"Let's not leave." Mark said grabbing her by the ass and pinning her up against the wall.

"No babe, we have to. Plus, I have to clean up that little mess I made over there." She managed to get down and she went to retrieve a towel. When she bent back over the table to wipe up the various fluids Mark became hard again. Her ass was showing and he could see her pussy lips calling to him. He wanted to eat her out again.

"Don't you even think about it." She looked back at him.


A couple of months had passed, Mark and Daphne decided it was time for family dinners. Mark was worried that Daphne's mother wasn't going to like him, especially after how they first met. Granted, he'd seen a lot more than her breasts since then. Daphne explained to him that her parent's wouldn't care if he was white, he had nothing to worry about. Mark, on the other hand knew his parent's would react either one of two ways, be completely for their relationship, or against it. He was hoping they would be for it. Mark arrived at Daphne's front door after and eternity on the freeway. The house was gorgeous. Since they had the same social status no expense was spared. There were fountains and even ducks running around. He could see a tennis court in the back yard and a huge swimming pool. He walked up to the door and was greeted by Daphne. She saw him drive up and rushed downstairs.

"Hi baby!" she jumped into his arms and decided a little make-out session was in order. Mark paused when he heard a low voice.

"So you're the man who got a free show in the ladies section." Michael walked up to the door. Daphne adjusted her top and looked up at her father.

"Daddy, this is Mark." She pushed Mark in front of her. "Mark this is Daddy."

"Michael." He reached out and shook Marks hand.

"Hello Sir."

"He has a nice firm handshake...I like him already." Michael turned and walked back into the house. Mark exhaled a sigh of relief and thought to himself.

One down, one to go

Daphne led him through the house, showing him where everything was. The interior was gorgeous. Paintings of black lovers and tribal patterns were everywhere. When they got up to Daphne's bedroom she opened the door and he laughed out loud.

"What?" she asked looking around.

"Your room is great." He smiled. There was a four post bed and a balcony overlooking the pool. What caught his attention was the fact that everything was either white or black. The bed sheets were white, but the pillows were black. The carpet was black with a huge white rug in the center.

"Thank you!" she smiled and walked in. Mark looked around and wondered if he should enter.

"Should I enter, or will I be shot by your father?"

"Silly, you can come in. More than likely they're having sex now...just come in." She pulled him by the top of his shirt. He kicked the door shut and kissed her back. She moved him over to the bed and pushed him back on it. She crawled up his body and straddled him. Already she was wet and he could feel the heat radiating from her delectable body.

"We shouldn't do this here." He said cupping her breasts. Daphne moaned and ground her pussy into him.

"Sure we can." She crossed her arms and pulled her top over her head revealing a little pink lace bra. She put Marks hands back on her breasts and told him to unclasp her. He wasn't quite sure he could do it until he realized the clasp was in the front. His cock became rock hard and he pushed his hips up and she bounced and giggled. Before he could reach the bra her bedroom door flew open. In walked Jeanette holding a tennis racquet.

"Oh, hello Mark." She smiled and looked at Daphne.

"Mark, this is my Mom." She smiled and sat up. Jeanette could see the look on Marks face and noticed she interrupted something, plus, her daughter was straddling him.

"Daph. I came to tell you that your father wants us to play a game of tennis at 3." She gave Mark a wide smile. "Don't be late." She reached around the door, pressed the lock and closed the door behind her.

"That was embarrassing." Mark sat up a little.

"Where do you think you're going?" she pushed him back down. "She said not to be late..." Daphne looked at the clock and it read 2:20.

"Do we have time?"

"Yes we do." Daphne proceeded to take off her bra.


The game and lunch went quite well. Mark realized where Daphne got her sexuality. Her parent's were walking hormones. They decided that the next night they would go over to Mark's parent's house.

Mark and Daphne arrived at his house around 8 p.m. Mark led her to the front door and Herald opened it.

"Hello Herald, this is Daphne, my girlfriend." Herald took Daphne's hand and kissed it.

"Enchantée" he smiled and led them into the foyer.

"How are you doing Herald?" Mark asked.

"Fine, thank you Sir, but not as fine as you and your lovely lady." He smiled again and Daphne was feeling more at ease. Then Mark's parents came around the corner and stopped dead in their tracks.

