After 25


"Well I don't really want any body else. So I don't think a girlfriend is going to help me out in any aspect of life."

Trista could feel as Thomas sped up the car and the ride was silent. When they pulled into the bar parking lot Trista got out of the car without saying a word. Thomas pulled her back and aimed to kiss her cheek but instead got her smack dab on the lips. Trista's mind was wiped complete of thought for a few seconds during the embrace. As she realized what was happening she pulled away and went to her car. She drove off and raced home.

Trista drove home with everything weighing heavily on her mind. She pulled into her driveway noticing Roy's car missing from its original parking spot. She pulled up next to the empty spot and walked inside. The house was completely dark and on the door was a note :Went to Rashaad's house for a quick game. I'll be back around eight I think. Might be longer depending on how good we do.

Trista took the paper down and crumbled it up. She threw it on the ground and walked inside. She tried to turn on the living room light as she stepped in but they didn't come on. Trista flicked the switch then just gave up. She went into the kitchen and tried the lights in there. Again they weren't working.

"What the hell." Trista went to the bedroom and jumped when she heard the next door neighbor's huge rottweiler barking. She shrugged it off telling herself that that dog barked at everything that moved. She kept changing out of her work clothes and walked out into the living room. She sat down on the couch and reached for the remote. She tried to turn on the tv but it had slipped her mind that she was out of power. She decided to get up and go back to the room.

As she was making her way to the room Trista heard the front door slam shut. She looked down the hallway and and saw no one standing at the front door. Her heart was beginning to race as she tried to talk herself to calm down. She walked to the front door and opened it up to peak out. She had the door open just a crack when she felt someone grab her from behind. She tried to turn around and fight them but a cloth was put over her eyes and tied behind her head. She continued to struggle making the man force her arms behind her back and tie her hands up.

She tried to scream but the man was too quick. She was allowed to get out a quick peep before a glove covered hand was placed over her mouth. Her head was kept facing forward as Trista was walked to the bedroom. She was thrown face down on the bed. In a course unrecognizable voice the man said, "Stay down! I'll be right back."

The man came back in the room. Trista had no idea what was going on as the man lit a candle and put it on the nightstand by the bed. He then climbed on top of Trista's back and lifted her head up.

"Open." He demanded. Trista did as she was told and the man shoved another cloth in her mouth. He pushed her head back down. He rolled Trista over onto her back and tore open her shirt. He could see in the candle light as a couple buttons actually came off and fell into the bed. The man looked down and fondled Trista's tits through her bra before just grabbing each cup individually and pulling them clear apart to fully expose her breasts. He fondled them for a little while and sucked on the nipples. Trista's heart was still racing as the man's prickly facial hair scraped against her chest and he worked his way down from her nipples to her waist.

The man stopped and looked down at the work pants. He reached down and with one hand undid the button and zipper. He got off the bed and flipped Trista over onto her stomach. While she was in this position the man pulled Trista's pants off and looked down at her bare ass in a pair of tiny black thongs. He grabbed her by the inner of her thigh and pulled her so that her ass was facing the candlelight. The man glared at the ass before kneeling behind it and unzipping his pants. He took his cock in one hand and with the other he stuck his fingers inside Trista's pussy. He fingered her rather roughly before pushing her forward and sticking his face in between her legs. He started to lick the surrounding area then stuck his tongue delicately between her lips. He caressed the area with his tongue before sticking it directly in.

Trista came almost automatically and her heart was racing now from a mixture of fear and pleasure. She felt as the man took his cock and wiped it across her ass before sticking it in place of where his lips were. He slid the head of his dick in between the soaking wet lips before forcing it in with a good hard shove. He pounded Trista as she screamed and cried with the cloth in her mouth. She bucked to get him off but only made the man grow harder and her pussy became wetter and wetter. She was beginning to enjoy the roughness but couldn't stop herself from fighting back.

