tagBDSMAfter the Lecture

After the Lecture


“And so we see that it is not only possible that the human female is not only capable of a sensual enjoyment of the sexual act on a par with the male’s, but that such enjoyment may be vital to her own health and physical well-being. My own research has demonstrated that the female orgasm is no myth, ladies and gentlemen, but a new and hitherto unknown territory, and one which my work will continue to chart and explore.”

The gaslights in the auditorium were now turned up, and as light flooded the darkened hall so did the low undercurrent of murmured voices rise and crest like an ocean wave, then crash on the shore into an eruption of confused talk, shouts and objections.

The Doctor picked up his notes and tapped the edges together. He had been waiting for this. Indeed, he’d been expecting it, and now he regarded the sea of excited faces beneath the flickering gaslights with a certain equanimity and quiet disdain. The most eminent physicians had left long before, muttering aloud about scientific heresy and insults to the sanctity of womanhood, but those who were left were no less vociferous. The volume of talk grew, a riot waiting to happen.

“I will entertain questions from the floor,” he said into the growing din, but the audience was already too far out of control to make that feasible. There were shouts and arguments, even some threats and pushing and shoving from the back of the stuffy lecture hall where the local clergy had staged a now not so silent demonstration in protest of his thesis of the existence of the female orgasm.

He ignored the fracas. He really had no desire to field a bunch of ignorant comments from an angry and outraged mob, and his invitation for questions had been a mere formality. Already the chairman was gesturing for him to hurry off the dais before things grew ugly, and as he prepared to leave, his eye was caught by the form of an astonishingly lovely young lady who sat some five rows back, her eyes shining with wonder and admiration. She would have caught his eye anywhere, but sitting there calmly amidst the hubbub, her eyes glowing under the shadow of her hat with a look somewhere between rapt interest and adoration, she held him eye as an oasis of placid female beauty amidst a sea of madness. He took a moment to smile at her and nod his head, and after a moment of recognition, she nodded back, her eyes still rapt.

He gathered his notes, took one last look at the young beauty, then allowed the chairman to take him arm and lead him towards the side door. He moved deliberately, refusing to be bundled about, calmly sliding his notes into his valise.

“This way, Doctor, please. A carriage is waiting.”

The side door was already open, a closed carriage standing by, no doubt so the Doctor wouldn’t be recognized by the angry crowd that was already gathering by the front door. The chairman held the side door open, muttering nervous apologies and thanks for the most stimulating lecture, although it was obvious he was eager to be rid of his controversial guest. The Doctor slid into his cape and stepped out into the cool mist of the cobbled alleyway.

“Oh Doctor? Doctor? A word with you, if you please.”

It was the young lady from the audience, hurrying out the side door after him. She was now fully recovered, though her eyes still shone with that radiant excitement.

“Do hurry miss,” the chairman said. “The crowd is getting restive. It’s best that the Doctor leave as soon as possible.”

Mabeuse looked at the young woman. Her blonde hair was gathered up beneath her hat, revealing a long and graceful neck. Her gown beneath her dark blue traveling cloak was white, simple yet elegant, and did little to conceal the proud thrust of her young breasts and her other obvious womanly charms. But it was her face that stopped the Doctor: beautiful and intelligent with flawless skin, a mouth open in a kind of expectant sensuality and large, questioning hazel-green eyes of an almost startling purity. The look on her face was one he had seen before on the faces of the young women who surreptitiously came to him for help with problems of their own sexuality: the fear, the embarrassment, the desperate longing. It was a look he could never refuse.

“Come,” he said. “Into the coach. We can talk there.”

The crowd was spilling over into the street as he helped her into the carriage and called out the address of his institute to the driver. The coachman flicked his whip and the carriage pulled out into the street, the crowd parting before them.

The young lady sat up straight opposite him, holding onto a strap on the inside of the coach. The crowd apparently made her nervous, but the Doctor was used to it. He said nothing, just stared at her from beneath lowered brows as they left the lights and confusion of the lecture hall behind. The sounds faded rapidly until there was nothing but the clop of the horses’ hoofs against the cobblestones and the soft creak on the coach. The girl let out an audible sound of relief.

