tagMind ControlThe Coin Pt. 01

The Coin Pt. 01


I walked into La Mer with mixed feelings—I had just lost my job or, rather, I had just been "laid off" due to the recession. I tried not to focus on that as I searched the five star restaurant's large dining room. I tried to focus on the anniversary I was about to celebrate (even if I couldn't really afford it any more), and the good deed that I had done on my way over.

In the corner of my eye I caught the blur of a waving hand, I turned and saw Ann. 'Saw' probably isn't the right word. 'Inhaled' is probably better. Dressed in a blue silk dress, with a deeply scalloped neckline revealing a hint of her beautifully proportioned B-cup breasts, black hair done up in a tight bun, crystal blue eyes outlined with just the faintest hint of mascara, with her firm lips painted a faint pink. She was a force of nature. Her bare arms were pale, muscular, and supple. Following down from the hem of her dress revealed two perfectly sculpted thighs, toned calves, and delicate ankles wrapped in a black pair of understated stiletto heels. She filled the room with her beauty. And boy was I lucky to have her. Focus on this, I thought. This is good.

"Hey babe." I said as I dodged through tables and wait staff to get to our secluded table in the corner of the room. When I finally reached her I wrapped her in a long embrace, deeply inhaling her lilac and vanilla perfume before kissing her firmly on the lips. When I finally came up for air I saw that Amy was flushed, out of breath, and opening her eyes as if coming out of a daze. Her eyes cleared quickly however and with an awkward little laugh she tried to usher us back into proper decorum.

"It's good to see you too..." She gave a small little laugh as she motioned me to sit. "I've taken the liberty of ordering us our usuals and some white wine. I've already had half a glass, but I'd like your opinion. Here have a taste." She proffered her glass as we both took our seats. The wine tasted...good? I've never really had a sense for any kinds of alcohol, Amy, however, was a real connoisseur.

"Excellent choice?" I guessed raising an eyebrow. Sometimes Amy ordered a "weaker" vintage to see if I could tell the difference. It was a little game we played. She loved chiding me, "You can't tell the difference between a Vosne-Romanee and a Campo Viejo Rioja, but you can easily taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?"

"I couldn't agree more. Good boy." She flashed a smile and favored me with a wink. "How was your day? Anything interesting happen?"

"Well, I did save this old woman." I then began relaying the story of how, on my way home from being "restructured" out of a job (though I left that part out) I found and old woman carrying groceries across the street. The bag had broken and the woman had frantically tried to recapture all of her lost produce with her hands, but inevitably each time she picked something up something else would fall out. She was so preoccupied with rescuing her fruit that she didn't notice the big rig plowing down the road towards her. I tried to yell at the big rig, wave my arms, do anything to get its attention but for some reason the driver was completely unaware. So, I did the only thing I could—I ran into the road scooped up the old woman (she was very light) and ran to the other side of the road. I felt the whoosh of air flaring the back of my hair. But I had made it. I set the shocked woman down and went into the street to collect whatever I could. I made a makeshift bag out of my shirt and offered it to her.

'Thank you, young man!' She had said in a voice that creaked with age. 'It's nice to see that some acts of kindness remain in the world.' I smiled at that, it felt good to make someone else's day better; especially after mine had gone so poorly. I pulled out my wallet and insisted she take twenty dollars to replace the groceries she had lost. She fought with me for a few minutes, before finally agreeing that she would 'accept it as a trade.' From her front pocket she produced a bronze coin—about the size of a nickel. One face of the coin had the all-seeing eye, below it were inscribed the Omnia habet pretium. The opposing face depicted an open field with a single figure in the distance, the words below read Cave cordis tui.

'This coin will grant you your fondest desires. Just hold the coin and think on that which you desire. A word of warning a bell that has been rung cannot be unrung.' She touched my hand softly for a moment and then shooed me away. 'Off with you, to the lover I'm sure you have waiting.'

As I finished my story and pulled out the coin and offered it to Amy. She took in one hand and skimmed the surface.

"'Everything has a price.'" She said curiously.


