tagBDSMAdela's Room Ch. 1

Adela's Room Ch. 1


"Cesaria; Wake up my dear, dusk is here and we have much to talk about."

Before I opened my eyes, I absorbed my surroundings using my senses. The voice, so gentle and soothing, familiar and loving. The air is filled with scents, some are comforting yet strangely grotesque; it is my own scent, my perfume and his, but then there is also the smell of dissolution. Before my thoughts could register the last thought, I felt his cool fingertips on my forehead. Stroking my hair, he caressed me gently and then he spoke again, "Denk an mich, schatz." I asked myself how it could be that I know what he is saying to me? "Cesaria, you have to listen to what I am about to tell you. I know you can hear me now, I can feel it as I have always felt your presence."

Then he spoke to me in his tongue, "Certamente, tu riccordi, mia bella." Convinced he was a close friend and now curious I opened my eyes and gazed upon a familiar figure. The man I have told all of my secrets to. Tall and of muscular build, dark hair and eyes, sporting a mustache and trimmed beard that come to a tuft at the chin, as they did in the old days. But of course I know who this is, his lips have touched mine endless times, his gentle, soothing voice has encouraged me to things I would never have dared. I gave a pout and then spoke, "my name is not Cesaria, Jack." Jack looked down at me and laughed softly before continuing. "Your name is Cesaria and my name is Jack only for now. Remember dearest, it is time for you to remember again." This name really was mine, this I knew, but I had others.

I was confused and began to tremble in his arms as the memories began to rush through my mind with his words. "That's it dear one, when we met those were our names. It was a long, long time ago, lifetimes have passed since then. Let me recount one of our encounters to help you come forth and take your place in this lifetime without the pain you seem to always feel." I am Maximilianii, Adelita, but you knew me as Jack even when we reunited again in El Paso. The world was wild and raw in the deserts of the West then, people lived their lives quickly and without much care about the uncertain future.

You awakened then, and I brought you forth as I am doing now and then I watched, as I always do for you are amazing. Dressed in an old woman's black dress you followed the sounds of laughter and music, piano music though the sound was disturbingly out of key, the melody of Red River Valley still carried through. Your hair and dress dusty, you walked into the saloon and I smiled at your courage.

A woman approached you first and looked at the girl so obviously in need of assistance and spoke, "Well what have we here? Such an old dusty dress on you my dear, it looks as though you borrowed it from your grannie!" She cackled a bit at your expense but you offered her a smile in return. Then you told her your name was Adela and you needed help, having been thrown out of your home in Mexico and forced to make your own life. She looked at the dust covered face and made her decision quickly.

"Come upstairs with me Adela, I will take you in and you will be mine." All eyes were on the two women slowly ascending the stairs into the chambers which they had all visited at one time or another. A big woman was filling the wooden tub with warm water in the room, the smell of soap and candles lingering from a full day of use. "My name is Maybelle darling, I will help wash the dust away and make you gorgeous if you trust me and do as I say."

"Yes ma'am and thank you," you spoke in a courteous tone as you began slipping off the old woman's shoes. "Let me help you with that dear" Maybelle said as she began to unbutton the black buttons on the dress. She slipped the dress of your shoulders and let it fall to the ground around your feet. Snickering at the sight of the stretched and worn fabric of the camisole and bloomers. These she ripped easily, knowing they would be thrown in the fire soon.

Maybelle stopped and looked at your naked body as you stood there before her with your arms outstretched at your sides. "Step into the tub Adela, you must soak for a while." The tepid water making your nipples stand erect were enticing even to Maybelle, who had seen and done most everything.

When you sat in the water, she began to rub your shoulders with a folded rag and hummed along with the music from downstairs. She licked her lips as her hands reached around to wipe the dust off your breasts, lingering on the big pointy nipples. Your eyes closed then, and you leaned back on the edge of the tub to enjoy her caress. Maybelle took the opportunity to look again at her new prize, smiling to herself at the thought of the money she would make from your body very soon. She moved to the middle of the tub and continued washing the middle of your body and then opened your legs with her hand.

Her voice shaking a little now she asked, "How is it you are smooth here my dear? Your pussy is like a young child's except for the woman's hair on the front." She only got a soft moan in response and continued to explore with her bare hand now. Your hands gripped the edges of the tub when her finger probed inside of your center, leaving clear indentations in the wood that only the maid would notice later. Moaning softly as her middle finger swirled deep inside your center, the palm of her hand gently reaching the front of your pussy, Maybelle knew exactly how she would pleasure you. The massage continued for only minutes before your forehead crinkled and your inner muscles gripped her finger inside, clearly marking the orgasm that was coming.

