tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 01

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 01

byA.W. Root©

Nick Nelson was walking towards the bus stop, as usual. It was just after 7am, the sun was shining, and there was a light breeze, making an almost perfect day. He crossed the road and started up the hill. At the entrance to a group of town houses, a smartly dressed redhead stepped out of the driveway just as he reached the same spot.

"Good morning," he said, with a wide smile on his face.

"Good morning," she replied, and stopped a short step away from him.

"Heading for the bus?

"Yes," she replied, "and you?"

"The same. You must be new in the neighborhood, right? My name is Nick Nelson." he said, holding out his hand. She stepped forward and shook his hand.

"My name is Julie Ward." she said, "and how do you know I'm new here?"

"That's easy. I usually ride the 7:14 bus and I surely wouldn't have missed someone as beautiful as you."

Julie blushed slightly and said, "Why, thank you. As it happens, I just moved in over the weekend. I'm renting a unit in the complex."

Nick turned and pointed across the road. "Do you see the house on the far corner, the high set with the white fence? That's where I stay." Turning back to face Julie he continued, "We had better walk up the hill or we'll miss the bus. I realize this may sound like the inquisition," Nick started out as they walked alongside each other, "but conversations between relative strangers usually become a series of questions."

"What would you like to know?" she asked.

"Just for starters," he replied, looking at the sky "how about your age, IQ, size of your bank account, and marital status."

"Gee, for a minute there I was afraid you were going to ask something tough." she said with a grin, realizing the joke value to his question. "OK, I'm 51, my IQ is about average, my bank account is really low but I start a new job today, and I'm divorced with two grown children. What about you?"

"Firstly, I don't believe for a minute that you're 51! Pull the other one, it has bells on it."

"Well," she asked, "then how old do you think I am?"

They stopped and looked at each other. Nick studied her face for a moment, then said, "If you're a day over 35, I'd be really surprised."

"Nick Nelson, you just made my week." she said, "Thank you so very much." Julie stepped forward and kissed him lightly on the mouth, then started walking up the hill.

Nick was shocked by her response but recovered quickly and caught up with her in two steps.

"What was that for?" he asked, "Not that I'm complaining."

"That was for being a wonderful liar." she said, "I really was telling the truth. I turned 51 this past March. And you haven't answered the questions yet."

"Right. Well, I'm 54 going on 27, my IQ is about average, my bank balance is reasonable now that I have a permanent job, and I am divorced with grown children and subsequently remarried to the wrong woman."

"What do you mean by 54 going on 27?"

"That will take a little longer to explain."

When they reached the bus stop, Nick introduced Julie to the other regular members of the commuter group, then just listened to the morning chitchat while they waited for the bus. As usual, he allowed the women to board first when the bus came, then he boarded.

Julie picked an unoccupied seat and moved towards the inside, allowing him to sit with her. Nick asked about her job and she told him the details as they rode into the city. It turned out that Julie was starting with the same company as Nick, but in a different department and floor. Nick explained that he was in the habit of stopping for coffee and a doughnut in the morning as he wasn't due in the office until 8:30. Julie accepted his invitation to join him and they ended up seated next to each other in a booth at the coffee shop.

"So tell me, Nick, what did you mean by 54 going on 27?"

"Just that I have decided to enjoy life in the way I want to enjoy it, not necessarily in the way other people think I should behave. As an example, I have been taking motorcycle-riding lessons these past few months and I am nearly ready for my license test. I absolutely love it and wonder why I didn't do it thirty years ago!"

"I think that's marvelous. Will you take me for a ride when you get your license?"

"Absolutely." Without warning, he leaned over and kissed her lightly on the mouth. "Now it's time to go to work."

On the short walk to their office building, they quietly held hands and Nick told her of the "first day" ritual of the company, an indoctrination course that would probably bore her to tears, but it was required. Nick had completed just such a day only a few months previously. When they reached the lobby of the building, he asked if she would like to share the ride home. When Julie said yes, his heart soared.

"Since you'll be out of contact at your indoctrination all day may I suggest that we meet here at 5 PM?"

"Great. "I'll look forward to it."

Still holding hands, they walked across the lobby to the lifts and entered when one came, along with a number of other staffers. Julie's floor was reached first and she squeezed his hand as she whispered good bye and left the lift. He returned the squeeze and mouthed good bye, along with a smile. As the doors closed behind her, he realized how long this day would be until he could see her again at the end of it.