"Hi Mom, Dad...this is Daphne Landry." He pulled Daphne to his side. After a brief pause Mark wondered. "What's wrong?"

"She's so..." Jonas stopped, "So..."

"Not white." Viviane stated. Mark gripped Daphne's hand tighter and Daphne knew this night would not go well. Herald took her purse and told her he would place it in the guest room. She gave him a smile and thanked him.

"At least she has manners." Viviane said as Daphne turned around in shock.

"Shut it mom!" Daphne went to shake her hand and Viviane didn't move. At least Jonas was kind enough to shake her hand.

"I'm Jonas, Mark's father." He said with a stern look. Daphne cringed visibly and pasted on a smile. Herald guided them to the dining room. Mark sat next to Daphne and his parent's sat across from them. Herald brought out salads, water and wine. They all ate in silence. Once they were finished with the salads, Jonas started to stare at Daphne.

"When you told me her name was Daphne Landry, I thought she'd at least be white." Viviane said suddenly breaking the smooth streak. Mark almost chocked on his wine and Daphne spilled her water down the front of her dress.

"Oh no." she silently cursed herself. She looked up at Mark who was staring at Viviane.

Daphne excused herself and retreated to the bathroom. She opened the door and quickly closed it behind her. Seconds later Mark came in. He noticed her tear streaked face and stood behind her.

"They hate me." She sobbed over the sink. He saw her tears fall and hit the porcelain, her mascara was running down her cheeks. "All because I'm black." Mark walked towards her and trapped her body between his and the sink. She felt the growing erection against her bottom and shook her head.

"We can't." she tried to hold back more tears.

"I love you." He said kissing her neck and rubbing against her ass. He reached up and massaged her breasts through her dress. She bit back a moan and ground her ass into him. She remembered where she was. She didn't want his parents thinking she was a slut too. She tried to compose herself and she pulled away from him.

"Now is so not the time for this." She wiped her cheeks with her hands.

"Yes it is." Mark pulled up her sundress, reveling in the feeling of her soft and silky skin. He yanked at the strip she called a thong and pushed two fingers inside of her.

"Ah." She gasped leaning further on the sink. She heard his zipper pull down and he grabbed his member. He pulled his fingers out of her slickness and before he could enter her warmth there was a knock on the door.

"Miss Daphne." Herald knocked on the door again. "Are you alright?" Daphne looked over her shoulder to Mark.

"Everything is fine Herald, thank you." Mark answered. He could hear Herald gasp and there was a pause in his response.

"Uh, okay Sir." Herald walked away and retreated to the kitchen.

"Mark, we shouldn't-"Daphne tried to pull her dress back down but Mark yanked it up and plunged into her heat. When he gripped her hips Daphne grabbed his hands and held on as he plunged in and out of her. They were both surprised that he fit all the way in, their first time together he was too thick for her. He remembered he had to get her to cum three times before she was relaxed enough and his cock could fit in all the way.

"Fuck Daph, you're so tight." He groaned and pulled out almost all the way. With each thrust he watched his long and thick member enter her hot and pink pussy. She let go of his hands and placed hers on the mirror, pushing back into him, in reaction almost involuntarily he surged forward knocking against her cervix.

"Mark, I'm so close..." she moaned into her arm. Little tremors started to run through her body.

"Cum for me..." he started fucking her faster. "Cum on my cock, let me feel your pussy cum." He pumped a few more times and going as deep as he could he pause and she felt his cock jump inside of her. With that he flicked her clit with his right index finger. Daphne felt the coil inside her body snap and the climax rushed through her, lights went off behind her eyes and she could feel Mark cum inside of her. He rested his forehead on her back and kissed the nape of her neck. His cock was semi erect as he pulled out of her. Mark used one of the towels to wipe their combined juices from her thighs and he pulled her dress back over her round ass. She fixed her hair and was thankful that the water didn't make her dress transparent. She wiped the mascara from her cheeks and checked herself in the mirror one last time. When she turned around Mark was finished fixing himself up. They both walked out of the bathroom holding hands. She reluctantly walked into the dining room and Mark tugged her arm.

"Come on baby."

"Mark, I can't." she replied. There was a small, yet powerful voice from behind Mark which replied.

