toys – the sharp little nipple–clamps I had given you.

I played with your nipples gently as we kissed again. "Did you like your new clamps, little girl?"

"Yes, sir, I did. Very much."

"Did they make my Konekochan come hard?"

"Yes, sir, very, very hard. They made me bleed a little, sir."

"Yes, darling. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes – it seems strange, but I – I liked it. It made me feel very submissive, Daddy."

"Good girl."

I pinched them gently and you took in your breath sharply.

"Sore, baby?"

"Yes – but it's just right."

"Good. I'm glad."

I slid my hand down your belly. So smooth and muscular. So perfect. I lifted you onto the bed, kissing you all the time.

And so you sat on its edge as I pushed your legs apart and began to play with your pussy lips.

You said, "I think I'm kind of bruised a bit, Sir. I rode my new toy for a very long time."

"I see, dear. And did you like it?"

"Oh, Daddy, yes. I loved it. It was very extreme. I had gotten a little drunk, otherwise I don't know if I could have taken the dildo in my – you know – my ass."

I played with your clitoris – so silky, wet, warm, swollen. You began to breathe harder and faster. I dipped my finger into your cunnie, pressuring the top of the opening just like you like it. Then back to your clitoris again, lifting you toward blissful release.

"Oh – – – Oh – – Oh, Daddy. Please, may I come?" I knew I had you on the edge.

"No, Darling, not yet. Wait like a good girl."

You whimpered and purred. You squealed and danced lightly on my fingers. "Daddy – please."

"No, no. Not now, my little love." And I stopped stroking you. You were shivering. You were so close that if you had squeezed your legs together and squirmed a bit, you would have come.

I held you firmly by the waist as I kissed you. You continued to breathe hard and fast. You wanted to come so badly. But you slowly came back to earth – horny and frustrated and ready to explode. You sat on the edge of the bed with your legs spread wantonly. You pussy lips were wet and shiny.

"Good girl."

"Daddy, this isn't fair. I've waited so patiently for you to come home."

"Yes, sweetie."

"Daddy, I want you to make me come – all night. I want to fuck you, Daddy." You had taken on an adorable little pleading tone. Like a little girl trying to wrap her daddy around her finger. I smiled.

"Yes, Darling. And you will. All night, I promise."

I handed you your glass of wine and you sipped, watching me as I slowly took my clothes off. I could feel your excitement rise. "But for now, you must wait, darling."

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl"

I took my time. I filled your empty glass. I stood naked by the bed, my cock, rock hard. I reached between your legs again and began to play very, very gently – teasing, barely touching. You were holding your full glass and, soon, breathing hard again.

"Don't come, darling – wait."

You began to whimper quietly. I knew it was difficult for you to hold back.

I stopped. It was time.

Now I say – "Get onto the bed, darling. Kneel in the middle facing the foot – careful not to spill – that's a good girl."

I climb into bed behind you, sitting against the headboard with pillows propping me up comfortably. I have a perfect view of you kneeling, back facing me. You are slender but shapely and incredibly beautiful. Your skin is dark and luxurious. Your hair, tied up in its pony-tail, is long and wavy. You are sipping your wine.

"You are beautiful, darling."

You begin to sway your hips seductively, doing a subtle dance on your knees before me.

"Do you want your little girl, Daddy?"

"Oh yes, I do, darling."

"Do you like what you see?"

"You know I do, my love."

"I belong to you, Daddy."

I smile. "Yes, you do."

You are getting good at this. You know what buttons to push. I like that. You drain your glass of wine.

"May I have another glass, Daddy?"

"Yes, my dear."

You hold your glass to the side, I reach the bottle on the table and pour. I pick up the TV remote.

We rarely watch TV in bed. Once in a while, we've watched an old movie huddled with our arms around each other. It's a projection system. The large screen slowly lowers from the high ceiling, unrolling. Soft music.

You are continuing to sway on your knees before me, but now in rhythm to the music. You are subtly dancing for me. It is wonderfully seductive and I know you are excited by it too; excited knowing I'm watching you.