"The coin. That's what it says." She murmured matter-of-factly "And 'Beware thy heart' or potentially 'Beware of thy heart' not too sure." Amy was a doctor and during medical school she had felt it necessary to learn Latin in order to better understand the names of bones and diseases. (She's a little too smart for her own good.) She placed the coin on my open hand.

"So...What's my good boy's fondest desire?" She asked with big doe eyes. "Maybe I can make it happen." Looking at her I could only focus on one thing—how much I wanted her to blow me. Her blowjobs were amazing. Unfortunately for me, her sex drive didn't match her playfulness. Most of the time she was too worn out from a shift, or she had too much paper work, or she just didn't feel 'into it.' Our sex life had diminished to at most once a week. But I figured tonight I had a good chance of getting lucky. I looked at Amy, then at the coin, closed my eyes, and stage whispered,

"Oh magic coin, my fondest desire is for Amy Wilson to give me a long, luxurious blowjob, and that she swallow what she's given." I expected a faux-reproachful gasp, a gentle slap, a playful rebuke, but instead I heard only silence. I opened my eyes wondering if I had somehow angered her. Amy's eyes looked slightly glazed, she seemed to be staring at nothing, as if she was in the middle of a vivid day dream. Then she snapped out of it and a mischievous little smile grew on her face. Without saying anything she slid off her chair, and started to crawl, on her knees, towards me.

"What are you doing?" I whispered harshly. "Whatever you're playing at, I admit it, you got me." But Amy wasn't playing, I felt the zipper of my pants go down, I felt her warm, soft hand searching for my slowly growing cock, and then I felt her wet, smooth lips touch the head of my cock. As she started to swirl her tongue around the swelling head I looked around the room. Luckily we were in the corner of the dimly lit dining area, the table had a long draping cloth that went almost to the floor. I decided not to question my good fortune.

Amy had gotten me fully hard, but she wasn't done teasing me. She removed her mouth from the top of my erect cock and she let the tip of her tongue drag slowly down the shaft. When she got to the base she started to suck gently on the side of my cock. She flicked her tongue gently every few seconds. Each flick sent a shock up my spine. The fingers of her right hands started tracing down the back of my shaft. Her sharp fingernails scratched and pulled softly at the skin—not enough to be painful, just enough to add to the sensations of her mouth and her tongue. At this point I felt like my cock would burst if she didn't start sliding it down her throat, but Amy didn't do anything quickly. She moved her free hand to my buckle and with deft fingers had it free in a matter of seconds.

She opened my pants fully and pulled my briefs down over my cock, exposing me completely. She moved her mouth down to suck and lick my balls as her right hand started stroking my shaft. She took each testicle gently in her mouth sucking softly, swirling her tongue around the loose skin, letting me feel the warmth of her mouth and the texture of her tongue. She mixed this with a firm stroke of my cock, from base to tip. Slowly, always slowly. Eventually she started picking up speed, and the gentle sucking on my balls became a more urgent suck, flick, suck, flick. Suck...Flick... I felt myself tensing up reaching the edge of orgasm. Amy stopped. Her hand a vice near the tip of my cock. I was stuck on the edge of a deep precipice unable to push myself over.

Amy dragged her tongue up my cock and finally, blissfully, let her mouth slowly sink down. I could've cum instantly, but I wanted to enjoy her incredible skills. The only thing I've wanted that she couldn't give was to take me completely into her throat. I'm not huge at 7.5 inches, but I'm big enough that she can't deep throat all of me. As she bobbed her head slowly I imagined her ramming her mouth all the way down. I imagined the feeling of her throat contracting around me as she kept her nose buried in my crotch. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the mental image as she bobbed faster and faster.

Suddenly, I felt a warm pressure on the head of my cock, and I felt her lips traveling further down my cock than she had ever been. Six inches. Seven inches. Then I felt her nose hitting my pubic bone. I heard her gag momentarily and I was almost displaced from the nirvana I was experiencing. Almost. Then the contraction came. It was like a hand squeezing my cock from within her throat. Her throat spasmed a couple of times and the she came up for air. Luckily, she took her deepthroating skills in stride and incorporated them into her regimen. She now began taking all of me in and out of her throat in increasingly quick bobs. She put her hand at the base of her lips and twisted back and forth as she bobbed, her free hand gently caressing my balls. It didn't take long before Amy's expert deepthroating had me tensing up. This time Amy didn't stop, she increased the speed and pressure of her sucking. I went over the edge. I felt the first rope of cum hit when just the head of my cock was in her mouth, Amy quickly took me deep into her throat and swallowed as the subsequent jets of cum exploded from my cock. The swallowing motions of her throat milked me of every last drop of cum that I had.