"See, I told you she wasn't good for anything." Viviane placed one hand on Marks shoulder. He looked at his mother then back at Daphne who was crying into her hands.

"Mother, go to hell." Mark walked towards Daphne, intent on pulling her into his arms, but she back up so fast she almost tripped.

"Mark, I'm sorry...I can't do this anymore." She rushed past them and retrieved her purse from the guest room. On her way back she could hear Mark arguing with his parents. She stopped in the hallway, afraid to walk out.

"I can't believe you've treated her like this!" Mark was yelling. Viviane was shushing him.

"Mark, listen, she isn't right for you." Jonas said

"No, you're wrong, she's perfect for me! I want to marry her!" Mark yelled and pushed Jonas out of the way. Daphne cried even harder and knew she didn't want to walk out there. She retreated back to the guest bedroom and opened the window. Before she crawled out Herald walked in. He noticed the tears in her eyes, he could hear the fighting and he quietly urged her back inside.

"Miss Daphne, I can create a diversion and you can slip out the front door. I do not believe someone as well to do as you should crawl through the windows like a felon." Herald handed her a handkerchief and led her through the hallway. He stopped her and continued towards the fighting family.

"Excuse me." They stopped momentarily and looked at him. "I think that it would benefit you all if this discussion was taken to another room and not so close to the front door, where all of the neighbors can hear." He led them in the direction of the library and Daphne managed to slip out of the door. She took off her little heels and practically ran down the street. She pulled out her cell and called for her driver.


"Why can't you just let me be happy?" Mark asked pacing the room. His father sat behind the desk and his mother sat on the side. They looked like the typical movie filthy rich family.

"Mark, she's not right for you."

"Because she's not white!" he screamed kicking over a nearby chair.

"Among other things." His mother boldly said. Mark stopped and looked at her, his mouth wide open.

"I can't believe you just said that." He paused. "She's from a wealthy family...she has things going for her...damnit! You have no other objection to us being together other than she's black!" he walked out of the office and went to the guest room. He had to hold her. When he walked into the room he was shocked to see the window was open and Daphne was nowhere in sight.

"Daph!" he yelled searching the room. He ran into the bathroom and then back out the bedroom door. His parents were standing in the foyer. Jonas looked at him and then at his wife in frustration.

"What's wrong Mark?" his mother asked like their big fight hadn't just happened.

"She's gone!" Mark yelled he searched for his keys and wallet only to see Herald holding them next to the front door.

"Here you go Sir." He smiled and closed the front door when Mark rushed out. Jonas and Viviane went their separate ways in the house. Herald could hear the doors slamming shut.


Mark drove his car in a hurry, he was at least going 90 mph, and he pulled up to her house and frantically banged on the door. Jeanette was the one who opened the door, when she saw Mark a look of pure horror covered her face.

"Is Daphne here?" he asked looking past her. Michael walked up behind his wife.

"What's wrong?" Michael asked causing Mark to stop his search for Daphne and answer him.

"My parents are racist, pardon my language, assholes and they were so rude to Daph." He paused trying to choke back tears. "She left my house, and if she's not here, I don't know where she could be." He sank to his knees in front of her parents and put his face in his hands.

"I don't want to loose her...I want to marry her." Mark said as Jeanette started to cry. Michael rushed back and called for his driver.


Daphne was sitting in the back of the car; she had cried so much she couldn't anymore. The phone rang and Daphne jumped, she knew who was probably calling.

"Hello I'm not available right now I've just picked up Miss Daphne." She lay down in the back seat and listened to their conversation.

"Yes Sir, I can be back as soon as possible, but I'm afraid Miss Daphne may not want to come back so soon, if it's alright with you, I would like to drive her around for a while."

We could never have worked out she thought to herself.

"Yes Sir, I will make sure she gets something to eat." David hung up the phone and looked in the rearview mirror.

"Miss Daphne, your father insists that I take you somewhere to eat, where would you like to go?"

"Can we stop by Taco Bell?" She asked quietly. David smiled a little and handed her a bottle of water.

"Yes Ma'am."


"What happened?" Jeanette asked Mark when Michael walked into the living room.

"She called David; he's taking her to get something to eat." Jeanette breathed a sigh of relief and Mark realized he wasn't going to have a heart attack.

