tagSci-Fi & FantasyAdventures of Cockweasel Ch. 04

Adventures of Cockweasel Ch. 04


Lady Gwyneth d’Lambert, paladin of the Holy Church of Alastriel and the goblin Cockweasel readied their weapons as a dozen bandits burst from the edge of the Forest of Dagindor. Gwyneth had rescued Cockweasel from his tormenting mistress, the vile sorceress Valeria the Black, and the two had escaped on horseback to the village of Crompton. There they had rescued a kidnapped farmer’s daughter from an evil ogre and then they had traveled on to the forest where they once again found their lives in peril.

Gwyneth ran the first bandit through before he had a chance to even swing his sword, but the noble knight was then forced backwards as she found herself under attack from four opponents. Cockweasel found himself in a much worse predicament, one of the bandit’s bore down on him, swinging his massive sword at the small goblin. Cockweasel lifted his feeble dagger to block the powerful attack and it was smashed from his grip.

Off to the side one of the bandits had grabbed their two horses and was already starting to ride away with them. They were in serious trouble.

The goblin’s attacker leveled the point of his blade directly at Cockweasel’s throat.

“Surrender knight! Or your companion dies!” the bandit yelled at Gwyneth.

The paladin glanced over and saw Cockweasel with the sword at his throat and she immediately stopped fighting.

“What do you want?” she demanded, lowering her sword.

As the bandit was about to answer there was a crash from the forest. Two bandits immediately fell, arrows in their backs. The two bandits closest to the forest turned to face this new threat and were met by a pair of ferocious hooves that lashed out from between the trees, striking them in the head and crushing their skulls like eggshells.

In the momentary confusion Gwyneth lunged across towards Cockweasel, knocking the goblin aside as she slashed open the belly of the bandit that was threatening him.

When four centaurs, half men-half horse, burst from the forests edge the remaining six bandits immediately fled.

Cockweasel cowered on the ground at the sight of the massive horse creatures. From the waist down they were appeared to be normal, perhaps slightly larger than average horses. From the waist up they were human, three males and one female, their chests bare. Even in his fright Cockweasel couldn’t help but admire the firm tanned breasts on the female centaur.

“Greenthorn?” Gwyneth said in surprise towards the largest male.

“We meet again Lady Gwyneth,” the centaur said with a friendly smile. “And now I’ve finally had my chance to repay my blood debt to you.”

“Thank you,” Gwyneth said with a smile of relief as she eyed up the two bandits that died from the vicious kick that Greenthorn had given them when he burst from the forest. Six years earlier Gwyneth had saved the big centaurs life and under his people’s beliefs he owed her a blood debt, which had finally been settled today.

“So what brings you to Dagindor?” Greenthorn asked. He eyed Cockweasel dubiously, “and with a goblin in tow, no less.”

“We travel on to Alastriel,” Gwyneth replied. “Although it seems the bandits got away with our horses so we have a long walk ahead of us.”

“Not necessarily,” Greenthorn said with a smile. “We can take you.”

“Ride on your backs?” Gwyneth asked in surprise. She was never sure if the centaurs actually allowed riders.

“Of course. We can get you through Dagindor faster than any normal horse.”

Gwyneth smiled. “Let’s go then!” she said as Greenthorn reached down and helped lift her up onto his back. Cockweasel quickly moved to the female centaur, before either of the other two could get him. The pretty horse-woman helped him up onto her back.

“I’m called Forestwind,” she told him as he held onto her hips and pressed against her back. She had long light brown hair that hung right down her back and felt incredibly soft against Cockweasel’s face.

“Cockweasel’s the name,” the goblin replied.

Greenthorn gave a shout and they were off. The centaurs galloped through the forest at an incredible pace. They dodged through the trees and leapt bushes and fallen logs with practiced ease. Had Gwyneth and Cockweasel traveled on their own horses they would have needed to carefully pick their way through the woods. The centaurs however knew the place like the back of their hands and stopped for nothing.