You both moaned as your feet pushed the end of the tub and your hips rose and moved, groaning as wave after wave of ecstasy was released. Her finger completely soaked with your slippery juices, she slowed the movement and then spread your juices throughout the outside of your pussy, up your tummy and chest, finally rubbing behind your ears.

"The best perfume is your own Adela, the men will be drawn to you as I am." Maybelle said with a smile, she left the room quickly saying she would send clothing for you, leaving you there confused and a little nervous. It would have interested you to know that Maybelle went directly into her chambers to be pleasured by her favorite bartender after leaving you.

The two girls that assisted you were delightful, never having thought of saloon girls as much more than whores, this was just what you needed. Little Jo was a petite blonde one, it was easy to see why men were drawn to her. Her elfin manner and quick smile were disarming and very attractive. Bethany was a sassy, quick witted brunette. Full of sarcasm and hilarious Southern expressions, even the most horny of men would have to spend time talking to this one! Jo giggled as she spoke, "Maybelle picked this dress for you herself, and the color does seem to suit you."

Bethany replied wryly, "Yes, Adela, we burned the black granny dress that made us think of death. This red one is yours now, and guess what this color makes us think of?" At this we all laughed as they finished drying your body with small towels. Your eyes widened as you looked upon the red corset Jo brought you, it was made of satin and seemed so much like the clothes you wore. You allowed Jo to caress your breasts as she adjusted the corset in place and stood before you with her hands on your waist while Bethany began adjusting the laces from behind. Tighter and tighter the corset became, flattening your tummy and accentuating your waist.

Jokingly now, Bethany placed her boot on your butt while she pretended to tug. The three of you pealed with laughter even when the string broke on the corset, sending you flying into Jo with Bethany behind you. Your lips found those of the petite one and Bethany kissed your neck from behind you as you kissed Jo, who was sprawled underneath you. Jo's small hand reached your face and then Bethany's sweetly caressing her friends. Bethany stood up and quickly removed her purple dress, throwing it on a chair and walked back to the girl pile in her corset and stockings. Your hands reached to Jo's dress and wrinkled it up to her waist, revealing her hairy little pussy. Bethany draped over your body kissing and licking at your neck, hands on your breasts, her hairy tuft pressing against your butt and she began moaning.

Your smooth pussy pressing on top of Jo's while locked in a kiss was more than I could resist. I came into the room quietly and took my huge cock out from the folds of my shroud. The sight of three lovely pussies rubbing against each other was irresistible. I wanted to fuck all three of you in turn, and would have if not for the pounding at the door that stopped everything. How disappointing for all of us; I slipped back into the shadows. It was Maybelle shouting at you to ready ourselves quickly as she had arranged for an introduction. You stopped and obeyed our mistress, quickly slipping your black fishnet stockings and fastening them expertly on your garter belt as the others did. No panties were worn at this establishment, they were not necessary. You wore only a little rouge on your cheeks and lips, taking more time to accent your eyes. The girls helped you with the red dress and helped lace up your high heeled boots.

"There you go Adelita, ready for your reception" Jo giggled as she spoke. A ridiculous red feather in your pinned up hair instead of the Spanish peinetta and veil you so much preferred. Arm in arm, the three of you descended the squeaky wooden steps into the crowd. The piano player pounded on the keys to accentuate the arrival of the new girl. Maybelle stood proudly at the foot of the steps to introduce her new prize. The more sober of the saloon guests stood with their hats off as though a very important guest was being received. All the while your mind was already searching for one to bring into your embrace, smiling to yourself at thoughts behind the eyes upon you. Maybelle took your hand and began the introductions to her wealthier guests, who would of course have first dibs on your flesh.

"This is our town's Sheriff, we call him Big Al" Maybelle said as the Sheriff stood and kissed my hand softly. "And over here is our bank owner, Jonah Samuels" again, the kiss on your hand.

Just then the swinging saloon doors opened and three new guests arrived. Three rough, dusty Mexican men came in with authority and stepped to the bar. One of the men announced, "El general Villa wants tequila, your best!" I clasped my hands in delight at the virtual feast of guests here tonight. With the dawn approaching and your hunger building without your even realizing it. Maybelle knew better than to sell her prize tonight, she would order you upstairs to bed quickly and begin negotiations for the next night. And who will get your dark embrace then, with so many lovely new friends and sex starved strangers?

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