As I slumped back into the chair a twenty something blond waitress came over to our table.

"Sir, the young lady already ordered for you. But is there anything I can get you? Maybe an extra napkin?" She winked conspiratorially as she placed a spare linen napkin on the table, nodded slightly, and then walked away. After she had been gone for a couple of minutes Amy climbed back up. Her tight bun was slightly disheveled and her lipstick smeared all around her swollen lips.

"What came over you?" I asked. "Not that I minded. You know. At all."

Amy looked shocked at herself, confused, but not displeased. "I...don't know. I just had this...urge to suck you. I couldn't stop myself. So I did. Then as I was sucking you I had to have all of you inside me. I needed it. And I guess I was so turned on that my gag reflex didn't bother me. I suppose...I got so caught up in the moment that I wanted to swallow your cum, too." Her eyes lost focus again as she mentally reviewed the feeling of me cumming down her throat. Almost as an afterthought she added, "Don't expect that to happen again." She winked. "Now I have to go to the bathroom and see if I can clean all of..." She waved a hand over her face, "...this up. I'll be back. If the food comes start without me."

I watched Amy walk away quickly towards the bathroom. What the fuck was that? I thought as I pulled up my pants, stuffing my now flaccid member back into place. As I did I knocked the table slightly and I heard a metallic scrape on the porcelain of the bread plate. The coin the old woman had given me was lying flat in the center of the plate, the eye staring at me, pulsating, the words Omnia habet pretium seemed to glow for a minute only to be disrupted by the clatter of plates being set down on a serving tray. The blond waitress had returned and was preparing to distribute our meals. When she was done laying out the course she smiled and asked,

"Is there anything else I can get for you?" I quickly thanked her and told her that we were fine for now. Soon I was left staring at a beautifully prepared filet mignon wondering what the hell happened. I replayed the scenario, trying to come up with alternative explanations for...well...the enthusiastic public oral sex from my normally reserved girlfriend. My mind oscillated between vehement denial of the coin's power and tacit acceptance that it might be...well...magic. The old Holmesian adage "Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." I had to test my theory. When Amy came back to the table I excused myself and walked over to the men's room, coin clenched in my fist. Once inside I locked the door and started pacing.

"How can I fucking test this? Do I even want to know if this is real? This seems...Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Then an image of the waitress popped into my mind. I hadn't really noticed her appearance while at the table—I had been preoccupied both times—but looking back I could see her long luxurious blond hair, her olive green eyes, her robust C-cup breasts. I felt a stirring in my pants, my cock hardening. I clenched the coin and sent a single thought through it, I want the waitress to come join me in the men's room.

A few moments later I heard a quite knock on the locked door.

"Excuse me, sir, are you all right in there?" I walked over to the door, unlocked it, and let her in. Once inside she seemed confused, as if asking herself why she was here.

"I'm fine, what are you doing here?" I asked, hoping for a rational explanation...or maybe hoping for an irrational one.

"I don't know. I just felt like I had to come in here and check on you. Call it 'intuition' I guess." Time to test further, I reasoned. I tried mentally speaking to the coin, giving the waitress an order through the coin. You feel very warm. Your top is making you uncomfortable. You want to take it off. As soon as I stopped thinking the command the waitress's face began to flush. She started waving a hand in front of her face as though she were in the sweltering sun.

"Do you mind if I take my top off? I think I might die if I keep it on." Her top was halfway off before she finished asking the question. Her generous breasts bounced quiet pleasingly in her white lace bra as she threw her shirt to the ground. I thought at the coin again, For the next thirty minutes you will say whatever comes to your mind, you will answer all my questions honestly. The waitress's eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment, her mouth went slightly agape, and she slouched slightly. By the next moment however she looked awake and aware.