“At this pace we’ll reach Alastriel today!” Gwyneth said in amazement as she held tightly onto Greenthorn’s back. If her steel armor pressing against him caused him any discomfort, the big centaur said nothing.

Cockweasel was once again unable to stop his busy hands. With a little moan the goblin lifted his hands to Forestwind’s mid-sized tits, cupping his palms over the very firm mounds of flesh and giving the tender orbs a strong squeeze. The centaur snorted slightly at his groping hands, but did not stop or remove his hands so Cockweasel continued to squeeze her breasts. He kneaded the round mounds, feeling her hard nipples jut against the center of his palms. Her breasts were smaller than Gwyneths, but no doubt if they were overly large they would bounce wildly as she galloped. As it was he could feel the full jugs jiggling in his hands.

Cockweasel scooted a little closer to Forestwind's back, pressing the bulge in his pants against the small of her back as he fondled her tits. The goblin pinched and tugged at Forestwind’s nipples, feeling the hard little nubs grow ever stiffer. His hands then once again closed completely over her breasts and he massaged the lovely mounds lustfully.

They rode the centaurs through the forest for two hours, Cockweasel spent the first half hour constantly playing with Forestwind’s perky boobs. After that he seemed to tire of the lovely melons, but did give them the occasional squeeze as they made their way through the deepest parts of the forest. The centaurs took Gwyneth and Cockweasel beyond the edge of Dagindor Forest, and almost to the gates of Alastriel City. They bid their centaur friends goodbye outside the gates, Cockweasel giving Forestwind one last squeeze before he dismounted.

It was early evening when they finally passed through the gates and were inside the bustling city.

“We’ll head to a good inn I know that’s close to here,” Gwyneth told her goblin companion. “Then I need to head out and meet with some friends of mine. I probably won’t be back ‘till morning. Will you be okay alone tonight?”

“I’m sure I can amuse myself,” Cockweasel replied as he followed the beautiful paladin through the grimy streets of the big city. As they walked Cockweasel was gazed around with his mouth wide open. This was the first time he had been to a big city and there were numerous sights to be seen. He was surprised to even notice a handful of goblins amongst the bustling city crowds. Cockweasel had never much liked his own kind however. He’d been beaten and bullied as a child and he found that most other goblins were just plain stupid. He also didn’t care much for girl goblins, but recently he’d found plenty of other, more attractive female flesh to occupy his lusts.

The inn that Gwyneth took them to was called the ‘Prancing Zebra’ and seemed much nicer than the place they had stayed at in Crompton Village. The tavern-keeper greeted Gwyneth by name and they were immediately taken up to what he said was the best room in the ‘Zebra’.

Gwyneth immediately took off her armor and weapons and got changed into a long, bright blue dress. Cockweasel’s eyes went slightly wide as the beautiful knight stripped off in front of him, showing no modesty as his gaze feasted on her delightfully curved body. He didn’t get as good a look as he would have liked however, as she quickly put on the dress. It was a long gown that came right down to her feet, but the cut of the bodice was low enough so that her ample assets were well displayed.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning and then we can decide what to do with you,” Gwyneth told the goblin as he watched her get changed. “Try not to get into any trouble.”

Cockweasel winked at her as she finished lacing up the front of her gown and then bid him farewell. Once she had closed the door he lay down on one of the two beds in the room, scratching at his crotch. He was feeling rather horny, after giving that pretty centaur a sound groping and then watching Gwyneth get undressed, so he briefly considered jerking himself off.

“What am I thinking?” Cockweasel wondered aloud. This was the big city! Surely there were some more pleasant activities than sitting in his room pulling on his pudding!

From what he knew of civilization however, he’d need cash. The goblin climbed off the bed and walked over to the pile of Gwyneth’s weapons and armor. He rummaged around in her gear looking for whatever money he could find, but came up with nothing.

