Adriano's Corruption

Another ball, another innocent added to the flock.
21 words
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This is my entry into Literotica's 2015 Halloween Contest. Please vote and comment! Feedback is always welcome!


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LauricaLauricaover 5 years ago
Thank you

I especially liked the extended music track at the end. I had time to enjoy myself without being pleasantly distracted by story.

Of course my vibrator died while writing this though...

RashawnRashawnabout 6 years ago

That was just amazing.

AnonymousAnonymousalmost 8 years ago
Great beyond words

The Aural Sex Goddess comes out on top again!

stevie26stevie26over 8 years ago
There's something UNUSUAL about her voice!!

Wow!!! Mind blown is my situation right now!!! TheRavenFox, loved it!!! The sensual part was tempting indeed but also the story, I really wanna know if Paige survived the pleasure!! You are an awesome storyteller!!! And yeah, Your voice is addictive!! Unusual!! Waiting for more!

AnonymousAnonymousover 8 years ago
Holy wow.


A few of my friends just began working on an Erotica. I've spent the last couple of weeks scouring the internet for ideas and styles. And out of the many I've listened to or read, your's is without a doubt one of the best. The emotions, the special effects added, the life you've breathed into your work is just amazing.

Thanks so much for your awesome work, keep it up!

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