tagBDSMAdelaide's Latest Captive

Adelaide's Latest Captive


Adelaide tapped her pen against the desk impatiently. The sedative given to Sam was supposed to have worn off an hour ago. Still, he sat there motionless. She observed the bounds around his hands, feet, and waist that kept him fastened to the chair. He wasn't going anywhere.

Adelaide was flattered that she was finally considered a big enough of a threat to send a spy as big as Sam after her. She was petite and pretty with long dark hair that she often left down. She didn't look like a criminal- let alone a criminal responsible for organizing one of the biggest bank heists in the last two decades.

Sam finally began to stir. Adelaide rose from her chair and walked to the front of the chair he was tied to. The click of her tall heels echoed off the walls.

The first thing Sam saw was Adelaide towering over him. Fuck, he thought. He'd been compromised. He tried to stand, but soon realized that he was bound. Adelaide laughed softly as he attempted to tear through the cuffs that held him to the chair.

"Sam, if you think your strength can get you out of this one then you're wrong," she smirked.

Sam was silent. His mind was still groggy and he needed to think. The last thing he remembered was being at a dinner party and now he was here. How the hell did he end up here? Did the Organization even know he'd been caught?

"You see, Sam," Adelaide began again. "We can both help each other. We want something only the other can provide. You want your freedom and I want your access code to the Organization's database."

"Fuck you!" Sam spat. Adelaide slapped Sam across the face. His face grew red both from the slap and the embarrassment of realizing that he was now at the mercy of this woman.

"That's no way to talk to a woman," Adelaide taunted. "Especially while you're in such a predicament!"

Adelaide grabbed his ball sack and gave them a soft squeeze. It wasn't enough to hurt but it was enough to let him now that she could make it hurt if she wanted.

"Now what do we say when we hurt someone's feelings?" said Adelaide.

"I'm sorry." whispered Sam. He didn't want to apologize, however he recognized that failing to comply would only make things worse.

"That's better!" she smiled. "Now, I think it's time for a little reward for you being so good."

Adelaide unzipped her form-fitting dress and carefully undressed. She stood before him in a black lace bra and panties that went perfectly with the heals she still wore. She turned around to set her dress neatly on the desk which revealed that the panties she wore were actually a thong. Her ass was small but still plump in the right places. Damn, Sam thought. She did look good.

Sam felt his dick beginning to swell. Fuck, he thought. This couldn't be happening now. Adelaide turned around and began to walk towards him slowly. Sam couldn't help to notice how her tits bounced with each step. Now standing before him, he realized that he was eye-level with her breasts. Those have to at least be a D cup, he caught himself thinking.

"You like?" she smiled. Sam didn't say a word. Adelaide straddled him over the chair and began to grind herself over his dick.

"Please, not now." Sam begged.

"Your dick seems to disagree," Adelaide laughed. She began to lightly bite on his ear as she continued to grind on him. Sam could have sworn that he could feel her wetness through the layers of clothing separating his dick from her warm pussy.

Adelaide reached down and unzipped his pants. His dick looked massive in her small hands. She pulled her panties to the side and let his dick slide into her.

"Ahh!" Adelaide let out a small yelp as he entered her fully. She wasn't used to being with someone of his size. She adjusted herself and began to ride him.

"Fuck, you feel good." she said. Sam wished he could grab her hips or run his hands over her breasts, but his hands were still bound tightly. She was in complete control. Adelaide unhooked her bra and pushed Sam's face into her naked breasts.

"Suck!" she demanded. Sam began to play with her nipples with his tongue. Flicking them and teasing them.

Adelaide noticed that Sam's breathing was getting faster. He was close to finishing. She began to bounce on his dick even faster than before.

"Are you going to cum for me?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm about to-" he started. But moment before he was about to explode inside of her, she stopped. She stood up off her dick and laughed.

"I'm not letting you cum that easily." she said. Sam's mind was like jelly at this point. The only thing he could think of was how good her pussy felt and how much he wanted to finish inside of her. He could think of nothing else. He needed the release. The look on Adelaide's face let him know that she knew this as well.

She walked up next to him and began to lick his hear. Each breath of hers sent a wave of shivers through him.

"What's the code?" she whispered. There were a million reasons why he shouldn't give her the code but right now the only thing that mattered was the one reason he should. He needed her and her body.

"534-245-234-642," he sighed. Adelaide went to the desk and entered the number into her laptop.

"It worked." she smiled. Adelaide walked back to Sam and straddled him once more. His dick was still throbbing. She began to ride his dick and felt an orgasm building in herself. With one hand she rubbed her clit while she used the other to steady herself by holding onto Sam's shoulder. Their breathing increased together as they each prepared to climax. Adelaide began to moan as the orgasm overtook her. The contractions of her pussy sent Sam into climax as well. For one moment the world was only the two of them.

Adelaide, however, was still a professional and knew this moment couldn't last. She climbed off of Sam's dick with his cum still dripping out of her. She dressed herself and packed up her bag.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Sam." she smiled. My associates will be in shortly to orchestrate your release. Sam was ashamed to have been beaten so easily. Still, it was some damn good pussy.

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heartxx_squared, ticklishsoles and 2 other people favorited this story! 

by Anonymous

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by William_Wood10/26/18

Excellent for its length

Of course readers would like a longer version of this story, but I would like to comment on it for what it is. Only taking a few minutes to read, but it was good writing quality, with an excellent balancemore...

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by Emirus04/19/18

Use it as a taster

Good idea but much too short. What you could do is take the character of Adelaide and incorporate her into a much longer, more intricate, story centred around interrogation by a sexy woman but with amore...

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by ticklishsoles03/10/18

I’m just a guy!

I would have given her the combination and anything else she wanted.


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by WillieTurner02/15/18

Yeah, It could use some work . . .

It's a good premise, and one worth developing further. But there just isn't a lot of 'meat' on the bones. I think it needs more character development, more back story, and, frankly, a bit more eroticmore...

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by Anonymous02/14/18

Silly. No build-up. Not very explicit. Should be more "tease and denial"

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