The projector comes to life. The image is of you as you began to ride your new toy in the basement two nights ago – at the point you had gotten the hang of it. You are riding it slowly. You are stretching and arching you back. You are squirming as the dildos screw your pussy and ass. Your breasts are swaying, tugged by the weighted pendulums hanging from your erect and deeply bitten nipples. The locket is clearly leaking its magic oil down your belly. Your voice is clearly recorded, moaning, whimpering, calling my name in the throes of your ecstasy.

The sight makes you shiver.

"You bad Daddy."

"You knew I was recording your little naughty foray, didn't you, darling?"

"Yes, yes – but I had no idea how – how – slutty I am." You giggle.

"Darling, I want you to move backward on the bed – come over me so you can sit on my lap."

Still kneeling, mesmerized by the image of yourself on the screen, holding your glass, you crawl backward 'till my legs are between yours. You kneel there, still dancing in front of me.

You feel me slide my fingers, wet with lube, between your hips. You feel me getting your ass wet and slippery. And then, holding your waist, I gently pull you back and down – and with a little adjustment – I position my hard cock right at the opening of your sweet, tight, little ass-hole.

"Take me in, little girl. Now you may fuck your daddy."

"Oh – oh, my God, Daddy."

You are in a delightful predicament. The wine has warmed you. The video with its presentation of your own voice – your sighs and cries – your orgasms over and over – the memory of the machine's relentless fucking is incredibly erotic. It has made you even more wet and eager. Now you have to balance your glass. You have to let your weight down slowly. You have to relax you ass. I am holding you by the waist, pulling ever so slightly. The moment is delicious for me and you are lost in it now.

My cock is much bigger than the dildo you rode two nights ago. It's stretching you wickedly, but it feels so naughty and sexy. It is a hot, hard kiss against your ass–hole's tight opening and you are so excited from my teasing you before. You are beginning to shake. I know you are going to come now. I take the glass from you – I want you to be able to really let go.

And just as the head of my cock slips suddenly past your tight sphincter, you do let go – wildly – screaming as you finally come – forgetting to ask permission. Enveloped in your orgasm, you loose control and sit all the way down, taking my cock deep into your ass. You scream again – the orgasm is long and hard and all consuming.

"You are my delicious little submissive and I love you so much."

"Ooooooh – – Ooooh – Daddy," and you scream my name as you come again hard. "God, I love you, Daddy."

Now, impaled on my cock, your hands on the bed, you begin to grind your ass against my cock, fucking me.

"Daddy – I never knew I could come from my ass being fucked. But it's so, so naughty – and so, so very good."

You pick up the pace. I can see you're watching the video.

"My God, Daddy, I'm such a slut in the video." You are breathing hard as you fuck me.

"You are my beautiful girl, darling. Open up and come for me again. Work me, sweetie – take your pleasure from my cock."

And you do. You are fucking me hard now. You are riding me expertly with the motion you learned from riding the new toy in your playroom downstairs. You are completely lost in the moment, but you are also remembering the screwing you got – it's impossible to forget because you are bruised and sore and the slight pain is enriching the pleasure of the experience.

It is wonderful to watch you, your abdomen flexing, your back arching, your hips sliding back and forth against my lap, my cock deep in your blood-hot ass. You are sweating and it is beginning to drip down your back. So hot – so hot.

My cock has stretched you and that stretch is tugging on your sore pussy lips as you slide – as you work to receive your reward. Your clitoris is so swollen and excruciatingly sensitive from my teasing you and from your orgasm that the motion of fucking me, my cock tugging on your flesh, is making you ache. You want to come so badly. It is a delicious hard, deep, sexy, slow fuck.

From my position, propped up on pillows behind you, I reach around you and begin to stroke the insides of your thighs – gently at first – then stronger, digging my fingers into the soft, sensitive flesh. It urges you on.

Your ride goes on for twenty minutes or so. Every stroke is so sweet and naughty all at the same time... my hands – sometimes on your waist, pulling and pushing you gently as you rock back and forth – then sometimes between your legs, gripping you, controlling you.

