tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 35

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 35


"Hi Hollywood!" they both said in giggly unison.

I had just snapped my phone shut when I saw Brooke Hogan and Kaley Cuoco standing by the baggage carousel.

I stopped in my tracks and smiled, just as they did as they walked over to me.

"Oh boy, here comes trouble!" I said.

"I can't believe you didn't see me on the plane back." Brooke said as she hugged me. She looked her usual sexy self in a white sleeveless t-shirt and jeans. Kaley had on a grey sweatsuit, a pink shirt underneath.

"Well, he went all the way up to 'Frisco and barley spoke to me." Kaley said as she hugged me too. "And I was in the movie, too!"

"So unlike you, Jim." Brooke said in a mock-serious tone. "He was so nice to me, you know." She said with a wink.

"Oh he was quite nice to me too!" Kaley said.

"Come on Mister Hollywood, you can ride with us." Brooke said as she took me by the arm.

"Oh, well...uh...I..." I stuttered.

"No arguments, Jim." Kaley said.

"How do you know I don't have my car parked somewhere?" I said.

"Because a guy like you takes a limo here, the studio gave me one and I know they gave you one too." Kaley said. "Plus we already told your driver you were coming with us."

They had me there.

The studio had sprung for limos for "VIP Guests" at the premiere of "Dreamer". A porter grabbed our bags and we headed arm in arm towards the limo driver holding the sign that said "Cuoco". And we were quickly whisked away in a Lincoln limo. The inside was luxurious, as usual. The ultra-soft leather seats felt great. Brooke immediately snuggled up to me as we glided onto the freeway. Kaley got drinks for us and joined me on the other side. I now had two girls on each arm, how'd I get so lucky?

"So Mr. Hollywood, what did you think of the movie?" Brooke asked as she took a sip of her drink.

"Well, uh, it was something else." I said hesitantly as Kaley kissed my cheek.

"I'll bet!" Kaley said.

Brooke kissed my other cheek as we glided along.

"I really hoped we'd get together up there, you know." She said.

"So did I." Kaley added seductively.

"Well, we got him here now, what should we do?" Brooke wondered, in an equally seductive voice.

We all laughed at this situation we were all in now.

"OK, ladies let's not go nuts here." I said between laughs.

"Ever done it in a limo, Brooke?" Kaley asked.

"No! That's not like me" she said, surprised.

"I never did either." Kaley replied. "How 'bout you, Jim?"

I hesitated for a minute, and smiled slightly, which made the girls gasp.

"You did!" Kaley gasped.

"Oh, my god!" Brooke screamed.

"Well... not really...uh...I mean...I sorta did..." I started to say.

Should I tell them about my ride to Palm Beach with Paris?

"It was nothing really...I mean, it was nice and all." I stammered.

Brooke was laughing, covering her mouth.

"Was it fun? Come on! You gotta tell us!" Brooke said in between laughs.

"OK, it was nice." I finally said with some bit of modesty.

"So... let me guess," Kaley said "Did you do this?"

Kaley's hands went down to my crotch and began to rub it.

"Or did you do this?" Brooke said as she kissed me.

Her kisses felt so nice, and Kaley's hand had found the zipper to my khakis and it started to go down.

Brooke and I were in serious lip lock, and Kaley's hand was now inside my pants and feeling my dick through my underwear and it was responding to her touches.

"Oh, this is nice." I heard her say as Brooke's tongue touched mine.

I felt a rush of cool air as my dick popped out from inside. Kaley's hand was holding it and softly caressing it.

It felt so illicit doing this here, I know I had done this before with Paris, but the feeling from before was still there and it was wild, to say the least.

I softly held Brooke's head as we kissed and now looked down to see my dick in Kaley's mouth, her head bobbing up and down it.

"Wow she gets down to business doesn't she?" Brooke said.

Kaley smiled and looked up at us.

"I think you should kiss something else" Brooke said as she loosened her shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her gorgeously huge tits.

"Kiss them Jim, they're all yours." She said.

"Oh my god Brooke, you got some boobs on you!" Kaley said.

Brooke giggled as she felt my hands and tongue on them, Kaley resumed sucking my dick, her tongue was swirling around the tip. Brooke was already moaning as I did my tongue work on her.

"Oh baby....uh-huh...yesssss." She moaned

Kaley slowly came off my dick, her lips looking so sexy as they came off it.

"Wanna trade, Brooke?" she said.

Brooke could only nod her head as she slowly moved down to the floor of the limo with Kaley. They both looked at my dick close-up then each began to lick around it. I thought I'd explode right there seeing 2 hot babes licking my dick and enjoying it.

"My turn." Brooke said

Kaley nodded and removed her shirt, showing off her somewhat smaller tits.

"Like mine, Jim?" she asked.

"Oh yes, very nice." I replied

Brooke was sucking my dick big time now, and she was enjoying her work, I could hear little moans as it filled her mouth. Kaley and I kissed and I was feeling her tits too. Brooke's work was definitely doing something to me, I could feel an explosion coming on fast.

"Oh god...oh my godddddd!!!" I yelled as I exploded into Brooke's mouth.

Brooke swallowed every drop as Kaley and I watched with excitement.

"Wow! How was that Brooke?"

Brooke was gasping

"Oh wow...he came a lot." She said as she wiped her mouth of whatever cum had dripped out.

"So, Jim...is that what you did in the limo?" Kaley asked with interest.

"Oh yes, that was...about right."

We all laughed as the limo pulled up to my condo. I somehow gathered my things up and stumbled out of the car.

Brooke and Kaley leaned out the window, still topless

"Bye, Hollywood!" the girls said before dissolving into giggles as the car pulled away.

I think I'm lucky there were no kids on my street to see that.

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