After Hours

byExtreme Bohunk©

Leah Ann gagged as the thick black dildo was shoved against the back of her throat yet again. Her cries and grunts for air fell on deaf ears. The rubber cock shining with her drool continued to abuse her mouth at a rough pace.

Every muscle in her body screamed to hold the arch it had been forced into by the thick ropes that bound her backward across the bar. Her only comfort was the padding along the frontside partially supporting her upper back, just below her aching shoulders. Her arms and head hung off the front, resembling an inverted crucifix. The back of the bar met the bend behind her knees, her calves dangling, fastened somewhere below.

The rough fiber holding her spread eagled bit into the tender skin of her wrists and ankles. A bit of slack at her ankles allowed her a bit of movement for her legs, but not enough to close them. She clenched her ass cheeks even harder, against the pain. It served to push her hips forward, raising her gently furred pussy higher. Her generous natural breasts shook, each light tan nipple pointing to the ceiling at it's own angle. She choked again, giving an involuntary jerk of her head. Her reward was a harsh pull from the cords that wound her long wavy hair into a tight inverted pony tail, tied to the foot rail of the bar. She fought for breath as it pulled out of her mouth, rudely pushing around her lips in a rapid circle. She knew in a moment it would renew it's assault on her throat. Spit dripped from the rubber and the corners of her mouth, mixing with her tears and sweat as it ran up her face. She thought for sure she was going to die.

Between hard thrusts of the awful tasting latex and gasps of fear tinged air, Leah Ann tried to dissociate herself from what was happening to her captive body.

It had been her night to close the bar. She was almost finished, giving the place one more look before calling it a night. It was long drive home. She knew if she didn't pee now, she'd regret it on the ride. On the way to the ladies' room, she cut off all the lights except for the ones hanging over the long, gently curved bar. They made small pools of light under them. Her purse, keys and coat waited in one of the pools.

While in the washroom, she thought she heard a sound. At first she shrugged it off, but then the thought of the back door crossed her mind. She had assumed it was locked, now she regretted not checking it herself. Very cautiously, she crept to the door of the women's room, opening it just a crack. It opened facing the back door. In the dim light, she could see the slide bolt in place. A huge sigh of relief escaped her, a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. She stepped out, a split second later her world exploded in a flash of light and sparks.

A bruising jab just past her tonsils slapped Leah Ann back to reality. The dildo continued it's brutal mouth fucking. Her eyes went wide as it stopped deep in her throat. Even breathing through her nose was now impossible. There was a long drawn out moment, her eyes pleading silently with her upside down attacker. He returned it with an amused smile that never reached his dark eyes. Her world was beginning to turn grey. He let go of the dildo.

She choked, nearly vomiting as it slid from her throat. Ragged sounds came from her as she gulped what now seemed sweet air. The light over the bar reflected off her sweaty body. He moved out of her field of vision. Her eyes darted from side to side, trying to find him. Terror rose even higher in her as heavy footsteps came closer.

He placed a large black leather bag, similar to a doctor's on the table directly in her inverted view. He pulled out a chair and sat, staring at her. Thinking. He leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. The chair creaked under his weight. Leah Ann could see now how big he really was, and powerfully built. Until now, she had seen only blurred glimpses of his black denim pants. Under different circumstances, she would have gone for him in a heartbeat. He looked into her eyes, almost questioning. The thought occurred to her that this was a game to him, that he was loving every second as much as she was hating it.

She knew it useless to beg him to stop. She had tried that when she first found herself tied naked to the bar. When she wouldn't be quiet, he introduced her mouth to the dildo. That had been about 15 minutes ago. To her, it seemed longer, much longer. The pain from her tightly strained body called her back again.

He stood, moving easily to the bar, again out of her sight. A moment later, she heard the jingle of keys. There was silence, and then the sound of a zipper. A long zipper. She realized he was looking through her purse. He walked back to his chair, getting comfortable as he opened her wallet, having an uninvited look inside her life. He sat forward, glancing up from time to time as he thumbed through the photos she kept. Somehow, she felt even more violated.