Five O'clock! Finally! He shut off his computer, grabbed his glasses, and headed for the lifts. As usual, he was forced to wait for what seemed like an interminable time but was in reality only a few minutes. The lift then stopped at nearly every floor on the way down, making him more nervous with each passing second. Finally the doors opened on the ground floor and he was the last one to exit. As he started for the lobby, he saw Julie waiting by the door. She brightened considerably when she saw him, he noticed, and was amazed at the reaction the sight of him seemed to cause in her. Surrounded by fellow employees, they opted to just touch hands and walk out into the fading sunlight.

"Hi, how was your indoctrination?"

"You were right about boring but there were a few interesting things. How was your day."

"Pretty normal but it seemed longer than usual. I spent a lot of time watching the clock, waiting for 5."

They were well away from the building by this time and stopped under a tree. She looked up at him and said, "I know just what you mean."

Still holding hands, they kissed with a little more fervor than before. Her arms went around his neck and he encircled her waist with his, pressing their bodies hard against each other. When the kiss broke, she rested her head on his shoulder without moving her arms from around him. He held her a little tighter for that moment then they began to walk arm in arm towards the bus station.

"We need to talk." he said, "I have to explain some things to you."

"So do I, but can we do that later, after we're off the bus? Maybe you could come to my place, since it's on your way home."

"Sure that suits me." For the rest of the walk and the ride home, they just held each other's hands without talking.

They didn't talk all the way to Julie's unit. She unlocked the door and walked in, leaving the door open for him to follow. He entered and shut the door behind him. Suddenly, she was in his arms, her mouth fastened to his, her tongue darting into his slightly open mouth, and her body pressed hard against him.

The fever of her kiss sent his own temperature soaring as he moved his hands over her back and buttocks while returning the kiss with a passion of his own. She looked him in the eye when the kiss broke.

"I don't care what your situation is, Nick, I want you...now."

He crushed her to him and kissed her passionately. As her pussy ground into his hardening cock, she began to moan softly and tighten her arms around his neck. The kiss became feverish and she began to rotate her hips in imitation of the moves she would make with his cock inside her. Nick was going crazy! He was sure his cock would burst out of his pants at any moment with the pressure she was creating. Finally, gasping for breath, they broke the kiss and just stared at each other. Without losing eye contact, she began to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt.

"Julie, I'm not prepared. I've had a vasectomy but you only have my word that I won't give you anything else. I don't have any condoms."

"I'm not prepared either, Nick, but I trust you. I've had my tubes tied for years and I promise I won't give you anything either."

By this time, she had his shirt completely unbuttoned and was kissing and caressing his chest.

"Please fuck me, Nick. I want you so badly."

He was in no condition to deny her anything. As she kissed his neck and shoulders, he unbuttoned her blouse and released the catch of the bra. She took a step back to allow him to slip the garments off her. She stood there then, naked to the waist, nervously letting this man look at her. He reached out and caressed her breasts and she caught her breath at his touch. His fingers moved lightly over the velvety texture of her breasts then moved across her nipples, causing an electric sensation to race through her body. Her eyes closed as she immersed herself in the feelings being generated by his touch.

His hands moved down, cupping the underside of her breasts, then caressing her rib cage, and finally her belly. As his hands moved to her sides, he pulled her gently to him and their naked torso's met as their lips met in yet another kiss. She slipped her arms around his body and held him tightly, wanting the feeling of his naked skin next to hers forever. At just that moment, he whispered in her ear, "Let's go into the bedroom." Without looking directly at him, afraid she would break the trance of this moment, she turned and, taking his hand in hers, began to lead him to the bedroom, only a few steps away.

Once inside the bedroom, she stopped, not sure what she should do next. He moved up behind her and placed his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck and her ear as his hands began to move about her belly and lightly touch the underside of her breasts. She leaned her head back, giving him complete access to her neck, and began to guide his hands upwards, towards her breasts. As his lips kissed her neck and his hands cupped her breasts, she moaned and placed her hands on top of his, pressing his into her flesh.

He molded her breasts for a short time then encased her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pressed them lightly. She moaned again, more seriously this time, and ground her hips backward into him, feeling his rock hard cock in the crack of her ass.

Her hands moved behind her to begin releasing his pants. She urgently needed to feel that hard cock. As his belt and zipper were undone, she pushed his trousers and underpants down, freeing the monster that was trapped there. She moaned loudly as she finally gripped his swollen cock in her small hands and marveled at the size of it. Although average in length and thickness, the fact that she now held it in her hands made her senses reel.