“Bugger!” the goblin swore in disappointment. Then he had one of his brilliant ideas. He grabbed Gwyneth’s sword and scabbard and headed out of the ‘Prancing Zebra’.

Cockweasel made his way down the busy street outside, it was early evening and the city was bustling with people. The goblin made his way into the first shop he came across and approached the man behind the counter, a tall, balding fellow wearing a grubby apron.

“What do you want?” the man asked abruptly.

Obviously not a goblin lover Cockweasel decided. “I want to sell my sword,” Cockweasel replied, holding up Gwyneth’s blade.

The man scowled down at Cockweasel in contempt. “What do I look like? Try the pawn broker three shops down.”

Cockweasel nodded. He had no idea what a pawnbroker was but the shopkeeper didn’t look as though he was in the mood for further questions. Cockweasel left the grumpy man’s shop and headed three doors down to the pawnbroker.

Cockweasel was a little surprised to see that the man behind the counter of the pawn shop was a half-breed, part orc, part human. “I want to sell my sword,” Cockweasel said to the half-orc, reaching up to the counter which was at Cockweasel’s chin level and placing the sword down.

The pawnbroker scratched his chin and examined Gwyneth’s obviously well made weapon, drawing it from it’s scabbard and inspecting the blade. “It’s not stolen is it?” he asked Cockweasel, and the little goblin quickly shook his head. The half-orc looked dubiously at Cockweasel, but decided that a sword this valuable was worth the risk. He reached under the counter and pulled out five pieces of silver, handing them down to Cockweasel. The sword was worth at least five hundred.

Cockweasel scooped up the coins and quickly left the shop, leaving the half-orc to admire his new purchase. He paused at the door and for a moment the pawnbroker thought he would change his mind. “Where’s the best place to find a woman?” Cockweasel asked.

“Try near the docks,” the half-orc suggested. “About six blocks south.”

Cockweasel nodded and headed off in the direction the pawnbroker had suggested, the silver clutched in his fist and his loins tingling in anticipation. He didn’t have to travel far before he passed a pretty young woman leaning against the wall of a building near an alleyway with a bored looking expression on her face as she bit her fingernails absently. She wore a brown dress that was low cut across the bosom, displaying a considerable portion of her plump breasts and she had curly brown hair surrounding her pretty face.

“Fancy a good time sailor?” the woman asked, winkling playfully at Cockweasel.

The horny little goblin was rather surprised to be propositioned by the woman, she must have been desperate. But that was what he had come here for after all.

“I do actually,” Cockweasel said with a yellow-toothed grin as he approached the whore. His eyes were about level with her stomach, but he grinned up at her as he got close, looking past her ample bosom into her face. “So how much?” he asked, reaching up and squeezing one of her large tits through her dress, sampling her goods.

“One silver for a handjob, for two I’ll suck you or for three you can fuck me,” she told him, gasping slightly as he managed to find and pinch her nipple through the thick material on the bodice of her dress. The whore hesitated a moment. “But there’s a one silver surcharge ‘cause you’re a goblin.” She was obviously testing her luck, but Cockweasel didn’t seem to notice as he stepped around behind her and ran a hand across her firm buttocks.

“What do I get for five?” he asked her, squeezing her ass.

“For five you can have that,” she told him as he squeezed the other cheek of her ass.

“Your ass?” Cockweasel asked, slightly surprised. In his limited sexual experience he hadn’t even considered the concept.

“That’s right sweetie, you can bugger me to your hearts content,” the whore said, she reached down and took him by the hand, taking his five pieces of silver and then leading him into the alleyway.

“Oh God,” Cockweasel whispered to himself as the whore took him to the back of the alley. She smiled seductively at the goblin as she unlaced his trousers, reaching her soft hand inside to find his penis.