"Anything else?" Jeanette asked.

"David will more than likely be driving her around for a while. Mark, once you tell us what happened tonight, I think you should go home." Mark wanted to protest but Jeanette interrupted. "Mark, more than likely when she comes back she won't want to talk." She placed her hand on his shoulder. "I'll make her call you in the morning.


After she ate Daphne fall asleep in the car. David looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. He drove back to the house and gently woke her up. She walked inside her room, dress still wet, and hair a mess, makeup was gone and she flicked on the light. Lying on her bed was a little black box and a letter.

Daphne my love,

There's nothing in this world that I can do to apologize for what happened with my parents tonight. I didn't want you to know until I told my parents, but I asked your parents for your hand in marriage. They accepted and I was going to give you this tonight. I don't understand them but I know one thing, I love you and I want you to make me the happiest "white man" in the world and become my wife. I will love you...always.



Daphne cried over the letter and looked down at the box. The light blue box and ribbon told her where he got it from. She opened the box and cried even harder. The ring was a princess cut diamond with a platinum band. She picked the ring out of the box and slowly slid it on her finger. It looked beautiful on her...if only his parents were as accepting of their relationship as her parents were. She knew what she had to do, although she didn't like it one bit.


Two months past and Daphne always found some way to not meet with him, to not talk to him. Mark was getting fed up and he decided to meet her after one of her classes. He walked up to Psychology 530, with Professor Donaldson. A young blonde walked out and immediately noticed Mark.

"Hi there, can I help you find something?" she asked seductively. Mark paid no attention to her and asked.

"I'm looking for Daphne Landry, do you know her?" he asked turning to look down the hall.

"Who are you?" she asked adjusting her purse on her arm.

"I'm her uh...lab partner." He looked at her and gave her a killer smile. "She hasn't been to lab in a few weeks, I just wanted to check up on her, make sure everything is okay." The blond came closer to Mark and he straightened a little.

"Well." The blonde was about to gossip. "News around the program is that she got knocked up by her ex, and now she's thinking about transferring to another school." The blood in Marks face drained.

"Have you seen her?" he asked trying not to become frantic.

"She was in class last week, but she left because of morning sickness." She shook her head. She walked away from him and entered the class. Professor Donaldson was packing up her things and Mark waited for her silently.

"Excuse me." He said, she looked up at him and smiled.

"Can I help you?" she sat down on the edge of her desk and studied him carefully.

"Look, I'm going to be honest with you. I'm looking for Daphne Landry, I'm Mark, I'm her fiancée, boyfriend."

"Oh so you're Mark." She pointed at him and smiled.

"Yes, something bad happened at my parents and I haven't seen or heard from her in almost two months, I'm really scared for her."

"Well Mark, you've come at the right time. I have a meeting with her right now; she should be in my office." Mark followed Professor Donaldson down to her office. She asked him to wait until she came and got him and she walked in. Just as suspected Daphne was sitting in a chair, she looked so sad.

"Hello Professor." Daphne was about to stand up but Donaldson stopped her.

"Please sit. I need to talk to you." She said.


"Are you pregnant Daphne?" she asked. Daphne became really uncomfortable and started to cry.

"Yes, I am." She placed her face in her hands. Mark could hear her crying and he wanted to go in and hold her tight.

"And the Mark you told me about, he's the father?"

"Yes, he is."

"Well Daphne, I think we need to talk about your options."


"I understand that this is your last class you have to take in order to get your Master's degree."


"I'm willing to email you all of the assignments and when finals come, I want you to come here into my office and take it." Daphne managed a smile, and then heaved a little as sickness threatened to take her over.

"Thank you." Daphne contained her nausea and stood up to shake Donaldson's hand.

"Wait." She replied.

"Yes?" Daphne sat back down. Donaldson got up and walked out of her office. As soon as the door closed Mark walked in. Daphne jumped up from the chair and wavered a little bit. Mark ran towards her to make sure she didn't fall.

"Mark, what are you doing here?" she asked, fresh tears running down her face.

"I came to find you." He leaned in and kissed her lips. She leaned into him briefly, when he pulled her flush against him she felt his fingers touch her stomach. She jumped back and picked up her purse.

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