tagLoving WivesAdventures of a Tennis Coach Ch. 02

Adventures of a Tennis Coach Ch. 02


A private tennis club in an exclusive part of London. The tennis coach is me, Joe, and the following is one of many situations that happened regarding women who wanted more than tennis lessons. Having been to university, I was age 23 and became an assistant coach at a posh tennis club.

I had been a tennis coach for about 6 months. Over that time I got to know a regular client, Kym, who always booked me for tennis lessons. More recently, she'd introduced me to her husband who occasionally came to the clubhouse for a drink. As a couple, they were well-off, professional and likeable people. Kym was age 30 and Aron two years older. Our conversations were always on the subject of tennis.

Kym had never flirted with me and club rules prevented me giving any hint that I found her attractive, and yet I found her sexy - my type of woman.

One day, they invited me over to their home for evening dinner. They said they wanted to ask me something and it would be easier to discuss it at their home. I had no idea what they wanted to talk about. Five days later I rang their doorbell to a loft apartment overlooking the Thames River. The view was stunning - so too was Kym, a slim 5'6'' woman with a touch of skin colour from Asia. She was dressed in a silk loose top, mid-thigh black skirt and heels but my eye was drawn to the tight, black band around her neck. The outfit made her look super-elegant.

Halfway through the meal, Aron sprung the question. He explained that they couldn't have children without some help. Kym desperately wanted to conceive and to have a natural birth. But Aron's sperm count was so low that his doctor had said it was almost impossible for his wife to conceive. ''We've been considering all the option,'' said Aron. ''We looked at artificial insemination by a donor but Kym and I don't trust these agencies who are supposed to check out the donor.''

Kym continued, ''Besides ... not knowing who the donor is could present a problem if the child wanted to know more about the father. We just feel we want to know who the donor is.'' She placed her hand on mine. ''I hope you don't mind, Joe, we've done our own checking. Your background, education, and all that. Plus you're handsome so some of your qualities might rub off on my child.'' She paused and Kym looked worried. ''You don't mind, do you? But we want to ask you - I want to ask you - to be our donor.''

At first, I was gobsmacked. It was a compliment to me in a way. I must have also looked concerned but during the conversation, it was made clear that a contract would be signed to absolve me of all future child support. All they wanted was my agreement to meet the grown-up child in the future if he or she wanted to do that. And I would be paid. Initially, I couldn't see anything wrong with the plan until Aron said, ''It means you coming here during Kym's ovulation ... about 5 consecutive days every month ... and in one of our bedrooms you would get your sperm into a test tube which I would then insert into Kym.''

That's the part I didn't like. I raised my eyebrows. ''You mean I go in a room by myself, masturbate and shoot into a test tube?''

''Yes,'' they both said.

I would much prefer to have sex with Kym but I wasn't going to say that. The money was good, half now and the rest when Kym is confirmed as pregnant. I resolved to work on a plan to persuade Kym to let me fuck her. In the meantime, I agreed. The following week the contract was signed and a few days later I arrived to do the first of 5 days. We drank a bottle of wine together and then Kym showed me to a bedroom.

I said, ''This may sound stupid, Kym, but do you mind if you sit outside the door. You see, I need to feel turned on ... and having you close will do that for me.'' I looked at the porn DVD and magazine on the bed. ''These things don't do it for me ... sorry.''

''Ok,'' she said. ''I'll sit on the other side of the door. Is that close enough?''

I nodded but my real plan was to get her inside the room - somehow. I did make groaning noises so Kym would hear me but it was too clinical for me. I kept my thoughts on how I would love to have Kym all to myself and managed to ejaculate into their test tube.

The following day I was back, more wine and the same bedroom. Kym sat outside. My plan had me aroused. I groaned, stopped and whispered through the door, ''Are you there, Kym? I need you to be in the same room to help me come.''

She kept her voice low. ''Are you sure, Joe? Is it difficult for you?''

''If you just stand inside the bedroom, you don't have to look ... that's all you have to do.''

She came in gingerly and closed the door. I had my back to her, the only thing I wore was a T-shirt which ended at my belly button. ''Thank you, Kym. Just knowing you're there for me is enough.''

''I'm here to help,'' she said, her voice husky. ''To make it easier for you, Joe.'' She stood by the door. ''Is that better ... that I look ... you have a nice body.''