"Fuck. That feels better. Although now I'm kind of embarrassed that you've seen me in my bra." She giggled nervously. Fuck. I can make her do anything. I hadn't noticed but the thought of seeing remove her top combined the overwhelming sense of power I was feeling had caused my cock to become rock hard.

"Wow. You're pretty big. No wonder that slut didn't want to wait to suck you. Huh. Why did I just say that?" She tapped a finger to the side of her mouth, and then gave off a shrug as if saying "Oh well."

I stared at the coin feeling drunk, horny, excited, and scared all at the same time. I felt myself losing control. You can no longer see me. I sent the mental command, a plan already forming in my mind. You feel yourself getting incredibly aroused. More aroused then you've ever felt. As your arousal increases you can feel your inhibitions slipping away. You need to find release, but you can't leave the bathroom. You must find release in here, if you leave everyone will know you're a dirty slut. But no matter how hard you work you won't be able to cum until I tell you to.

The effect on the waitress was immediate. The flush that had been in her face spread down her chest, her legs started to fidget, and she started to pace the bathroom.

"Fuck. Why the fuck am I so horny all of a sudden?" Her handle casually slipped inside her bra and she started pinching and stroking her nipple. "Brett fucked me so hard before work today...ahhh...Fuckfuckfuck." She had shoved her other hand down her pants and she was now fingering her clit. "I need to cuuuuuummmm..." She grunted as she started to squeeze her breast with an increasing need and intensity. She slumped against the wall, her legs growing taught, both hands working furiously. For a moment the room was silent except for the wet sounds coming from the waitress's crotch. Finally she let out a frustrated grunt. "FUCK!" She growled as she started tearing away her clothing. Soon she was naked, with her hand firmly against the wall, bent over, ass point out, two fingers furiously pushing in and out of her wet cunt. "God fucking dammit I need cock."

I looked on enraptured. I hadn't realized it, but my hand had wrapped around my swollen cock and I was stroking quickly as I watched this young, supple, and beautiful little slut work herself to a frenzy. I sent one more mental command to her, Finger your asshole. Her thrusts lost focus for a moment and then she removed her hand from the wall, looked quizzically at her index finger, and then thrust into her mouth. She covered her digit in saliva and then placed on the rim of her asshole. Gingerly she coated the wrinkled hole with slick saliva. After thirty seconds of prepping she finally pushed her finger in. All the way to the second knuckle. Not her first time, I guess.

"Yesss..." The sound came out of her mouth as more of a hiss then an actual word. She started working her hands in a counter motion, one would push in, and the other would pull out. I watched the show feeling an impending orgasm bubbling up. I walked up behind her and contemplated pushing into her, I decided however that I didn't want to push my luck. I breathed in the scent of her wet cunt, delighted in the loud, guttural moans she was producing, and felt myself going over the edge. Before my mind went blank I sent out one last mental command, CUM. CUM AS HARD AS YOU'VE EVER CUM BEFORE.

She didn't shriek. She got deadly quiet her body grew taught, her toes curled, and her fingers seemed paralyzed, except for a small motion on her clit. Then the dam broke, she let out a howl "FUCK YES. FUCK. FUCK FUCK." As she came she let out a stream of ejaculate on to the floor, creating a puddle at her feet. She groaned as the first part of her orgasm subsided, and the aftershock hit her with a second smaller orgasm adding to the puddle at her feet. The sight was too much for me and I let loose a stream of cum, splashing her from ass all the way up to her neck. Finally done she collapsed to floor, unaware of the wetness on her back and under her. She was absolutely content, her legs still quivering just wouldn't hold her. She sighed and let her head rest against the wall her hand idly playing with her swollen clit.

"Fuck me that was great." She sighed.

As I cleaned up, I issued one last mental command—in five minutes put your clothes on, clean up your cum, and leave. You won't remember seeing me in the bathroom. I smiled mischievously as I had a last second thought. But don't wash my cum off of your back until you get home from work.

I left the bathroom with a confident little smile on my face—this is going to be fun.

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