tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 02

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 02

byA.W. Root©

After resting for a few minutes, Nick glanced at the bedside clock. 6 PM. He gently began to extract himself from Julie's embrace, his spent cock slipping from her wet pussy. She whimpered but didn't otherwise stop him.

"No need for you to move, love, I'll be back in a minute."

He climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. After cleaning himself, he ran the hot water onto a clean face cloth. Then, holding the steaming cloth in one hand and a clean towel in the other, he returned to the bedroom. Advancing toward the bed, he instructed her to spread her legs. When she did, he gently placed the hot cloth over her pubic mound and pressed lightly with the palm of his hand.

She moaned loudly, "Ohhhh, Nick, that feels marvelous."

"Here's a dry towel to use when the heat is gone." He said as he laid the towel near her. He leaned over and kissed her briefly, then began to dress.

When he finished dressing, he asked, "Would you like me to stop by in the morning?"

"Yes, please, but you may have to wait until I finish dressing. I'm not the fastest mover in the morning."

"That's fine, neither am I."

He sat on the edge of the bed and took her in his arms and kissed her lightly.

"I'll see you about seven." he said, "Have a nice evening."

"The same to you, darling." She replied.

"Just stay where you are, love, I'll find my own way out." He said and rose from the bed.

He left Julie's, walked down the driveway, across the street and up the short hill to his place. His wife wasn't home yet, as usual, so the remainder of the evening was normal. After he left, she hugged herself and couldn't believe what had happened. Her first day at a new job, her first week in a new house, and her first fuck in her new bed! Unbelievable! He was everything she could have asked for in a lover, except of course, he was already married.

Suddenly, she realized how little they really knew about each other. Just then the phone rang.

"Hi it's Sarah. How's the new place?"

"Absolutely wonderful, Sarah. Are you coming over?"

"Yes, I'll be there in half an hour, OK?"

"Fine, I'll see you then."

Julie hung up the phone and began to plan how to tell her daughter Sarah about Nick. It might be tricky, she thought, but not as tricky as telling Nick about Sarah! Julie had told him that she had two grown children but that was all. With her American accent, he must have assumed the children would be in the U.S. How much of a shock would it be when he finds out that Sarah is here? Starting a new relationship was hard enough without adding kids to the scene, even if she was over 30. Sometimes an adult child can be even more of a problem than a small child.

Sarah was something special as far as Julie was concerned, that had to be taken into account as well. No sense worrying about it, she told herself, we'll just have to play it by ear and see how things go. I really hope they get along well, that would be grand!

She climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom for a shower. As the hot water cascaded down her body, she felt the tingling sensations that Nick had aroused in her. Closing her eyes and bracing herself on the sides of the shower stall, she squeezed her legs tightly together and moaned aloud as another, smaller orgasm coursed through her.

"My God", she thought, "He's not even here and he can still make me come!"

When she dried herself, she noticed the healthy glow of her skin and smiled at the sight. Just after 7 PM, there was a knock on the door. Julie, now dressed in a loose fitting silk blouse, no bra, panties, and a short skirt, padded barefoot to answer it. When she opened the door, all she could see was a huge bouquet of flowers.

"Hi Mom," came a voice from behind the flowers.

Julie opened the door wide and stepped aside.

"My, my", she said, "A huge talking bunch of flowers. What will they think of next?"

Just then, Sarah poked her head around the flowers and smiled, "Very funny." she laughed, "I suppose you want them to plant themselves too." Both women laughed as Sarah entered the unit and Julie closed the door. Sarah placed the flowers on the kitchen table, then turned to face Julie. They hugged and kissed warmly, their tongues lightly touching.

"Well, do I get the grand tour?" "Of course, this is the kitchen, there is a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and a small second bedroom. Have a look around while I put on some coffee."

Sarah went through the small unit while Julie set up the coffee. A few minutes later, Sarah was back by the small kitchen.

"Very nice." she said, "Compact, easy to maintain, and reasonably new. What more could you want?"

"And the price is right too." added Julie. "By the way, how long can you stay? You do have to work tomorrow, right?"

Sarah grinned, "I can stay all night as long as I leave by 6:30 in the morning. I checked."

"Well, what a nice surprise." cooed Julie, handing Sarah her coffee. Let's sit on the lounge, shall we?"

Both women advanced to the two-seater lounge in the living room. "Mmmmmm, this tastes marvelous." said Sarah, after sipping her coffee, "What is it?"

"It's Jamaican. I thought I was the only marvelous taste in your life."

"Moth-ur", Sarah grimaced, "you know that's only an expression. Besides, I never promised to be entirely faithful, you know. Those are wedding type vows." Sarah sat with her nose definitely up in the air.

"Yes, I know. I said them once, before you were born." "Oops", said Sarah, suddenly looking very sheepish. "Sorry."

"No need to be sorry, dear." said Julie, "It is true that we are not married to each other. Good Heavens, a mother marrying her own daughter? How unconventional."

"Grandma would spin in her grave," added Sarah "if she isn't spinning already."

"I really wouldn't think so," said Julie, "your grandma was quite a forward thinking woman. In fact, she was the one who introduced me to the pleasures of other women."

"Really!?!" gasped Sarah, "All this time I thought I was the one who led you astray. Grandma Ward! Wow, what a kick."