The man took his cock out of her pussy and lined it up with her ass. He was slow and gentle as he slipped into the tight asshole. He watched as Trista bucked some more and tried to roll over. The man pushed her back down and shoved his shaft all the way in. He waited for the hole to get used to his cock before sliding it out a little bit and pushing it back in. He worked his way in and out watching as Trista only became more and more submissive to the feeling. She placed her head down and looked sideways on the bed as she felt the man's dick pumping and throbbing inside her. He let out a moan and fell forward on top of her. He rested his sweaty head on her back as the last bit of cum was deposited in her ass. He then pulled out slowly and flipped Trista over.

Trista was shaking a bit but the fearful look on her face had faded as she came down from one of the most enveloping orgasms of her life. She felt as the man got over her and kissed her lightly on the nape of her neck before working up to her ear. He let out a small sigh and whispered in a low sensual voice, "Happy birthday."

"Roy?" Trista asked a bit angry and a bit relieved.

Roy lifted the cloth off Trista's eyes and gave her a smile in the candle light. "You always said that you had a rape fantasy and what better time to make a fantasy come true then the day after you royally screw up on their birthday."

"I knew it was you."

"Yeah right." Roy laughed. "When did you figure that out?"

"When you kissed me."

"The first or the last time?"

"The last. You always kiss the same spot after every time we make love."

"I really am sorry about the whole birthday mess."

"Look don't worry about it."

Roy untied Trista's hands and went outside to the fuse box where he turned back on the power. When he came back in the room he saw Trista lying in bed, under the covers. Her head was rested on the pillows and she was staring at him. He looked over at her and developed the biggest smile on her face.

"What?" Trista asked.

"How could I end up with someone's so beautiful?"

"Well aren't you the little charmer. Get over here and lay with me." Trista demanded as she patted the bed beside her. Roy climbed on to the bed and looked down at Trista while on all fours. She just stared up at him with fluttering eyelashes. It was plain to see that she was in love and Roy kissed her lightly on the forehead. He laid down on his back and stared up at the ceiling.

"What do you think about when we have sex?" Roy asked bluntly.

"I don't really think. If I think too much then I can't enjoy sex."

"Yeah I remember trying to fuck you when you were working on that budget project. I thought I never would get it in then when I did I could tell you were distracted. But what I meant with the question was, am I the one on your mind?"

"You're the one in me and that's the only thinking I have to do. What's up with these questions."

"Have you and Thomas ever fucked?"

"What?" Trista snapped as she shot up off the bed. She got off the bed and looked down at Roy. He was trying to get back up so that he could look at her as well. He stood on his knees and reached out to place his hands on Trista's shoulder.

"I didn't mean to upset you with the question."

"What was your question meant to do then. You know the answer to that question so if you're accusing or suspecting me of something then you just might want to get it all out now."

"I just don't like the fact that you guys are so close. You do more things with him than you do with me."

"Yeah but sex isn't one of those things. Most of the time we go out drinking. I help him try and find a girlfriend and he acts as my body guard to make sure that no guys try to come on to me. And if you must know, the way he gets men to get away from me is he says he's my husband."

"Have you ever in your life, even before you and I got together or got married?"

"We made out and I sucked his dick. We were in the twelfth grade and he was getting over a break up. I went over to his house as a supportive friend. We had a little pot and some alcohol and got a little touchy feely. Next thing you know we're kissing and I'm working my way down his body until I was down on my knees in front of him. That was like eight years ago though. We didn't talk to each other for like two years after that until we started working together."

"Why didn't you ever tell me this before."

"Because you had no problem with the fact that I had a guy friend. I liked the fact that I could go out and have some fun without being accused of sleeping with the guy I went out with. I liked the fact that I had that trust from you. But however I knew that if you knew that something had happened between Thomas and I you wouldn't have been as trusting. You know I would never do anything behind your back. At least I thought that you knew that. Whatever though. I'm just going to go sleep on the couch."

"Please don't. Look I'm sorry."

