tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 04

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 04

byR M Roxinger©

4. A Web of Passion

Shortly after graduating from college I found a job designing a website for a music store, the job I hold today. I now had an income adequate for me to live on my own, so I bought a house in Camden, NJ, across the Delaware River from Philly. This house is not big or expensive like many I've seen, but has just enough bedrooms for a family of 4, should I ever have one someday. Adjacent to my bedroom is my office, the room where my computer is. By day (9 to 5, Monday to Friday) I work on the music store's website & communicate with the owners & managers via e-mail & instant messages. They don't pressure me much; they let me work at my own pace as long as I get the job done at all.

But by night (6 to midnight on weeknights, sometimes later on weekends) I use that same computer for personal surfing. I usually surf sites related to music or to erotic fiction, but sometimes I also visit chatrooms under the alias "RoxMan94." Most other chatters I encounter only once, but every once in a while my small talk will lead to regular correspondence with a female chatter.

One particular instance of this occurred the winter after I got my job. The gal used the alias "kate-ering." I remember that she typed in all lower-case, & we typed a conversation similar to the following:

RoxMan94: Hello, all. 23/m/NJ here

kate-ering: nice to meet you rox 24/f/ky here

RoxMan94: Wow, so you're a southern belle :-)

kate-ering: i sure am :-)

RoxMan94: I have brown hair & eyes. How about you?

kate-ering: red hair, green eyes

kate-ering: what kind of work do you do rox?

RoxMan94: Web design. & you, Kate?

kate-ering: i run a catering business

RoxMan94: OK...hence your alias

kate-ering: yep

Every first conversation between a gal & me approximates the above pattern. Anyway, Kate & I continued our conversation via private messages so that other chatters wouldn't see. We exchanged e-mail addresses; every night after that we sent e-mail to each other–& still chatted also. For the first month or so we didn't type anything sexual. Then one night she confided to me in the chatroom:

kate-ering: i get lonely every once in a while it's been a long time since i last had even so much as a pair of male arms wrapped around my waist

RoxMan94: I know what you mean. I get few chances to be in a gal's arms either. Now that you bring this subject up, I wish you & I could be in each other's arms.

kate-ering: i think we can arrange that

Arrange it we did. The next morning I asked my boss if in 2 weeks I could have a day off. I got an affirmative reply, so once I was done with work for the evening I surfed Travelocity & bought a round-trip airplane ticket from Philly to Louisville. Over the next 2 weeks Kate & I did type explicit messages, telling about all the sexual acts we were eager to do to each other. We even exchanged pictures (clothed) so we'd be able to recognize each other at the airport.

On my departure date I got up much earlier than usual so I could reach the Philly airport in time to catch my 6 AM plane. Although the roads were slippery, no new snow was falling, so that helped ensure my plane would leave on time. The flight would take a little over 2 hours. As the plane neared Louisville, a broadcast over the intercom reported calm weather, so the plane would have little trouble landing.

Sure enough, as I emerged from my plane into the airport building, there was Kate, that same redhead with the hourglass figure I had seen in the pic. Her green eyes sparkled with joy as she rushed toward me with open arms. We embraced as tightly as we could, then walked to the baggage carousel so I could retrieve my suitcase. Once I did that, she led me out of the building, through the parking lot, to her car. I put my suitcase in the trunk, then hopped into the passenger seat. Once she got in, she drove us to the hotel where she had stayed the previous night, where we would stay together for much of the day.

The hotel wasn't far from the airport, so I stared at Kate as she drove. She wore a black dress, the upper portion of which was covered by a green parka because it was midwinter, but the hem stopped midway along the whitest thighs I had ever seen. I wondered in my head if they were naturally that white, or if the chill had made them so. Her face was that white also; apparently she never was much of an outdoor girl. Her wavy red hair flowed just below her shoulder blades. She wore no makeup but looked gorgeous just the same. We did not say a word to each other during the drive.

We arrived at the hotel, a Holiday Inn. I retrieved my suitcase from the trunk & carried it in my right hand. In her own right hand Kate held my left as we entered the lobby & walked to the elevator. She pushed the button for the 10th floor, where our room was. Once we reached our floor we walked hand in hand once again, till we reached the room. Kate slid in her keycard & opened the door. Once we were in the room I lay my suitcase at the floor.

As we took our winter coats off I got to see more of that dress Kate was wearing. The sleeves stopped just below her shoulders, revealing creamy arms. The scoop neck was just low enough not to reveal any cleavage, but I could still see the outline of her breasts, which looked to be at least a size D. After I gazed at her for a minute or so, we kissed, then she asked me, "Would you like to go downstairs for some breakfast?"

"Why, that would be wonderful." I'd had a little breakfast on the plane, but I did need more to maintain my strength. So we went back down the elevator & into the continental breakfast room. This was a buffet breakfast that was included in the price of the room. We each took some plastic utensils, a plate, a napkin, a croissant, & some fruit. I poured myself a cup of orange juice; she had apple juice. We found a small table, sat across from each other, & talked.