“I’m afraid it’s always like that when I speak,” he said apologetically. ‘The public is not ready for the truth.” He smiled. “I am Doctor Elliot Mabeuse. How may I be of service to you, my dear?”

“I had no idea,” she said. “But please, I must beg your pardon for intruding myself upon you like this, Doctor. My name is April Carnovan.” She smiled apologetically, then seemed to be at a loss as to how to continue. She brought her hand to her chest and played nervously with a small gold crucifix. “I hardly know where to begin.”

“Perhaps we could start with your telling me where it is you’d like to go,” he said with an indulgent smile. “The coachman is taking us back to my institute.”

“Yes. Certainly. That is… “ She drew in a deep breath and looked at him directly. “Doctor, the things you said in your lecture: are they true?”

He stared at her for a moment, watching the flickering shadows from the street lights play against her young features.

“Yes. Of course they’re true. I’m a scientist, my dear. I only deal in the truth. Why do you ask?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Her eyes darted nervously about the inside of the cab.

The Doctor smiled. “Perhaps I could venture a guess. You’re not a physician or trained physiologist, probably not a trained scientist. You came to my lecture out of a deep curiosity, because your own experiences have led you to certain feelings and emotions that medical science does not understand nor choose to even recognize.”

She lifted her big eyes to him in surprise but she said nothing. She nodded her head.

“You have no ring on your hand, therefore you’re not married. You’re obviously a young lady of some breeding and refinement and I would say a fair bit of education too. Possibly even some university training to be broad-minded enough to attend one of my lectures. Intelligent, sensitive, and so these feelings cause you great concern and some worry. I daresay you might even be in fear for your health and sanity.”

“Yes, Doctor,” she said eagerly. “Exactly. These feelings, they’re very difficult to manage. I’ve even consulted with some physicians, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Montmoracy…”

“And they found nothing,” he said complacently.

She nodded vigorously. “Female hysteria, they said. They prescribed gentian root and cold baths. A firmer corset and woolen drawers, that sort of thing.”

“They’re both of them fools,” he snapped. “I’m surprised the didn’t send you to a barber to have yourself bled.”

“But Doctor, these things I feel. They’re real. They torment me. Shortness of breath, flushing and weakness; faintness and palpitations and aches and pains within me. And oh, the most horrid dreams at night.”

“And so you came to hear my lecture on the female sexual response.”

Even in the darkness of the coach he could see her blush.

“Yes,” she said. “I had to take the chance. I heard them discussing your theories at university. They said you were mad.”

The coach hit a pothole, and both of them swayed in concert.

“Are you feeling these things now?” he asked softly.

There was quiet moment as she gathered her courage. “Yes. Yes they torment me constantly these days despite the cold baths. I carry salts with me at all times. I must.”

“Come here, child,” the Doctor said, drawing himself up. “Sit beside me. Let me have a look at you.”

April gathered up her skirts and shifted her seat so that she was sitting next to the Doctor against the back wall of the coach. The light from the outside candle-lanterns fell through the glass windows and the coach rocked softly as the Doctor took her wrist in his hand and felt for her pulse.

He frowned. her skin was wonderfully soft but very warm. Accelerated heart beat, pulse thin and thready. The pulse of a strong and healthy but highly agitated young animal.

“Forgive me, my dear,” he said in his professional voice, “But I must check your throat. Your carotid artery.”

“Of course,” she said. She unpinned her hat and removed it. Her hair was as clean and golden as the candlelight and gave off a faint hint of some exotic perfume.

The Doctor placed his hand on her throat, his fingers against the artery on one side, his thumb against the other. Her skin was soft and remarkably smooth, warm to his touch. Animal vitality and the feeling of raw female sexuality flooded into his senses as he touched her, and he worked to control his own breathing and maintain his medical demeanor. His loins were already filling with blood.

April’s eyes were closed, her lips parted as he felt her throat. After several moments he slowly removed his hand so that he just brushed against her breast as he did so. Even through her dress he could feel the turgid peak of her nipple seem to twitch beneath his brief touch. The girl was on fire, and her body gave a little jerk when he touched her. Her nerves were stretched to the breaking point.