Trista walked over to the dresser. She got dressed in a pair of Capri pajama pants and a tee shirt. Roy sat down on the bed and watched as Trista grabbed her pillow off the bed and went out the door. She set the pillow at the end of the couch and pulled the throw blanket off the back. She laid down and turned on her side to face the back of the couch. She found it near impossible to fall asleep with so many thoughts running through her mind. She listened to the night stillness as she tried to clear her mind.

After about an hour Trista was about to give up and turn on the TV. She rolled over and started searching for the remote. She could hear the TV in her room reciting the same sounds Trista had heard so many times before. She got up and silently walked to the bedroom door and began listening as Roy talked to his friend's on the head set.

"No I'm fine dude its just, you know Trista kind of got a little mad when I asked a question. I mean.... yeah I know that's what I asked her about and..... well she gets sensitive about that kind of stuff. I try and do nice things for her but I guess I don't try hard enough. Maybe it would be better if she was with that bastard. He would certainly have more time for-"

Trista opened up the door and Roy paused the game. He looked over at her and she walked over to stand in front of him. He smiled and she straddled his lap. She kissed him and he put his controller down on the bed. Roy put his hands on Trista's back. She kissed his neck then went back to kissing him. She pushed him down on the bed and he pulled her down on top of him. He felt up her back as they kissed then rolled her over.

"Let me finish this round and we can go to bed."

"No rush. I just want you to know that I'm never gonna leave you especially not for someone like Thomas."

Trista walked back to the living room and grabbed her pillow. By the time she came back in the room the TV and X Box were off.The lamp on the night stand was the only thing still on. Roy was lying at the top of the bed. He motioned for Trista to come over and she jumped onto the bed. She threw her pillow down and put her head on it. She turned on her side and looked at Roy who ran his hand through her hair.

"I'm sorry."

"Look forget about it." Trista couldn't help but feel guilty. She wanted to shout out everything about the last couple days. She wanted him to know the things Thomas had said and she wanted him to know about the kiss. However something was stopping her. She knew that virtually none of it was her fault but that wouldn't stop Roy from blaming her.

She decided to keep it all a secret and cuddled up to Roy. He put his arm around her and she turned her back to him. He pressed his body up against hers and she could feel his steadily stiffening cock against her ass. She looked back and gave her husband a quick kiss. He moved his pelvis back away from Trista a bit then pressed it forward slowly again. He repeated this motion a couple more times before he heard Trista let out a light sigh. He stopped then reached over her. He grabbed her breast and began playing with her rock hard nipples.

"Somebody's a little revved up."

"I'm not the only one." Trista reached behind her without turning her body and grabbed Roy's rock hard shaft. She ran her hand up and down it a couple times before Roy moved his hand down and stuck his fingers inside her pussy.

"Do you want it?"

"I just want you. If your dick is involved then its all good. If not then at least I still have you to lie next to."


Roy pulled Trista's panties down and stuck his fingers back into her pussy. He waited until he could feel Trista soaking his hand before taking his cock and ramming it in her. She moaned as he entered her and with every thrust she moaned and sighed some more. She threw her face into the pillow and tried to silence herself. Roy began ramming her harder and harder until he felt a spurt of liquid shoot out of Trista hitting the blaknet and some splashing onto his leg. He kept going at the same force but a faster pace and Trista tried to contain herself as she squirmed and climaxed releasing more liquid.

Roy slowed the pace a little bit to give Trista time to relax and calm down. When she finally let her head fall back into the pillow comfortably, Roy sped up. He went faster and faster again feeling Trista's body tremble and more liquid came out. She let out a loud scream like sigh as Roy felt his own orgasm coming on. He got to his fastest speed before pulling out and shooting a large load onto Trista's ass and side. He fell onto his back and Trista got up to wipe herself clean. She turned on the light and grabbed a tissue from the box on the dresser. She wiped off all the cum then climbed into bed to cuddle back up with Roy.

"Twice in one night in less than a two hour period. Damn I'm good." Roy boasted.

"Oh and I have no part in this?"

"Well you were the girl that was being rammed."