I kept my back to her and proceeded to take it slowly without letting her see my cock although my hand movements were in full view of Kym. I reckon my tight bum helped to interest her. I said, ''Knowing you're here, watching, listening ... is good for me, it helps me to do this ... you're so kind, Kym.''

''I'm grateful for what you're doing, Joe. I'll do whatever ... '' She paused. ''I've never seen a man do this.''

''Do what, Kym? Doesn't Aron do himself?''

''Not in front of me. There is something beautiful watching a handsome guy masturbate.''

My hand strokes were speeding up now as I found the conversation sexy. I told her so. Then I asked, ''Tomorrow, can you do me a favour and wear stockings and suspenders.'' I looked over my shoulder and twisted my torso just enough to give her a little peek of my 7'' cock. ''I would find it so sexy to know what lingerie you're wearing. Is it too much to ask?''

She had definitely seen my cock before I turned my back to her again. ''Of course, I'll do that, Joe.'' She coughed. ''I saw you just then ... when you turned slightly. I'm so grateful you're doing this for me.''

I picked up the glass tube from the bed and put my cock head at the entrance. By leaning forward I got my spunk inside. Kym came forward and took the tube from me.

When I came back the following day, my third day, Aron was in the know regarding the lingerie. This time we had a meal together and wine. Afterwards, Kym took me into the bedroom. She shut the door and sat on the chair. I said, ''You look lovely, Kym.'' Her makeup looked as if she had spent time preparing herself: dark eyeshadow, long eyelashes and red lipstick. The black band around her neck was there. She wore a loose cashmere top and skirt with the hem at mid-thigh.

As I took my clothes off she looked away but I could tell she kept me in her side vision. In my experience, women do have an interest in looking at the male body but I wanted her to look at my cock while I masturbated. ''I need to arouse myself,'' I said, ''and the best way is for you to describe the lingerie you're wearing. Is that ok?''

Kym glanced at me as I took my chinos off. ''I chose a white bra and panties.'' She looked away. I stood there in boxers and a T-shirt but I didn't move.

''Is your bra cotton? Tell me about it.''

''It's lacy and, sort of, see-through around the cup area.'' She glanced down her front. ''It feels nice to wear it, sort of sexy.''

''Does that mean it's possible to see your nipples through the lace?''

She chuckled and looked my way again. ''I guess it is see-through, yeah. And my nipples are standing out.''

''And your panties?''

She rolled her eyes. ''My panties are tight and lacy at the front. They're sort of a thin lace.''

I slowly played with myself through the material of my boxers but she kept her eyes on my face. ''Do your panties show anything of you ... you know ... between ... ''

''You mean my bush?'' Kym had this broad grin on her face. ''And yes, I do have pubic hair, a one-inch strip.'' She gave a little laugh.

It must have been obvious that I had an erection as I moved one hand under my boxers but Kym didn't turn her head away. ''Can you help me, Kym?'' I looked down at my covered cock, took my time to admire what I was doing and I was sure her eyes also travelled down to my boxers. I murmured, ''Will you show me your stockings ... the top ... at the suspender clips.'' I raised my eyes and twisted my mouth as if embarrassed.

''Oh,'' she said. ''Umm. Is it going to help ... I mean ... to help you complete, you know, your thing?''

''It'll help me to give you the sperm. It's just that I need stimulation. Does that make sense?''

She scooted her hips to the edge of her chair and drew back the hem of her skirt. Dark stockings ran up to suspender clips. She looked gorgeous. As if encouraging me she said, ''These are lovely to feel, smooth, I like it ... so sexy.''

''Kym. Could you keep doing that, playing with the straps and the stocking tops.'' I took a deep breath to make it obvious that I was aroused and increased my manipulation inside my boxers. ''Don't stop telling me about your lingerie and stockings ... please.'' I raised my eyes to the ceiling and closed them. I knew she was watching me as I rubbed my stiff cock. Although she couldn't see it in the flesh, Kym would have no doubt about the size.

Kym kept up the description of her underwear. I sat on the bed facing her, about 3 yards from where she still perched on the chair. While appearing to be shy, I drew down my boxers and flicked them away with my foot and still covered my cock with one hand. Amazingly, she continued to repeat how her lingerie felt and what her bra and panties looked like, repeating over and over. Occasionally, I took my eyes off my cock and glanced her way. There was no holding back from Kym as to where she was looking.

