tagMind ControlAdmit It Ch. 01

Admit It Ch. 01


My plan in life had always been simple; go to University, study Law and meet the girl of my dreams. I'd settle down, and by the time I was thirty, I'd be married and have two kids, one boy and one girl. From an early age, my only thoughts consisted of wanting to fall in love; I always thought I was weird for not wanting a sexual relationship like most guys my age, but I guess I thought I was just more mature. I'm nearly positive that if I'd never changed, my life would have gladly taken that course.

It all started three years ago. I was at a summer party at the end of my final school year. I'd just got accepted to University, and my whole year was throwing a piss-up to celebrate. It was a typical party crowd, consisting of the stoned, the sluts and the terrible dancers. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons (which I was eager to respect due to my acceptance) we couldn't have the party at the beach, so we decided to have the party at my own house. My parents were away for the weekend, so after careful hiding of delicate objects, I was worry free.

Up to this point in my life, I had never had a girlfriend. I had only had two 'experiences' with other people; once was the time I had lost my virginity to this sweet, yet easy, girl named Lily. The other was much more embarrassing, and consisted of a drunken game of Spin the Bottle and an uneven ratio of males to females. My experiences with parties and girls hadn't been benefiting; usually, when I went to a party, all the attractive girls were getting off with all the jock types (or if I was lucky, getting off with each other). Either, that happened, or all the desperate girls would attempt to get off with me; call me shallow, but I won't date a girl I don't feel physically attracted to. To return to the story, I was walking around the party, drinking my mix of vodka and coke, acting very casually, and that's when I saw her.

Sophie. The girl I'd practically been in love with for the past three years of my life. Her long auburn hair complimented her beautiful, stunning features, and her complexion only added to her amazing looks. From a shallower point of view, her gorgeous body couldn't not get a man excited; her curvaceous hips drove me wild with desire, her ass seemed to be perfectly moulded to demand my hand's caress, and her breasts were the perfect size; big enough to hold, but small enough to support themselves. I can recall many a late night when I stroked my cock over that body. Admittedly, I felt horribly bad after every single time, but with a body like hers, every guy in the year (and every girl) must of masturbated over her at least once. Tonight, I decided, as it was the last I might see of her, that I must not waste this chance.

I approached her, up to the brim with confidence. This could well be the night that I finally show her how much of a great guy I am. I'd show her that I'd be the only guy in the world who could show her the love she deserves. When I lay her down to make love to her, my gentle caresses across her breast, my soft rubbing of her vagina and my delicate licking of her moist clit, would make her moan with passion. I needed Sophie, and I needed her tonight. As I began my approach, I noticed something off. She seemed to already be talking to some guy. Cautiously, I got closer to her and began to notice a hand on her arse. It was apparent that the man was with her.

Anger rose up within me, clouding my every thought. I knew this had to happen. I never got the girl. My anger drove me backwards towards the bar, and led my hand to avoid mixing vodka and coke, and simply grab the vodka bottle. I chugged it down. Perhaps, if I got drunk enough, a desperate girl would appear more attractive towards me.

The next hour was completely lost to me. I woke up in a bedroom, with a sense of ambiguity towards myself. As I looked to my left, I noticed a girl I knew named Layla, who seemingly looked a lot less attractive then she used to two hours ago. Still, I staggered out of bed, unaware as to the time of the current. I expected to stumble downstairs to find a mess of bottles and passed out lads. To my great surprise, the party was still in full swing. I glanced at the now-dented clock to discover that it had only been an hour since I had passed out. Harbouring the same feelings as before, I looked over at Sophie and her new temporary boyfriend. Enraged at the sight of it, I ran up to her, grabbed her arm and yelled at the top of my voice,


My jaw dropped in shock, as she began to remove her clothes, and pulled down his trousers. Now, stark naked, she pushed the man to the floor and jumped on him. Then, with no hesitation, she passionately began to ride his cock, screaming moans every other second. What just happened? This seemed to weird. Then Sophie screamed,


My exact words. A silly thought in the back of mind haunted me; did I just tell her to do that? That would be so absurd. Would it? I had to test this out. I grabbed Lucy, my partner in last year's Biology lessons, and commanded.