"You know that I usually can't go that often in such a short period of time."

"Oh please."


"If I could be hard twenty four hours a day, every day; you would be on my dick until you couldn't feel your lower half. Even then you would still ride me. Come on you love my cock and you love sex. "

"You're probably right but I'm not as big of a nymph as you just described."

"Pretty damn close."

Trista rolled her eyes even though she knew Roy couldn't see her. She was smiling as she pressed up against Roy and got her legs away from the wet spot from her cum. She fell asleep in Roy's arms.

The following morning Trista got to sleep in. She was expecting to wake up with Roy still sleeping beside her. He had the same day off and this was the day they had originally planned to celebrate Trista's birthday. She turned over on her side and felt the bed. She woke up immediately when she found that she was in bed alone. She got up walked out to the kitchen to get her coffee when she passed by Roy playing on the X Box.

"Really." Trista asked as she walked into the living room. Roy was sitting on the couch with his head set on and a cup of coffee sitting on the floor beside his feet. "Morning."

"Oh hey babe. How did you sleep?"

"Good. So this is how you're going to spend your day off?"

"Look I woke up before you and figured I would get the gaming out of my system before you got up and then we could spend the entire day together."


"Oh and before I forget, Rashaad and Darren are coming over later today."

"And what time do they plan on leaving? Don't forget I have to work tomorrow."

"You know that I know the rules."

"Yeah but you seem to think that just because you don't go to work until ten in the morning versus my eight in the morning, you feel that its alright to stay up til ridiculous hours playing video games with your little friends."

"You seem a little cranky maybe you should go back to bed."

"Actually I'm just gonna go, get dressed and take a walk."

Trista walked into the bedroom. She went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of black jogging pants. She pulled out a plain white tee shirt and a red zip up sweater. She got dressed and walked outside. It was at times like this that she would begin on her way down toward Thomas' house and spend a couple hours just drinking. She knew though that she couldn't go to Thomas's house for the sake of herself and her marriage.

Trista walked in the opposite direction which was heading more in the direction of her job. She passed a couple others who were enjoying the nice day. There was a woman walking a large black lab and an older man was doing a morning jog. Trista smiled politely at all the people. It was kind of nice to be forgetting about the life outside of the house and work.

Trista was walking down the road when she saw Thomas turning the corner heading straight towards her. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her actions were mirrored when Thomas noticed her. He looked at her then just continued to walk. When he passed by Trista she turned around to face him. "Thomas!"

"What?" he stopped but didn't turn around.

"Are we really gonna go back to when we were in high school?"

"I just don't want to see you right now."

"Yeah that's what you said after I gave you head and we didn't talk after that until we started working together. Come on we're not teenagers any more."

"What do you want from me? I can't say that I want you because you're my friend and I can't say that I love you because you're married. I can't be around you because I know that all I want to happen is for me and to hook up. I can't win in this situation and neither can you. Now if you don't mind I want to get out of here. I think I have made enough of an ass out of myself."

"Look I'm sorry alright. I wish I knew how to apologize for something like this but I don't. Maybe I could go get into a car accident and become so disfigured that you wouldn't be able to look at me let alone be in love with you. My husband already doesn't want my companionship so what would it mean to me. I would at least have my friend back."

Thomas was stunned by this response. He could feel a pain deep down in him. He was throwing a friend away for raw emotions. He walked over to Trista and pulled her in for a hug. She had her hands at her side at first but she slowly raised them and put them around his back. Thomas rested his chin on her head and squeezed her in tight.

"When did my life become such a wreck. It's like I turn twenty five and it all goes in the shitter. Or maybe it was just always falling down around me and I never noticed until now."

"Look Trista I can find a way around my feelings. You're right we aren't teenagers anymore and can't let dumb things interfere with our friendship. We have to get passed that kind of stuff. Is it easy? No. But if we have to, we do it. Now what I want from you is to act like the last two days never happened. We never went out and got drunk, I never said any of the things that I did and we never kissed. None of it happened, do you hear me?"

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