She looked at him apprehensively. If she’d noticed his sneaking little touch, she didn’t show it, but her body’s response to his surreptitious caress told him more about her condition that either of her pulses did. This was a woman in the grip of advanced inorgasmic neuropathy: what his unenlightened colleagues called female hysteria

He sat back against the side of the cab, dropping his hand into his lap to hide his erection.

“I can help you,” he said. “I can help you this very night, if that’s what you want.”

“Oh Doctor! Could you? Could you really? I don’t think I could face another night of tossing and turning. I haven’t slept in weeks.”

“You must do exactly as I say.” He looked at her levelly. “You must give me your full confidence, and you must tell no one of what we do. As you know, I am not licensed to practice medicine in this state, and this must be under the guise of research. Do you understand?”

“I can pay,” she said eagerly, scrambling for her bag. “I don’t have much, but what I have is yours.”

He smiled and refrained from making a wicked little joke. “Payment is not necessary, my dear. It’s your co-operation and trust that I need. Will you give me that?”

“With all my heart, Doctor. With all my heart.”

The faith and trust in her eyes moved him, and yet also caused his stiffened member to throb painfully against his tight trousers.

The coach had reached the intersection of State and River Streets. From here it took a turn and descended to the dim and misty waterfront district with its darkened warehouses and shadowy wharves. The fog was rising off the river, and the streetlights were little more than indistinct candle flames throwing little circles of yellow light in the soft, moist, darkness.

“You suffer from an excess of female sexual humours,” he said. “This is the real cause of so-called female hysterias. The sexual humours are natural, yet they are like toxins that build up in the body. Unless they are discharged through orgasm, they can accumulate and poison the body, playing havoc with the circulatory and nervous systems. Tell me: do your breasts feel heavy and full?”

He heard her slight gasp of breath at his crude language.

“Come, come,” he said. “I’m a medical man, and your well-being depends on it. Answer me, Miss Carnovan.”

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, they often ache. they’re very sensitive.”

“And there’s a certain congestion in the genital region? A kind of hollow pressure?”

“Yes. A terrible ache. Sometimes I throb there, and I get damp.”

The Doctor smiled in the darkness. “It’s more serious than I thought. Come here, my dear. Closer to me.”

He put his hand around her waist and pulled her closer and felt her nervous shudder when he touched her. Her flesh was firm and lithe under her layers of clothes, and he could feel the tension in her body. She fairly crackled with erotic electricity.

“Stay calm now, Miss Carnovan,” he said.

His hands found her skirt and he slowly lifted it, sliding the smooth fabric up over her legs in the darkness of the cab. Her lower legs came into view, slim and shapely in their white silk stockings. April held her breath but she gave a soft mewl of anguish as he touched her. Her legs trembled under his fingers.

“Put your arms around my neck and hold on, my dear. I have to touch you.”

She paused uncertainly for just a moment, then turned partway in her seat and put her arms tentatively around his neck, and she had little time to protest or object before the Doctor boldly slid his hand up under her skirt and made contact with the hot, moist juncture between her legs.

“Oh God!” April sobbed, shoving her body against him and pulling him tight.

The Doctor bit back a wicked smile as he found the fleshy mounds of her engorged labia pressing against her silken knickers and ran his knuckles along her feverish crease, feeling her girlish softness. April’s hips instinctively thrust against him as if with a mind of their own, seeking more pressure and harder contact. She held him tight, buried her face against his neck and sobbed.

“There, there,” he soothed. “It’s all right. That’s normal. It’s perfectly normal.”

“Oh God! Oh, it feels so good! Doctor, that feels so insanely good. What’s happening to me? Oh Doctor!”

The girl was already pre-orgasmic. He could feel her pussy spasming against his fingers as if reaching for him. He realized that if he weren't careful, she would come right there in the coach, alarming the driver and creating who knows what kind of scandal.

He stopped stroking her and pressed his hand hard against her throbbing mound, and she responded by gripping his hand tightly between her thighs, trapping him in the humid valley of her sex. She clung to him with every ounce of strength in her young body, trembling with the strain, her lush breasts crushed against him as she teetered on the edge of total release.

“That thing you feel is your orgasm, Miss Carnovan, and you must fight it,” he whispered to her. “I know you want to, but not yet. Not till we’re inside. Fight it, Miss Carnovan. Hold on.”