I reach further down and gently stroke your pussy lips. They are dripping wet. You are moaning. I spread them with my fingers, but I don't touch your clitoris.

I tell you, "I want you to work for release. I want it to come from my cock in your ass, not your clitty. It will be on my terms. You will submit to me yet again."

"Yeeessss. Oh – oooh yesssss."

Each time you submit, you are becoming more acclimated to it – to being mine. And you know it. You can feel it.

"That's my baby girl. That's my little baby. Submit to me now. Give yourself to me."

"Yeesss, Daddy. Oooooh, oh, yessss."

"Give yourself to me completely now, my little love."

Your heart is filled with emotion. You are more and more aware of my hands, my cock, my guiding you, pushing you. My subtle movements are going to make you come. And now I firmly grip your bruised pussy lips and I stretch them wide open. As you rock and fuck, you are tugging against this grip. It hurts perfectly, blending with your lust.

And indescribably, in that moment especially, you know to the depth of your being – you can feel that I love you.

Your eyes tear up. You suddenly sob, "I love you, Daddy. I love you soooo much." You are panting and crying and sqealing with pleasure all at the same time.

"I love you too, my darling. Now, be a good little submissive and do as I say."

"Yes, Sir." In your building urgent excitement, your rhythm picks up slightly.

"Soon you will come for me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir,"

"Good girl. When you do, you will call my name."

"Oh, yes, Sir. I love you so much." You are breathless now – almost there.

"You will come very soon."

"Yes, Sir. Very, very soon."

"I love you, little girl."

"Oh, Daddy, I love you soooo muuuch. Pleeease, pleeeeease. I have to come nooooow."

"Good girl. Come now." Your doppelganger – the girl in the video having reached another peak – and you scream loudly together. You spasm, you almost lose control of yourself, shaking hard, screaming. Screaming my name. It's a long orgasm and I grasp your waist now firmly and urge you to continue riding me.

My cock is being wonderfully fucked. I am now rapidly climbing – "I'm going to come in you, my little plaything."

"Yes, Daddy, come in your little bitch. Give it to your little girl. Give it to me, Daddy. Make me your pet."

I groan. I come hard, pushing deep into you, holding you close. You are tight and hot inside. You squirm to increase my pleasure as I pump my sperm into your sweet, tight ass.

"My darling baby! My little girl." In the video, you are still riding the machine, sweating, screaming again.

Here, in my bed, you milk my cock with your body. You grind down. You purposely tighten your muscles to grip me hard and tight.

"Oh, oh – – oh – – Daddy – – my Daddy – – oh."

You ease down bending forward, away from me, your head near my ankles, you breasts against my legs, your buttocks facing me. I can see my cock still stretching your ass. It is a raw pornographic view. You are panting still.

You reach for the remote and turn down the volume, still panting to catch your breath. My still-hard cock is impaling you. It is wonderful to feel me inside. You wipe your tears away.

You squeeze your ass around my cock as you lift yourself off. You squeal as it slips out.

You turn and crawl slowly over me to kiss me long and deep – over and over.

Then, with our noses almost touching, you look deep into my eyes for a minute – or a year.

You whisper, "I love you."

"I love you too, little girl."

"I know you do, Daddy. I can tell."

You kiss me again. "Daddy – that was wonderful. Please, let's do it again soon."

I put my arms around your shoulders. "As often as you like."

"And I really like the way you play with me so hard. It makes it so intense."

"I'm glad, darling. I want you to feel good. I love you."

You sigh. You smile. You tear up and cry gently. "It's so wonderful, Daddy. I'm so glad you're home."

I kiss you tenderly again and again – you are on your hands and knees facing me. "You are a very good little submissive, my love."

"I want to be everything you want, Daddy."

"I only want you to be exactly who and what you are. You are all I want, my little girl."

I dry your tears and you smile, "Let's wash up a bit, Daddy. I'll make you supper now. Then you can fuck your little girl's pussy all night long."

I smile.

"Good girl."

You giggle. "Bad Daddy."

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