“Well what do we have here?” she said in mock surprise as she drew his already erect cock out from his pants and stroked it gently in her soft hands. “Very nice,” the whore breathed, she didn’t sound particularly convincing, my Cockweasel didn’t mind as she took his cock in her fist and stroked the hard length, her other hand soothingly toying with his testicles. “You want me to kiss it?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah,” Cockweasel said, hurriedly nodding. The whore grinned at the goblin’s eagerness and dropped to her knees. Like the farmer’s wife she had to lean right forward onto her hands to get her mouth level with the goblin’s cock. Cockweasel let out a deep throaty groan as the whore’s soft red lips pressed against the head of his hard cock, a drop of precum smearing over her lips as she brushed them against the trembling tip.

Cockweasel gave a groan as she sat back, her pink tongue seductively licking his precum from her ruby red lips. “Just a kiss,” she told him with a wink.

Cockweasel groaned again. “Suck it whore!” he grunted, thrusting his hips towards her and causing his cock to bounce off her closed lips and graze along her cheek.

The whore chuckled at his eagerness and obligingly leant forward again, capturing the tip of his cock between her lips and sucking it hungrily into her mouth. Cockweasel grunted as the experienced whore sucked his entire dick into her mouth, filling her oral cavity with saliva and bathing his manhood in warmth. The whore bobbed her head over his lap, taking his cock right to the hilt with each suck, the goblin thrusting his hips forward to meet her sucks.

After a couple of minutes of sucking she pulled off him, still kneeling as she smiled wickedly at the horny little goblin.

“I believe you paid for my ass,” she said with a smile, giving his trembling cock one last stroke before shuffling around so that she was facing away from Cockweasel. The whore pulled the back off her dress up to her waist, revealing her naked ass beneath. “Knock yourself out,” she said, looking back at the goblin over her right shoulder.

Cockweasel gave a moan of lust and stepped up behind her. He reached down and squeezed her firm ass cheeks, then spread them apart with his hands, revealing her tight asshole, which he gazed upon with interest. Perhaps this would be fun, he decided, the idea of fucking her up the ass still a little weird for him.

Cockweasel’s cock was still dripping with a liberal coating of saliva and precum from the vigorous blowjob the whore had given him, so he was well lubricated as he lined the tip of his penis up with her puckered asshole. The whore gave a sharp gasp as the goblin pushed his hard cock into her ass.

“Oh fuck that’s tight!” he groaned as he pushed his cock further into her. He gripped her curved hips firmly and pulled her backwards against him as his cock slid deep. Her ass seemed to clutch tightly around Cockweasel’s smallish cock, forming a perfect sheath for his trembling organ. Her energetic blowjob had not only lubricated him, but it also meant he would not last very long before exploding. Using his tight grip on her waist for leverage, Cockweasel began to saw his cock in and out of the whore’s ass, fucking her forcefully. “Oh yeah, take that!” he grunted, shoving his cock deep up her backside.

The woman groaned and pushed back against him as his cock filled her. Cockweasel’s balls slapped against her pussy as he fucked her, the small alleyway filled with the sounds of their coupling. Cockweasel rapidly pounded against her ass, liking the way the flesh of her buttocks quavered every time his hips slapped against her. Her tight ass clutched him tightly and he barely lasted a full minute of ass-fucking before his cock exploded, pumping his sticky green cum up into the whore’s ass. “Oh fuck yes!” he cried out, ramming his cock right up into the whore causing her to moan as he filled her lovely rear end with his semen.

“I really needed that,” he gasped, breathing heavily as he pulled out of her tight asshole with a pop, his balls completely spent. Cockweasel wiped his grubby cock on the whore’s round right buttock and then stuffed it back into his pants.

As the whore pushed her dress back down over her buggered rear end a dark shadow fell over the pair. They were not alone in the alleyway. Cockweasel turned around in surprise and his face fell as he saw who was standing there.

Standing, silhouetted in the in light from the street was Cockweasel’s former Mistress, the evil sorceress Valeria the Black!

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