I whispered, ''Please don't stop, Kym. I'm relying on you. Can you do this for me?''

''Yes,'' she whispered.

''I don't want to alarm you but I'm going to lie back and finish myself.'' With my feet still over the edge of the bed, I fell back on the mattress. ''Speak to me, Kym, about your lingerie again ... help me.''

She did and repeated the same description, slower this time. I knew the image I was giving her. As I widened my legs facing her, I increased the tempo, my rhythm. I admit I became more bold, giving her more to look at as the minutes ticked by. My heavy balls were on full display and I made sure my cock stood out at 90 degrees from my groin.

Kym's voice faltered occasionally, stopped once or twice, before carrying on. She was great and hugely sexy. I was nearing the end. I said, ''Help me, Kym. Pass me the test tube ... over there.''

She leapt up and scrambled over to the table. I made her stand next to me and wait. ''Not long now,'' I said. It was a delight to have Kym looking down on me, watching, waiting. ''It's coming Kym.'' I used my pre-cum to make the liquid squish over and along my length, the only sound in the bedroom. ''Hold the tube over me, Kym. Put the end ... to touch my ... my cock. That's it. Keep it in contact.'' The fact that Kym was obeying my instructions and actually held the glass tube up to my cock was such a turn-on.

I ejaculated, spurted and some went into the tube, some on her hand. She didn't say a thing. A quick kiss on my cheek when I was done and she skipped out of the room with the test tube.

I wondered if the following evening, my fourth would be any different. It wasn't. After some drinks, we went straight to the bedroom, Kym sat, she detailed her new lingerie and I masturbated while I stretched out on the bed, my legs over the edge in full view of her. She watched everything. Occasionally, her voice would falter or stop for a few seconds but she did a great job at describing her lingerie in detail. She even told me how her body was reacting, the goosebumps she was getting, the feel of her skin. I had no trouble getting ready. Without asking, she came over with the test tube, held it at the tip of my hard cock and waited for me to shoot. As I came I watched her eyes concentrating on my ejaculation.

The fifth and last evening was slightly different. This time Kym sat on the bed next to me. While she spoke about her lingerie I interrupted, ''Tell me how Aron is taking this situation. Does he know you're sitting next to me, looking closely as I masturbate?''

''He knows it turns you on to know about my underwear. He knows I tell you in detail what I've got on. He knows I sit in a chair.'' She scrutinised my hand stroking my cock and using my thumb to massage the head. ''Aron doesn't know I'm sitting next to you.''

I said, ''Would you mind touching me?'' I stretched my hands above my head to see if she would make contact with my cock. I didn't move. My cock remained stiff and wet from pre-cum. Both of us didn't move for about a minute. Eventually, I asked, ''You don't have to tell Aron.''

''Tell him what?''

''That you helped to finish me off.''

Kym seemed to think about it. ''I'll tell Aron later.'' With that she proceeded to masturbate me with a light touch, copying some of the techniques I used. She did a good job and, as I came, she just managed to get most of my spunk into the tube, although some shot down the outside of the container. The rest was on her fingers and hand which she wiped on the sheets. Then she kissed me on the cheek and left.

The deal with Aron and Kym was to do 5 straight evenings and wait to see if she became pregnant. She'd know this in about two weeks time. Failing pregnancy, I would be required to do the whole thing again and again. In truth, I wanted Kym between the sheets, so when I got the call that she was not pregnant, I made a plan.

I had been invited to dinner on the evening that the next 5 days were to commence. Kym wore the shortest skirt which showed the top lace of her dark holdups. When she sat on the sofa, it was obvious she was wearing white panties, a sheer material which later stuck to her wet pussy. Kym's top was a loose V neck, no bra, which meant every time she moved, her breasts moved as well and pushed out her nipples. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She also wore the same black band from a previous occasion round her neck.

During the meal, we talked about our situation and was I happy. I said, ''To be honest ... we have a common goal ... don't we? The three of us here want Kym to get pregnant as soon as possible. I've given this some thought. I think we'll have more success if you bear in mind two important points. First - this is slightly clinical - to stand the best chance of conceiving, the sperm should be implanted directly from the donor because the test tube method doesn't keep the sperm at the right temperature and it's more difficult to get the sperm high enough into the womb.''