"Lucy, kiss that girl."

Lucy stared at me.

"What the fuck, dude?" she replied in disgust. "You're such a fucking creep, you know that?"

I decided that it would be the last time I followed the voice in my head. In embarrassment, I fled to a nearby room to dig my face in a pillow. My life-long friend (and secret crush) Emma followed through.

"That was.......strange" she exclaimed, concealing a small laugh.

"Oh, don't laugh at me." I replied. "I can't believe Sophie would do that to me. She knew I liked her!"

"Relax, dude, Sophie is known for being a slut. She'd of done it anyway. I'm surprised she did it publicly!"

"That thing I said afterwards.....I can explain."

Emma smirked.

"It's ok, dude, all guys have that fantasy! I hate the idea of lesbians, but, I guess if it gets you going?"

"No, it was weird! I basically went up to Sophie and told her to fuck him. Literally, those words!"

"Hm, that is strange. But it's just a coincidence! These things happen!"

I began to sob.

"Admit it, Emma, I'm a fucking screw up with no chance at all, and I'll never find the perfect girl."

"You're a fucking screw up with no chance at all, and you'll never find the perfect girl."

Again, she did as I said! But why now, and not before? Wait....ADMIT IT. That was it. I needed to test it out, just once more.

"Admit it, you've wet your bed in the last month."

Emma replied with a look of sincerity, and a sense of realism,

"I've wet my bed in the last month. I'm so ashamed of myself..."

This could not be happening. Surely, there was some mistake. Emma was playing along with me. I'll test it out on something I know she wouldn't joke about.

"Admit it, you're glad that your cat died last week."

"I'm glad my cat died last week." was her response. "It was annoying, and on the plus side, now I don't have to feed it any more!"

Holy shit, was my first thought. I had the power to persuade. And from Sophie's example earlier, it wasn't just through speech.

"Admit it, Emma, you want to kiss me right now."

With no hesitation, Emma placed her delicate lips upon mine, and gave me a passionate and gentle kiss. Her hand moved up to my cheek and stroked it, whilst her tongue forced it's way into my mouth. It danced with mine, and I had to admit, it was the most amazing kiss I'd ever had in my life. In sync, we both moved our bodies down to the bed, her placing her other hand on my other cheek, and using it for support for her amazing kiss. My hands, in a natural male manner, moved downwards in a rushed manner, to her delicate yet quite large and perfect arse, and began to grope it.

"Woah, hands off! I'm not that easy!" replied Emma, darting her tongue out of my mouth.

"Admit it, Emma, you want my hands to roam your arse and cunt."

"I want your hands to roam my arse and cunt. Stick a few fingers up there, and rub me until I cum." was her sexual reply.

I granted her wish, and began to grope her firm arse. It felt perfect against the shape of my hand, almost like it was made for me.

"Admit it, Emma, you hate wearing you're clothes."

"I hate wearing my clothes. I had to rush to put on this outfit and it looks terrible" she replied, in her sweet tone.

"Maybe it would look better on the floor?" I said, with a suggestive wink.

"You're so naughty. But I like the way you think!" Emma replied with an equally suggestive wink. With that statement, Emma sensually began to remove her top. Unbuttoning her shirt, she revealed her breasts. Whilst they were quite small, and not as big as Sophie's, they were still quite sexy. It was safe to say that my cock was rock-hard at this point. Emma ran her fingers through her hair, acting wild and feral. She grabbed the plaited skirt, and pulled it up over her head. She wasn't wearing any knickers, at all. With one final feel of her breasts and one quick rub of her clit, Emma lept back onto me again, diving her tongue into my mouth. My hands resumed their position on her perfect arse, but my fingers began to move down lower and between the crack. I moved them beyond the anus, and towards her perfect pink pussy. My fingers breached the sanctum of her cunt.

