tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 05

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 05

byR M Roxinger©

Chapter 5. A Weekend of Vanilla, Chocolate, Milk & Honey

Another noteworthy gal I met while chatting used the nickname "RavenBeauty." At first sight of the alias, I surmised she was black...or at least her hair was. I met her online just 3 nights after my day in Louisville, but in a different chatroom than the one where I'd met Kate. RavenBeauty was 29 years old. When I told her about my job, she was intrigued & told me that she too worked from home. After a few nights of chatting, we began exchanging first private messages, then e-mail addresses. When we started e-mailing each other, I told her my real name; she said hers was Myra. What I especially found intriguing was that she lived in Philly--right across the river from me! Still, we took a month to get acquainted before arranging to meet in person. The only difference was that there'd be no airplane tickets, hotel rooms, or 4-hour drives this time. I gave her directions to my house.

It was mid-March. Most of the snow & ice had melted, but temperatures were still somewhat cold. It was Friday, 6:30 PM. I was expecting Myra any minute. Soon the doorbell rang. When I answered it, sure enough, there stood a tall woman with a chocolate face & raven hair styled in thin braids. "Myra?" I asked.


"Come on in." So she did. She took off her gray trench coat & I opened the closet & found a hanger for it. She took a seat at the dining table while I contemplated what to fix for dinner. I asked her if nachos would be OK; she said yes. So I took 2 plates out of the cupboard & lay the ingredients on each plate one by one: refried beans, chips, ground beef, cheese, olives, onions. As I heated the first plate in the microwave for 3 minutes, I walked toward Myra, stood behind her, & rubbed her shoulders. She let out a heavenly sigh, which told me she liked that treatment, even needed it. Soon the first plate was finished heating, so I exchanged it for the other one, which I zapped for the same amount of time. I resumed massaging Myra's shoulders until the microwave beeped again. I topped both plates of nachos with sour cream & salsa. After bringing them to the table, I filled 2 glasses with water & brought those to the table also.

Myra & I sat across the table from each other. She was wearing a plain white T-shirt that did little to hide her ample breasts. In fact, as we ate our dinner, 2 wet spots began to form on her shirt. By the time we finished eating, the spots had grown bigger, arousing my curiosity. So as I cleared the table I asked her why her shirt was getting so wet.

She told me that from the time she hit puberty, she played with her breasts during many a moment alone in her bedroom. Now that she was a single, independent adult & worked from home, she had a lot more privacy so she could play with them more frequently, though just enough not to distract her from her job for too long at a time. She always knew the time would come when she'd have the chance to feed a lover from her breasts. I then told her that I had always wanted to drink from a sex partner myself. She had never been pregnant, but now here she was, leaking into her shirt; we both started getting horny & could feel a dream about to come true. So I took her by the hand into my bedroom & we quickly took off all our clothes.

This time I was standing face to face with a gal whose skin was as dark as skin comes. She climbed into bed first, lying on her back; I climbed on top of her & began to suckle her right breast. Soon a fountain of milk began flowing into my mouth. This stuff tasted sweeter than any dessert I had eaten before. It took me about 15 minutes to empty her right breast; I then moved on to the left one & suckled it for a similar duration. Then I proceeded to kiss every inch of the rest of her. As I kissed her face I took her braids one by one, lightly & slowly stroking our foreheads & the sides of our faces with them. After what seemed like an hour, my kisses approached her thighs & the area in between, which by then were glistening. So I licked off all the honey that had leaked out, then inserted my tongue into her vagina, moving up & down until she climaxed. She expelled so much honey that some of it spilled all over my face, but once I swallowed what had landed in my mouth, I wiped the rest off my face, then licked most of it off my hand. The residue I rubbed onto my penis for some lubricant in addition to my own drops that already decorated the top. Then I entered her so I could take my turn to climax. It didn't take very long, for I'd been erect off & on the whole time.

Myra & I were both exhausted now. We fell asleep together, my vanilla body melting in her chocolate arms, as if we were becoming a light-brown lake of sweetness.

We would repeat the process Saturday morning & night, then Sunday morning & evening. During the times in between when we were clothed, we would dance to my favorite CDs, some of which she happened to like also. Or I would take my guitar & serenade her; to some songs she knew the words, so she sang along. Of course, we also fixed whatever meals we could from what was available in the cupboards & the fridge. Though we both had water with our meals, she drank more than I did so she, having given so much of her essence to me, could stay hydrated.

On Sunday evening, once we were fully clothed after our final sex session, Myra retrieved her trench coat from the closet & put it on. Our arms enfolded each other & our lips met for a few seconds, then we both walked out the door. Standing on the lawn adjacent to my driveway, I watched her get into her car, back out, & drive down the street until I could no longer see her.

Myra & I still keep in touch online. Being only a river apart, we could easily meet in the flesh a 2nd time. We're in no hurry to, but we might someday.

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