"Sweetheart, for as wonderful as you are, both in and out of bed, I really don't think I am that easily led by anyone. Let's just say I was a willing accomplice, shall we?"

"OK, accomplice" said Sarah with a wink, "what do we do now?"

"Well, for starters," Julie grinned, "you could get rid of some of those clothes. You are wearing far too much."

"Can I put on some music?" asked Sarah.

"Of course, darling, you know how I like a good show."

Sarah went to the stereo cabinet and selected a cassette of seductive love songs. She then walked around the room, reducing the lighting to almost nothing, as the music started. Sarah closed her eyes and started to sway with the music, knowing that Julie was watching her every move. Julie sat back on the lounge and watched Sarah intently.

The thought suddenly struck her that Nick would probably be watching her in this same way before too long. The very thought of pretending to be Nick raised Julie's blood pressure considerably. She began to see Sarah in a whole new way. While it was true that Sarah was no raving beauty, she had a certain sexiness about her that was very attractive.

She was swaying to the music now, and running her hands slowly over her body in a most seductive manner. Julie felt herself begin to get wet and pressed her hands to her thighs. Slowly, she told herself, try to make it last.

Sarah was thinking the same thing. Slowly, make it last, as she writhed in the dim light. She could see Julie licking her lips and pressing her hands to her thighs to try to control her lust. These moves only made Sarah more determined to force Julie to lose control. Sarah began to caress her breasts thru her blouse, breathing heavily as she pinched her own nipples. Then, as slowly as she could, Sarah began to raise her blouse.

Higher and higher it rose, until at last her nipples were peeking from inside the lace of her bra. The blouse came off and Sarah supported her breasts with her hands, offering them to Julie over the top of her bra. Julie licked her lips rapidly and slid her hands in between her thighs and squeezed her thighs tightly together, her breath coming faster and faster.

Sarah did a slow turn, showing Julie her back, and leaned forward from the waist. This move had the desired effect as she could hear a low growl come from Julie's throat as Sarah wiggled her buttocks seductively. Sarah straightened up then, and unsnapped her bra. Not letting it completely drop, she turned slowly towards Julie and very slowly removed the garment, setting her breasts free.

Julie caught her breath at the sight of Sarah's breasts with the large brown nipples begging to be licked and kissed. Sarah let her breasts jiggle for several long minutes before continuing with the strip show.

Julie couldn't stand the tension any longer and removed her own blouse, setting her small but nicely formed breasts as free as Sarah's. Julie began to caress her own breasts in response to the heat that Sarah's show was generating in her. When her eyes closed while she was pulling on her nipples, Sarah suddenly stopped the music.

Julie's eyes flew open. "What happened?" she asked quickly, "Is something wrong? Why did you stop the music?"

Sarah stepped over to where Julie was seated and stood in front of her, legs spread and hands on her hips.

"I'm supposed to be the center of attention here", she pouted, "I expect my audience to pay attention to me, not to be amusing themselves."

Julie reached up with both hands and grasped Sarah's nipples. She pinched them between her thumb and forefinger until Sarah bit her lip against the rising pain.

"You're too good for me to sit here without doing anything." whispered Julie, hoarsely. "Lean down here and kiss me."

Sarah leaned forward and placed her mouth on Julie's, sliding her tongue into the warm, waiting receptacle. With the touch of Sarah's tongue, Julie released her nipples and lightly caressed Sarah's heavy breasts. This action caused Sarah's tongue to go wild inside Julie's mouth and Julie reciprocated with her own tongue in Sarah's mouth. In the next instant, Sarah was on her knees between Julie's legs, crushing her breasts into Julie's smaller breasts.

When they came up for air, Julie suggested they carry on in the comfort of the bed and Sarah readily agreed. As she began to rise from her knees, Julie reached forward and pressed her knuckles into Sarah's already hungry pussy. Julie rubbed Sarah's pussy lips with her the back of her hand through her panty hose and Sarah froze in place, closing her eyes and holding her breath as the delicious feelings began to build in her pussy. After a few strokes, Julie moved her hand away and said quietly, "Up you go, sweety, the bed's this way."

Julie slid out from under Sarah and pranced toward the bedroom. Sarah couldn't believe the frustration that was building up in her. She needed release and she needed it soon. With a great effort, she stood up and followed Julie into the bedroom. While Sarah walked slowly into the bedroom, Julie checked the bedside table to be sure her strap-on dildo was there.

It had a six-inch long, thick rubber cock shape attached to a base that fitted nicely over her pussy. On the inside of the base was a smaller version of the cock so that both women could feel something inside of them at the same time. Alongside it was a separate six-inch rubber cock to be used by hand. The drawer also had a small bottle of oil and a few other items but Julie was mainly interested in the two dildos, which were central to her plan.

Sarah entered the bedroom stripping off her skirt and panties and panty hose. When she saw Julie still half dressed, she began to protest.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she asked. "The games not over yet, is it?"

Julie turned towards Sarah and began to slowly peel off her skirt and panties.

"Of course not, sweetheart", whispered Julie, "I was just getting ready for the next round."

The two naked women faced each other, Julie held out her arms, and Sarah came forward. They embraced and kissed deeply, each of them running her hands over the warm body of the other. They were almost of an equal height, with Julie being ever so slightly taller. Their breasts were pressed hard against each other and their pussy lips rubbed together as they each pressed forward with their hips.


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