He finished and stood, moving back toward her. She heard her stuff being put back, and the zipper again as he closed it. He walked slowly back to the table. This time he didn't sit. He opened the black bag, glancing at her over his shoulder. A smile of sorts creased his rugged face as he withdrew a large white object. Leah Ann's went wide, recognizing it as a very powerful vibrator. This one didn't run on batteries, it plugged into the wall. He turned and stood, his eyes taking in every inch of her. He seemed pleased. He tapped the bulb shaped head into one palm. Leah Ann began to shake.

With a quick step, he moved from her sight. She could hear him behind the bar, looking for an outlet. She gave an inward sigh of relief when she heard him swear, and then laugh. She flinched as he set it directly next to her ear, the hard plastic casing rattling as it settled. The rope holding her hair yanked on her scalp, causing her to give a small yelp of pain.

Just that quick, he was back in front of her, dildo in hand. The look in his eyes told her she shouldn't make another sound. She didn't want that thing jammed down her throat again, especially after it had been on the floor. Her mouth snapped shut. He moved away, reaching back into the bag, coming out with a length of extension cord. He went off in search of an outlet. Her fear rose again with each of his returning footsteps. A small whimper escaped her as the tears started again.

She heard the vibrator move away. A second later there was a click and a low hum reached her ears. A second click, and it went off. It was set back on the bar. He took a step, the crotch of his pants directly in her face. One by one, he undid the snaps on the button fly. His hands moved away, a second later, they explored her body. His hands were rough on her smooth skin. They squeezed her tits, not as hard as she expected. His fingers found her nipples, rolling them into reluctant peaks. Small sparks ran to her pussy. She bit her lip, trying to ignore his expert touch.

His hands drifted across her stomach and thighs, pressing the bulge still behind his fly into her face. His male scent filled her nose. Her ass clenched again, pushing her hips forward. His fingers teased around her pussy, and then away. With horror, she realized she was on the verge of enjoying this. His hands slid up, and away. A moment later, she watched him pull out his semi-hard cock. It was larger than average, and thick. It looked strong. She groaned in fear, she knew what was coming next.

He brushed the head around her lips, giving her a taste of him. The head pushed past her lips, she knew better than to protest. If she bit him, he'd kill her. Of that she was certain. There was no question what she was supposed to do. She began to suck gently, he grew in her mouth.

Leah Ann's mind raced. She still felt she was going to be killed. If she fought, it would be worse for her. If she didn't, he would let her live until he finished, unless he was going to choke her to death with his cock as he came. She promised to herself that she would bite as hard as she could with her last breath. It was all she had.

His hardness, now full began to slide in and out of her mouth at a slow pace. He stopped just short of choking her. Another thought rose in her mind. If she did well, maybe he wouldn't kill her. Leah Ann knew she gave a good blowjob, she set herself to it.

She felt his hands at either side of her face, on her cheeks. A small deep sigh from him told her she was doing well. His hands moved again to her tits, his sliding cock picked up the pace. She relaxed her jaw, her tongue lapping at the head as it passed between her lips. A pinch on her nipples sent fresh sparks of unwanted pleasure through the haze of pain.

His cock slid in again, this time pressing deeper. She tilted her head farther back, in the only direction her bound hair would allow. With a surprise, she found she could still breathe through her nose as he eased past her gag reflex. His balls nudged against her nose, his scent flooded her. He pulled back and started again, letting her tongue play on the head before moving deeper into her mouth. This time she took him all. He slowly moved his hips, almost gently fucking her throat.

She was vaguely aware of a click and a hum, her attention on the large cock filling her face. A second later she jerked against her bonds as the first vibrations bit hard into her unprepared clit. She grunted around the hot flesh now pumping hard into her mouth. She pulled against the ropes holding her wrists and ankles, her ass cheeks clenching and unclenching in a desperate attempt to escape the relentless stimulation blasting her shreiking nub.