Kate lived in Clay, a small town in western Kentucky. She had left home the previous evening because Louisville was several hours' drive from there. She'd had her catering business for only a year, but it was thriving. Clay was a small enough town that hers was the only catering business there. Everyone knew everyone within a 4-mile radius, which had some benefits & some drawbacks.

Soon we finished our breakfast, found a trash can to throw our trash in, & walked hand in hand back to our room. Now we were both horny, so once we shut our door behind us, we embraced & kissed. As I slowly lifted her dress, Kate undid my shirt one button at a time. She had to lift her arms for a few seconds so I could get the dress all the way off her, but as I gazed at her black lace bra & panties, she finished getting my shirt off me. As she unzipped my jeans I ran a finger up & down her sharp cleavage; her nipples began to harden & poke through the bra. Once she slid my jeans to my ankles, we doffed our own shoes, then I got my socks off & my jeans the rest of the way off. As she pulled the covers halfway out from one of the 2 beds, I doffed my briefs, freeing my fully erect penis from a confining position. As she stood to one side of the bed, I took her panties by the waistband & slowly slid them down, kneeling to her feet in the process. When I stood back up I reached around her to unclasp her bra. I touched her shoulders & slowly slid the straps off them.

There stood Kate, unclothed, with skin as white as skin comes. Her nipples, areolae, clitoris & labia were all light pink. Already both our genital areas were glistening with pre-orgasmic liquid. We got into bed with me lying on top of her, my head between her breasts. I gently sucked on her left one for probably 15 minutes, then spent a similar amount of time on her right one. The suckling seemed to intensify her arousal, for now she begged me to enter her. So I did; the whole length of my shaft slid into her easily, deeply enough that I touched her cervix, which I didn't want to ram so hard as to cause more pain than pleasure. Besides, it was still morning; we had a whole day to live for. So I kept my thrusts at a slow but steady pace; after about half an hour we reached orgasm in unison. I stayed inside her until my erection went away. We were both exhausted now, so I nestled between her breasts once again, & we both caught up on the sleep we'd lost from getting up early.

When we woke up, the clock next to our bed read 1 PM. It felt like paradise to wake up in the arms of a snow-white southern belle. We walked into the bathroom together & took a shower. Our arousal returned as we washed each other with soap & each other's hair with shampoo. Our whole bodies glistened & felt soft & slippery as soap & water lubricated them. Kate stood behind me, shampooed my hair, then washed my whole backside with soap. She turned me around & washed my arms, chest, & legs. Her hand, still lathered with soap, encircled my erect penis, rubbing up & down for a minute. She handed me the soap bar & the shampoo bottle, signaling it was my turn to wash her. I shampooed every strand of her wavy, fiery hair. I washed her arms, shoulders, breasts, stomach, & legs. As I turned her around & washed the back side of her, I couldn't resist reaching around to cup her breasts & gently pinch her nipples. I finished washing her legs, then penetrated her from behind. I didn't enter as deeply as I had when we were in bed, so I could thrust at a somewhat faster pace without hurting her cervix. This time we took 15 minutes to orgasm. After I exited her we soaped each other's genital areas. Once we were fully rinsed, we turned the shower off & dried ourselves.

As we emerged from the bathroom we obtained fresh underclothes from our suitcases. As for outer garments, we put on the same ones we had worn that morning. Once we were fully dressed, Kate took me to a restaurant that served southern cuisine, including fried chicken, grits & black-eyed peas. I'd never eaten such food before, so having it now was quite a treat for me. Our meals were filling, so they would serve as both late lunch & early dinner.

My plane back to Philly was due at 6 that evening, so after our big meal we went back to the hotel, gathered our luggage, & checked out. We put our suitcases into the trunk of her car, then she drove me to the airport. As we drove I said to Kate, "I'm so glad I could spend a day with you. From our first night chatting, to a meal of southern food, we wove a wonderful web of passion together–& I do mean Web, as in the World Wide Web. Thank you for taking the time to drive all the way here from Clay."

"My pleasure," Kate purred, "I'm glad I could see you also." Before I knew it, we were at the airport. We got out of the car. I took my suitcase out of the trunk. We walked hand in hand into the building & toward the gate from which I would depart. We stood side by side until it was time for me to board. We embraced tightly one last time, each of us hoping the other would get home safely. I followed the other passengers & got on the plane.

The night was still young when I drove home from the Philly airport; the clock in my car read 8:35 PM when I left the parking lot. When I got home I was still overwhelmed with joy at having met Kate in person; to paraphrase a 60s song, my empty cup retained the sweetness of the punch.

Kate & I still chat & exchange e-mails. We hope to see each other again someday, as soon as we both can save enough money for another trip. Maybe next time she'll fly to Philly, who knows? I'll just have to wait & see.

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