When she unbuckled his belt, he moved his hand to the zipper of her skirt. He released the zipper, allowing the skirt to fall from her hips. When she moved her hands to push down his underwear, he removed her panties. Just after she wrapped her hands around his now completely hard cock, he placed his hand over her pussy. She stiffened at his touch and turned her head to kiss him. He pressed his palm onto her pussy, increasing her temperature considerably.

She released his cock and turned in his embrace. He removed his hands from her breast and pussy and wrapped his arms around her. She stood on tiptoe and felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy lips. She spread her legs and allowed his cock to caress her pussy lips as it slid between her thighs. She was overwhelmed with the feel of him between her legs. He slipped his hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her off the floor.

She was suspended, with her arms around his neck and her thighs wrapped tightly around his cock. In that pose, he walked the few short steps to the bed and, kneeling on the bed, bent over and laid her down upon it. She clung to his neck as he lowered her to the bed but her thighs released his cock. She spread her legs wide, inviting him to enter but he began to explore her breasts with his mouth and tongue instead. As his mouth closed over her breast, she cried out and pressed his head hard against her breast. He used his tongue to swirl her nipple, causing her to cry out again.

"Oh Nick, Oh my god." she repeated over and over as he bathed her breast with his tongue. He gripped her nipple lightly in his teeth and she screamed, "Yes, Nicky, yes, lick them, suck them, bite them, Oh yes."

After administering to both of her breasts, he began to move down her torso towards her now inflamed pussy.

"Oh God, Nick, fuck me." she cried, "Please, Nick, now. I can't stand it anymore. Please, please, fuck me."

Her cries and her squirming on the bed were more than he could handle. He adjusted his position, supported on his elbows and knees, and pressed the head of his cock to her pussy lips.

"Oh God, yes, push it in. I want it now." she screamed.

He began to push the head of his cock into her burning hot, wet pussy. As his cockhead passed through her pussy lips, she moved her hips violently.

She gasped loudly, "It's so big. Oh Nick, you'll tear me in half." she moaned.

He stopped with his cock only part way inside her and, kissing her lightly.

"Do you really want me to stop?"

"Oh God No. Fuck me, rip me apart, push it all the way in, you bastard, don't you dare stop now!"

He plunged forward, shoving the rest of his cock into her in one long push. She smashed her mouth onto his and screamed, wrapping her legs around him at the same time.

"Oh Nick, you're fabulous. Fuck me with that thick cock, baby, fuck me now, fuck me hard."

He pulled out nearly to the tip, then pushed in to the hilt.

She screamed "Ohmigod."

He pulled nearly out again and slammed back into her steaming pussy.

"Oh yes, like that. Keep fucking me like that."

He began to pump in and out of her hot, wet pussy with deep, hard thrusts, urged on by her cries with each plunge. Then suddenly, he began to thrust with only the tip of his cock, rapid shallow thrusts. She was suddenly beside herself.

"Oh Nicky, what are you doing? Don't tease me like that. Oh no, Nick, I can't take it - - fuck me hard!"

After several shallow thrusts, he plunged deeply into her hot, pulsating pussy.

"Ahhhhh, Yes, Yes, Yes." she cried as his cock slammed deeper and deeper into her.

After several more teasing shallow thrusts, her voice changed. Her tone was deeper and her words were more urgent.

"Nick, I'm coming. Fuck me, Nick, fuck me hard. Harder, baby, faster. Make me come, Oh Nick, Finish meeeeeeeeee!" she cried as her entire body convulsed.

He held on and continued to slam his cock into the depths of her being. He felt her hot juices explode over his cock, forcing his own juices to fill the depths of her steaming pussy. She bucked and screamed and tightened her hold on him with both her legs and her arms. He held her as tightly as he could, riding her fury to its eventual ending. When it was over, they were both completely spent!

Still locked together, they began to struggle to regain their breath. He began to kiss her face, hundreds of kisses all over her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, and finally, when they could breath easily, he kissed her lips gently. She lay with her eyes closed, reveling in the wondrous feelings of reaching a level of ecstasy she hadn't dreamt was possible and, as she was beginning to come down from that incredible high, the marvelous feel of his lips all over her face. She clung tightly to him, knowing that he was still semi-hard inside of her and fearing that she would lose this precious feeling if she moved even the slightest bit.

Finally, she opened her eyes and saw two incredibly blue eyes staring directly into hers.

"Oh darling, that was incredible."

"Nothing but the best for you, my sweet."

He kissed her gently on the lips.

"Thank you, Nick. I have never been happier in my life."

"I'll tell you a secret, love. Neither have I."

They kissed deeply then and she felt him move inside her and it thrilled her yet again.


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