Listed below are the stories entered in the 2015 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2015 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Haunted by Love

by ScattySue

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Adriano's Corruption

by theravenfox

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):

by rugbydad56

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2015 Halloween Submissions
Halloween SwingersMamaRita
Halloween Colaidmnotm
The Bound Queen - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
Pale and Pretty VampirePaperWings77
The Last HalloweenTamLin01
Snuff/Skin Flickmanyeyedhydra
Guardian Devilfgmntfmgnshn
Claiming RubyYogakay
Santa's Birthday GiftBrettJ
The Valkyriesoggbashan
The SummoningGoldenCojones
The Trick and the TreatAlexMakin
Tinkerbelle's Ethereal WorkoutDumpington
Pandora's Pantieslegerdemer
Halloween Party 2015Drakon66
Lilibeth the Candy MILFMSTarot
A Succubus Awakensgene_ericson
The Neighbors will TalkHuckPilgrim
Accidental Adamxelliebabex
Kidnapping BunnyDinaDevereux
A Blood Moon All Hallows Evegldngolfer
Chad's Challengemanyeyedhydra
Fimbul SamhainMSTarot
Sex Slave Spooktacularmasterandmargarita
The Loophole - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
Adriano's Corruptiontheravenfox
Adult Costume PartyInsatiable_Little_Devil_2003
Stocking Tales: Blackmailed Wifesilkstockingslover
Goddess in the WaterKethandra
Kinky Tales: I'm Pegged By My Wifesilkstockingslover
Strawberry - A Shanghai Girl in America Ch. 01ChloeTzang
Dead Voicesoggbashan
Trick or Treat or Spankingtimtrack
The Curtain, and Other OdditiesMalonym
Halloween Jobtimtrack
Captivating CatwomanFanatasize
Movie NightGirochen
Under The Blood MoonA_Dark_Longing
Howlin' At My Moonmasterandmargarita
Forced to Fuck His Mom on Halloweencentrum1000
Spectral Ecstasyeidos1865
Unexpected (Trick or) TreatDinaDevereux
Historic CostumesMSTarot
Old Sins Cast Long ShadowsLost Boy
The Venetian Series 01: When the Masks Come Off in VeniceAlwaysHungry
Dancing to Louie Louie - A Halloween TaleThe_Technician
The Playroombrainfade
Who Killed Cornelius the Cock?patientlee
Demon Bitchgldngolfer
Hot Tub MILF MachineKethandra
Trick and TreatNy7fun
The Corrupted ForestYshomatsu
Aileen, the Virgin SisterHeyAll
Replacing Mommysilkstockingslover
A Waking NightmareSecondCircle
Shoe is on the Other FootSwilly
Detective Kimberly GranteHeyAll
5 Floors of Claire's SubmissionHeyAll
Time Traveller's Terror (2015)
The Witching HourFredoberto
Ghost StoriesTamLin01
Wolf LustCorpse_rider
A Halloween Surprisedabigbambino
Monsters in the Mountainsbobalous
Halloween Party at WillametteKansas
'Ween ContestNathan_Brazil
Monster of ID ArisenMSTarot
Possessive SexMagicaPractica
Daddy's CandyLily_Weidner
Don't be Afraid of the Big Bad WolfTheLooseCannon
Tricked into TreatsCocoPhoenix13
Demon Orgypeachesandbeth
Debauchery Has a PastAnonMoose007
The Night-time Visitorsredzinger
Golden OpportunityYogakay
The Road to Grandma's HouseNikkiWrtr
An Extra TouchSecondCircle
Costumes and CollarsGoldenMaia
Coming Out in Costumesilkstockingslover
Halloween Frat Party NightmareEfon
Halloween Trick or TreatYman67
Bustin' OutYDB95
Haunted by LoveScattySue
Absinthe DreamsMSTarot
Ambulance Nursesirparadisio

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