She gasped and nodded her head, then turned her face to him and looked into his eyes with such helplessness and desperate anguish that his cock lurched wickedly in his pants. He lowered his face to hers and she closed her eyes and presented her mouth to his kiss, and all the while her pussy shivered against his touch. His lips came down on hers and she moaned deeply and shivered in delicious response. Instinctively she opened her mouth, inviting him to come inside and do as he would.

His passion rose, and April surrendered totally to his kiss, sucking his tongue into her mouth with an innocent hunger that made his blood boil. Her entire body vibrated against him with a feverish urgency, like a plucked violin string, and he kept his hand pressed hard against her cunt as if the pressure of his hand was the only thing keeping her orgasm locked inside her body.

“Whoa!” the driver called and the carriage rocked to a stop.

The Doctor removed his mouth from hers and Miss Carnovan sank back into the leather cushions, her legs twitching.

“We’re here,” he said as he glanced out at the tall, dark brick townhouse, now wreathed in fog. “And not a moment too soon. Can you walk?”

April let go of him and sat up, suddenly self-conscious but still trembling with need. She brushed a lock of her golden hair out of her face and said, “Yes. I think so. As long as it isn’t far. Oh Doctor, I feel so weak!”

“It isn’t far,” he said.

He helped her out of the coach and handed some bills to the driver. It was far more than the trip was worth and the driver was still tipping his hat and thanking him effusively as the Doctor put his arm around the shaking girl and led her in through the iron gate. There was a small garden in front, and a brass plaque that bore the inscription “The Mabeuse Institute”.

He unlocked the massive front door and led her in through the foyer. April hardly noticed her surroundings as she leaned heavily against him. Thick carpets and rich draperies, art on the walls, the ticking of a grandfather clock. He guided her into a richly furnished front parlor and sat her down on a tufted sofa.

“You’re faint,” he said, feeling her cheek with the back of his hand. Her skin was hot and flushed. “Loosen your clothes and try to relax. I’ll fetch you something to drink.”

“Please, Doctor,” she said, seizing hold of his hand. “I know what it is I need now. Please…”

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said firmly. “But trust me, it’s not that simple, Miss Carnovan. Now breathe deeply and try to relax. I’ll fetch you some sherry.”

His own hands were shaking when he went to the sideboard and lifted the stopper from the decanter. Never in his career had he seen a woman reach such a state of such extreme sexual arousal so quickly before, and it affected him deeply. This young lady might be just the one he was looking for: the perfect subject for his research.

He half-filled a small glass with sherry, then blocked her view with his body as he took a packet of white powder from a silver box and sprinkled it into her drink. He filled her glass and poured one for himself, then swirled her glass as the powder dissolved. A mild hypnotic and sexual stimulant. It might be cruel, but he had to know.

“Doctor, I must apologize. My behavior in the coach…”

“Not a word about it, my dear. All perfectly natural. Your drink, my dear. Now drink it down. All of it. It fortifies the blood.”

She raised the ruby liquid to her lips and sipped, then sipped again. The Doctor watched as she drained the tiny glass, then he tossed off his own drink. He glanced at the clock to note the time.

“I’ve been perfectly awful,” she said. “This is so embarrassing.”

“Nonsense,” he aid, taking the glass from her fingers. “It’s a good thing you came to me when you did. Yours is a very serious case. Another few days, and who knows what might have happened.”

“What you must think of me!” she said. “And I assure you I’m not like that at all. I’ve never even kissed a man, not before tonight. I’m still a virgin.”

He smiled at her. “I know you are, my dear. And therein lies your problem.”

Her eyes widened and she looked at him.

“Then that means the cure must be…” She colored furiously, but he noticed with satisfaction that she didn’t outright reject what she was about to say.

“That is one way,” he said. “But with the average male’s total lack of understanding of a woman’s needs, that might avail you nothing. Unless it were with the right man.”

April kept her eyes down and the Doctor felt his excitement growing again.

“There are other ways,” he said softly. “Ways I’ve developed here at the institute.”

She looked at him eagerly. “Yes? There are?”

“Stand up,” he said.

April was unable to take her eyes from him. She swallowed heavily.

“Come here, Miss Carnovan.”

She stood. When she walked across the room towards him it was as if she were gliding, pulled towards him on invisible strings.

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