"Ohhhh...." she moaned, as I began to develop a pulse. With my other hand, I began to massage her anus. This excited an even larger moan from Emma. I decided to hot things up for her. I got rid off all massaging, and start the penetration. My left hand fingered her wet pussy, and my right hand penetrated her anus. Safe to say, I was enjoying the left hand more.

"OHHH..." Emma screamed. I never knew she was such a little slut. "Mhmm THAT FEELS AMAZING!".

I decided that I wasn't going to make her cum with these fingers alone.

"Admit it, Emma, you want to suck my hard cock, whilst I dine on your wet cunt."

"I want to suck on your hard cock, whilst you dine on my wet cunt. I need to feel your hard dick in my mouth, and I need your tongue to explore my pussy." Emma ripped off my trousers, and my pants, and gasped at the size of my member. I had never been turned on so much, and the result of which caused my member to swell to ten inches. I removed my shirt, leaving both me and Emma completely stark naked. Emma repositioned herself so that her cunt was over my mouth, and that her delicate mouth was over my massive dick. With that movement, she lowered her mouth onto my cock and proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life.

"Ohh" I groaned, as she increased her pace. I decided to return the favour, and I started to lick her clit. This excited a large moan from her, also causing her pussy to become increasingly wet. I used my fingers to penetrate her cunt, and I was shocked by the looseness of her pussy. I began to curl my hand into a fist, and began to pound her delicate cunt with my hand. The moan she produced could have blown the house down. Emma clearly loved being fisted.

"OH YEAH. DON'T STOP. FIST MY WHORE CUNT, AND MAKE ME CUM WITH YOUR TONGUE!" she screamed, at the top of her voice. I gladly obliged, and continued to do both actions, but my animal side was awake. I needed to fuck her and I needed to fuck her hard.

"Admit it, Emma, you want me to fuck you so hard, wherever I want."

"I want you to fuck me so hard, wherever you want. Fuck my sweet pussy, and then fuck me in the ass!"

She jumped back to my level, and I made her straddle me. She then began to ride my cock, slowly with deep thrusts. She, once again, moaned with great intensity.

"MHMM, FUCK ME HARD. RIGHT NOW. DON'T STOP UNTIL I'VE CUM HARD ALL OVER YOUR MASSIVE COCK." replied the orgasmic Emma. Not to deny the lady her wish, I increased my pace, pumping her cunt rapidly with my now eleven inches. As the pace increased, so did the amplitude of her moans.

"Ohh...OHHH...I'M GOING TO CUM!" she screamed at the top of her voice. And then she came. Hard. All over my cock. Unfortunately, I didn't fully understand my new power. She hadn't stopped yet. She'd already came, and she'd still kept going.

"Admit it, Emma, you're a dirty little slut who wants me to fuck her little ass."


I removed her off my cock, and bent her over. My probing member skimmed the outsides of her anus. Now, it was my time to cum. I penetrated her little anus and skipped the slow part. I rapidly pumped and pounded her, this time, exciting a moan within me. I groaned and grumbled over the tightness of her anus.

"Admit it, Emma, you'd rather I was deepthroating you when I came, so that you can lick your own filthy juices."

"I want you to deepthroat me now. I want to taste my own cum." I removed my hard cock out of her ass, and shoved it right down her throat. I felt that she might be moaning, but the massive member down her throat prevented her from producing words. As I heard her gag, I powerfully moved my member back and forth through her throat. I felt my orgasm coming very soon, and I knew she wanted it.

"Admit it, Emma, you swallow." I removed my dick from her mouth to allow her to say,

"I swallow. And I'm going to swallow you."

I returned to my pumping of her throat, and I felt my precum leak into her mouth.

"OH...OHHH.....OHHHH EMMA!" I yelled, as I came down her throat. Being a good little slave, she immediately swallowed. Exhausted from all the moaning, groaning, pumping and pounding, Emma and I collapsed on the bed in each other's embrace.

I could tell that this power was going to be fun...

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