In actual fact, I was making up my argument because I hadn't done any research on the subject. But it sounded plausible. Kym said, ''I have found it awkward to shove the tube up high enough inside me.'' Aron also nodded.

''And the second point is this,'' I said. ''Human nature dictates that the more relaxed and aroused the woman is, the more likely she'll become pregnant. It's well known that stress, anxiety, and cold wham-bam sex is not the way human nature works if you want to get pregnant easily. Kym needs to be relaxed and super turned-on before sex. And she needs to have a climax at the same time the sperm enters her so that her cervix opens up to the sperm. Get these things right and we have the best chance of getting pregnant.''

Although I wasn't sure of the last bit of my argument, I knew it contained enough truth to make my view plausible. Aron spoke first. ''You're saying that you want to have sex with Kym.''

''I want to get Kym pregnant,'' I said.

He replied, ''I'm not going to let you take Kym to the bedroom and have sex with her.''

''Suppose,'' said Kym looking at her husband, ''you and I have sex and when I'm ready ... Joe steps in and quickly does his thing?''

That's roughly how the conversation went and we talked about 'how' for the next twenty minutes. The fact is we'd become friends, the three of us, with a common interest to make a baby. Therefore we trusted each other, there was a bond, a secret I suppose, that glued us together. It became easier to say how each of us wanted to do this. I went first by admitting I would love to have Kym on my own and make love to her. Aron said he wanted to be part of that, to be the main lover, to reinforce that he was the husband.

In the end, it was up to Kym. She wanted a non-sexual relationship in the future with me, as the father of the child. But, to get her pregnant, she was willing to be taken by me, fucked by me, on condition that Aron was part of it. It was agreed the three of us would go to bed and respect each other and their wishes as we went along.

Ten minutes later, Aron and Kym stood kissing each other in their bedroom while I watched from the edge of the bed. She had her back to me. Aron's hands stroked her bum and pulled up the hem of her skirt to reveal the top of her dark hold-ups. Above that, she had a lightly tanned skin to her panty line. She broke the kiss and angled her head to me. ''Joe. Come here.''

I stood next to her, held her hand and I said, ''I want to kiss you.'' Kym kept one hand draped over Aron's shoulder, placed her other hand round my neck and invited me in. We kissed for ages, exploring with our tongues and all the while she kept her husband close.

Without a word, she then turned to Aron to kiss him. Our heads remained close as I looked at her tongue entering his mouth, to play with him. She turned back to me, my turn, to deeply kiss me. I knew Aron's hand was massaging her bum. My spare hand lightly caressed her breast. She moaned. ''I want both of you.'' She paused to look from one to the other. ''Together. My two men. Strip me, Joe ... take my clothes off.''

Aron took this as a signal to relax on the bed. Kym and I stood as I peeled the loose V top over her head. Without a bra, her swollen nipples stuck out, firm breasts which I kneaded with my thumbs. She flung her head back and let me explore. Soon she was kissing me again. The zip at the back of her short skirt came down easily and Kym shimmied out of it, to let it fall to her high heel shoes. She kicked the skirt away.

My hands felt the smooth silk of her panties. I said, ''You're damp. Do you want me?''

''Yes. Kneel and take them off me.''

This sent a spasm through me, a signal to my groin, a message that she was in charge, she would dictate the way this threesome was going to work. I knelt. Her hands gently twisted my hair as I slowly pushed her tight panties down. Kym stepped out of them and left her legs slightly apart for my inspection. The one-inch strip of bush ended at her clit, she let me gaze at it, the smell of her arousal was strong.

Kym still held my hair which she pulled so that I had to lean forward. I let her force my mouth onto her sex. My kisses covered her groin, her pubic hair became moist, as she held my face against her. Then she backed away, turned around and took the four strides to her husband. ''Let me undress you,'' she said.

It was fascinating to watch her strip Aron as they stood at the edge of the bed. The way she seductively discarded each item was arousing for Aron, confirmed by his erection.

I guessed I'd next. ''Come here,'' she said to me. I obeyed. Aron came round to Kym's back and held her by the hips while he watched his wife take off my clothes. She undid each button slowly, her fingers brushing down my torso until she reached my chinos. My shirt had been thrown to the side. As she tugged my belt, she kissed me, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. My own tongue chased hers round our mouths.

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