Suddenly, it was gone, she gasped for air around him. Her body relaxed as best it could. Her vision swam, she was dizzy. Without warning, it was back, pressing harder than before. This time, her muffled screams sent vibrations of their own along his slick pole. Her body resumed it's dance of agony. Leah Ann thought for sure she was going to pass out.

Mercifully it was gone again, leaving her clit almost numb. His cock moved deep and held, making tiny thrusts at the back of her throat. Her breath whistled in and out of her nose between whimpers. The vibe bit her again. He rolled it in a circle over her rapidly swelling bud. Then it was gone.

She tried to pull her knees together, to protect her sex from the next onslaught she knew was coming. She only succeeded in sliding from side to side in the growing pool of her own sweat on the hard smooth surface of the bar. His hardness pushed deeper.

The vibe was back. She braced in anticpation of it's blast, but this time he held it against her with a gentle pressure. He'd push just a bit harder to make her squirm, and then away. As hard as she fought against it, it was beginning to feel good. The more he did it, the better it felt. On, press, away. And again. And again. Soon, she was rising to meet it.

With shame, she felt the stirrings of a climax gathering. On. Press. Away. If he would leave it for just a second longer, it would push her over an edge she was becoming very willing to jump from. He began rolling the soft head from side to side as he pressed. She groaned around him, her hips rising to press back into the soft tip and it's strong persuasion.

For Leah Ann, it went on forever, and not fast enough. On. Press. Roll. Away. With each pass, she moved closer. Her body had moved past the point of pain, she was aware only of the cock she sucked, and her slowly approaching release. On. Press. Roll. Away. She sucked harder, trying to coax him into more. On. Press. Roll. Away, in the same unhurried maddening sequence.

She was desperate to come. On. Press. Roll. Hold. The vibrations rolled through her, moans and groans escaping around his hardness. She clenched, on the edge. One more second.

Away. She pulled hard on the ropes, cutting into her skin. Her mouth worked furiously around him, he began to swell as his balls drew tight. He wasn't going to let her come until he did. Somehow, she worked even harder. On. Press. Roll. Hold. Hold. Hold.

She felt him jerk and twitch in her mouth, warm jets shot down her throat, she swallowed hard and fast, trying to keep up. His orgasm had distracted her from her own. The tip pressed hard into her, she screamed around him with her release. It didn't rip through her, it ripped her apart. She felt her own juices flowing and spurting from her spasming cunt. He pressed harder, drawing it out until there was no more left. She went limp.

Leah Ann came to slowly. Her body ached, her head still spun. She tried to move, only to find herself tied to a barstool. Her arms were pulled behind her, around the backrest of the stool. Her thighs were splayed wide, held in place by ropes around her ankles and knees. More of the coarse binding wrapped around her upper body, crossing her tits, holding them out from her body, and each other. A ball gag muted any sound from her mouth. The vibrator was taped to her thigh by several loops of electrical tape. The tip pressed firmly into her still sensitive clit.

He moved in front of Leah Ann, speaking to her for the first time.

"I know who you are. I know where you live."

He let that sink in, and continued.

"I have your spare keys. I will come and go as I please, and do to you as I please, whenever I want."

He finished,

"You won't go to the cops. You've never felt anything like I've made you feel, and soon, you'll want more. I will show you pain and pleasure you never thought possible, but you have to earn it first. I'm going to leave now. When they come to open up in a few hours, this is how they will find you."

He bent, and clicked the vibrator on. She arched, it was too much, too soon. Her cries were muffled by the gag. He shut it off. She slumped. He clicked it again, this time to the 'High' setting. Her eyes bugged, she screamed from behind the ball. He left.

She eyed the clock, it would be hours before anyone showed up. A few minutes later, the first orgasm blasted her. It passed. She could only imagine her humiliation at being seen like this, yet praying it would stop. She bit hard into the gag as her next climax forced itself through her. She didn't remember much after that.

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